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Grade 4 3.) Maria and Sonia started with different numbers.

Maria kept adding 5 to her number up to the fifth
15-second question (2 points each) time. Sonia kept adding 7 to her number also up to
the fifth time. The difference in the sums that they
1.) What is the value of (19 – 2 + 4) ÷ 3 × 2? got is 8. What is the sum of the numbers they
Answer: 14 started with?
Answer: 12
2.) What is the 50% of ¼ of 60?
Answer: 7.5 4.) A box of 50 ml toothpaste costs Php 37.00 and a
box of 115 g bath soap costs Php 28.00. Dab
3.) Express 0.45 as a fraction in simplest form. received a change of Php 5.00 for the Php 200.00
Answer: 9/20 that he gave the cashier for the boxes of toothpaste
and boxes of bath soap that he bought. How many
4.) Three apples and a glass of water can make 2 boxes of toothpaste and boxes of bath soap did he
glasses of apple shake. How many apples are buy?
needed if you want to make 12 glasses of apple Answer: 3 boxes of toothpaste and 3 boxes of bath
shake? soap.
Answer: 18
5.) The average of four numbers is 47.5. Ten is
5.) What is the next term in the sequence: 2, 3, 6, added to the sum of the four numbers and the new
11, 18, 27, ___ average is computed. What is the difference
Answer: 38 between the old average and the new average?
Answer: 2.5
6.) If 6 boys can make 12 boxes in 3 minutes, how
many boys are needed to make 120 boxes in 1 hour? 6.) There are 32 red ballpens and 56 blue ballpens
Answer: 3 in a box. When the same numbers of red ballpens
and blue ballpens were added in each respective
7.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 400 cm. If the box, the ratio of red ballpens to blue ballpens
width is 125 cm, what is the length of the rectangle? became 7:11. How many ballpens were added in all?
Answer: 75 cm Answer: 20

8.) Alice has Php 130.00 and her brother has Php 1-minute question (5 points each)
45.00. After their uncle had given each of them as
equal amount of money, Alice had twice as much 1.) A jar is 3/8 full of water. When 3 liters of water
money as her brother. How much did their uncle were poured into it, it became three-fifths full. How
give them each of them? many liters of water can the jar contain?
Answer: Php 40.00 Answer: 13 1/3 liters

9.) Three kilograms of mangoes cost Php 126.00 2.) For short rides, a regular tricycle fare costs Php
while 5 kilograms of guavas cost Php 175.00. How 8.00 for the first kilometers and Php 1.50 for every
many kilograms of guava can you buy if you have additional kilometer. Ms. Santos received a change
Php 187.00? of Php 8.00 for the Php 50.00 that she gave the
Answer: 3kg driver for her fare and for those of her two friends.
How many kilometers did they travel?
10.) When the clock reads 3:30, what kind of angle Answer: greater than or equal to 5km but less than
is formed by the hands of the clock? 6km
Answer: Acute
3.) The clock reads 3 o’clock. What is the degree
11.) How many different prime factors do 180 have? measure of the angle formed by the hands of the
Answer: 3 clock?
Answer: 90 degrees
30-second question (3 points each)
4.) Observe the sequence below: 4, 11, 18, 25…
1.) The cost of a canned juice decreased from P 120 What is the sum of the first 15 terms of the
to P 105. What fraction of the original price is the sequence?
amount of decrease? Answer: 795
Answer: 1/8
5.) A box weighs 3 guavas. The same box weighs 5
2.) The length of a rectangle is 2 more than twice its apples. If an apple weighs 210 g, what is the weight
width. If its perimeter is 22 cm, what is its length? of a guava in grams?
Answer: 8 cm Answer: 350
6.) A salesman has a basic salary of P 25, 000 a 7.) What is the slope of the line parallel to 2x + 5y +
month. He has a commission of a 5% on all sales 2 = 0.
over P 50, 000. How much did he get in a month Answer: -2/5
when his sales amounted to P 250, 000?
Answer: P 35, 000 8.) The area of a triangle is 100 sq. cm. What will be
its area if its altitude is increased by 10% and its
Clincher Question base is decreased by 10%?
Answer: 99 sq. cm.
1.) In a quadrilateral, if the 4 angles are congruent,
then what kind of angles are they? 9.) The sum of two numbers is 2015. If 9 is added to
Answer: right angles each of the numbers and then each of the resulting
numbers is doubled, what is the sum of the
2.) Counting numbers from 1 to 100 are written. final two numbers?
What is the difference in the number of times the Answer: 4066
digit 7 appears in the tens place and in the ones
place? 10.) A square and a triangle have the same
Answer: 0 or none perimeter. If the square has area 144 sq. cm., what
is the area of the triangle?
3.) The cost of a book increased from P 95 to P 110. Answer: sq cm.
What fraction of the original price is the amount of
increase? 11.) Let r and s be the solutions of .
Answer: 3/19
What is the value of ?
Answer: 5
Do or Die
30-second question (3 points each)
A dress was sold at 10% discount. When not sold, it
was sold again at another percent off. If the total
discount was 14.5%, how many percent was the 1.) If , find the sum of all
second discount? numbers y that satisfies .
Answer: 1/2
Answer: 5%
2.) A man walks 1 km east then 1 km northwest.
Grade 9 How far is he from his starting point?
Answer: 2-√2 km
15-second question (2 points each)
3.) Four men working for four days can paint 4
1.) Determine all positive number x that cars. How many cars can 6 men working for 6 days
satisfy . paint?
Answer: x = 2 Answer: 9 cars

