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Emily C.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

April Conway
Department of English: General Studies Writing Program
Bowling Green State University

To whom it may concern:

I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know April Conway over the course of the past two years, and she has
been a tremendously helpful resource, colleague and friend that I am grateful to know. Our relationship began when I had
April as an instructor for an Intermediate Writing course during the fall semester of my sophomore year. From this course, I
have continued to keep in contact with April and have worked with her in developing the beginning stages of my Honors
Project through the BGSU Honors Program. I have also utilized her insight and advice to guide me through my various
endeavors these last two years as well as in my post-graduate career search.

Throughout the duration of Aprils course in which I was enrolled as a student, I learned how to properly write a variety of
pieces, from reflective essays, to a research essay and also responses to readings. I also learned about my writing style and
voice, and ways to improve them and apply them to the various pieces we wrote. Aprils class had a number of unique
assignments, one of my favorites being a reflective essay in which I was asked to write about an experience that allowed me to
use a type of literacy or gain knowledge about a new one. A focus of the course was also synthesizing information and learning
more about discourses of literacy. As a final project to highlight this concept, we were required to write a research essay that
analyzed a workplace, discussed specific literacies and discourses unique to that workplace, and the ways in which they were
practiced. This paper was one of my proudest pieces of my college career, and this course was one of my favorites. While
Aprils assignments were challenging, their unique and interactive nature helped me learn more about myself as a writer than
I ever had before. Her high expectations and engaging teaching style, as well as her passion for writing and its many functions,
pushed me to grow as a student and writer. From this course, I developed my existing love for writing and realized I wanted to
continue working with the medium in some form beyond graduation.

From my positive experience I had with April in her class, I decided to ask her to be my advisor for my Honors Project before
the start of my senior year. The Honors Project is a capstone piece that is required to graduate from the Honors College at
BGSU. The role of an Honors Project advisor is an immensely time consuming and important one in relation to the success of
the project, and April accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. I chose April as my advisor because of
the strong relationship I had with her, the rewarding experience I had in her class, and her relevant and impressive writing
background that would help the development of my projects writing-based focus. Throughout the fall semester, she kept up
with me in fulfilling the demanding meeting schedule and requirements, and she offered her insight and advice on the best
direction to move the project. I am still impressed by her ability and willingness to adjust and take chances with my project, as
she committed to helping me with it despite its focus on fields she was unfamiliar with (marketing and public relations). April
used the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow from my knowledge base. She truly cares about her students success
and growth, and she looks for opportunities to help them grow. She also finds opportunities to help her grow and make her the
most well rounded educator and student possible.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Dr. Conway to teach the subjects of writing, choice, and rhetoric at your institution.
As a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher and an all-around great person, I know that she will be a beneficial addition to
your institution.
Please feel free to contact me at the information listed above should you like to discuss Aprils qualifications and experience
further. Id be happy to expand on my recommendation.


Emily C. Helm

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