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Nexxt Solutions - Wireless Network Adapter User Guide

Mini Wireless-N Adapter
2.4GHz USB 2.0
User Guide

1 Hardware Installation Solutions shall not be responsible for notifying about 2. or translate it into other network adapters languages. without express consent from Nexxt 1. Upgrades of software and hardware Installation Guide may occur. How to use the Windows Built-in Wireless Configuration 3.3 Product applications software. Nexxt 2.3 Wireless Network Connection under Windows 7 Appendix 1: Acronyms and terms Appendix 2: Regulatory information 2 3 . 1. Other Chapter 1 trademarks or brand names contained herein are Introduction the trademarks or registered brand names of their Product care Solutions. and should there be any changes. please visit our Chapter 3 website at www.2 Wireless Network Connection under VISTA 3.1 Install the USB network adapter any such modifications in advance.2 Product features as integration. Ltd.4 Preliminary steps No individual or third party is allowed to copy. Copyright of the whole product 1. All of the photos and product specifications mentioned in this manual are used as Chapter 2 reference only. belongs to Nexxt Solutions Ltd.5 Disabling other manufacturers’ wireless plagiarize. Nexxt Solutions .Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Copyright Statement Contents Nexxt SolutionsTM is a registered trademark. reproduce.1 Package contents respective owners.1 Wireless Network Connection under Windows XP 3. 1. If you would like to know more about our products. including its accessories and 1.NexxtSolutions.1.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions .

We also encourage you to read • Compatibility this manual thoroughly to become familiar with the Windows 7/XP/Vista operating systems. high-speed connectivity along with enhanced • Advanced security performance in high-bandwidth applications. it historical buildings.11g technology. 1. network in minutes. reliable 1. • One Mini Wireless-N Network Adapter The most relevant features of this adapter are the • One Quick Installation Guide following: • One CD ROM (with a digital copy of the Quick Greater mobility . online conferencing and large file Introduction transfer applications. this convenient and compact Detects wireless networks and selects the opti- USB network adapter is designed to deliver reliable mal transmission rate automatically. home or office. User Manual and driver the wireless network from any location within the configuration tool) operating range. Thank you for purchasing the Nexxt Solutions Mini • Robust signal Wireless-N Network Adapter. most important features and achieve optimal performance from your new USB Network Adapter. rentals. 4 5 . • Networking modes Infrastructure and ad-hoc (peer-to-peer). Now you can take Delivers reliable high-speed connectivity to advantage of this great new technology and the wireless networks.enables wireless 1. Nexxt Solutions . extends coverage by providing freedom of setting up a network wirelessly in your longer transmitting distances. The WEP data encryption and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK easy installation will get you connected to your encryption methods. By integrating the most advanced N • Auto negotiation capability networking technology. Perfect for video Chapter 1 streaming. or places for short-term usage.1 Package contents and extendable solution for wireless access.enables you to have access to Installation Guide.2 Product features communication for companies or places which are not suitable for wired LAN installations due to • Wireless N 150Mbps Speed budget or building environment restrictions.3 Product applications This Nexxt Wireless Adapter offers a fast.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide provides three times the wireless speed of the 802. such as Compatible with IEEE wireless standards.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions . Hassle-free installation .

close or uninstall any configuration pro- grams belonging to other manufacturers prior to setting up the Nexxt Solutions network adapter.Right click “My Computer” and then select “Manage”.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions . installing and using this product.In order to avoid possible UI (user interface) conflicts. we recom- mend that you first disable them completely before proceeding with the installation of the Nexxt Solutions driver.adapts easily to businesses or individuals that require regular alteration of the networking topology. either on a permanent or temporary basis. and 1. 3.When prompted. click the “Yes” button on the version you own). 2. 1.allows you to expand your network in order to include multiple devices and peripherals.4 Preliminary steps right-click the network adapter you wish to 1.Please read this user guide thoroughly before disable.provides a quick way to establish a SOHO network installation.“Network adapters”.On the Computer Management screen. dialogue box in order to disable the network adapter you just selected. Small office/Home office .To avoid any potential conflicts with network adapters from other manufacturers. Easy expansion . Nexxt Solutions . 2. go to “Device Manager” .5 Disabling other manufacturers’ wireless network adapters (Note: screenshots in this manual might look slightly different.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Flexibility . 1. Click on “Disable” to continue. according to the user’s needs. depending on the Windows 3. 6 7 .

The software installation steps and operating guide • Keep the adapter away from hazardous in this manual are explained for Windows XP. • Please contact Nexxt Solutions tech support if 2. acids and alkalis.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions . never expose this device to water or humid environments. using the supplied resource CD.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Chapter 2 Installation guide This chapter will guide you through the process of 1. excessive heat. 2. chemicals. substances.1.1 Installing the USB network adapter 1. or 8 9 .First insert the Wireless USB Adapter into the USB port of your computer. • To guarauntee best performance of the unit. Installation steps for other operating systems • Never expose the adapter to direct sunlight or are similar.1 Hardware installation any problems occur during the setup process. Nexxt Solutions .6 Product care installing the network adapter software package.

Nexxt Solutions .The “Install driver” option will be displayed in this matically. ”Cancel” and use the included Setup Wizard soft- ware CD for fast installation. (If the autorun fails. This method uses the WINDOWS built-in desktop. 10 11 . opening the Welcome screen on your stage.exe” in the software CD to manually install the software).Select “I accept the terms of the license agree- dialogue appears.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions .Wireless Network Adapter User Guide 2. wireless configuration program. double click “Nexxt. 3. The CD should run auto- 5. Click on the “RUN” button to continue.Insert the supplied software CD into the CD drive of your computer.If the “Found New Hardware Wizard” system 4. we recommend that you select ment” and click “Next”.