4.) The longer base of a trapezoid measures 10 cm
2.) What is the fourth power of ? and the line segment joining the midpoint of the
Answer: diagonals measures 3 cm. What is the length of the
shorter base?
3.) Simplify Answer: 4 cm
5.) What is the least possible value
of ?
4.) If a ♠ b = , what is the value of (3 ♠ 4)
Answer: 6, -1/4
♠ 12?
Answer: 13
6.) The point D is the midpoint of the side BC of
equilateral triangle ABC and E is the midpoint of
5.) Suppose that x, y and z are positive integers AD. How long is BE if a side of ∆ABC measures 8
such that xy = 6, xz = 10 and yz = 15. What is the cm?
value of xyz? Answer: 2√7 cm
Answer: 30
1-minute question (5 points each)
6.) The yearly changes in population of a certain
town for two consecutive years are 20% increase on
1.) If the roots of are twice
the first year and 20% decrease on the second year.
those , what is the value of n?
What is the net change in percent over the two year
Answer: 8
Answer: 4% decrease
2.) The lengths of the sides of a triangle are 10, 17 2.) 75% of ½ of a number is three times 15. What is
and 21 cm. How long is the altitude of the triangle the number?
to longest side? Answer: 120
3.) In a basket factory, Mario finished 5 baskets in 2
hours while Jose finished 10 baskets in 3 hours. If
3.) Triangle ABC is isosceles. If ∠A = 50°, what are
they work at the same rate, how many baskets can
the possible measures of ∠B?
they finish together in 12 hours?
Answer: 50°, 80°
Answer: 70
4.) The medians AD and BE of ∆ABC are
4.) What is the smallest whole number N that will
perpendicular. Find the length of AB if BC = 3 cm
make N – 7 > 35 true?
and AC = 4 cm.
Answer: 43
Answer: √5 cm
5.) Two identical trapezoids are put together to
5.) The product of three consecutive positive
form a parallelogram. The bases of each trapezoid
integers is 16 times their sum. What is the sum of
are 8 cm and 15 cm. Its height is 6 cm. What is the
the three numbers?
area of the parallelogram?
Answer: 21
Answer: 69 sq cm or 69 cm^2
6.) Point E is on the side AC of ∆ABC and points D
6.) A cylinder exactly contains a sphere inside. If
and F are chosen on the side AB such that DE || BC
the radius of a sphere is 2 cm, how high is the
and EF || CD. Find the length of BD if AF = FD = 3
Answer: 4 cm
Answer: 6 cm
7.) When two diameters of a circle divide the circle
Clincher Question
into 4 parts such that only 2 angles are congruent,
but pair is not congruent to the other pair, what
1.) In ∆ABC, ∠C = 30°. If D is the foot of kinds of angles are formed by the diameters?
the altitude from A to BC and E is the midpoint of Answer: acute and obtuse angles
AC, find the measure of ∠EDC.
Answer: 30° 8.) Two identical trapezoids are put together to
form a parallelogram. The bases of a trapezoid are 8
2.) One candle will burn completely at a uniform cm and 15 cm. Its height is 6 cm. What is the base
rate in 4 hours while another in 3 hours. At what of the parallelogram?
time should the two candles be simultaneously Answer: 23 cm
lighted so that one will be half the length of the
other at 6:00 PM? 9.) How many 1.5 cm × 1.5 cm × 1.5 cm cubes can
Answer: 3:36 PM fill in the 3 cm × 5 cm× 6 cm box?
Answer: 24
3.) Points P and Q are drawn on the sides BC and
AC of triangle ABC such that ∠AQB and ∠APB 10.) The area of a rectangle is 14 cm^2. If the length
measures 110° and 80° respectively. If point R is is one more than three times its width, what is the
chosen inside ∆ABC such that AR and BR bisects perimeter of the rectangle?
∠CAP and ∠CAQ respectively, what is the measure Answer: 18 cm
if ∠ARB?
Answer: 95° 11.) In an elementary school, 450 pupils are in
grade 5. If each has 50 students per class, how
Do or Die Question many classes are there?
Answer: 9
Point E is the midpoint of the side BC of ∆ABC and
F is the midpoint of AE. The line thru BF intersects 30-second question (3 points each)
AC at D. Find the area of ∆AFD if the area of the
triangle is 48 cm^2. 1.) The sides of a triangle have measures in the ratio
of 5:8:10. If the perimeter of a triangle is 46 cm,
Answer: 4 cm^2 what is the length of the longest side?
Answer: 20 cm
Grade 5
2.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 18 cm. Its length
15-second question (2 points each) is 7 cm. If the ratio of the length to the width
remains the same, what is the area of the resulting
1.) If 25 + N – 100 = 75, what is N? rectangle when the perimeter of the original
Answer: 150 triangle is tripled?
Answer: 126 cm^2
3.) The surface area of a rectangular box is 94 Answer: number of primary pupils = 24, number of
cm^2. The area of one face is 15 cm. What are the intermediate pupils = 15
dimensions of the box?
Answer: 3 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm Clincher Question

