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Jorge Valdovinos

Ms. O’Dowd


28 March 2017


Wellness is an overall reflection of a person’s life. Wellness can be defined differently

with every single individual. Many people may think that wealth will achieve wellness, or

fitness, or even maintaining a healthy diet. Wellness has it’s own unique definition that only

brings positive outlook in my eyes, because it is a goal that is maintained and preserved by each

individual. In my opinion, you achieve wellness when you have a balance of the following:

health, diet, a positive mindset, happiness, and fitness.

There are many factors that affect my vision of wellness. One for example, is diet. In the

film “Supersize Me” directed by Morgan Spurlock (2004), showcases first hand how eating

nothing but McDonald’s menu for a month straight (breakfast, lunch and dinner) has an affect on

his body. Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald's for a month, eating his daily meals there. Before

beginning his journey, Spurlock met with three different doctors. He met with a cardiologist,

gastroenterologist, and a general practitioner. They each took several lab tests and carefully

monitored his level of triglycerides, and cholesterol. All three predicted that at the end of

Spurlock's experiment, he will only increase his level of triglycerides. Further into the film,

Spurlock interviewed random people from the street, he questioned them about how often they

ate fast foods. One man said, “once every two weeks” another said, “three to four times a week”

(quoted in Supersize Me). In my opinion, eating out to fast food places more than three times a

week will impact your wellness in health greatly. Spurlock’s goal was to at least eat everything

off the menu of McDonalds. In the near end of the film, the cardiologist told him that everything

he ate in that month, takes up to 8 years for an average person to eat. This film just demonstrates

how unhealthy, and harm we Americans are doing to our bodies.

I learned many lessons while watching the film. I need to lower the amount of times I eat

out at fast food restaurants. My family and I usually go out, about 2 to 3 times a week, or

sometimes not at all. However, my family and I have issues that is preventing us from achieving

my vision of wellness. Some solutions to implement for my family and myself in our lives is

communication. We lack communication with each other, we need to talk more about our

problems more often to move forward, to establish a better relationship. I myself lack the feeling

of happiness with my work habits. Motivation is what’s holding me back to do my homework on

the day it is given to me. I have to set myself a goal to force myself to do my schoolwork.

Wellness in our body should not look like a 500 pound garbage can. Wellness should

appear pleasantly appealing, with being able to identify a balance in the all five keys within

yourself, giving you a feeling of harmony with no stress. When Obama was in office, Obama

wanted his health care to cover everyone with “Obamacare” (Quoted in”6 experts weigh in on

how Obama changed health care”). Obama’s Administration faced the financial problems with

affording health care, making it affordable. With President Trump in office, I foresee changes to

health care, because he does not favor Obama’s health care system. Trump has been saying it in

his campaign multiple times, how the Obama Administration was terrible.

Mrs. Maurer is a wonderful nurse who came to my Anatomy class a couple of weeks ago.

She discussed to my class on how healthcare is moving into a nurse friendly direction. I believe

that this move is to integrate the new education standards that are required to become a nurse,

pediatrician, doctor, etc. I remember that she mentioned that the some nurses were “required to

go back to school to get their new degree” to continue working (Mrs. Maurer).

In conclusion, wellness should conduct the five most critical ideas that I have formulated.

However, if your health is being affected, it will be a problem to your state of wellness. But if

you are a healthy and happy being, you have nothing to worry about, only , moving forward in

your life. I myself have some issues, but I will try my best to follow my elements of wellness to

achieve my goal.

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