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23rd of June 2012

Culture and Learning EDU 3106 is a new course this semester. It's a lot to give
information on various communities in Malaysia and gave me an awareness of the
diversity and knowledge of the customs of other community structures.
In addition, this course is perfect for student teachers Malaysia community
background consisting of various races and ethnicities. In my opinion this course is one
of unity and change agents who can unite our community by applying knowledge of the
customs of various races in Malaysia.
With this, everyone will respect the community itself and the others and will not
do things that conflict with one race in Malaysia.
In addition, exposure to a variety of matters relating to student learning that has
to do about the culture of learning in the classroom is very useful when I go to school
later or when I face practical sessions as well as a teacher in the future. I also get
exposure on the interaction and how to link with students in the classroom so that multi-
ethnic classroom is always in my control.
In the meantime, in the discussion relating to pedagogy in this course, I have
gained exposure to the relevant pedagogical culture and cultural diversity are commonly
found in rural or remote areas. I have strengthened my knowledge in making a daily
plan classes together as well as ways to get the process of teaching and classroom
learning together through additional reading, lecture notes and search the internet. I
think that by equipping me with the knowledge I was able to create a friendly classroom
environment to counter-culture teaching me in the future.
The most important thing that interests me is the physical classroom
management can save each time classroom teaching and learning. I think this way


I am amazed at the ability of teachers to manage groups of students from different individual basic average and good. With this. this course this semester I have to correct myself a lot in terms of concepts taught to students in addition to learning a classroom management in a holistic manner. Another thing that struck me was the class together. I will also always change the material unless the situation when I was in school learning later.students can absorb knowledge enjoyably and quickly stuck it in their minds. Overall. I was very interested when I was in grade school together. In this situation I feel a teacher should be involved in learning activities carried out and guide their students on an individual basis. student achievement can be improved. 2 .

I am finally able to overcome the confusion. Among them are the cores of the national mission. This information gathering process happens all the time until I complete this task. journals. This would enable me to write a reference. Before. In terms of the time allocated for the completion of this essay. articles in the internet and so on. the problem has now been resolved as I have used a variety of strategies to manage time. Through these findings. After reviewing the question several times and talk to lecturers and friends. Among the policies that I did some research on the basis of 1 Student 1 Sport (1M 1S). many new input that I get. Upholding Bahasa Malaysia and 3 .SECOND INTERACTION (28th of July 2012) I am indeed grateful to Almighty God for giving me the opportunity and the chance to complete this task of writing an essay entitled "The role of teachers in realizing the national mission in the country and the implications of multicultural education". I also managed to find information about demographic statistics in Malaysia. In addition. I was also able to study the various policies implemented by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to foster unity among the disciples. I can find out in detail the number of people in Malaysia based on race. I just always hear about the national mission in general without knowing terraces. Among them is that I had to prepare for practicum. For example. Through making this task. Explanation given during the briefing quite clear but I do not understand the question posed to write this essay. However. I honestly say not enough since a lot of activities to do at the same time. This is because I am writing an essay and make a reference at the same time. The first thing I did was to make reading the title of this essay in books. religion and so on. I spend more time at night to find the material for my presentation.

Strengthening Command of English (MBMMBI). and a good example and so on. Besides. I sincerely hope I will be able to be a teacher capable of supporting the country's aspiration to create a cohesive society. I am also aware of the important role of teachers in fostering racial unity in this country through the application of moral values. Education Development Master Plan (PIPP) and School Integration Plan for Unity (RIMUP). 4 .

The ability to learn beyond the classroom is probably more important than any particular information that students may learn about another culture 5 . in language learning classrooms. as knowledge about events and symbols. Learning to communicate in an additional language involves developing an awareness of the ways in which culture interrelates with language whenever it is used One way in which culture has often been understood is as a body of knowledge that people have about a particular society. It is also possible to consider this aspect of culture in terms of information and to teach the culture as if it were a set of the learnable rules which can be mastered by students. When translated into language teaching and learning. In learning about culture in the language classroom. it is not the case that it is only the forms of language that convey meaning. simply a body of knowledge but rather a framework in which people live their lives and communicate shared meanings with each other. its people.THIRD INTERACTION 28 July 2012 In third interaction. we all were being introduced on how to understand the nature of the relationship between language and culture is central to the process of learning another language. As we know. however. its institutions. Culture is not. It is language in its cultural context that creates meaning. This context is not a single culture as both the target language and culture and the learner’s own language and culture are simultaneously present and can be simultaneously engaged. This body of knowledge can be seen in various ways: as knowledge about cultural artifacts or works of art. creating and interpreting meaning is done within a cultural framework. as knowledge about places and institutions. In actual language use. learners need to engage with the ways in which context affects what is communicated and how. and so on. Both the learner’s culture and the culture in which meaning is created or communicated have an influence on the ways in which possible meanings are understood. we need to draw on our own experiences of language and culture as they are encountered when trying to create and interpret meanings. or as knowledge about ways of living. this knowledge-based view of culture often takes the form of teaching information about another country.

