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Jorge Valdovinos

Ms. O’Dowd


28 March 2017


Diseases are disorders that make the human body function incorrectly. There are many

diseases that are preventable with medicine, thanks to the findings and contribution of doctors,

and scientists. However, there are diseases that are not preventable because of genetics from the

family tree of the person. Not only does genetics contribute the vulnerability to contract a

disease, but our lifestyles play a role as well. Today, I would like to focus and analyze three

distinct diseases with in the realm of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer, and how they

affect the wellness.

Cardiovascular disease is very complex, and has a set of many different diseases that

contain many risk factors. A majority of these diseases are preventable, however most of them

are not. For example, Arrhythmia is a condition where the the heart’s electrical impulses are not

working correctly. This causes the heart to either beat too fast or too slow. Over “4 million

Americans “ are diagnosed with Arrhythmia, most are over the age of 60 (Heart Disease and

Abnormal Heart Rhythm (Arrhythmia)). High blood pressure is a disease that can be prevented

by having a healthy diet, and exercising daily. If high blood pressure is not controlled, it can

cause anything from “arrhythmia to heart attack and stroke” (What is High Blood Pressure?).

The body system that is affected because of high blood pressure is the artery wall. The artery

walls are affected because the force of the blood is too high. Now, these are only two of the

many diseases within the cardiovascular system, now I will move on to our next topic, diabetes.

Diabetes is one disease that gives me the chills because it runs in my family. Not too long

ago my sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes. She is living a normal life, nothing has

really changed for her, she is still the same old girl that loves to sing her heart out every day. The

only difference now is my mom has to measure her blood sugar levels, and inject her insulin

before every meal. If you have type one diabetes, your pancreas produces little to no insulin.

This is why my sister need insulin injections. If you have type two, your pancreas does not

produce enough or it is opposes it. Type one is not preventable because it is an autoimmune

disease, in other words it destroys the cells in the pancreas and there is no known cure for it.

Type two diabetes is preventable unlike type one. In type two “9 cases in 10 could be avoided by

taking several simple steps” (The Nutrition Source). It can be prevented by having a healthy diet,

controlled weight, and exercise. With that being said, I will now introduce the final disease,


Cancer is a disease where the cells in your body growing abnormally and divide with no

limitations. Cancer can affect many organs of the body, and it will spread throughout the body in

time. It can be classified into stages, based on how much it has spread and what parts of the body

it has affected, tests can also determine the stage of the cancer as well. Cancer is a relevant

disease if you ask me because there are hundreds of types and it affects many families (even my

own). A few years ago my cousin died of cancer. I am not sure of what the name of it was but he

had it in his throat. I know friends, families, and teachers who have had it. It breaks my heart

whenever I come across someone who has it, because they go through horribles pains that they

shouldn’t be going through. Cancer is a genetic disease with no cure or prevention, however

there are some that are preventable. Lung cancer is one of the few preventable types of cancers,

it is mainly caused by smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes cause addiction to the person smoking it. I

believe lung cancer only exists because the users are addicted to cigarettes. To avoid lung cancer,

you should never try smoking to begin with, or quit and go to rehabilitation, and avoid second

hand smoking.

In my opinion, not all diseases have been prevalent, besides the diseases that are the

leading causes of death within the nation. Cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have

always and will be in the top 10 leading deaths in America. Cardiovascular disease, (specifically

heart disease) is the leading cause of death in the United States by “614,348” deaths, cancer

comes in second place by “591,699” deaths, and finally diabetes in seventh place by “76,488”

deaths (National Center for Health Statistics). I feel that I will be susceptible to diabetes, because

it runs in my family (both my mother and father’s sides). What has changed over the years is that

the number of diabetic patients has increased tremendously “153 million in 1980 to 347 million

in 2008” please keep in mind, that was the estimated numbers in 2008 who knows how many

diabetic patients there are now (Diabetes Rate Has Doubled Over Past 30 Years). In conclusion,

diseases affect people’s lives in various ways that impact their own wellness.

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