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Phrasal Verb Meaning Example

1) It's not easy to get around
1) Move from place to the city without
place a map.
2) Spread, circulate 2) News of their separation
soon got about.
get along Be on good terms / I get along (well) with my
(with) work well with. mother-in-law.
What exactly are you trying
get at Imply
to get at?
The robbers got away in a
get away Escape
black car.
Manage to cope or to It's difficult to get by on a low
get by (on)
survive. salary.
Start to actually do It's time to get down to some
get down to
something. serious work!
get in Enter How did the burglar get in?
get into (+ How did the burglar get
noun) into the house?
1) Leave (bus, train, 1) Get of the bus at Trafalgar
plane). Square.
get off
2) Remove from 2) She's trying to get of the
something. stain.
Board (bus, train, You can pay when you get
get on
plane) on the bus.
Continue to do
Be quiet and get on with your
get on with something / make
get on (well) Have a good I get on very well with my
with relationship with colleagues.
get out Leave How did he get out?
get out of How did he get out of the
(+noun) house?
Some husbands manage to get
get out of Avoid doing
out of
(+verb) something
doing any housework.
Recover from (illness, Charlie had the 'flu but he got
get over
disappointment) over it.
It's difficult to get rid of old
get rid of Eliminate
get round (to) Find the necessary I finally got round to making

time to do something. the list that I promised.
Let's get together for lunch
get together Meet each other
one day.
get up Rise / leave bed I usually get up at 7 o'clock.

I GET ABOUT a lot with my
Get about Visit many places. job- last years I visited
eleven countries.

It didn't take long for the news to
Get about Become known. GET ABOUT- everyone's talking
about it.

She can't GET ABOUT much, but
Get about Walk or visit places.
she is in her eighties.

Have personal or sexual She GETS ABOUT a bit; she's
Get about
relationships with many people. always with some new guy.

HERSELF since she got promoted.
Behave as if you are better or more (This is normally used in
Get above
important than others. progressive forms and followed by
a reflexive pronoun, though 'get
above your station' is also used.)

I just couldn't GET my message
Get across Communicate successfully.
ACROSS at the meeting.

It's impossible to GET ACROSS
Get across Go from one side to the other.
the road with all this traffic.

Get across Move something from one side to How are we going to GET these

the other. Why don't you two GET ALONG? Get along Have a good relationship. message before she leaves the building. Get along Have a good relationship with I don't GET ALONG WITH my . ALONG. bags ACROSS the river? Get across Be convincing or make a good How can I GET ACROSS TO my to impression. Nowadays. of GET AHEAD OF schedule. How's the homework GETTING Get along Progess. want to GET AHEAD. in the company. GET AFTER her and give her the Get after Chase. finish the work. ALONG? Get along How are you GETTING ALONG IN Progress. we must be GETTING Get along Leave. Get ahead I work at home in the evening to Move in front of. You're always arguing. you need IT skills if you Get ahead Progress. audience? You should GET AFTER them to Get after Nag or exhort someone. It's late.

His boss is always GETTING AT . but I managed to GET AROUND her. always with some new girlfriend. Have personal or sexual He GETS AROUND a bit. It'll be tricky. to GET AROUND the regulations. AROUND to replying to letters. sister. application because it was late. he's Get around relationships with many people. It always takes me ages to GET to make the effort to do something.he's Get aroundVisit many different places. AROUND since the operation and spends most of his time at home. GET AROUND once it got into the newspapers. Get aroundFinally manage to do something.we have nothing in with someone. common. convince. with WITH the training course? It didn't take long for the news to Get aroundBecome known. but we will find a way Get aroundAvoid a problem. She didn't want to accept my Get aroundPersuade. handle. Get at Criticise. He's finding it hard to GET Get aroundWalk or go to places. Get along How are you GETTING ALONG Deal with. He GETS AROUND a lot. always flying somewhere different.