4.) How many numbers between 100 and 999 1.) Rey was twice as old as Linda. 5 years ago and
whose sum of the digits is 10? Linda is 9 years today, how old is Rey today?
Answer: 54 Answer: 13

5.) The sum of two numbers is 80. What is the sum 2.) If 85% of the 60 questions in a Math test are on
of two other numbers so that the average of the four problem solving, how many questions are on
numbers is 37.5? problem solving?
Answer: 70 Answer: 51

6.) Observe the sequence below: 3, 8, 13, 18 … What 3.) What must have been the average score of Dora
is the 20th term of the sequence? in her first three test so that her average score in
Answer: 98 the four test was 86 when she scored 95 in her
fourth test?
1-minute question (5 points each) Answer: 83

1.) Tommy glues together 72 cubes with 2 cm edges Do or Die Question
to form a solid rectangular brick. If the area of the
base is 96 sq cm, find the volume of the brick in Find the value of (2^3 + 10^2 – 5^2) – 2 × 40.
cubic centimeters. Answer: 3
Answer: 576. NOTE: the solid is 6 cm by 8 cm by 12
cm Grade 2

2.) Five posts are placed around an oval. The posts Part 1 (15 seconds) 2 pts each
are numbered consecutively. Suppose that 21 and 1.) One hundred fifteen is how many more than 95?
Answer: 20
24 are two of these numbers, what is the least
possible sum of the numbers on all five posts?
Answer: 110 2.) What number is 14 less than 1,000?
Answer: 986
3.) The length and width of a rectangle are 5 cm and
3 cm, respectively. The base of an isosceles triangle 3.) When 2, 028 is divided by 5, what is the
whose perimeter is 15 cm is 3 cm. The two figures remainder?
were placed together so that they form a pentagon. Answer: 3
What is the perimeter of the trapezoid?
Answer: 25 cm 4.)What is the next number in this pattern: 245,
254, 263, 272, ___ ?
4.) Six equilateral triangles were placed together to Answer: 281
form a hexagon. A square is placed on one side of
the hexagon so that an octagon is formed. If the 5.) How much is 2 twenty-peso bills and 3 ten-peso
perimeter of the octagon is 56 cm, what is the coins?
length of a side of an equilateral triangle? Answer: Php 70
Answer: 7 cm
6.) There are 9 rows of chairs in the audio-visual
5.) For senior citizens, a tricycle fare costs Php 6.50 room. Each row had 8 chairs. There are also 8
for the first kilometers and Php 1.00 for every chairs set up on the stage. How many chairs are
additional kilometer. Lolo Frisco gave the driver there in all?
Php 40.00 for his fare and those of his three friends Answer: 80
who are also senior citizens. He received a change 7.) Buboy and Girlie made 18 paper planes. Girlie
of Php 2.00. How many kilometers did they travel? made half as many paper planes as Buboy. How
Answer: greater than or equal to 4 km but less than many planes did Buboy make?
5 km Answer: 12

