Tips for Examination ( How to present the answer followed the Paper 3)

11 Questions X 3 marks= 33 marks

i) Measuring using number (3 marks)
Measure / record the data using apparatus that given in the experiment / question
Example : Record scale / thermometer reading, stop watch, ruler, measuring
cylinder, syringe, burette with the correct units ( if not given)

ii) Observing (3 marks)
Making observation based on the experiment given not on the theory. What can observe / see only –
from data, table, scale of apparatus
Example :
State changes in color
State increase of thermometer reading
State changes in time
State changes in volume ( end of experiment )
• State the value correctly
• The observation that can be making inference

iii) Making Inferences (3 marks)
Making initial conclusion / cause based on observation
If wrong / reject observation automatic inference will reject / wrong

iv) Controlling Variables (3 marks)
- Able to state all the variables, controlled, responding and manipulated variables
correctly and method to handle variable correctly.
- Must state PARAMETER like volume, temperature, mass, time, length
- State that apparatus using to get the result for responding and controlled variables.

v) Making hypothesis (3 marks)
Make a statement of hypothesis by relating the manipulated variable with the
responding variable and showing the specific relationship.
Reject : directly propos ional reject

vi) Communication (3 marks)
Presenting the data in certain form like table, graph, chart or diagram.
Table - Column and row with correct title and units ( manipulated and responding variable)
- Sufficient and systematic data (observational data )
Graph - Title of the graph
- Both axes labeled with correct units
- Uniform scale
- All points plotted correctly
- Smooth curve and correct shape
Chart - Title of the chart
- Both axes labeled with correct units
- Uniform scale
- Bars plotted correctly
- Correct shape
Diagram - No artistic (eg; tone/3D shape)
- Big (suitable size), clear,
- Label the diagram correctly and line for label can’t be cross together
- Neat and without broken/ overlap lines
Calculation – Work out accurate calculation
- Wright formula
- Replacement with correct data
- Answer with correct unit

vii) Interpreting Data (3 marks)
- Based on the communicating data, able to state correctly the relationship between the variables

viii) Relationship between space and time (3 marks)
- Quantity and time (concentration, volume)
- Relationship between manipulated / responding variable with time
Example : The lower the concentration of enzyme so longer time used to
hydrolysis starch

ix) Predicting (3 marks)
Give once value that may be true base on the trend / data before.

x) Defining by operation (3 marks)
- Base on experiment
- Including data, color, or time
- Can’t base on theory

xi) Classifying (3 marks)
Can group the answer base on the certain character.

Paper 3: Question 2 (EXPERIMENT REPORT= 17 marks)

i) Problem statement
- In question form.
- Relationship between manipulated and responding variable
- End of sentence has question mark (?)

ii) Aim of investigation
- State the objective the experiment.

iii) Hypothesis
Make a statement of hypothesis by relating the manipulated variable with the responding variable
and showing the specific relationship.

iv) Variables
- Manipulated variable
- Responding variable
- Controlling variable

v) List of apparatus and materials
Don’t separate between apparatus and materials

vi) Technique used
State method and apparatus used to get responding variable
Example : Measure final length of potato strips using ruler
Measure the mass of food using beam balance
Record final temperature of water using thermometer

vii) Experimental Procedure or method
List down the complete and correct technique used based on the following criteria:
C1 : Technique of assembling the apparatus and materials to carry out the experiment
C2 : Technique of fixing the constant variable
C3 : Technique of changing the manipulated variable
C4 : Technique of measuring the responding variables
C5 : Technique of taking precautions to increase accuracy State precautionary in the experiment

viii) Presentation of data
- Record data in suitable table (blank table)
- Title of column and row with correct unit (manipulated and responding variable)

ix ) Conclusion
- Write hypothesis again.
Example : Hypothesis accepted. The higher the temperature the higher
rate of transpiration
## Can’t just write : hypothesis accepted

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