find. AT it. I need from something different. concentrate on the main ideas. everything and relax in the country. stolen car. bribes. etc.we need to from not relevant to the discussion. leave somewhere. which the police later found abandoned. him for arriving late. We love to GET AWAY from Get away Go on holiday or for a short break. He didn't come because he was Get away Move. who found them not guilty of all Get at to affect someone's testimony or charges despite the evidence decision. . AT? I've no idea what she wants. Use threats. It's on the top shelf and I can't GET Get at Be able to reach. The robbers GOT AWAY in a Get away Escape. stuck at work and couldn't GET AWAY. to GET AWAY FROM it. What do you think she's GETTING Get at Mean. Get away Go somewhere different or do Work's getting on top of me. payments. The gangsters GOT AT the jury. presented in court. access. I think we're GETTING AWAY Get away Start to talk about something that is FROM the point here.

but I'll GET him BACK. BACK to allow the ambulance through. WITH using the cheaper product? "I passed. which were never found." The train was held up so we didn't Get back Return. you'll Get back Return something. GET BACK home until midnight. never GET it BACK. couldn't have passed. The police told the crowd to GET Get back Move away. but I'm . despite not Do you think we could GET AWAY with doing it correctly or properly. He was rude and embarrassed Get back Revenge. Not get caught. Don't lend him any money. Get back Find a new enthusiasm for I lost interest for a while. Get away Achieve something. Get back I'll GET BACK AT her for landing Take revenge. me." "GET AWAY! You Get away! An expression of disbelief. at me in trouble. break. wrong. criticised or Get away Thieves GOT AWAY WITH two punished for doing something with Picassos. I am GETTING BACK INTO my Get back Start doing something after Khmer lessons after the summer into stopping for some time.

I have the information. Get back I'll GET BACK TO you as soon as I Respond to a contact. All the students GOT BEHIND the Get behind Support. GET BY the editor. . lose your home. sleep after the phone rang. you might with something. GOT BACK TOGETHER last together week. We split up a few months ago but Get back Restart a relationship. If you GET BEHIND WITH Get behind Be late paying instalments for mortgage payments. I had checked it. I don't know at the moment. but there still Not be noticed (problems. difficult to GET BY since their daughter was born. GETTING BACK INTO it. but I Get back Respond when you know the will GET BACK TO you as soon as to answer. They're finding it increasingly Get by Have just enough money to live on. errors.. to hear any news.into something. teacher. Get by were a few mistakes that didn't etc). Get back Start doing something again after It took me ages to GET BACK TO to an interruption.

record. We should be able to GET BY Get by Have enough of something to do WITH three PCs. leave a vehicle. was difficult to GET it DOWN. money. exhausted. Manage on a certain amount of Get by on It's hard to GET BY ON my salary. The doctor says I my GET my Get down Reduce. week. etc. Get down Criticise. children asked if they could GET DOWN. When they had finished dinner. I couldn't GET DOWN everything Get down Write. My mother used to GET DOWN on ON us for not doing enough . he said. The trained pulled in and we GOT Get down Descend. The miserable weather in winter Get down unhappy. DOWN. The medicine tasted horrible and it Get down Manage to swallow. Make someone depressed.. They GOT DOWN at the party last Get down Have an affair or sexual relations. but four would be with the job. the Get down Leave the table after eating. cholesterol levels DOWN. really GETS me DOWN. better.

The government GOT IN with a . Get in Be elected. school. etc. plane. I borrowed her pass to GET IN. like food. Get in Enter a car or taxi. home. DOWN TO doing any revision for to examinations. we're completely out. we'll have to GET a your home. technician IN to fix it. homework. Get in Enter a building or place. The taxi pulled up and we GOT IN. Get down People were GETTING DOWN TO Enjoy something a lot. etc. train broke down. Her plane GETS IN at 2am our Get in Arrive (train. We need to GET some coffee IN. I GOT IN late today because the Get in Arrive at work.). twelve o'clock because she'd been out for a few drinks with her mates. I find it extremely difficult to GET Get down Start working seriously. time. She didn't GET IN till well after Get in Arrive home. Get in Buy or obtain supplies. The air conditioning has broken Arrange for someone to do a job in Get in down. workplace. to the concert.