12 13 . Nexxt Solutions . Use of the Windows Built-in Wireless Configuration requires enabling the windows wireless configuration feature (enabled by default).Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions . Windows XP 1. Chapter 3 How to use the Windows built-in wireless configuration This chapter explains how to use the Windows built-in wireless configuration to connect to the wireless network. 3.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide 6.Right click “My Network Places” on the desktop and select “Properties”.Click “Finish” to complete the installation.Click “Install” to begin the driver installation.1 Wireless Network Connection under 7.

be displayed on the right side of the screen. Enter the key in the corresponding dialogue box (which is case-sensitive).Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions . and click “Connect” to continue. If as shown in the picture below. right-click “Wireless Network Connection” and select “View Available Wireless Networks”.When “Connected” is displayed on the screen. you can change the wireless network key by opening the “Change advanced settings” window. Note: If the wireless device you are connecting to is not encrypted. Nexxt Solutions . 14 15 . click “Refresh Network List” to update the network list.The currently scanned wireless networks will 4. you will be able to the one you want to connect to has not been start enjoying wireless access to the Internet. After selecting the desired wireless network.If you like. 5. scanned. 3.Open the network connection. the key dialogue box will not pop up. click “Connect” or double-click the wireless network to enable it. In the drop-down menu. as shown below.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide 2.

Select “Wireless Networks” in order to choose the one you wish to modify. as indicated below.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Enter the new key in the dialogue box. 2. Click the Refresh icon located in the upper right corner to update the network 16 17 .Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions . click “Connect” or double-click the wireless network in order to enable it. and then click “Properties”.Click the Wireless Connection icon in the lower right corner of your desktop. 3. as shown below. Select “Connect to a network”.After selecting the desired wireless network. 6.2 Wireless Network Connection in VISTA 1. Nexxt Solutions .

18 19 .If the wireless network that you are connecting to has the security mode enabled. Nexxt Solutions . simply right click the wireless network’s SSID and then select “Properties”. If you want to change the wireless network key. You can modify the key using the dialogue box that opens when selecting this option: The following screen will appear once the connection to the wireless network has been established successfully.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide list. you’ll be prompted to enter the network key. Click “Connect” after entering the correct passkey.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions . 3. if the specified wireless network is not being displayed at this stage.

If the wireless network you are connecting to is encrypted. or modify the wireless network wireless network you wish to connect to and click properties by right-clicking on the wireless “Connect” or double click the desired wireless network item.Click the wireless connection icon in the lower once the connection has been established right corner of the computer’s desktop to view successfully. network to enable it. You can disconnect the network. Select the view its status. 2. Nexxt Solutions . you will be prompted to enter the key. If you don’t find the specified network. Click “Ok” once you enter the correct security key.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions .The window will display the “Connected” message 1. please click the refresh icon in the upper right corner to update the list. the available wireless networks.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide 3.3 Wireless Network Connection in Windows 7 3. 20 21 .

11 A family of specifications developed by the Appendix 2: Regulatory Information IEEE for WLAN technology. installation. uses and can transmission in the 2. there is no guarantee that standard that provides up to 54 Mbps of interference will not occur in a particular transmission in the 2. .Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions .11b An extension of the 802.1x standard and To assure continued compliance. 802.Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit WPA Wireless Protected Access.11n A higher transmission rate. which compatible with 802. A security protocol . pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules. connected.11 WLAN tions. If this equipment does cause harmful 802. . can be determined by turning the equipment off and on. FCC Statement 802. the user is encouraged to try to correct 802.4 GHz ISM radio band. and it adopts the 802. and used in accordance with the instructions. any changes or advanced encryption. However.11b uses DSSS modulation. A substitute for technician for help.4 GHz ISM radio band. radiate radio frequency energy and.11a An extension of 802. if not installed 802. Nexxt Solutions . supports the interference by one or more of the following Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) technology.Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV RSN Robust Security Network.Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Adopts rotating different from that to which the receiver is keys.11g uses OFDM modulation and is backwards interference to radio or television reception.11 standard. GHz UNI radio band. WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection 802.11 WLAN standards This equipment has been tested and found to that provides up to 54 Mbps transmission in the 5 comply with the limits for a Class B digital device.11g An extension of the 802. and receiver. modifications not expressly approved by the party 22 23 . may cause harmful interference to radio communica- 802. measures: . via one PC.11b.Increase the separation between the equipment for WLANs defined in the IEEE 802.11 WLAN against harmful interference in a residential standard that provides up to 11 Mbps of installation.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Appendix 1: Acronyms and terms ICS Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing enables multiple computers to share access to the Internet WLAN Wireless Local Area Network. This equipment generates. WPA.

Nexxt Solutions . environment. (Example.” conditions: 1) This device may not cause interference and 2) This device must accept any interference. Operation is subject to the following two other antenna or transmitter.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide Nexxt Solutions .use This equipment complies with FCC radiation only shielded interface cables when connecting to exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled computer or peripheral devices). This equipment should be installed and “The antenna(s) used for this transmitter must not operated with the minimum distance be co-located or operating in conjunction with any of 20 cm. 24 25 . Such modifications could void the user authority to operate the equipment. including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. Caution! The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or TV interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this equipment.Wireless Network Adapter User Guide responsible for compliance could void the user’s FCC Radiation Exposure Statement authority to operate this equipment.