6.) The ratio of intermediate pupils to primary 8.) There are 42 roses in the flower arrangement.
pupils in a school club last year was 5:8. When 9 of Beside every 6 roses there is 1 candle. How many
the primary pupils became intermediate pupils this candles are there?
year, the ratio of intermediate pupils to primary Answer: 7
pupils became 8:5. If there were 39 pupils in the
school club, how many intermediate and primary 9.) How many days are there between January 1,
pupils were there at the start? 2015 and April 30, 2015?
Answer: 118
10.) The product of two numbers is 24 and their 4.) If 20 is added to one-third of a number, the
difference is 5. What is the sum of the two result is double the number. What is the number?
numbers? Answer: 12
Answer: 11
5.) Using the digits 2, 3, 4 and 5, form two-2 digit
11.) Ella found ¾ of a pie in the refrigerator. She ate numbers that will give the greatest product. What
one-half of it. What fraction of the whole pie was are these two-digit numbers?
left? Answer: 52 and 43
Answer: 3/8
6.) Two owners of a pet shop, Rico and Roger, agree
Part 2 (30 seconds) 3 pts each to divide the fish in an aquarium. Rico took 12 of
1.) Chris and Mona each had 20 pieces of the fish. Roger took 22 of the fish and paid Rico
marshmallows. Chris ate 1/5 of his marshmallows. Php 1, 500. How much is one fish?
Mona ate ¼ of her marshmallows. Who had more Answer: Php 150
marshmallows left? By how many?
Answer: Chris by 1. Clincher
1. I am a 4-digit number. One of my digits is 5
2.) Annie played chess with her sister. She won 3 and the rest are zeroes. Write the number word
times as many games as she lost. Annie won 6 representing me.
games. There were no ties. How many games did Answer: five thousand.
Annie play? 2. Mother bought a dozen eggs. She cooked 3
Answer: 8 eggs for breakfast. What parts of a dozen eggs
are left?
Answer: 3/4
3.) Mark bought a toy for Php200, sold it for
3. Gino has 63 marbles while Gary has 27.
Php300, bought it back for Php400 and finally sold
How many marbles should Gino give Gary so
it for Php500. How much money did Mark make or
that they will have equal number of marbles?
Answer: 18
Answer: Php 200 gain

Do or Die
4.) The length of a rectangular field is 80 meters. Its
A team is made up of Grades 1, 2 and 3 pupils only.
width is 20 meters. Rony ran around this
Seven students are grade 1, five students are grade
rectangular field 5 times. How many meters did he
3, and one-third of the entire team are grade 2.
How many pupils are on the team?
Answer: 1, 000
Answer: 18

5.) It takes 10 minutes for the pupils to plant 5
flower plants in the school garden. If the pupils Grade 6 2007
start planting at 9:00 in the morning, what time A. 15-second questions – 2 points each
will they finish planting the 25 flower plants? 1.) The diameter of a circular lot is 15 m. What is its
Answer: 9:50 am radius in centimeter?