they develop their knowledge and awareness and find ways of acting according to their new learning. Learning how to learn about culture means that. This is because it is impossible to teach all of any culture because cultures are variable and diverse. we are less likely to develop stereotypical views of the cultures we are teaching about. we know that what we can teach in the classroom is inevitably only a partial picture of a language and culture.during their schooling. By acknowledging that limitation in our own teaching. 6 . As languages educators. as people engage with new aspects of culture.

I feel that the task is the most challenging task for course work this time. I think this task. we have also asked the opinion of several other partners for the purpose of improving and sharing idea. I was pleased to work with Khairun and Jeyanthi because they are rich with ideas and are happy to accept the views of others.FOURTH INTERACTION 11th of August 2012 For the third task. though challenging. Through this essay. I belief and know the unique of multi-ethnic in Malaysia. I realized that teachers play a very important role in helping the government instill unity in social and culture. Among the curriculum. However. Task divided into several parts. which requires me and my friends to produce a presentation on the role of government in the realization of the 1Malaysia concept. he will also seek to complete his task with them according to plan. Because we recognize that members of the group play an important role in ensuring the success of this presentation. Overall. A weakness in this task is a bit slow to start because we are too preoccupied with the second task. we are lucky because we have been looking for some material and information on the subject's prior first. specific subjects and activities organized by our school. In all. especially since school. Through this assignment. This is because we are required to make connections about konsep1Malaysia the role of teachers in schools in several aspects. through the first assignment. In addition. 7 . but a lot of benefits and knowledge to me. Our strength here is our help and supports each other in completing the presentation respectively. I began to open their eyes to pay more attention to education issue available in Malaysia. In addition. this work has provided another new experience meaningful in my life. In addition. This is because teachers are close second with the students and parents. I and my friends can start this task as soon as we divide the right assignments. co-curriculum.

Soo Hoo Soon Teng whole semester. With one concept Malaysia. We are guided by Mrs. before this I did not take cognizance of culture in Malaysia. With the guidance of Mrs. have to take subjects Culture and Learning (EDU 3106). As a country with people from different ethnic and cultural background. Accordingly. the assignment given to us to provide an experience that is very useful as a prospective teacher. We have obtained this knowledge into our future teachers prepare to deal with students who have different backgrounds. In addition. An important thing after teachers gain knowledge of the diversity of Malaysian society is how a teacher should perform his duties as a teacher to pupils from different ethnic groups varies. we must be sensitive to the environment around us so that we do not violate the customs and culture of the society in such places. and villages. To be honest. beliefs and practices. We are also exposed to the implications of socio cultural diversity of schools and school staff to cultivate greater awareness among teachers over the real thing to be experienced and faced by teachers in school. suburbs. it is appropriate to subject all designed and offered to prospective teachers to prepare student teachers face in various areas of the city. As teachers. Assignment presentation and literacy skills made us to find and analyze information while enhancing communication skills. Through learning this subject. 8 .FIFTH INTERACTION 01st September 2012 In this semester PPG semester 3 students. But now I am aware of their own cultural knowledge related to learning and others is very important to create a society of peace and harmonious living. this course emphasizes the element of unity and harmony among the people of Malaysia. there are a variety of knowledge and new knowledge I acquired. the construction of a classroom environment- friendly culture is very important to create a harmonious learning environment. There are 7 chapters we learned that in addition to providing input assignments and useful experience for us as a prospective teacher.

In addition.Soo Hoo we can perform the tasks as possible. Among them is the awareness of the importance of knowledge about the culture of the society in Malaysia and in the world. Similarly. All the knowledge and experience I have got I would apply that when he became a teacher later 9 . the various values that I can apply in my life. Overall. In addition. we as the younger generation should maintain and keep our culture and tradition that is not lost in the increasingly rapid development trend. During the learning of this. The portfolio is very useful as a reference when a teacher in the future. the production portfolio where we collect all the information needed. I feel good about learning throughout the semester. the task group made us has to work together and tolerate each other. Of individual assignments made me more responsible for the trust given to me.