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Learn To Fly Trust (LTF

By Salman Faisal

Learn to Fly Trust in short LTF is a Non-Profit Organization established to enhance the
inner skills of the students. Our main objective is to change the education trend from
number game to thoroughly study method. This trust will give scholarships to students
for their higher education and for Ph.D. degrees.

Our programs will be conducted under the supervision and guidance of our esteemed
Board of Trustees, consisting of respectable members of all walks of life, mostly will be
the old ibitians. LTF will make the members from all major companies and organizations,
which will sponsor the trust and give donation. We will arrange seminar in every
semester and invite to all its members and the all ibitians will participate in this seminar.
There are benefits for students of IBIT and the IBIT institute which will be promoted by
these events. We will show this event live on IBIT and University of the Punjab Official
pages. LTF will be registered as a non-profit organization and the transparency of its
accounts will be maintain at all levels, and audited by a reputable audited company.


• A Non-Profit Organization

• Old IBITIANS will become the members and give 200 rupees per month.

• Approximately 2200 ibitians ( 2200*200*12 = 5280000 rupees collection)

• LTF will make members to the companies and will get sponsorship and donations.

• We will convert the members to the investors (Board of Trustee)

• Seminar will be conducted in every semester by LTF.

• All IBITIANS and members will participate in seminar.

• Students of IBIT will participate in their specific category.

• Main purpose to motivate the students to learning and to enhance the
interpersonal, communication and research skills.

• NPO will award foreign scholarships for Ph.D. degrees and for master in

. We also get donations from companies which we will registered as members and LTF will convert those companies in investors. they have to study about all practical filed knowledge and then they have to research. Seminar will be conducted in the end of every semester. skills which are necessary in the professional field. education trend will be move from grading system to improve professional skills. LTF will select five best student from every specialization i. They will be bound to submit report within deadline and they’ll must justify the audience and board of members about their research. • There are many possibilities that companies can offer jobs to the winners of the seminar. The students will focus to get knowledge about their subject in which they are doing specialization. After shortlisting. Marketing. • Live streaming on the Official pages of the University. “The world is not just something to be seen and known through concepts. The total collection of old ibitian will be 5280000 rupees per year. This money will be invested on students to get higher education from foreign and Pakistani universities. The selected students will be work on the task given by organization. but to be made and remade by continuous action” (Allama Iqbal) LTF is a Non-Profit Organization which is established to enhance the inner skills of the students. Due to this program. They’ll sponsor to our event in every semester and they will be advertised on the official websites and social media pages of Punjab University and IBIT. LTF will take test and then take interview of all those students who will pass the test.e. Our organization will collect two hundreds rupees per month from every old ibitian member as donation. There are approximately twenty two hundred old students which will be converted from members to investors. and get deeply knowledge of the specialized knowledge with research. Finance and Information Technology. They can higher best student at the event by analyzing their skills and live performance. The students will apply to participate in the seminar. Companies and other members will be converted from members to Board of Trustee. Task will be research base on currently market trends. This organization will raise funds from old ibitians students and we will get donations from companies.

With the cooperation of genius and kind hearted people and organizations we will create youth to rule in their specific fields. There are many chances and possibilities that they can get offer for jobs from participated companies. Actually we want to change the learning trends in Pakistani students. want to study in Pakistan then we will funding for their studies. The option will be available for one year. Through this most civil and most specialized society will be develop. degrees. We’ll help build bridges to their career aspirations. Through this program students will start to research on daily basis. The final year students can be hire by companies at the time of competition. . The main purpose and objective of this program to motivate the students to learn and enhance their interpersonal. communication and research skills. The funding will be collected from old ibitians and other members which we will convert into investors. IBIT will also be rewarded with free advertisement and promotion of the institute name and branding. Through this many companies will start to come at IBIT for the participation and to sponsor and we will receive donations too. If the winner of Ph. Many companies will come and they will start to give much preference to the students of IBIT. Conclusion: LTF Trust has aim to change the perception of the students about learning so that they will be able to compete the world.They have to give the answer of every question from audience and Board of Trustee and the six answers from ten question should be correct for winning the scholarship. The winners of the seminar will be awarded scholarships for masters and Ph.D. IBIT will get benefit of free advertisement of the institute. We want to make them such leader who will lead the world and they will must proof that Pakistan has most genius and talented nation in the every field of life. We are Non-Profit Organization that develops skills fundamental to pursuing their dreams. The scholarships are just for the motivation of the students that they should concentrate on the research and should be thirsty for the seeking of knowledge. IBIT will become famous with the help of “Learn To Fly” words of mouth marketing. Students have to choose the specific topic relating to their field.D.