From: Tony Olinger raynepd@rayne.

Date: March 11, 2016 at 8:57 AM
To: Theresa Richard, carroll stelly


I just received this request from Theresa. I have also sent this to Chief Stelly since she did not have an email for him.

There were rumors going around that the chief hit his wife with his fist and broke her nose and another rumor that he pushed his
wife down the stairs and broke her arm. Of course neither one was true and she figures we are hiding a complaint filed against him or even
his arrest. She is not smart enough to know that if this incident did happen, his wife would not file a complaint at Rayne PD but at the Acadia
Sheriffs Officer or the State Police.

If we can give her any of this information, unlike city hall, I want to charge her the maximum per sheet we can.
It take man hours to get this info and we should be reimbursed. I believe if it starts costing her money she will be more selective of what she

1. She did not indicate what year she wants.
2. We have dispatch (radio) logs for both the day and night shift. Does she want both
3. The 27th falls on a Saturday. Does she want the week before, after or both?
4. We do not have an arrest log. We enter a blotter for each person arrested or charged. We could print these and it could be dozens of

Let me know

On 3/10/2016 6:39 PM, Theresa Richard wrote:
I am making a public records request for the following records:

Radio logs and arrest logs for the week of February 27.

Any initial reports concerning any complaints filed against Chief Carol Stelly for the past twelve months.

I am sending this email to you because I don't have a good contact email for the chief. If you are not in possession of the record, please
forward the request to the person who is.

Please cite any exemption you use to deny all or any part of my request.

Thank you,

Theresa Richard

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