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Guvernment of Inclirl

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Dcp8rc.m~·Il of. griCld Ire, Cno er tion and Farmer \Velf rt:

Krishi Bha\\-an, ' 'e\\' De hi
Dated:Q..6 All~ L 201 fl.


ubject: Seeking ml"or-mation under Rl~ l [0 Information Act. 2005,

Enclosed is a RTf app.ication Reg. "\io. DO. &C/R/2016/50655/18 dated
22.082016 of hri Ashutosh hurnar Mishra from Delhi received onlme, t e
macter perte ins 0 Directorate of ExtenslOn, Pu a e\v Delhi the apphc ion is
hereby transferred to OLe. of Extensio under Section 6(3) of RTI, (' ,2005 \\t_h
tht~ request to provide he required informatiun pertaihing to Directorate (I'
E. 'tension directl: [Q the ap ltcant under inLirnation to RTI ce I of bs
D 'partmen t.

Enel: as abuve


n.",- \',..1.-.....


Director(R:nn .. &CPIO
Tel: 233800b
E:-mail: vija'y.rajmohan/~,

_Shri ajith Kumar Kunhala h, ,JD (ExLn.) & PlO,
Directorate of Extension, Pusa, New Delhi - 1100 2.

Lopy to:
ti) Smt. Rita Gadhock, Section Officer(RTI), Deptt. of AgriCUlrUff',
j;.oePeration & Farmers Welfare. ,
# A copy for NIC, DAC for uploadmg the reply in DAC's website.
(iii) '- hri. Ashutosh Kumar rv'lishra, Hous:,: ~;() 13, 3 rd Floor, B-Block,
Da., anand Colony, LaJpat N g2J' Delhi 1100_-1-,
(ErnaiLashu rosh. mishra. ism@;