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One or two more to add half their firepower (rounded up) to the attack. we suggest that you play it again. pages 25–27): When you attack a unit. add 1 to each of those ranges. it becomes perform combined fire attacks. Place them on the map as shown in the “Mons is within the listed range (normal range). in which you activate one lightly damaged and you place a yellow damage marker unit which uses its full firepower to attack. and Status Phase. and a handful each of dice. damaged (red marker). but two Pz IV tanks. you need to lay out boards of hexes from the firing unit to the target. First. Any hits scored against a heavily damaged Each unit has a movement value (MV). A heavily damaged vehicle may not • Advance: Your units may move one hex at a time by move. For instance. The scenario tells The defender then rolls dice to try to cancel those hits. If a unit is firing from a hill. its armor is reduced by 1. and its firepower is halved spending the movement cost for the terrain that they enter. They may also • 1–2 Hits: If a vehicle is not already damaged. we’ve referenced the relevant sections in the are reduced by 2. During the movement. when learning how terrain costs 3 movement points. movement point. the LOS might not Status Phase. pages 9–12): Each game of TOI • LOS is determined by tracing a line from the center of the is divided into a number of game rounds. Game Round (Rules of Play. You count the target’s 2B. and arrange them according to the illustration in hex. In the Activation Phase. plus 2 extra dice each action turn. Once a unit is • 3 Hits: An undamaged vehicle will become heavily fatigued. you score hits for each die as listed above. by placing a fatigued marker next to them. your action turn early and take no more actions for the game round. TOI is extremely easy to play. 7B. it receives –1 to its units that are in range and line of sight (LOS) to the target movement value and –1 to its armor value. If the line three phases: Activation Phase. If the target is adjacent to the attacker (close range). This armor reduction is NOT cumulative 1 . and three hits will destroy it. round marker. Range is measured by counting the number need the following components. crosses a hex containing woods or hill terrain. the LOS is For this game. and going up a hill costs 2 to play for the first time. Remember to halve the unit’s firepower if it is performing a Fire and Movement action or is supporting a combined fire attack. or 6 results on each die. you roll a number of dice equal to your firepower (FP). from a hill to a lower hex. you score hits on 5 or 6. They may make one when you play “Mons Again” for the second time. For possible results of a successful attack against infantry. Command Phase. they may take no more actions during the round. you score M–10 tank destroyer. If you are attacking damage tokens. each your units to make an attack at half firepower (rounded time adding new game elements. in which they activate a number of their units. you hit on a die roll of 6. At hits to a lightly damaged vehicle will cause it to become the end of the action. Clear terrain costs 1 movement point. but not through it. If the target isn’t adjacent. and then move play these scenarios is in this booklet. These scenarios are designed to be played multiple times. which are divided into attacker’s hex to the center of the target hex. which is the vehicle destroy it. Selecting a Target (Rules of Play. but not the hex that the attacker is in. If you essentials. but if you want more details again. longer than twice the range listed on the reference sheet for that The Americans have five M4A1 Sherman tanks and a single unit. The Germans have two Tiger I tanks and hits on 4. Resolving an Attack (Rules of Play. (rounded up). We hope you number of movement points that it may spend during an enjoy it! Despite the fact that it has two separate booklets full of activation. Playing Tide of Iron Welcome to the Tide of Iron: Next Wave Core Set. but not both. you and your friends move from one hill hex directly to another. you’ll need your forces. you will be using only the Activation Phase and blocked. but is within twice the listed initiative token. LOS is clear. if a unit is three hexes behind the woods. In this scenario. Next.” but you may finish hit. woods rules. However. page 26. Using these quick-start scenarios. All the information you need to They cannot move. The defense you who goes first and how many actions he must perform during dice are equal to the defending unit’s armor value. the German takes the first action turn and each player must activate two units per action turn. it helps to strip the game down to its movement points if you enter it from a lower level. then select other next to it. pages 21–25): When a unit Playing Your first Game attacks. If the target is beyond normal range. the “Heavy Fog” Operations card. you’ll (LOS) of the firing unit. the cost is only 1 can be playing in less than ten minutes. After • Fire and Movement: Fire and Movement actions allow you play each scenario. you must choose a unit that is in range and Line of Sight What You Need to Play: In order to play your first game. the players alternate taking action turns Depending on the range. but may fire vehicle are as follows: with their full firepower against vehicles. You if the target is in a woods hex. Again” scenario. If a vehicle is lightly damaged. There is no “passing. If the LOS crosses a woods hex. be blocked. The possible results of a successful attack against a • Concentrated Fire: Your units do not move. 5. all of the attacking units are fatigued heavily damaged. it creates two “blind” hexes behind the hex and LOS is blocked in those two hexes. performing a Fire and Movement action. Any results of 5 or 6 each cancel one must take both actions. we suggest that up) and move as part of their action. activation tokens and range (long range). your units may perform the following actions: of Play. However. see Rules For this scenario. You may fire INTO woods and hills terrain. You cannot use combined fire when rulebooks. a vehicle’s movement points about certain rules. and 11B. You will also need the round track. you play with attack either before their movement or after it. stop their move to fire. That range cannot be the scenario on the opposite page.

