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Reasons To Match Kundali Before

Getting Married

Yes, Kundali analysis for marriages holds true to the idiom, which
says Its better to be safe than sorry. Kundali matching or
Horoscope matching of a prospective bride and groom is a crucial
step before engagement. Especially in India, where marriages are
believed to last forever, Kundalimilan for marriage is a must! It is
pure science wherein Mathematics and cosmic stars play a
significant role in determining ones future. Kundali matching
offers a glimpse into ones marital life, and eases the decision-
making power. Kundalimilan for marriage offers insight and gives
a brief about the compatibility quotient between two people who
are waiting to tie the knot for marriage. Read on to know more
about the reasons to complete kundali analysis for marriage.
To check relationship quotient:Astrology is all Mathematics
and so is the result. Kundalimilan by name, date of birth, and
place of birth offers the best result. Astrological considerations
resolve complex problems of relationship quotient. By careful
consideration of Gunas or Ashtakoot between the girl and the boy,
one can find out the relationship compatibility quotient. There are
a total of 8 Gunas which are taken into consideration to test the
compatibility of relationship. Each Guna is allocated a specific
numeric number, which when added sums up to 36. The marriage
is said to be acceptable if the score is 18 and above. The higher
the score, the better the compatibility!
Following is a list of Gunas that are matched:

Varna Matching casts

Vashya Attraction
Tara Longevity
Yoni Sexual compatibility
GrahaMaitri Planetary friendship
Gan Mental compatibility
Bhakoot Relative influence of one on the other
Nadi Indicates physiological and to a certain extent hereditary

To check physical compatibility:As mentioned above the

Vashya and Yoni Guna play a significant role in determining the
physical compatibility ratio amongst two people. This parameter
is highly important for an attractive and affectionate marriage.
The 27 stars have particular animal force related to each of them,
which indicates the physical intimacy, sexual capacity, and
attitude of a person. It is also classified into bird, reptile, animal,
and human form, that clearly states the similarity & differences
between the prospects. Health is an aspect which highly
dominates this Guna. As obviously, good health is a symbol of
happy life. For a blissful marriage, it is necessary to have some
similarity and physical compatibility.
To check the mind and spirit connection: Kundalimilanby
name or others is important as it also foretells a persons
behavioural and physical traits. Gan is the Guna which indicates
the mental compatibility ratio of two prospects. It is one of the
most important match, as it showcases the compatibility of
behavioural characteristics, which pretty much describes the
connection between two like-minded people and
otherwise.Therefore, a kundali analysis is a significant aspect ofa
marriage which can envision the mind and body compatibility
between two prospects.
To check financial harmony: Kundalimilan for marriage also
foretells a prospective bride and grooms financial rapport. We all
know that financial stability is a must for any marriage, whether
love or arrange. Through kundalimilan astrologers can predict the
financial harmony, stability, and growth between two partners so
that you can decide smartly. Financial security is an important
characteristic which must not be taken lightly. In many cases, it is
believed that when two people get married in the union, it brings
about good or bad financial influences. This is also one of the
reasons that kundali matching is important. And who would not
want a partner with strong financial conditions, may be extremely
bright business progress, like really who? Im sure you dont want
to be one!
To check family adjustment:In India, marriage is not just
limited to the relationship between two people; it is also the
relationship between two families i.e., parents, siblings, and
occasionally extended family members. As they come together to
witness a beautiful holy matrimony, their lives are also influenced.
Kundalimilan for marriage forecasts the bliss that you might enjoy
with your respective partner and their families. Since Indian
families are so deeply rooted, a kundalianalysis for marriage
which forecasts so many important aspects of life becomes a
crucial step before finalising a matrimonial match.
To check overall compatibility: Kundali analysis for marriage is
equally important for arrange and love marriages. Since it is
based on logical reasoning, the predictions are nearly accurate
(Only if it is done correctly). Kundalimilan for marriage also helps
to make the proper judgement as it offers an overall compatibility
forecast. From health, wealth, career, life, and more, all kinds of
compatibility are taken into consideration in a kundalianalysis for
marriage. It also creates a picture of how one can influence the
life of their significant other. Therefore, Kundalimilan for marriage
to check overall compatibility is a must.
According to Hindu religion, marriage is a sacred bond between
two people and must maintain its purity till the very end.
Kundalimilan by name or kundali analysis for marriage is highly
useful when all the calculations are done correctly. Kundalimilan
for marriage helps the prospects and their family to identify the
factors that may cause trouble in future paradise. For instance,
when love is the major concern, but future predictions are against
the holy matrimony, there are certain remedies and rituals that
are performed to eradicate the ill effects. These poojas or rituals
are done in order to remove the negative effects which arise due
to certain planetary positions. So, even if you have problems
getting through your marriage, there are various ways to help you
get the best possible solution for a blissful life.
Now, you can also decode the marriage compatibility amongst
two people with the help of free kundali analysis offered online.
There are many apps which provide free kundali analysis for
marriage that offers an insight into future marital life. Good luck!