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Help Us Help Others!

Estefani Trevino
“Success has nothing to do with
what you gain in life or
accomplish for yourself. It’s what
you do for others.”
- Danny Thomas
Ye fo isin
ar r g

o od r
F ai h!
F ot
What is it? (your project)
Our project is to create a fundraiser
that will help us raise money for seniors.
We plan to have a sponsor who will help us
purchase the items we will fundraise. We
also plan to open a booth at foodfair to
bring in funds as well.
Who will this project benefit?

This project will benefit any
Senior who is low-income and will
not be able to purchase a yearbook
or pay our senior class trip.
What is your plan? How will you
make this work?
● To make this happen we will be in direct contact
with Mrs. Nordan, Mrs. Lema and Mrs. Ramirez.
● We will be blogging on a weekly basis, our
spreadsheets will have all the information about
the funds which will help us stay on track.
20% Fridays
Our plan for friday will be to either
stay in class and update our blogs, or
going to Mrs. Lema and updating our
spreadsheets and counting the funds.
Final Project?
● Our final project will be to take a
picture with every student we helped
get a yearbook and pay their class trip.
● We will make a collage with all these
pictures to show everyone.