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Great Women in Islam

We have elected today to address the issue of women in Islam to try to
highlight and draw a clear contrast between what is correct and what is
incorrect, what is the proper methodology and what the improper
methodology is. Allah did make at taqwa as a criterion for the merit and for
the advancement of the person. Allah in the Qur’an ‫إن أكرمكم عند الله‬
‫( أتقاكم‬hujurat #13) and in this verse, Allah established for us that the one
most favored to Allah is the one who has the most Godfearingness. Also the
Prophet did establish that in his hadith when he said that which means that
those who are most worthy of me are those who are God-fearing.
Whoverever they were, no matter who they are. So the criteria are clear in
Islam. The basis for merit and excellence is clears the religion. It is
explicitly stated in the Qur’an and in the hadith of the Prophet, and it is
explicitly stated in the sayings of the honorable scholars of Islam. So if you
review the Islamic history you would find people who have been favored by
the high status. And the highest of status. After the Prophets you find that
our Master Abu Bakr as Siddiq is the best of the people and after him our
master Umar then after him our master Uthman, and then Aliyy Ibnu Abi
Talib. Also in the Islamic history you would find that the Prophet taught us
of a classification of the status of certain women and in degree of merit the
Prophet told us that the best of the women at large is Maryam the daughter
of ^Imran, and after her, Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, and
after Fatimah, Khadijah, Bint Khuwaylid, the wife of the Prophet, and after
Khadijah, Aasia, the daughter Muzaahim, the wife of Pharoah, and after her,
Aisha, may Allah raise her rank, the wife of the Prophet. Those in that order
have the highest of the status of the women.
Maryam the daughter of Imran was known for her saturation in God-
fearingness and let me pause here and explain that god fearingness is that
the person would be obedient to Allah. If a person performs the obedience
and refrains from the sins. The Prophet had dedicated her to serve the Holy
Mosque in Jerusalem. She was patient with the different hardships. She
was submissive to the orders of Allah. She believed in the revelations and
she was among the humble and pious women. Allah praised her in the
Qur’an in Surat at-Tahrim Verse #12: This is a picture of the best of the
women in this world, Maryam, the daughter of ^Imran, the mother of
Prophet ^Isa. This is a picture of a greatly god-fearing woman, a woman
who adhered to the rules of the religion. She was raised under the care of a
prophet. She endured great hardships. She was accused with adultery, and
she was patient and her adherence to the religion earned her such a high

Fatimah who is the Lady of the Women of Paradise. . She was a very hard working woman within the quarters of her husband. and for taking a great pride in being a Muslim. She healed his disappointments. and Allah gave you someone who is better than her. and the Prophet told her that he would not do that while poor people sleep on empty stomachs and instead the Prophet taught her to say. and before the Prophet married her. Again. and he said. It was reported that once Lady Aisha commented to the Prophet. she took a lot of hardships and she was the example of the great women who supported the Prophet. She used to cook to make the dough to clean the house and it was reported that she used to bake when she was pregnant and that gave her a lot of hardship. She believed in me when other people belied me and she healed my disappointments when I needed that and she backed me and supported me while others blocked their support from me. However. and so she cried. She was detached from the worldly interests. and then she laughed. Aisha approached her again. Khadijah. Allah did not give me a better person than Khadijah. because the Prophet used to mention Khadijah repeatedly. She praised the fact that she was extremely truthful. she was in business. and told her you will be the first among my family to die after me. she earned a great status for adhering to the principles of the religion. By Allah. She was aware and knowledgeable about the defects of this world. and asked her. She supported him and backed him at a time when others belied the Prophet. She endured the hardships of this life. the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. Lady Aisha. Also Lady Aisha narrated that at the time of the death of the Prophet. for being a pious woman. She was an extremely truthful lady. for being a woman who understood the revelation that was sent to the Prophet. Aisha said. Then the Prophet whispered to her again.Fatimah. This is Khadijah. after the Prophet passed away. and she revealed that the first time the Prophet whispered to her he told him that Jibril came to him with the Qur’an twice this year. Aisha asked Fatimah to tell her what was going on. she was the first woman to believe in the message of the Prophet. And six months later she did pass away. and to say Allahu akbar 34 times. and so she cried for that. again was extremely patient. and this indicates that he is going to die. and so she was delighted over that. Also it was known about Khadijah that she was a trade’s woman. the Prophet whispered to Fatimah. Why do you keep mentioning Khadijah. That angered the Prophet. for applying the rules of the religion in sincerity to Allah. and al hamdu lillah 33 times. She did ask the Prophet to send her someone for assistance. and she would not. she praised Fatimah. he did go out to trade on her behalf. the wife of the Prophet. and then the Prophet whispered again to Fatimah. the daughter of Khuwalid. Subhan Allah 33 times.

