Tyler Sattler 2/26/17

Authentic Assessment

TEKS Objective:
116.24. Physical Education, Grade 8
7. Social Development:
(C) Identify and follow rules while playing sports and games.

In the gym, the students will demonstrate their understanding of the rules, skills, and strategies of
playing dodgeball with 100% mastery.

Creative Product:
The students will learn or add their prior knowledge the rules and strategies of playing dodgeball.
The students must then use their skills and abilities to demonstrate their knowledge of the rules
and strategies while participating in playing dodgeball.

To assess their knowledge students will be graded on their ability to follow the rules of the game
such as, eliminating opponents, out of bounds, off-sides, etc. The strategies of the game
including regaining teammates and blocking techniques. The skills necessary for dodgeball such
as, throwing, catching, aiming, running, etc. Also, the students will be graded on sportsmanship
that is based on participation and preparedness.

Authentic Assessment Rubric

Excellent Average Poor

Dodgeball (3) (2) (1)

Demonstrates thorough Demonstrates Demonstrates limited

Rules understanding of rules for considerable understanding of rules for

activity understanding of rules for activity

Performs skills with a Performs skills with Minimum or no effort in

Skill (throwing, high degree of moderate competence skill assessment

running, competence and effort and effort

Tyler Sattler 2/26/17

Demonstrates thorough Demonstrates moderate Demonstrates limited

Strategy understanding of strategy understanding of strategy understanding of strategy

for activity for activity for activity
Displays positive Displays moderate Displays poor

Sportsmanship sportsmanship sportsmanship sportsmanship

Well prepared for class Moderately prepared Unprepared for class

Positive attitude Negative attitude