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In the partial fulfillment for the Award of Degree of Master

of Business Administration

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Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mrs. Sweety Dubey Mr.

G.K. Hari
Asst. Prof. (Finance) Asst. Prof. (HR) Group Head

Modern Institute of Technology & Research Centre

6th Mile Stone, Vill: Jharkhera, Sirmoli Road, Delhi-Tijara Highway,

Alwar (Raj.)

March, 2016


Investors are being attracted to the new booming market of commodity, for investment, because
the present scenario has completely changed as the global economy recovered from its slump
aided by the boom in the US markets and increased demand from developing economies like
India and China. In the global investment market, the newly hailed, attractive, asset class is
commodities. The national commodity exchanges, recognized by the Central Government,
permits commodities which include precious (gold and silver) and non-ferrous metals, cereals
and pulses, ginned and un-ginned cotton, oilseeds, oils and oilcakes, raw jute and jute goods,
sugar and gur, potatoes and onions, coffee and tea, rubber and spices. Etc. Commodities actually
offer immense potential to become a separate asset class for market savvy investors,
arbitrageurs and speculators. Over the last 20 years, the prices of commodities have generally
been bearish. Commodity market across the world was impacted by these developments.


The main objective of the project is to understand and know the growth of commodity
trading at karvy stock broking and find out the investors awareness towards it.
To know about the commodity in which the investors mostly trade at karvy group.
To know about the commodity exchanges preferred by investors at karvy group.
To know the purpose of investment in commodity market.
To know which factor influence the investors before investing in commodity market.
To analyze the customer preference towards commodity market at karvy group.


Commodity future market has shown tremendous development in the last decade and also has a
long history in our country. Market has seen ups and downs. The policy maker if they update the
policy periodically, it will help to protect the interest of the investors. Commodities market
provides a platform for the investors as well as hedgers to protect their economic interest as well
as increase their investible wealth. However there is a need to profile the investors in this market
with their preferences and pattern. This will help the commodity trading companies to focus their
offerings to suit the needs of the commodity investors. Also the companies should expectations
of their clients and their level of satisfaction. The study will identify the investment patterns of
investors, to know the investors opinion on the effect of international commodity market over
the national trading activity, to identify the source of information about commodities market, and
to profile the commodities investors.


Ahuja , Narender L (2006), concluded that Indian commodity market has made enormous
progress since 2003 with increased number of modern commodity exchanges, transparency
and trading activity . The volume and value of commodity trade has shown unpredicted
mark. This had happened due to the role played by market forces and the active
encouragement of Government by changing policy concerning commodity derivative.
Senthil D (2012) investigated the investors behavior in terms of goals, preferences, factors
influencing while selecting the schemes, service expectations etc.
Satish Kumar (2003) after almost two years that commodity trading is finding favor with
Indian investors and is been a separate asset class with good growth opportunities .For
diversification of portfolio beyond shares , fixed deposits and mutual funds , commodity
trading offers a good option for long term investors .And , now , with daily global volumes in
commodity trading touching three times that of equities , trading in commodities cannot be
ignored by Indian investors.


Activity Time Line Remark

Identify the organization and 1st week of 4th I individually identify the organization and identify the
problem identification Semester problem for my study, according to my interest.

Problem statement & Research 2nd & 3rd week Discussion with internal guide to decide on suitable
Design of 4 Semester design for the research..

Synopsis preparation & 4th & 5th week of Preparation of synopsis incorporating the objective and
presentation 4th Semester Will present synopsis with the detailed execution plan to
internal guide who will approve it.

Approval status 6th week of 4th The approval status will be submitted to HOD who will
Semester officially give concurrence for execution of internship

Understanding structure, 7th week of 8th I will understand product/services and problem of the
culture and functioning of the Semester organization.

Preparation of research 9th week of 10th Discussion with the guide for finalizing of research
instrument for data collection Semester instrument in my domain and present to the same guide.

Data collection 11th week of 12th Data collected will be edited, coded, tabulated, and
Semester presented to the guide for suggestion for analysis.

Analyzing and finalizing of 13th and 14th I will use appropriate and latest techniques for analyzing
report week of 4th the data.
Submission of report Final report would be submitted to the university before
one week of commencement of theory examination.