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Roll No.

Total marks: 20
Time : 30 mins

Class 8th work experience


 All questions are compulsory.
 Question paper has 20 questions and 3 printed pages .
 Fill your Roll Number on question paper in the space provided.
 5 mins time has been allotted to read this question paper. The student will read the
question paper only and will not write anything on answer-book during this period.

1. Which of the following is the correct rule of VB 6.0 for the sum of 2 numbers entered
in the textbox 1 and textbox 2.
a) Text.Text = Text1.Text + Text2.Text
b) Text3.Text=text1.text+text3.text
c) Val(Text3.Text)=val(Text1.Text)+val(Text2.Text)
d) Val(Textbox3)=val(Textbox1)+val(Textbox2)

2. VB stands for
a) Visual basic
b) Visual basis
c) Video basis
d) All are correct

3. In VB 6.0 what is the name of the given tool
a) Option button
b) Radio button
c) Submit button
d) None

Which property is to be set for changing the name of the tool? a) Caption b) Name c) Visibility d) All the above 5. Choose the correct html tag for the largest heading a) <h1> b) <heading> c) <head> d) <h6> 10. Which of the following is not an input unit device? A) mouse B) printer C) keyboard D) All the above 11. which operator we use in VB 6.0 a) ToolTip b) Name c)TextBox d) none 7.4. The Central Processing Unit is called A) Brain of the computer B) Heart of the computer C) Mind of the computer D) Soul of the computer .0 to concatenate contents of 2 text boxes: a) + b) * c) % d) None 6. Which property determines whether a control is displayed to the user? a) Hide b) Show c) Visible d) Enabled 8. What is the correct html tag for inserting a line break? a) <break> b) <br> c) <lb> d) <line break> 9. which of the following is not the property of Visual Basic 6.

Mouse c. CPU d. Which of the following is a network topology . Which of the following is an anti-virus program a) Norton b) Quick heal c) K7 d) All of these 13. Cache 18. Which of the following is not a computer memory ? a. ROM c. Which of the following computer would a person prefer while travelling in the train? a) Laptop b) Desktop c) PDA d) Supercomputers 16. 12. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy threats except: a) firewall b) Spam c) Virus d) Worm 14. Monitor d. Which of the following is not an output device? a. RAM b. Printer 17. which of the following networks will be used to connect computers within the same room? a) LAN b)PAN c)MAN d)WAN 15. Speaker b.

0. Moon d. Which icon to go into the actual Visual Basic 6.0 is a)Form1 b)Text1. Twin 19. a) Standard EXE b) Active EXE c) Master EXE d) Form EXE . Default tool that appears on IDE VB 6.text c) page d) all 20. Star c. Galaxy b. a.