He did badly in the entrance exam Get in etc. Become friendly with. washing IN. . ingratiate I tried to GET IN WITH them as I Get in with with. I couldn't GET a word IN Get in Manage to say or do. music recently. He GOT the drinks IN. very small majority. the end of this week. We have to GET the forms IN by Get in Submit. It's raining. our market. and didn't GET IN. club. thought it would help me at work. She's been GETTING INTO dance Get into Become involved or interested. throughout the meeting. apply. Get in Pay for drinks. She did well and GOT INTO Get into Be accepted or admitted. Become involved in something bad He GOT INTO drugs when he was Get into or criminal. Be admitted to a university. The company tried to GET IN ON Get in on Become involved. at university. Cambridge University. I'd better GET the Get in Bring inside a place.

they were too tight. never reach my targets. Did you two GET IT ON? Get it on Have sex with. Get it off She GOT IT OFF WITH her Have sex with. The talk was dull and nobody GOT Get it on Become interested or excited. They GOT IT OFF at the party. Get it Be punished or scolded. Become or be accepted as a He GOT INTO the first team for Get into member. Start a habit or way of acting or It took me ages to GET INTO Get into behaving. I will together your aims. If you don't stop that right now. badly. Did you GET IT ON WITH him? with Get it Control things in your life to achieve If I don't GET IT TOGETHER. Be small enough to wear I couldn't GET INTO the boots. you'll really GET IT! Get it off Have sex. driving on the left. He GOT INTO me for doing it Get into Criticise. IT ON. football. . Get into something. with friend's husband. Get it on Have sex.

left the court a free man. meeting. We GOT OFF last night. of the noise from next door. messages. avoid the rush hour traffic. she was arrested. She GOT OFF a few shots before Get off Manage to fire a gun. . I GOT three emails OFF before the Get off etc.Get it They only GET IT TOGETHER at Begin a relationship. We need to GET OFF early to Get off Start a journey. He couldn't GET IT UP and felt Get it up Become aroused (of a man).. Write or send letters. to my house. We GOT OFF the bus and walked Get off Leave a bus. Get off Orgasm. the phone as I need to make a call. I can't GET the kids OFF because Get off Help a baby or child sleep. I like to GET OFF early on Fridays. Get off Finish. etc. have sex. very embarrassed. Let me know when he GETS OFF Get off Stop talking on the phone. train. together the very end of the film. leave work. He GOT OFF on a technicality and Get off Escape punishment.

with party. start of her presentation. etc. . We GOT ON the train at Plymouth Get on Enter a bus. plane. where to GET OFF. just tell him Get off! Don't touch. Get off He GOT OFF WITH her at the Have casual sex with. If he bothers you. She GOT OFF some jokes at the Get off Say or write something funny. or I knew he was lying so I told him to Get off it telling someone that they're wrong GET OFF IT. The teacher asked the pupils to Get on Continue doing something.. A way of expressing disbelief. and went up to London. every night. She GETS OFF ON her power Get off on Become excited by. over us. leave alone. We have always GOT ON well. or have an incorrect opinion. train. Make progress. He GETS OFF ON crystal meth Get off on Enjoy a drug. GET ON with some work quietly as she had to leave the classroom. deal with How are you GETTING ON with Get on something with a reasonable your Spanish lessons? degree of success. Get on Have a good relationship.

I must get home now. Get on Fortunately. Get onto Be elected. item on the agenda. with work. with boss. We didn't GET ONTO the third Get onto Start discussing a topic. He's GETTING ON now and Get on Become old. GETTING ON. fit. doesn't work so hard. Get on She told us to GET ON WITH our Continue or start doing something. I GET ON WITH my Have a good relationship. couldn't GET my old suits ON. He didn't GET ONTO the . it's Get on Be late or near an arranged time. It took the authorities a long time to Get on to Start to suspect. appointed. Get on for Be near a time. I have Get on Leave. It's GETTING ON FOR midnight. age. I must be GETTING ON. GET ON TO the gang. I have put so much weight on that I Get on Wear. He's always GETTING ON AT me Get on at Criticise unfairly. when I haven't done anything wrong. other things to do this evening.

