NURMI NINGSIH. 1228041018. 2012. The Differentation of Result between
Nature Coloring from Javanese Grape in Silk with Alum and Quick Lime
Fixator. Thesis. Program of Family Welfare Education. Faculty of
Engineering. State University of Makassar. Advisor I Asiani Abu. Advisor II
Hamidah Suryani.

The aim of this study is to know the differentiation of result between nature
coloring from Javanese Grape in silk with alum fixator and quick lime. This study
used experimental method. Data of study were obtained from questionnere,
observation, and documentation. The technique was used in data analyze method
is descriptive statistic and T-test. The results of this study are: 1) Prepare tools and
500 g of Javanese Grape which will be extracted. Then wash, shatter, and separate
grapes from their seed, cook for 3-5 minutes, filtrate, and chill. 2) Dimordanting,
Dye in extract of grape, fix with alum, it produces purple coluring. 3)
Dimordanting, dye in extract of grape, fix with quick lime, it produces grey
colouring. Panelist result from lecturers reveal that alum fixator as good as quick
lime fixator for 60%. Panelist result from college students reveal that quick lime
fixator in silk is better than alum as high as 70% for quick lime and 30% for alum,
whereas panelist from community considers that alum is better than quick lime as
high as 60% for alum and 40% for quick lime. Hypothesis test inferentially uses
T-test with significance rate as 0.05; subdiveded into 3 categories: panelist statistic
result of lecturer is > 0,05 (0,385 > 0,05). Panelist statistic result of college
student is > 0,05 (0,929 > 0,05), whereas panelits statistic result of community is
> 0,05 (0,620 > 0,05). H0 is accepted which means there is any differentiation of
colouring result of Javanese Grape in silk with alum and quick lime fixator.

Keywords: pigment, Javanese Grape, silk, alum, quick lime