you must simply place an Op Fire marker next to the unit. lay out boards 1A and 11A and • 4+ Hits: The vehicle is destroyed and it is immediately arrange them according to the illustration. causing them to lose their ability to take actions. units may be placed in of hits it receives after accounting for defensive dice: Op Fire mode during the Action Phase by using the Prepare Op Fire • 1–2 Hits: The unit is pinned and may not be activated action. The player command objective markers. add the cards can apply to either only one player or both firepower factors of each figure together. In order to place a unit in Op Fire mode. it cannot be given any actions until already pinned. First. in Op Fire mode. because all vehicles immediately lose 1 and is no longer in Op Fire mode.” you will need the or both players have decided to end their Action Phases. it becomes disrupted if it takes 1 or 2 more the marker is removed. The attack is resolved normally. after both sides have placed their units on the figures are removed from the squad base. When a squad takes casualties from an attack. pages 10–11 and 30–31): This Suppressive Fire (Rules of Play. concentrated fire action using half its firepower. A unit in Op Fire mode fatigued and may keep moving. and all of the effects of officer in the hex. First. and that player and a handful of command and condition tokens. it is immediately fatigued and must stop its • 4+ Hits: The unit is routed and is immediately removed movement in the hex in which it was attacked. Some figures have more than one peg. with the armor reduction caused by a previous lightly damaged What You Need to Play: In order to play this scenario. a victory objective marker. If a squad is attacked with battlefield. organized into squads. Finally. and routed if it takes 3 or more. you’ll need to pull removed from the game. Opportunity Fire (Rules of Play.” In TOI. number of figures from the squad base equal to the number of hits. After you make the attack. page 13): For your second game. it is immediately fatigued and must also stop its A unit that is pinned or disrupted while moving as a result of Op movement. remove a the game. use the figure with the shortest range in the apply to any attacks that both players make during squad. A disrupted unit is immediately routed if the attack are applied immediately. In addition Status Phase: After each player has finished activating all his units to the tokens that you used for “Mons Again. Operations power of the squad. Both types change the conditions on the battlefield and/or give your forces Making Squads (Tools of War. you may or perform special actions regardless of the presence of an attack it. An officer’s may either place or remove Op Fire markers for his units. followed rally ability may be used to allow a pinned unit to make a by his opponent. Op Fire Mode first announce whether you are using normal or suppressive fire. the basics are very simple and can be broken side. in range and LOS of one of your units in Op Fire mode. “Heavy Fog” will range for an attack. it receives any more hits. or perform special actions. To determine the proper players equally. out the American and German infantry figures that are listed for the scenario and assemble them according to the illustration. Assaults (Rules of Play. Second. To calculate the firepower of a squad. you’ll need result. target of the assault. during the Status Phase. but may have to end its movement that receives a pinned or disrupted result is immediately fatigued when it is lightly damaged. but still count as a single Playing Your Third Game figure for all purposes. two of the fatigued markers (but not the damage markers). “All units gain 1 firepower factor and set of abilities that contribute to the overall cover unless they are fatigued. If a squad suffers a pinned or disrupted result from a suppressive Op Fire attack. Placing a unit in Op Fire disrupt them. you will add an Operations card to the scenario. is damaged. with the initiative token passes it to the other player. Each type of figure has a different to the scenario. normal condition. If a light vehicle from the game. so be careful when deciding to place a unit hits. There are two basic kinds of cards in the Next Wave Core Set: Operations cards and Strategy cards. pages 31–34): Although the assault rules you must flip the attacking unit’s Op Fire marker to the fatigued may look intimidating. 2 . Next. If a unit is Once a unit is in Op Fire mode. which can either pin or (Op Fire) to the game. The active squad Infantry Combat in Tide of Iron receives 1 fewer movement point and can then move Now that you’ve mastered the art of tank warfare. determined by the number any of his units in Op Fire mode. If You may do this at three different times during you cause any hits with normal fire. You will also learn how hex that does not contain any enemy heavy vehicles as the to use specialized weapons and training to overcome your enemies. movement point when lightly damaged. you will add the concept of opportunity fire can be affected by suppressive fire. it does not take casualties. the player with initiative to shoot. the following components. it’s time to move adjacent to a hex containing at least one enemy squad. Next. down into the following steps: 1: Select a squad to take an Assault action. remove all initiative cards for both sides. In this case. When an enemy unit moves into a hex that is • 3 Hits: The unit is disrupted and may not shoot. the player with the starting initiative may put any suppressive fire. Each squad base has four holes into which you will add the Operations card “Heavy Fog” an infantry figure can be placed. mode allows it to fire at an enemy unit that is A unit that is neither pinned nor disrupted is considered to be in moving. takes the first action of the next game round. some control markers for both sides. on to infantry combat. Instead. The card states. move. your opponent chooses which the game. it may suffer number of his units in Op Fire mode. This scenario will teach you how pour on the active player may select an enemy–occupied adjacent suppressive fire and conduct brutal assaults. A heavy vehicle which is lightly damaged is not Fire must immediately stop its movement. Playing Your Second Game Operations cards (Tools of War. pages 27–28): Infantry squads time. then his opponent may place one of the following possible conditions. pages 6–8): Infantry in TOI is additional capabilities or challenges. move. In this case. When attacking an infantry squad.

