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Name of Video: What is the Main Message of What new goal will you set as a

the Video? Please answer in result of watching this video?
complete sentences (at least 3) The goal must be different for
every video.

1. Famous Failures The main message of this video I will try to solve every problem
was to not give up. The most and if I make a mistake that’s ok
famous people grew up making because you learn more from
mistakes and all of them mistakes than getting it right the
succeeded in the end. This video first time.
sent out a message saying “If
you’ve never failed, you’ve never
tried anything new.” There is no
success without failure.

2 . You Can Do It! - Wisie for The main message in this video I won’t give up easily if I set a goal
Children Inspirational Video was that you can do anything! to myself. If I truly believe that I
Whether to make people laugh or can do, I will accomplish my goal.
do well in school, you can do! The As long as I believe in myself, I
video states, “It may not always be can do it!
easy and it may not happen as
quickly as you want, but you can
find a way as long as you truly
want to.”

3. Be A Hero - Wisie for Children The main message in this video I will try my best to become a hero
Inspirational Video was to be a hero! Being a hero to others. I will work hard to think
requires hard work, time, effort, about others and not let my fears
and many other qualities but the destroy my goals.
video states, “ We all really want
to be a hero because we don't
want fear to stop us, and because
the greatest joy comes from doing
something that brings joy to

4. Teaching and Learning The main message in the video is I will try my best to have a
Resilience - Life Skills to have a more accurate positive mind and be more interest
perspective of the world around us in others. I will take in notice about
and increases happiness. Not the people around me.
everything in our life sucks, so
instead of thinking like that, let's
do something about it.

5. Perseverance-Growth Mindset The main message of this video is Even if I fall, I will get back up. No
that even when you fall, you need matter how hard I try, I know it
to get back up and continue to try. was worth it in the end.
You have to set your mind to do
something about it and don't give
up because eventually you will get

6. What A Wonderful World - The main message is video is to “I See Trees of Green, Red Roses
Louis Armstrong (Lyrics) emphasize the fact that we live in too” is the first line of the song and
a system where there is so much is one of my favorite lines, it
hatred and violence, it's still demonstrates that there is always
beautiful and there is always the a chance for improvement and a
chance for us to make life chance to grow. I am determined
peaceful again. It reminds us to to stop and go out more and
always hope for the best because investigate and learn more about
it isn't a crime and it isn't the world, not only that, but also
impossible to dream. have hope.

7. Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: The main message in this video is If I'm stuck in a problem, I must
Don't Give Up that we shouldn't give up. In the keep trying because in the end I
video, after several attempts of will eventually get it.
trying to catch the ball, the puppet
eventually did it. This shows us
that whenever life seems tough,
we should just get back up and try

8. Kid President's 20 Things We In this video, Kid President I will try making the world a better
Should Say More Often explains that the things we say place by saying the words/phrases
can help make the world more Kid President gives us in his
awesome and can make it a better special list.
place. He shares a special list of
20 things we should say more

9. The Watchkins: Perseverance In the video there is a baby I will always try to keep up with my
monkey and a monkey who are work and do my best!
trying to learn how to swing. The
message of this video is
displaying that no matter how
many times we fall, we must keep
trying and persevere, because in
the end we will get it.

10. Most Inspiring Video Ever! - In this video, it explains how when I shall view my obstacles as if I
Think, When You Were Still a Kid. we were kids, we weren’t scared were a kid and believe in myself
Adcom of trying anything. We were that I could do it.
fearless. The main message of
this video is that we shouldn’t
have doubts. Instead, we should
believe in ourselves.

11. Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll! In this video, a kid is happy I will start believing in myself more
because he now can ride a bike, often and have positive thinking.
he states that we must believe in
ourselves, even if we fail, we will
get the hang of it.

12. Why Do We Fall - Motivational In this video, the main message is I will not let any obstacles get into
Video that no matter how hard life hits my way of accomplishing my
us, it's not about how hard we hit, goals. I will hit hard and I will keep
rather it's about how hard we can moving forward.
get it and keep moving forward.

13. Rob Thomas = Little Wonders The main message in this video I won’t let the past affect me and I
Official MV displays how it's about how life will let your clarity define me for
can be so hard, but it is full of rich who I am.
experiences, and they are what is
important. The painful times can
define you, and make sense over
time in the bigger picture.

14. Don't Stop, Don't Give Up! The main message in this video I won’t stop and I won’t give up
displays that we must not give up because I will get it right!
because in the end, we will get it

15. Girls First Ski Jump In this video, the girl is trying to When I’m overcome with an
overcome her fear when she is obstacle, I will think positively and
about to do her first ski jump. The push out all negativity.
jump is not small, it's more about
the emotions and facing your fears
and overcoming them. In the end
she jumped and realise that it was

16. Keep Moving Forward The main message in this video is We I fail, I should take it as a
that from failing we learn, but with learning experience and I must
success not so much. "Around keep moving forward.
here, however, we don't look
backwards for very long. We keep
moving forward, opening up new
doors and doing new things,
because we're curious... and
curiosity keeps leading us down
new paths." - Walt Disney Keep
Moving Forward.

