Alex Pagano

Social Studies—ELED 3223-003
24 March 2017
I enjoyed planning this social studies lesson although I had only briefly observed
one lesson before teaching. To prepare for my lesson I conferred with my Cooperating
Teacher to find a standard in which I could teach about. Many of the kindergarten Social
Studies standards are briefly touched on in the beginning of the year due to the
integration of values and “rules”. However, my Cooperating Teacher had introduced me
to the standard of needs and wants, in which I developed my lesson on.
After conferring with my Cooperative Teacher, I had consulted with my professor,
Dr. Good. I asked for suggestions and materials in which I could look at to discover a
plan. Dr. Good assisted tremendously by helping me discover a book called, The Bag
I’m Taking to Grandmas by Shirley Neitzel. This book was about a young boy and all the
things he wants to bring to his grandma’s house, however he is not able to bring them
all because he simply does not need him all. This book help discovers the definitions of
needs and wants to young students in an entertaining manner.
After conferring with my Cooperating Teacher and collaborating with my
Professor, I was able to create and teach my lesson. My main goal of the lesson was to
incorporate many different types of learning. I found a video, which was engaging and
that elaborated on the definitions of needs and wants. I was very pleased that I had
enough time to incorporate technology, read a book and also have a class sort. I was
impressed by the response and engagement of students as that was my first time
teaching a social studies lesson. I enjoyed having the class work together as a team to
sort pictures based on needs and wants, the students were excited and eager to share
the picture and post it on the board.
Overall, I believe my lesson was a success. I am thankful for the feedback my
Cooperating Teacher gave me to help me for future lessons. I think it is important to
model an example for young learners in order to limit the questions while the students
should be working. I am thankful for the experience to both see and teach a social
studies lesson, as that has not been present in the past.