Step 1- Ideas and rough sketches

Collecting Material- Make notes about ideas
and themes. Take photos of locations, objects,
people. Research as much as you can. Talk to

Based on the material collected, write down a
description of the whole narrative.

Draw rough sketches of characters other
important visual elements.
Step 2- Page division

Based on the description of the narrative, write
a new description, this time breaking it down
page-by-page. Write down dialogues and sound
effects as well.

page 1- A woman walks on the side of a road.
She enters the gates of her college. A man
stands at the gate. They look at each other.
Text- It was the first day of college.
Step 3- Rough draft

Based on page-by-page
descriptions, draw rough
layouts of each page.
Placement of text,
panels and important
visual elements are
finalized in this step.

Repeat this process
until you are satisfied.
Step 4- Pencilling final artwork

Based on rough layouts, do a clean
drawing using pencil on smooth, thick
paper, preferably Ivory Board (Bristol

Use photographs for reference if you have
to draw something that you are not familiar
Step 5- Inking

Ink the fair drawing,
using nib pen or drawing
pen (pigment liner),
brush and waterproof
Indian ink.

Erase the pencil lines
neatly after inking.

Scan the inked page at
300 dpi and save it as
PNG file.

Open the file in
Gimp or Photoshop,
make corrections,
add text and

Save as 300 dpi
PNG file, greyscale.
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