The assaulting squads strength he began the assault with. Defending squads that are (including supporting squads) may advance into the hex. and those that were to be simultaneous. Remember to halve the a figure from its squad. Now. If pinned attack at half strength unless an officer is in the hex. The surviving defenders must retreat 3: Defending units (even if fatigued) make a normal attack to a single adjacent hex and are fatigued. The defender the hits to the active squad first. so hits are scored on 4. assault is successful. and 6 results. map 2B • Actions per Turn: 2 3 . Keep track of the 5: If the attacker scored more hits than the defender. Scenario details Americans GERMANs • Rounds: 4 Setup: 5 Sherman M4A1 tanks Setup: 2 Tiger I tanks 1 M-10 Tank Destroyer 2 Panzer IV tanks • Starting Initiative: Germans Deployment Zone: Shaded hexes on Deployment Zone: Shaded hexes on map 7B. assault is a failure and the attacking squads are all fatigued. Any other result is a draw. The player who destroys all of his city of Mons was the site of one of the first opponents forces before the end of the 4th battles of WWI. The attacker must apply range. The defender may choose to apply supporting squads’ firepower. Assault attacks are considered that were pinned are now disrupted. each hit removes attack against the enemy hex. then the supporting squads. squads (even if fatigued) as it makes a combined normal Because assault attacks are normal attacks. the The attacker receives no cover bonuses against this attack. 2: The active squad may be supported by up to two supporting 4: Remove and compare the losses suffered by each side. 5. may roll defense dice against this attack. the defender’s losses to determine the outcome of the assault. almost exactly thirty Game Round wins. Defending squads against the assaulting squads. MONS AGAIN Scenario Design: Craig Robertson background: years later. so the defender always attacks at the already disrupted are destroyed. 1944: The Belgian fortress American VII Corps are about to collide. the defender scored an equal or greater number of hits. All assaults are made at close the damage to any defending unit. the II SS Panzerkorps and the Objective: September 3.

© 2014 Fantasy Flight Publishing. receives the Initiative token for the Initiative Token you may draw one additional Strategy card. once per Status Phase. Cards that initiative. even if the bonus card also has a “plus” the player who did not have the initiative during the current game symbol on it. defenders in an assault. If your opponent had previously placed I deck with the “Go to Ground” and “Take Down a control marker there.” each player begins with one Strategy Command from that objective. If a card has a red “plus” symbol. Give one of the German squads (except the squad with Each mortar crew has a firepower value of 2 when making a normal the machine gun crew) a medic specialization token. it cannot Drawing Strategy Cards (Rules of War. The German command objective in which cards may be placed: his play area directly in front of marker is gray. where they remain available for use. Activating a Strategy card in the Action Phase opportunity to play Command in order to is an action. There are also blue command objective markers which Any Operations cards are placed in the player’s play area. pages 10 and 14): objectives that you control. and a firepower value of 4 when making a suppressive attack. Made in China. Retain this information for your records. This means that American squads that does not include a mortar crew. Each card will specifically state which phase each Command Phase. In “Clash of Elites. However. LLC. pages 13–14): The Command Phase comes between the Action Phase and the Status Phase. green. page 6): At the beginning of the game. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A TOY. If an objective deck. and the American command objective marker is him. If the medic squad gets a 4. each player has the it is activated in. ste 230. 1A Games is located at 201 International Circle. At the beginning of the Command the Germans receive the Ground Support I Strategy Phase. Each scenario will list in order to win a scenario. mortar crews can attack targets that they cannot see. The collect command only from a neutral command objective or one scenario will specify the number of starting Strategy cards that are that belongs to his nation. the firepower of a mortar of its target by 5. The “+” Playing Your FOURTH Game symbol Specializations (Tools of War. units do not have to remain in the hex to Set–Up (Rules of War. They may never attack may attempt to heal a friendly weakened squad in the adjacent hexes. pay the Command cost acquire the initiative for the next game round. Each player has two areas coded and has a number on it. Collect a number of Command card face up in his HQ Area. In order to activate a card. In addition. In this replay of “Clash of Elites. card for the entire game. No part of this product may be reproduced without specific