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Antonella Vizcaya Galeazzi

Sistemas Integrados de Empresas
Universidad Anahuac Quertaro.

Future of Supply Chain 2016

In the article mention a lot of different aspects that are affecting and will affect in
the future the supply chain. Most of international companies know a days started to
invest in renewable energies, for me most of this companies did this because of
the good image that this give them, for the other costumers so they buy their
products. Because most of the people started to take care of the environment and
its a plus if the product that they are using is not affecting the environment. Now at
days there are a lot of ideas that most of the people own. And now in the future
with the technologies that is developing in different areas of the industry or even
the technology for personal use.

I think that the industries need to be cautious with the information that they may
use or borrow to their employees or even the information that they have on their
computers or in the internet. Because with digitalization its easier to exchange the
information. They are many people that their job is to steal information from
company to company, and the companies need to protect that information and
what they do with that information.

Other problem that I can see for the international industries. With the recent
elections in USA, Mexico and other countries are trying to star buying in local
business so the economy of the country would be better. So the production in most
industries would start to go down because of the new idea of the president of USA.
But the challenge that the Mexicans industries or business can have is that most
people dont care and they buy in the USAs companies, instead on buying in the
local tienditas or mercados. You can help this people with the economy and give
them the chance of develop their business. So I think that you need to buy first in
the local stores than buying in the international stores. With this type of thinking
you can help other people that they can grow in the business and star to perform
other type of strategies for their good.

With this even in the industries would help you to find new suppliers that are local
and can help you with the transportation, because you have the supplier have less
distance to travel and give you the product in time and no need to invest a lot of
money on transportation. But the industry needs to be more open mind in recruiting
new people of different cultures and be nice to that people, because they can be
the best in that area.