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1730 750N Avenue
Mount Sterling, Illinois 62353-4521
Phone: (217) 773-2741
Fax: (217) 773-2835

Thank you for your recent website inquiry regarding our Construction Craft Laborer
Apprenticeship Program.

I have attached an informational brochure, which highlights program information, basic
qualifications, as well as the entry process. In addition, the brochure lists the Laborer
Local Unions within our areas that accept apprenticeship applications (during designated
dates and times). Applications are most generally accepted April through October;
however a complete current listing is always available on our website (

After review of this information, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact
the Apprenticeship Department- at (217) 773-9083.

Again, I appreciate your interest in our program,


Ron M. Litherland Michelle M. Payne
Administrator Apprenticeship Director

Encl: Laborers Apprenticeship Brochure

IL Apprenticeship Local #727 Dixon. IL www. IL 62025 Construction Craft Local #670 O’Fallon. IL Marion. IL (618) 993-1500 Local #477 Springfield. IL Phone: 217-773-2741 Fax: 217-773-2835 Applications accepted during designated times— check with local union. STERLING FACILITY Local #44 Local #751 Kankakee. Sterling. Louis. IL 61774 Local #309 Rock Island. IL 1730 750N Avenue Mt. Sterling. IL (217) 773-2741 Local #165 Peoria. IL (309) 379-2450 Local #338 Wood River. IL Local #1084 Hillsboro. IL Stanford. LOCAL UNIONS ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: Contact Us: Local #32 Rockford.illaborers. IL 1730 750N Avenue Local #100 East St. . IL Ron Litherland. IL ON THE WEB: Program Local #742 Mascoutah. IL EDWARDSVILLE FACILITY Local #581 Carlyle. IL Edwardsville. IL IL Laborers & Contractors JATP Local #773 Marion. IL Local #362 Bloomington. IL STANFORD FACILITY Local #218 Godfrey. IL (618) 692-7631 Laborer Local #703 Urbana. IL 62959 Local #459 Belleville. IL Local #638 East Galesburg. Administrator Local #1197 McLeansboro. IL Mt. IL MARION FACILITY Local #393 Marseilles. IL 7277 Marine Road Local #622 Greenville. IL MT. IL 62353 Local #996 Roanoke. IL 201 Grant Street Local #231 Pekin-Quincy-Macomb. IL Local #196 Waterloo. IL 62353 Local #159 Decatur. IL 5105 Laborers’ Way Local #397 Edwardsville.

will be forwarded a letter by mail 5) References . in Eng. other signatory contrac. mittee (JATC) will then review all applicants + full benefits and their scores. Demolition. All applicants are required to take a written year. beneficial to applicant. Laborers perform work in nearly every facet of construction. Environmental Remediation. Individuals meeting the basic requirements may obtain an application at a 2) Must be able to read & write. date.if in the military. Concrete Placement. Each Laborer Local Union Work Experience & Abilities: Hall will then receive a listing of the applicants (Pay levels vary depending on collective Experience working in any hands-on construction work is who have successfully fulfilled all require- bargaining agreements in different areas). This physically able to perform the work of the trade. tors Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program Wage Information: 4) Military transfer or discharge . must submit the following to Fund Office: At the time of aptitude testing. A partial listing of specific tasks laborers may perform are: Asbestos Abatement. hours (5 weeks) of classroom training each 2) High School Diploma or GED Certificate. Apprenticeship 3) Must be legal resident of the United States. Apprentices complete 200 age and valid drivers license. any apprentice). view. their current ranking on the list. Laborer Local Union Hall. Heavy & Highway. Annuity communicating ability as would enable the applicant to per. date. Applicants must be ments for application to the program. . are then notified by mail Length of Program: DRUG TESTING SHALL BE REQUIRED UPON ACCEPTANCE. and time + full benefits Two (2) favorable references from: Associated Gen. Construction Basic Qualifications: Entry Process: Applications will be taken the first Tuesday of Craft Laborer 1) Must be 18 years of age at the time of application. during designated times. applicant on-the-job diversified work and training. Three (3) Years and minimum 3. The Joint Apprenticeship & Training Com- 3rd Year: 95% of Journeyworker Rate cepted. Laborers are the backbone of the Construction Industry. and time that they should report for aptitude testing. and Site Clean-up.000 hours Within ten (10) days of date of application. listing will be in ranking order (highest to low- est). Grade Checking. depending on the need for Health & Welfare. where they made application to determine benefit contributions upon employment of lish only. and Pipeline work.00 administrative fee (No Checks). of the location. Pension. College- ministered by the Illinois Laborers’ & Contrac- if applicable). in related instruction. All appli- cants who submit required documentation in 5) $20. Mason Tending. each month. All applicants who complete the apti- 1st Year: 75% of Journeyworker Rate tude testing. aptitude test and submit to an interview ad- 3) Transcript of grades (High School. and this is how individuals will be select- Benefits: Applicants must have a reading. Applicants (Employers are required to make fringe form the tasks of the Construction Craft Laborer in a safe will need to check with the local union hall manner and comprehend the subject matter taught. Staff. or Laborer Local Business Managers will be ac. the applicant must meet all basic requirements and all re- excluding time spent in required related 1) Birth Certificate or documentation showing proof of quired documentation and administrative fees instruction. All applications are forwarded to the Program 4) Must complete aptitude test and oral interview. GED Scores. must be presented. understanding. but not required. including but not limited to: Building. that they should report for their oral inter- 2nd Year: 85% of Journeyworker Rate eral Contractors members. apprentices by each Local Union. + full benefits tors. Scaffold Erection. writing and ed for the program.OPTIONAL: notifying them of the location. Training Fund Office for processing. specified time-frame.