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Happily Gay Ever

By: Anna Lam
Discrimination against LGBTQ
Purpose: Persuade Disney to incorporate LGBTQ material in
their productions in order to influence positive behavior
amidst children, in order to guarantee a compassion society.
Exigency: Recently with more culturally and racially diversed prince and princesses being
released by Disney, they still neglect a very modern concept of LGBTQ relationships.
This was written in efforts to influence the release of LGBTQ friendly film.
What do you not see?
Everyone loves Disney, but does Disney love everyone?
Not many have thought about the heterocentrism within Disney
It’s the idea that heterosexuality is the superior state of sexual
“Nine million Americans
identify as LGBTQ”

How can we fix this?

Incorporate same sex relationships and/or gender
queer friendly material in future productions.
Inclusive Diction
Consistently using “we”, “our”, and referring to “Society” as a
whole provokes a sense of unity within the audience. By doing so,
it establishes a sense of collective guilt and responsibility. This
forces the audience to internalize the importance in the urgency
of LGBTQ acceptance from society.
Didactic Tone
“If vulnerable children are inundated with negative ideas With the combination of academic
of same sex marriage, then this will exacerbate society’s language and consistent factual
unjust criticism of non-heterosexual partnerships. This is evidence all throughout the piece,
wrong because in the bible it expounds on how change is there is an apparent didactic tone. In
necessary for growth...we can’t exclude the children that
doing so, the writer provides support
have same-sex parents or LGBTQ family members.”
with plenty of evidence and reasoning
to her argument.
Appeal to Pathos
Indicating that most people
“Whether people realize it or not, a
unconsciously discriminate and
majority of society discriminate
LGBTQ people and it is detrimental to how it’s “detrimental to society”,
society.” evokes a sense of guilt within the
audience because it forces readers
“We do not want our children to grow to internalize the negative effects on
up accepting the unjust treatment of society. Referring to the “unjust
others.” treatment of others” and teaching
“As a society, we all want the
children the importance of
acceptance of others. accepting others, the reader
Non-heterosexuals deserve this right, internalizes their significant role in
and children should be taught this modifying society.
value. “