17. Look Me In The Eyes - Jordan The main message in this video I know what is in within me, so I
Commercial - Become Legendary was that all of us have the will try my best to become the
potential to become legendary. greater person within me.

18. Teaching Positive Thinking The main message in this video I will view my life more positively
inspires us to have positive and be more grateful for the stuff
thinking and drive away any kind and life I have.
of bad mood.

19. CGI 3D Animated Short Film In this video, a kiwi bird is In order to accomplish my dreams,
"KIWI" Cute & Inspiring Animation mysteriously seen to be nailing an I shall work hard and have a
by Dony Permedi & SVA array of trees to the side of a positive mindset.
sheer cliff so that they stick out
horizontally. The video it's trying to
explain that you can reach your
dreams and do anything. The kiwi
bird’s dream was to fly, that's why
he hung all the trees to the cliff.

20. Kid President's Pep Talk to The main message in this video I will take under consideration of
Teachers and Students! makes one reflect, “What are you the hard work my teachers put into
teaching the world? Who are you teach me. I will contribute by
learning from?” We must make the listening to them and making the
world more awesome world more awesome.

21. Perseverance. The story of The main message in this video is If life brings the unexpected, I
Nick Vujicic. showing that even though there won’t give up and I will view the
are people in the world that are situation differently.
going through unforgettable
obstacles, they think positively.
Nick Vujicic was born with no legs
or arms, he was born with a
positive mind

22. Growth Mindset In A Pigsty In this video, a pig is stuck in sty, I will focus on doing the
and his dream is to get out. After impossible. I won’t let others get
discussing the problem to his into the way.
friend, they argued, realising that
others did the impossible

23. Powerful Inspirational "True In this video, a song displays that I won’t give up just eaisley, I will
Olympic Never Give Up" ("When even though it's a long road, take challenges and I won’t stop
You Believe") by Ken D Ward “there's a miracle to behold believing.
When you believe in your mind
and in your heart,it's there and
then you start to set your course.
When you believe you hold on
forever, to the dream that sets you
free and makes you soar.
Eventually, you will your destiny,
when you believe.”

24. Sesame Street: The main message in this video is I will continue to get stronger and
Sings "What I Am" to keep reaching high and to keep aiming high.
never lose confidence. If you have
a dream, follow it!

25. Kid Gives Speech After The main message in this video is I will believe in myself and try my
Learning How To Ride A Bike believe in yourself no matter what! best.
(HD) Keep trying and you will succeed.

26. A Story Of 16 Children Who In this video, it explains how I won’t let negative comments get
Pledge To Never GIve Up sometimes we get scared in life to me, I will continue to believe in
but this videos inspires us to myself.
make a promise and not let the
comments of other bring us down
or make us give up.

27. Life Vest Inside - Kindness This video displays how “an act of I will display kindness at school
Boomerang - "One Day" kindness as its passed from one and outside of school.
individual to the next and
manages to boomerang back to
the person who set it into motion. “

28. I Think I Can, I Think I Can- The main message in this video is I will trust myself and think I can
The Little Engine that Could to think positive and believe that u do it!
can do it!

29. Don't Stop Never Give Up The main message in this video is I will dream big and become the
to dream big and never stop giving greater person I can be.
up until we can reach our goals!

30. Look At Yourself After The main message in this video is I will view my life as a gift, since I
Watching This.mp4 that instead of viewing the things have the things I need. I will value
you don’t have, view the things more in life.
you do have.

31. A Pep Talk from Kid President In this video, Kid president gives I will make everyday a better day
to You us little encouragement.Kid for my peers.
President states, "The world
needs to stop being boring It's
everybody's duty to give the world
a reason to dance." Life is a game
and we are all on the same team!

32. The Ma'at Children Say "I The main message in this video I will keep dreaming and I won’t let
Know I Can"/ Motivation & reminds us how to dream and negative thoughts destroy me
Inspiration believe in ourselves. from accomplishing my dreams.

33. Amazing Kids of Character: In this video, it shows kids who I try my best to display the five
Portraits of Perseverance achieved amazing results for character traits in this video:
themselves and their Courage, Empathy, Perseverance,
communities. Each character trait Respect, and Responsibility
is represented with five different
profiles of kids, thus encouraging
students to stand up and stand

34. Growth Mindset Kids.wmv In this video, kids explain that if I will take challenges and I will
you really want to accomplish your work hard to accomplish them.
goals, you have to work hard for it!

35. NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE The main message in this video is I will never give up even though
UP - The Unlucky Tug's Music to never give up! We must not it's tough, I will believe in myself
Video worry and we must be positive. and think positively.

36. Ormie The Pig In this video, Ormie the Pig sees a No matter how far away my
cookie jar and wants one. But they dreams are, I will accomplish
are out of reach. So he decides to them...maybe not in my way but it
try everything he can to get them. will be accomplished. I will try my
And in the most unexpected way, best and I won’t be disappointed if
he gets his cookies. I fail.

37. What Kids Can Teach You In this video, it displays numerous I will follow this quote: “Always
About Success (A Motivational pictures and quotes to teach bear in mind that your own
Video) others motivational quotes to learn resolution to succeed is more
and put in action. important than any other thing.”