6.) In a math contest of 10 problems, 5 pints was Answer: 750
given for each correct answer and 2 points was
deducted for each incorrect answer. If Nancy did all
10 problems and scored 29 points, how many 2.) Reduce the fractionto simplest form.
correct answers did she have?
Answer: 7 Answer: 9/11
Part 3 (60 seconds) 5 pts each
1.) Juan has 3 pieces of wood with a total length of
36 decimeters. Two of the pieces have the same 3.) A regular pentagon has a perimeter of 140 cm.
length while the other piece is 8 decimeters long. How long is one side?
How long is each of the other pieces?
Answer: 14dm Answer: 28 cm

2.) Anna had 36 candies. She gave Ben 1/3 of her 4.) Express 32 as a sum of 2 prime numbers.
candies. Then she gave ¼ of the remaining candies
to Carlos. How many candies were left with Anna?
Answer: 13 + 19, 3 + 29
Answer: 18
5.) The sum of two numbers is 150.6. One number
is twice the other. What is the bigger number?
3.)What number multiplied by itself is equal to the
product of 6 and 24?
Answer: 100.4
Answer: 12

6.) The sum of 44 and 25 is equal to 84 minus a
certain number. What is that number?
Answer: 15 1.) A ring with a diameter of 2 dm has 3.5 cm added
to its circumference to make it larger. What is its
new diameter?
7.) A rectangle has an area of 300 cm^2. If its
Answer: 21.1 cm
length is 20 cm, what is its perimeter?

2.) The dimensions of a 16 cm by 24 cm picture are
Answer: 70 cm
enlarged by 20%. What is the area of the enlarged
8.) An angle is 42 degrees. What is its complement?

Answer: 48 degrees
Answer: 552.96 cm^2
3.) Mr. Santos had P4,000 in his bank but owed
9.) What is n if 5n is equal to 252? somebody P7,500. After making a deposit and
Answer: 125 writing a check to pay his debt, his bank account
amounted to only P900. How much money did he
10.) How many multiples of 5 are there between 1 deposit?
and 1,000? Answer: P 4, 400

Answer: 199 4.) A child glued together 42 cubes with 1 inch
edges to make a solid rectangular brick. If the
perimeter of the base is 18 inches, find the height of
11.) How many sq. centimeters is equal to one sq. the brick in inches.
Answer: 3
Answer: 10, 000
5.) Find two numbers whose sum is 53 and whose
B. 30-second questions – 3 points each [Use difference is 15.
π= 3.14]
1.) What is the product of 4,000 x 45,000 in
scientific notation? Answer: 19, 34

Answer: 1.8 x 10^8 6.) The cost of a book increased from P180 to P200.
By how many percent to the nearest whole percent
did the price increase?
2.) If ¼ of a number is 144, what isof the number?
Answer: 11
Answer: 192
Clincher questions
3.) Three-eighths of 40 roses are red,of the 1.) By how much doesof 48 exceedof 25?
remaining roses are white and the rest are pink.
How many are pink?
Answer: 22

Answer: 15
2.) If apples cost 4 for P35 and oranges cost 4 for
P42, how much will a dozen apples and a dozen
4.) A lady deposited P50-bills amounting to oranges cost?
P30,000. How many paper bills did she give the
Answer: P 231

Answer: 600
3.) A whole number divisible by 6 is greater than
170 but less than 210. what is the largest number
5.) The radius of a circle is 2 dm. What is the area of that satisfies both conditions?
a bigger circle whose radius is 3 times the first
Answer: 204

Answer: 133.04 dm ^2
Do-Or-Die questions
1.) The average grade of Lilia and Rose is 88, the
6.) Find 3 consecutive whole numbers whose sum is average grade of Lilia and Kate is 87 and the
138. average grade of Rose and Kate is 86.Find the grade
of each girl.
Answer: 45, 46, 47
Answer: Lilia – 89, Rose – 87, Kate – 85
C. 1-minute questions – 5 points each