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Method Statement for Jack-In Pile Installation

1.1 This procedure refers to the installation of Jack-In piles only

Jack-In Machine
2.1 System Used : Gripped System
2.2 Maximum Pile Size : 150mm ~ 250mm Square, 150mm ~ 250mm diameter
2.3 Maximum Jacking Force : 100ton

Other Equipment
2.1 Air Compressor/ Diamond Cutter
2.2 Welding Set
2.3 Generator Set

3.1 The pile position is set out on site using steel peg.
3.2 2 reference steel peg would be installed equidistance from the pile centre at about 500mm away.
3.3 The pile would then be pitched and positioned into the exact pile point position such that the reference peg are
equidistance from the pile face.


4.1 All handling and lifting will be at the designed lifting points and support points.
During pitching and installation the verticality of the pile will be continuously monitored and plumbed to ensure
the pile is centrally in line with the pile axis to receive the ram to prevent pile whip, twist or rotation.
Each pile shall be clearly marked with red ink at 300mm intervals along its length to enable the jacked In
pressure/force to be.recorded at every 300mm depth of pile penetration.
The pile will be extended by butt-welding the steels plate on the pile heads. On completion of welding the slag will
be chipped off and wife brushed to receive bitumen or anti rust paint.

4.2 Installation of Pile

The vertical support structure of the jack-in machine is plumbed to ensure vertically by means of a spirit level or
plumb line. This is achieved by adjusting the four stabilizers. Pile shall be lifted and inserted into the equipment by
crane. The pile shall be position into the grip of the equipment and gripped the pile body. Once the pile vertical and
in position, jacking commences.
During the pile installation, the hydraulic pressure of main jacks is measured by the pressure gauge, and the
corresponding pile penetrations are recorded by the site staff at regular intervals. The pile may be extended by means
of welding. Except for pile jointing, each pile is jacked in continuously until the required resistance or penetration
is reached.
The required resistance is normally twice the pile working load, or higher of the jack supervising engineer so desired.
The corresponding pressure in the main jacks and the penetration are recorded.
The portion of the installed piles which is above ground may be cut to enable movement of rig.

3 Termination Criteria The jack-in force is determined by the engineer. Once the required pressure corresponds to the required jack-in force is indicated in the pressure gauge. UEP Subang Jaya. Jalan USJ 10/1E. 17-2. CITY PILING SDN BHD ( 671791-U ) No. each time held for 30 seconds and each settlement should not exceed 15mm. Tel : 03-5631 6282 Fax : 03-5632 6282 4. the pressure is held for 30 seconds. . The set criteria is that the same required pressure is achieved consecutively for two times. Selangor Darul Ehsan. 47620 Subang Jaya.

The risks and precaution are as follows: Hazard Precautions Stuck by flying material 1.2 HSE Officer HSE Officer will coordinating all safety-related activities at the work site. and ensuring that all safety requirement are complied. Regular checking of lifting cables. Operator should always view at the worker working at the grip clamp and only grip the pile where operator is free from clamp 2. 1994) Site specific safety requirements. Safety. Only experienced worker is a allowed to work Falling of piles 1. and the main contractor's Environment. 2. If piles above cut off level are more than 4m high. as set out in the contract. Double loop of wire rope around the pile to avoid slipping (pile surface is smooth) 3. 17-2. Ensuring ground is reasonably level. Operator must wear dust mask Cut by cutter 1. The potential hazards and the respective precautions are as below: Hazard Precautions Sinking 1. 5. 47620 Subang Jaya. it should be supported by crane or clamped by the equipment. Pile falling during pitching 1. Selangor Darul Ehsan. Do no attempt to track across water ponded area. 2. Jalan USJ 10/1E. 5. Use approved and tested wire ropes. UEP Subang Jaya.1 Statutory safety requirements (General Duties of Employees. Health and Security Plan. Ensure equipment is level 3. 3. Stay away from pile during dragging and pitching. CITY PILING SDN BHD ( 671791-U ) No. Dust 1. Do no drag the pile more than 12m from the jack-in cylinder 4. . Others 1. CUTTING OF PILES The work involve cutting of piles with mechanical driven diamond cutter at high speed. Tel : 03-5631 6282 Fax : 03-5632 6282 Method Statement for Jack-In Pile Installation 5. Occupational Safety and Health Act. SAFETY 5. Use matting if ground is soft 4.3 Pile Installation Pile installation involves jacking and lifting. Section 24. 5. Stay at least 4m during cutting. Ensure no worker is under the object when being lifted.


2m/min Right ≤18.pile pressing (19.2m/min Backward ≤18.9KPa Side pile distance 710mm Side jacking Corner pile distance 1176mm Appliable Spun Pile 200mm 250mm & 300mm Optional pile clamping jaw Appliable Square Pile 150mm.1m/min Stepping Speed Left ≤9.piling speed 3.stroke 1.1m/min Vertical motion stroke >3m. 250mm & 300mm ions for transportation (all of Crane (L x W x H) 7036 x 1786 x 1383 oversize or overweight parts of Long ship (L x W x H) 6500 x 650 x 663 machine) Short ship (L x W x H) 2100 x 1600 x 997 . CITY PILING SDN BHD DTZB100 TECHNICAL DATA Item Parameter The side piling pressing Max.<6m Length of pile 1. 200mm.5m Longtitudinal stroke (one time) ≤2.4m Rotive angle (one time) ≤9° Forward ≤9.0m/min Pressing .7MPa) 100ft capability -in hydraulic cylinder Max.piling speed 2.45m Long ship slideway 117.9KPa Ground pressure (at 90t) Short ship slideway 136.2m Capability of motion Transverse stroke (one time) ≤0.9m/min works Max.

3x32 + Power cable 2 x 16 Main Body Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 6700 x 4400 x 5500 Wight of main machine 51士3T . 17-2. Selangor Darul Ehsan. 47620 Subang Jaya. UEP Subang Jaya. Jalan USJ 10/1E. CITY PILING SDN BHD ( 671791-U ) No. Tel : 03-5631 6282 Fax : 03-5632 6282 Pile presing rated pressure (100tf) 20Mpa Lifting rated pressure 18MPa Pile pressing flow rate 117L/min Hydraulic system Lifting flow rate 91L/min HY80Y-RP Hydraulic pump model HY63Y-LP Y225S-4-V1 (37W Vertical) Motor Model Y180M-4-V1 (30KW Vertical) Pile pressing power 37KW Electrical system Lifting power 30KW Voltage 380V Currency 74+60 =134A Frequency 50HZ YCW .