She was qualified in that she knew all the verses of the Qur’an which pertain to rule deduction. who understood the rules of the religion. She refused. the wife of the Prophet she had a great degree of piety. she earned the status of ijtihad. Allah mentioned her as an example. and she was tortured greatly. and she died. It was reported that she had a great knowledge in the area of the Quran and in the area of the Arabic language and in the area of what is obligatory. she had a great degree of brilliance. the daughter of Muzaahim. Again she earned a very high status as a result of her adherence to eh religion and her support of the Prophet. she satisfied all the elements required in a mujtahid among the vast know of the Arabic language and knowing the history of the narrators of the hadith and knowing al am. At the time when the Prophet passed away. and Lady Aisha earned a great status in Islam. she was only 18 years old. And during the torture. and she had a great knowledge in medicine. That is to blaspheme and quit her state of belief. She believed in Prophet Musa. and that she would be protected from Pharoah and his doings and his unjust doings. By the time she was 18 she had achieved this great status. she was knowledgeable about the matters of the religion. And this is again a sharp clear picture of a woman who had a great degree of god fearingness. Again. She was pure and she was a person who openly cried out of the fear of Allah . in reference to that she made a supplication to Allah that she would earn Paradise. and to have a great sharpness and brilliance. she had the status of a mujtahidah. Lady Aisha. she did not compromise and she endured a great hardship and she earned martyrdom as a result. she was skillful in many areas. she was the wife of Pharoah. Pharoah eventually did order Aasia to leave the belief. the wife of the Prophet. al khass. As a matter of fact. she knew all the hadith of the Prophet that pertain to rule deduction. she was a greatly knowledgeable woman. She had all these conditions. what is lawful what is unlawful and with the lineage of the Prophet. and so she achieved that status while she was so young. she made duaa to Allah. As a matter of fact. the wife of the Prophet. There are many women who are listed in the Islamic history. another example of a woman who for the sake of adherence to the religion. she was among the most who narrated the hadith of the Prophet. she had a school of her own. May Allah raise her rank.the daughter of Khuwaylid. In Surat Tahrim #11. who implemented in sincerity to Allah. Aisha was greatly knowledgeable. Aasia. That is. and she was a mujtahid. and she earned the status of martyrdom. Hafsa the daughter of Umar. she was known for being a person who prays a lot and she fasted a lot Safiyyah.

she was a hard endeavoring woman. Zayd the son of ^Asim. She understood that religion clearly. he asked how he was faring. this is unright. Allah shall make it up to you by the copulation that you had the night before. so she told him. so when he came in. Habib. Allah took the soul of your son. She used to great the believing immigrating women from Makkah. and he copulated with her. and she made him rest. and when those people came to ask for this article. the daugther of Qays. “What do you say about someone who borrows an article which belongs to some people. She is the woman who used to gather perspiration of the Prophet in a bottle. the son of Zayd. and her two sons. she was known for her courage. and he asked her what are you going to do with that. This is again one of the great women in Islam. And she gave birth. Another woman is Khawlah. One of her two sons. He said. She was an invader. Again among the names of great women in Islam. Displaying the wisdom in treating her husband. they did not want to give it back. and she used to mix it with the perfume. Once Abu Talha one of his sons got sick. Meaning that his son. she did attend the battle of Uhd with the Messenger. She was a courageous woman. and she said. She was a great pious woman. This is to highlight that such great women and great Muslims. She said. She earned the status of martyrdom and she was known for her recitation of the Qur’an. She used to use her dagger in battlefields and once on the day of the battle of Hunayd. She used to fast. Umm Waraqah al Ansariyyah. in looking after the interest of her husband. they used to see benefits and merits and blessings by the traces of the Prophet. in case any of the blasphemers come close. Abu Maysa’. She was a hermit like person. Abu Talha went to the Prophet and the Prophet told him. she offered food for him. he is in a good situation. She used to attend the wars with the Prophet. She said. the one who claimed falsely the . He died. and the next morning. She did attend the battle of Uhd with her husband. Umm Saliqah al Ansariyyah. she got pregnant and she had a son. Ummu Imaraah also was a woman of great endeavor. Abu Talha saw a dagger with her.Asma the daughter of Abu Bakr had a great degree of submission and dedication to serve the religion The wife of Abu Talha. I will open his belly. and Allah took his soul. in adhering to the principles of the religion. displaying the courage. She was a very wise woman as well. he was taken away by Musaylamih al Kadhdhab. she posed a question to him. Allah created him.