permission. Inc. place a single regular infantry figure in an empty may act normally in those situations. then follow the instructions on the Starting with the player who currently has the card. attack. they That squad now gains +2 firepower when assaulting or can trace LOS from a fresh friendly unit (even if that unit is pinned attacking adjacent units. The Playing Your FIFTH Game Command Phase is when players claim control over objectives. They are placed in the hook on the back of a squad base and remain there until the squad is destroyed. attack is determined by the type of attack. each player claims the Operations cards and Strategy decks that Receiving Command: Each command objective marker is color– they have been granted by the scenario. with the “Anti–Air Support” and “Saboteur” is in a hex occupied by one of your units. The Command that is spent is a player’s play area. The Americans receive the Morale your control markers on it. Some cumulative and remains on a player’s Initiative Initiative Cards Strategy cards may be used multiple times before being discarded. an additional layer of depth to TOI and represent Occupying Objectives: There are two different kinds of objectives additional assets and tactics that each nation can in the game. Instead. discard it. After a the Beast” cards removed.Mortar Crews (Tools of War. MD. players may place Command on their are activated in the Command Phase are paid for. any other figures in the squad or 6 on a die roll. NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PERSONS 13 YEARS OF AGE OR YOUNGER. round receives the Initiative token. each player draws one Strategy purpose. LLC. A player may Strategy decks are shuffled and placed in the player’s HQ area. then moved to Initiative cards. not the type of target. pages 9–12): Strategy cards add Command. maintain control. equal to the numbers on each of the friendly and neutral command Activating Strategy Cards (Rules of War. Inc. under license from Fantasy Flight Publishing. 4 . Hunt Valley. Place the Command on his Initiative card cards face up in your HQ area. Command objectives give players the Strategy decks and Operations cards that each Command. Tide of Iron and the FFG logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing. which is off to the side of the battlefield. It also reduces the cover bonus or disrupted) to their target. 5. USA. page 15): At the be spent later for any other beginning of the Status Phase. participate in Op Fire attacks. If there is a tie. Actual components may vary from those shown. That squad gains +1 cover against normal attacks and Mortar crews are also limited in three ways. which is currency used to buy Strategy cards and pay nation receives. Strategy cards may be activated during the Activation Phase and Determining Initiative: At the end of the Command Phase. Published by 1A Games. you may place one of cards removed. hole on the target squad’s base. and any are neutral and may be controlled by either player. Inc. look at each of the objectives on the board. remove it when you place yours. Victory objectives are hexes which must be controlled use to gain the upper hand. 1A Games and the 1A logo are trademarks of 1A Games. listed at the bottom of the card. pages 13–15): Specialization tokens grant additional abilities to squads. This can be done only next game round. control marker is placed. earn Strategy Cards (Tools of War. page 8): Mortar shells fly in a Add a flamethrower specialization to one of the high arc which can go completely over obstacles.” for other important game effects. Controlling another nation’s command available (face up in a player’s HQ area) at the beginning of the objectives simply deprives that player of the ability to collect game. and activate Strategy cards. Command Phase (Rules of Play. 21030. After the card’s effects are resolved. and his HQ area. or participate as same hex as an action. All rights reserved to their respective owners. The player with the most card from any Strategy deck available in his HQ area.

7 Regular Infantry Germans .2 Mortar Crews . clash of elites Scenario Design: Craig Robertson background: reinforced by SS panzergrenadiers. June 13. It’s up to the 502nd the victory objective hex at the end of consolidating the Utah and Omaha Parachute Infantry Regiment to clear game rtound 4.1 Officer . the Objective: Carentan. position. Now Scenario details Americans GERMANs • Rounds: 4 Setup: Setup: • 5 Squad Bases • 4 Squad Bases • Starting Initiative: .1 Machine Gun Crew Deployment Zone: Shaded hexes on Deployment Zone: Shaded hexes on map 1A map 11A 5 . they are able to prevent it. house by house. 1944 – The German paratroopers have retaken The Americans win if they control capture of Carentan is essential to part of the city. The Germans win if beachheads into a single defensible them out again.8 Regular Infantry .6 Elite Infantry • Actions per Turn: 2 .7 Elite Infantry .1 Officer . 6. Fallschrimjäger regiment had evacuated the city on the 12th after running out of ammunition.