Belladur lake on FIRE, leaves bangaloreans eyebrow raised

and ANGRY.
Bellandur Lake is a major water body which is located in one of the three
main valleys of Bangalore. It forms a part of Ponnaiyar River catchment, and
water from Bellandur flows to Varthur Lake, ultimately joining the Pennar
River. Currently, most of Bengaluru's treated and untreated sewage is let into
this lake, severely polluting it, resulting in a depletion of wildlife in and
around the lake. Impact of Urbanization with ongoing to fulfill the
requirements and greed of Humans has cost the lake to lose its glory, forcing
the fauna which was previously dwelling to change habitats. It is currently
highly polluted with sewage, and in May 2015 the foam covering the water
surface caught fire and burned for hours. And this year Chaos around
Bellandur lake after a fire broke out when garbage strewn around it was set
ablaze on Thursday 16th Feb 2017, a fire department official said.

“People say Bellandur doesn’t have much life left,” says Rohan D’Souza, an
educator and researcher who has studied the history of lake management in
Bengaluru. Looking at the lake, this seems an understatement. What life
Bellandur has left is just the hardest to kill: proliferating weeds that don’t
need much oxygen, resilient catfish, a scattering of confused looking egrets.

adequate measures have not been taken. Lakshman. However. Now the city’s largest lake is spilling over because of the snowy froth filled with harmful chemicals. Residents have kept on knocking at the government’s doors due to the health issues they have been facing apart from the pungent smell all around. the lake catches fire because of the phosphorus and oil on the surface. toxic chemicals from factories and households are directed to this lake. Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewage Board and other agencies to stop dumping of refuse. has said that notices have been issued to BBMP. they are in state of denial and blamed it on the dry grass in the vicinity rather than accepting that illegal dumping of garbage on the banks of the lake was probably the strongest reason for the same. but clearly. Ref: Bangalore Mirror IT’S TOO LATE BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. The toxic froth is caused by allowing untreated sewage water to flow into the lakes. In addition. . he added. The board is in the process of inspecting STPs in the area. LET’S BEGIN JOURNEY OF CHANGE. It spills over onto roads and into drains around the lakes.How polluted does water have to be to become flammable? According to reports. ENVIRONMENT MINISTRY ORDERS INQUIRY The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board Chairman.

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