and she in turn while having tens of wounds. And so he killed him. Ummu Darda’. She was an immigrant. His name was Sakhr. she was highly knowledgeable. During the era of Ignorance. before embracing Islam. That unless one performs in sincerity to Allah. She used to say. she participated. She was known for her caliber of mentioning Allah greatly. That is herself. Scholars among the followers of the companions used to attend her circle of knowledge. And the like Zaynab ath Thaqafiyyyah. to highlight his merits and to express her sadness and her grief for his death. was a highly charitable woman. her brother died. In this particular war.” And he used to say. she had a great degree of knowledge. Abu Darda’. and he would immediately say. She was knowledgeable a worshipping person. al khalaasu bil akhlas which means for one to be safe he needs to be sincere to Allah. this is a woman she was a skilled poet. She used to spend her monies in charity. She was in the countries of ash sham. so she authored many pieces of poetry in his epitaph. Another woman among the great women in Islam is Raabi^ al ^Adawiyyah. And Musaylamah used to ask him. During the caliphate of our Master Abu Bakr. do you bear witness that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. she was among the companions of the Prophet. and he used to keep on saying NO. She was a highly pious woman. she immigrated from Makkah to Madinah. she went out to war. this is a name you should remember. to say Subhan Allah. Yasirah was another woman. So she stood strongly to block any tribulations and she was humble that stood against arrogance. afdalul a^maali as salat bi waqtiha that is.status of prophet hood. She used to give away her jewelry in charity. she did narrate a lot of hadith from the route of her husband. “Do you bear witness that I am the prophet of Allah?”. his deeds will not be acceptable because Allah only accepts among the deeds only those done in total sincerity to Allah Al-khansa'. Men used to come and sit in her circles. . the best of the deeds after the proper belief in Alalh and his messenger is to perform the prayeres when the time sets in Asma the daughter of Yazid was a person who despised arrogance and despised al fitan. “Yes. Allah had Musaylamah killed. However. and la ilaha illa Allah. that is. she was a beautiful woman. A very high intellect. She used to pray a lot. Ummu Farqa she was knowledgeable and she was a person who adhered to the religion and she was among those who related the hadith of the Prophet.

and the one who dealt with her husband wisely. performing the obligations leaving out what is sinful. the patient women. learning what is lawful. there were some 80 women scholars that taught him the know. like Ummu Farwa.after she embraced Islam. over and above the male scholars he took knowledge from. she said: Praise be to Allah. Brothers and sisters there are many women in Islam who displayed a very high status and displayed a very high degree of piety. a very strategic role in building the Islamic society. he acquired his knowledge form many scholars. a woman who adhered to the principles of the religion. and the Prophet answered their request. a woman who understood the religion. This is a position of a woman. and the humble woman. the fasting woman. like Ummu Darda’ and others. the highly pious. and the one who performed jihad and the one who raised her children to support the religion. the one who settled for what is little. Such a position would only come out from a woman who has a god fearing heart. like Aisha. and she had encouraged all her four children to take part in that battle. Some of them had great participation in spreading the knowledge. a famous battle. where do they come from? They came from adhering to the religion of Allah. and among the manys scholars he acquired his knowledge from. all of these are merits that the Prophet who is the best of the creation had praised and praised highly. she had four children. And the four of her children were killed in that battle. The women at the time of the Prophet they did request from the Prophet to specify them with a lesson on their own. this is in recognition that women have a great role. and the one who used to cry a lot of out of fearing Allah. Those merits that those women have acquired throughout history. and the one who had the state of jihad. He took knowledge from some 80 women. You have seen the image of the woman who remembered Allah a lot. and the invader. the one who gained the degree of martyrdom. and the one who paid charity. They had great participations. performing in sincerity to Allah. the great scholar Ibn Asakir. and the pure one. To display to you pictures and images of some of the Muslim women and as you see we have come across the woman who was a scholar. who favored them with the state of martyrdom. what is unlawful. that is separate from the men. the hermit. . How she responded. These are only a few names that I elected to highlight to you. and the one who was pure. As a matter of fact. Again. learning the rules of the religion of Allah. and in the battle of al Qadisiyyah. the women who immigrated for the sake of Allah. and the one who had a great degree of intellect. the highly wise.

she would be able to raise her children and prepare them according to the methodology of the Prophet. She would be able to influence the different members of the society and the community in raising individuals who adhere to the rules that the Prophet conveyed from Allah. First of all she would be benefitting herself greatly. If a woman wants to excel and better herself. can you imagine her area of influence in the community and in the society. It is not ambiguous. And by that. prosperity. and to attain the high degree and status. She would be able to help her husband. And a great degree of piety comes through learning the knowledge of the Religion and applying that knowledge in sincerity to Allah. by earning the status. and would serve the best of the interest of the Muslims. And so if the woman acquires that degree of piety. That would bring victory. this pious woman would be preparing true and solid generations of Muslims. she needs to have a great degree of piety.So the path is clear. .