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Mustang Community Foundation

2016-2017 Mini-Grant Application

Name: Cicely Lewis

Title: Media Specialist
School: Meadowcreek HS
E-mail Address

Project Title: ____Readers Across the Meadowcreek Cluster_________________________

Describe the program or project.

Read Across America is a celebration in honor of Dr. Seusss legacy and love of reading. In honor of this great

occasion, the Readers Rally team plans to read across the Meadowcreek Cluster by reading at all Meadowcreek

cluster schools. In addition to reading aloud, the Readers Rally students will also use flash cards and Quizlet to

promote sight words and grade level vocabulary. The students will also perform a puppet show and skit to make

the books come alive and entertain the students. During our visit, we will reward students with books and

prizes for listening skills.

Discuss the anticipated results (outputs and/or outcomes) for the request.

Through the Read Across the Meadowcreek cluster initiative, we hope to promote literacy and learning to the

elementary age children. In addition, we hope to further strengthen the bond between our cluster schools. This

will also provide an opportunity for my students to give back to the community. The students can see the

benefits of reading and realize the impact it has on society, Reading aloud to young children is not only one of

the best activities to stimulate language and cognitive skills; it also builds motivation, curiosity, and

memory. Bardige, B. Talk to Me, Baby!(2009), Paul H Brookes Pub Co.

Indicate what process and/or impact information will be collected to measure and demonstrate success.

We will provide the teachers with the link to a survey to evaluate the program. The Meadowcreek Journalism

students will write a story about the event and share it on the APP and with Bernard Watson, Gwinnett County

Public Relations.

Project Start Date: __January 1, 2017______________________________________________

Project End Date: ____to the end of funding_________________________________________

Total Amount Required for the Project: $________$500_____________________________

Total Amount Raised from Other Sources: $_______0______________________________

If your request is only partially funded, will you be able to complete the project?

Yes No

Have you received a grant from the Foundation in the past?

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Applications must be submitted to the Foundation President: Ms. Lynnette Aponte no later than Friday,
September 30, 2016. Applicants are required to include anticipated expenses and are permitted to submit
one page of supporting documentation.

The information submitted is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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