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PASSION Passion Impex Enterprises Deals in Import & Export of Goods and Services specifically in
Sports and Leather Sector.
We Strive for excellence by applying modern technology & Innovative Logistics
Solutions to bring best finished products for our Clients.
Core Values
Provide Means to Create, Renovate, Buildup,
Support Sportsmanship
Sports For Healthy Bonding Through Universal
High-quality finished products for Worldwide
Passion Impex Enterprises commits to use
extensive market research methods, Techno
& fast logistics means to bring clients &
Customer together.

Our Area of Expertise will cover both Product
& Services catagories.
Passion Impex Entp.
We o er the full spectrum of Sports
products. From Shoes to Ball, Sticks to Rackets, Full
team kits, Fitness Equipment, Sporting Gloves and
other Sports related Products.
Highest quality editorial content with in-depth
coverage of Sporting Events, destinations, Product
.and Services.
Full e-commerce and m-commerce platform with
channel management integration, live call-center
support and 24/7 transactions.
Passion Impex Enterprises have Multiple social Plat
forms to stay connected with community & to do
Social welfare.

High Quality Hand All Kind of Sports Athelte, Event & Venue Both Raw & Finished E-Commerce & M-Commerce And Many More Colors
Stiched & Thermal Equipment, Balls, Bats, Management. Leather Products. of PIE .........
Stiched Soccer Balls Sticks, Rackets, Gloves, l
Sports Wear, Leather
Jackets, Fitness Equip
Selected Products
Marketing Media &
Communication Channels
Newsletter WebSite Online Publishing Twitter WeChat
Co-marketing and collaborations
We are Looking forward to collaborate with selected partner brands on innovative marketing campaigns.
Social Media Events for Brand Promotion and mobile campaigns on different Platforms.
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Thank You !
Tel: + 92 323 9589024 (Pakistan)
+ 44 75 50644 101 (England)
+ 97 1509734507 (UAE)
Twitter: @Passionimpexe
Skype: Passionimpexe
Pakistan OFFICE:
1st Floor, Opp C&W Office, Railway Road
Haripur, KPK. POB 22620

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