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Executive Summary

II. Areas of Consideration
A. Internal Environment
A.1 Strengths
1. It has worldwide brand recognition.
2. It has allied with South Korea’s number one beverage
company, the Lotte Chilsung Beverage Corporation.
3. It purchases economies of scale.*
A.2. Weaknesses
1. Its products are more focused on carbonated drinks.
2. It is incapable of creating different products that will stay
in the market for a long time.
3. Though it is a well-known brand for beverages, it does
not have a strong brand identity and customer loyalty.
B. External Environment
B.1 Opportunities
1. It will establish new branches and expand plants in
different locations of the country.
2. There is an increasing trend in the Philippine population.
3. The market for bottled water and healthy beverages is
rapidly increasing.
B.2 Threats
1. The demand for carbonated beverages is moving slowly.
2. There is a continuous oil price hike.
3. It is difficult for PCPPI to compete with Coca-cola due to
its strong brand identity.

III. Statement of the Problem
The most effective way to market the new lineup of healthy beverages
of PCPPI to vie with the competitors’ close substitutes.

IV. Statement of the Objective
To identify the most effective way to market the new lineup of healthy
beverages of PCPPI to vie with the competitors’ close substitutes.

V. Alternative Courses of Action (ACA)

ACA #1: PCPPI’s involvement in health awareness campaigns.

1. PCPPI will be patronized by the consumers due to its concern
on health issues.
2. PCPPI will achieve customer satisfaction*

1. PCPPI will incur more costs on spending for the health

ACA #2: PCPPI should advertise its new lineup of products through
effective endorsement or publicity.

1. PCPPI’s products will be known by the consumers from the
different locations in the country.
2. PCPPI’s sales might increase due to popularity.
3. PCPPI will be able to compete with the leading brands in the

1. The company will incur additional costs for the advertisement.
2. The advertisement will not guarantee the increase of sales and
demand for the products.
3. The products may not match the strong appeal of the existing
products of the competitors.

ACA #3: PCPPI should



VI. Final Decision

VII. Detailed Plan of Action (Activities, Persons Involved, Time Frame)

Activities Persons Involved Time Frame