she has her baby. OUT. before it took off. He GOT ONTO every major Get onto Appear on the radio or TV. . by the end of the month. etc. the door open. Contact someone because you We'd better GET ONTO someone Get onto need or want them to do to fix this. could load up the suitcases. make available for the We have to GET the report OUT Get out public to see or buy. committee. Publish. I spilled some red wine on my Remove dirt or something Get out carpet and can't GET the stains unwanted. Leave the house to visit place and She doesn't GET OUT much now Get out socialise. something. channel after the accident. injunction on reporting the case. escape. She GOT ONTO the plane just Get onto Enter a plane. The dog GOT OUT because I left Get out Leave a place. Become known when people want The truth GOT OUT despite the Get out it to remain secret. Remove something from where it is I GOT the car OUT so that we Get out stored to use it. train.

university course. GOT OUT OF the extra work. Say what you want when it is He was so upset he couldn't GET Get out difficult. I said I wasn't feeling well and Get out of Avoid doing something you dislike. If you GET OUT OF a routine. find a solution. etc. at the weekend. Help someone avoid doing I GOT him OUT OF having to work Get out of something. We GOT OUT OF the taxi and paid Get out of Leave a car. Get over Solve.''Get out!' Recover from something. Make someone give something to Did you GET a refund OUT OF the Get out of you. 'I got 100% on the test. information OUT OF him.. it Get out of Stop a regular activity or habit. the words OUT. van. Make someone confess or tell the The police couldn't GET any Get out of truth. bout of flu. feel It took me ages to GET OVER the Get over better. can be hard to start again. Get out! Expression of disbelief. the driver. travel agency? Derive pleasure or benefit from She's GETTING a lot OUT OF her Get out of something. It took us a long time to GET OVER the problems with the .

I don't want this to GET ROUND. (In (around) to American English 'around' is used) Get round Persuade someone. We're nearly ready. Do something unpleasant that has I GOT the test OVER WITH rather Get over to be done rather than delaying it than have to worry about it any with any more. so please keep it to yourself. He said he needed help and ask Get over Come somewhere. ROUND to writing letters. longer. few little problems we have to GET ROUND before we finish. message OVER. She didn't want to let me do it. We couldn't GET OVER the river Get over Get to the other side. but I . computer system. It always takes me ages to GET Get round Finally manage to do something. Get round Become known. me to GET OVER as soon as I could. Communicate. but there are Get round Find a solution. make people He makes jokes to help GET his Get over understand. because of the floods. Be shocked or surprised that I couldn't GET OVER how much Get over something if real or true. weight he had put on.

(In American English 'around' is used) Get I tried calling her mobile phone. but Contact. etc). it'll make things much better for us. because I haven't managed to through GET THROUGH it all today. through inspection. If the proposal GETS THROUGH. I'm going to take some work home Get Finish. Get Be accepted or passed (laws. Get Arrive. Get The water GOT THROUGH the Manage to pass. through I couldn't GET THROUGH. month. Get My car didn't GET THROUGH its Succeed in an exam or test. We will have to be careful with our Get Endure or deal with a difficult money to GET THROUGH the through experience. The message didn't GET . through roof and damaged the carpets. through proposals. through of wine a day. succeeded in GETTING ROUND (or around) her. Get Help someone or something My teacher GOT me THROUGH through succeed or pass a test or exam. Get He GETS THROUGH two bottles Consume. the exam.

they'll GET THROUGH Reach a stage in a competition. irritate. especially by phone. through to couldn't GET THROUGH TO him. just in a bad mood. When I GET TO it. Don't let her GET TO you. Get If they win. together for a drink. through to TO her. through to TO the quarter finals. she's Get to Annoy. weekdays. matter carefully. but I just Make someone understand. Get I rang but couldn't GET THROUGH Contact. Stonehenge. but he just waffled away. I'll look at the Get to Arrive.through THROUGH. but lie in till noon at the weekend. Get up Organise. Get I explained it carefully. They GOT UP a list of two hundred . I GET UP at seven o'clock on Get up Get out of bed. Have the opportunity to do Last June I GOT TO visit Get to something. We asked him to GET TO the Get to Start discussing a topic. point. Get We GOT TOGETHER in the pub Meet socially.

people who were opposed to the local council's plans. UP TO some trouble or other. The children are always GETTING Get up to Do something wrong or naughty. .