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In the matter of brewing controversies It is important to be an officer of ones

Chapter and a delegate to the House of

Involves the leadership controversy at the Delegates, because a delegate gets to
IBP and the administrative case that was elect the Governor for the Region (which
filed against some of the high ranking must rotate among the Chapters in the
officers of IBP region).
2009, Supreme court En Banc created a o The Governor of the Region
Special Investigating Committee to look into becomes a member of the Board of
the brewing controversies in the IBP Governors, and gets to elect, or
election specifically the VP elections for be elected, as the next IBP
Greater Manila Region, Western Mindanao, Executive Vice President who
and Western VIsayas and the EVP elections automatically becomes President
of IBP itself the committee called IBP for the next succeeding term (which
officers involved to a preliminary conference must also rotate among the
Investigation will focus on :
with respect to the IBP Board of
The correct interpretation of Sec 31 Art 5 of Governors this consists of nine (9)
the IBP By-Laws which provides SEC. 31. Governors from the nine (9) Regions.
Membership.The membership (of One (1) Governor for each Region shall be
Delegates) shall consist of all the Chapter elected by the members of the House of
Presidents and, in the case of Chapters Delegates from that region only. The
entitled to more than one Delegate each, Governors, the President and the Executive
the VicePresidents of the Chapters and VicePresident shall hold office for a term of
such additional Delegates as the Chapters two (2) years from July 1 immediately
are entitled to. Unless the VicePresident is following
already a Delegate, he shall be an alternate
Delegate. Additional Delegates and The IBP ByLaws provide that
alternates shall in proper cases be elected starting in 19931995, the
by the Board of Officers of the Chapter.
Members of the Board of Governors who principle on rotation shall be
are not Delegates shall be members ex strictly implemented so that all
officio of the House, without the right to
vote. prior elections for Governor in
Who is the validly elected Governor of the region shall be reckoned
o Greater Manila Region
o Western Visayas Regio with or considered in
o Western Mindanao Region
determining who should be
o IBP Executive Vice President for
next term Governor to be selected from
Liability, of respondent Atty. Vinluan under the the different chapters to
administrative complaint for grave professional represent the region in the
misconduct filed by Attys. Magsino, Maramba,
Board of Governors. Hence, the
governorship of the region shall
Report and recommendation of Special
Committee 9 officers and 5 directors rotate among the chapters in
the region
Pursuant to the principle of chapters, each chapter is
rotation, the governorship of a entitled to represent the
region shall rotate once in as governorship of the region once
many terms as the number of every ten (10) terms. The first
chapters there are in the chapter to occupy the
region, to give every chapter a governorship, must wait for the
chance to represent the region nine (9) other chapters to serve
in the Board of Governors. their respective terms, before it
Thus, in a region composed of 5 may have its turn again as
chapters, each chapter is Governor of the region.
entitled to the governorship
The same rule applies to the
once in every 5 terms, or once
Western Mindanao Region
every ten (10) years, since a
which is composed of twelve
term is two (2) years.
(12) chapter
In the Western Visayas Region
which is composed of ten (10)