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Artificial Intelligence : Course Content , Lecture hours – 42 , notes , slides : 565
w , RC Chakraborty, e-mail , June 01, 2010

Course Content
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence topics : Introduction, Problem solving, Search
and control strategies, Knowledge representations issues, predicate
logic, rules, Reasoning system - symbolic, statistical, Game playing,
Learning systems, Expert systems, Fundamentals of neural networks,
Fundamentals of genetic algorithms, Natural language processing,
Common sense.

Predicate Logic. Heuristic search techniques. Inference engine. Applications of AI. Goals of AI. Knowledge base. Statistical reasoning. Neural net and genetic learning.m w w Artificial Intelligence . 06 Learning Systems: 31-34 Rote rs de Course Content ea yr . Mini-Max search procedure. Learning methods in neural networks. KR using rules. Constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) and models . Applications of neural networks. Search and control strategies. Physical world. AI Approaches. Symbolic reasoning. Working memory. 02 Problem Solving. Game playing with Mini-Max. Application of expert systems. Neural networks architectures. Semantic and Pragmatic analysis. Statistical : 23-28 Reasoning . Explanation. 05 Game Playing : 29-30 Overview.w ty or ab Content Hrs kr ha C 01 Introduction to AI 1-6 C R Definitions. 07 Expert Systems : 35-36 Knowledge acquisition. Evolutionary algorithm.Over view. 10 Natural Language Processing : 41 Introduction. Discovery. Clustering. Basic genetic algorithm. KR using predicate logic. 09 Fundamentals of Genetic Algorithms : 39-40 Search optimization algorithm. Operators of genetic algorithm. . Encoding. Analogy. Search and Control Strategies : 7-14 General problem solving. Formalization of common sense reasoning. Explanation Based Learning (EBL). Single-layer neural network system. 03 Knowledge Representations Issues. AI Techniques. Model of artificial neuron. Expert system shells. Exhaustive searches. Common sense ontologies. 11 Common Sense : 42 Introduction. Syntactic processing .Symbolic . Rules : 15-22 Knowledge representation. 08 Fundamentals of Neural Networks : 37-38 Research history. Memory organization. 04 Reasoning System . Learning from example : Induction. fo . Alpha-Beta pruning. Reinforcement learning. Branches of AI.