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FRIT 7739 Face-to-Face Professional Development

Design Document: Google Sites

Whitney Gaddis

Field Experience Practicum

Spring 2017

Identification of Learning Problem

Goal: Educators will be able to create and manage Google Sites.

My target audience of of the learning problem that I have identified are the educators working at

Dexter Elementary. The learning problem that I have identified is that teachers have access to

Google Sites, but very few are actually using it. This problem was identified by reviewing the

most recent needs assessment as well as discussing possible professional development options

with the educational technologist. The objective is for educators to use Google Sites to open up

their classrooms and make them more collaborative learning environments. The goal is for

teachers to be able to create and manage Google Sites for their classes that include course

materials and rich content. My goal is to design instruction that helps learners to use Google

Sites to house rich content such as, videos, images, slides, and audio recordings. The goal of this

professional development is for teachers to understand the value of creating a Google Site where

parents and students can upload and share files, share announcements as well as share other

valuable information. The goal is that the teachers will create a webpage for their classes that are

used for discussions, posting announcements, class events, reading materials, classroom rules

and much more. Once teachers have participated in the professional development session, the

goal is that they will then teach their students to create digital portfolios to feature their work and

achievements as well as create and manage assignments and classroom activities and collaborate

on group projects.

Learner Analysis

The primary audience would be educators at Dexter Elementary School. This professional

development session will be beneficial to all educators at Dexter Elementary. The secondary

audience would be any other educators and administrators who are interested in participating in

the professional development session voluntarily. The general characteristics of the learners

present would be educators of students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The learners will be both
male and female. The only education requirement is that all participants are signed in to Google.

All learners will need only basic computer skills before the professional development session.

For this session to be successful the learners must be interested in learning how to create their

own classroom Google Sites. The learners must also understand and be able to discuss how to

manage their Google Sites once they have been created.

A learner analysis survey will be provided at the beginning of the session. The following data

will be gathered using the the learner analysis survey tool.

How old are you? Under 25 25-39 30-39 40-49 50+

How many years total of 1-2 3-5 6-10 11-15 15+

teaching experience do you

How many years have you 1-2 3-5 6-10 11-15 15+
taught at this school?

What grade do you teach? K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th/5th

Task Analysis

By the end of this professional development session, teachers will understand the benefits of

creating a classroom Google Site. This can be accomplished by providing learners with an

effective tutorial that allows teachers to easily create their own personal websites as well as

discussing the benefits of creating a Google Site.

Understand Student Goals

The goal is for teachers to understand how to create a classroom Google Site.
The learners will understand the importance and benefits of creating a Google

The teachers will be able to then teach their students how to create Google Sites.
Learners will learn how to create and manage effective classroom Google Sites.
Assess What Resources the Task Will Require

The following resources will be needed for this professional development session:

Access to Internet
Access to Google Drive

Break Down Assignment Into Steps

1. Teachers will take a pre-assessment

a. Pre-assessment will determine previous experience with website

2. Introduction
3. Warm Up exercise
a. Video
4. Presentation:
a. Google Sites tutorial
5. Hands-On exercise
a. Create an example site
6. Brief discussion:
a. Benefits of creating classroom Google sites
7. Summarize key points
8. Plan next steps
a. What are the different ways you can use Google Sites?
b. How can you teach your students to use Google Sites?
9. Closing
a. Post-assessment evaluation

Learning Objectives

The learner will:

1. Apply knowledge and be able to take advantage of the powerful web design tools

in Google Sites.
2. Exhibit effective techniques to be able to use different course tools in Google

3. Manage the content that is stored in Google Sites.

Instructional Design Summary

Tasks: Description:

Gain Attention

I will use this video to gain the attention of the
learners in the PD. The purpose of this video
is to motivate learners and get them interested
in the topic. I will also explain to the learners
that there has been a great shift in Google
Sites and it has been vastly improved.

Learning Objectives Clear learning objectives will be listed. The

purpose of the learning objectives is to let the
learners know what they need to achieve in
order to be successful in this PD.
The learning objectives will be presented in
simple language that is direct and engaging.
They will be limited to one sentence and will
be listed after the introduction.

Activate Prior Knowledge

This pre-assessment will be used to gather
information on if learners have ever created
websites to be used in the classroom as well
as have previous experience with google sites.

Deliver Content The content will be presented through a

combination of concepts, activities, and
technologies. A presentation of slides will be
presented. Slides will highlight key talking
points as well as learning objectives. A short
lecture narrative will also be included along
with learners creating a Google Site along
with the instructor on the smartboard.

Sequence of Instruction Introduction

Present video
reate, customize and
age types/uses
anage Pages
mbed documents and
hare, publish, and
Exit Survey

Differentiation and Universal Design for Content will be presented

Learning whole group and online independently.
Content online can be revisited
at any time.
Prior knowledge will be used
to integrate learner personal interests
into the lesson.
Learning groups will be used
during session.
Teachers will have
opportunities to work with peers as
well as independently in discussions.

Formative Evaluation Plan


The purpose of the pre-assessment is to gain knowledge and understanding of where the learners

are in terms of previous experience creating and managing websites and more specifically,

Google Sites. This pre-assessment will also help the instructor understand the strengths and

weaknesses of the learners.

Answer each statement by
choosing yes, no, or Yes No Maybe

Have you ever created a


Have you ever created and

used a website in your

Have you ever used

Google Sites?


The purpose of the post-assessment is to ensure that all learners have gained the learning

outcomes designed for this professional development. This post-assessment will gage the overall

learning outcomes of the learners. The learners will have the opportunity to use this post-

assessment to self-reflect on their success of the professional development session.

Please respond to the Response

following questions

What is your overall

comfort level of using
Google Sites?

Please describe one way

that you hope to use
Google Sites in your

Expert Survey:
The expert reviewer I have chosen to evaluate the development of this instructional course is

Paula Baca. Paula is my technology resource center supervisor for my practicum. Paula is an

educational technologist. I chose her as the subject matter expert that will review this

professional development session because she is a very knowledgeable and honest educator. She

will give very direct and honest feedback that will help evaluate the overall content

appropriateness, accuracy, and completeness of this session as well as the usability and the

appeal of the design of the instruction.

Answer each statement by

circling a number between 5 4 3 2 1
1-5. Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
Agree Disagree

The professional
development is laid out in
an appropriate sequence.

This professional
development is effectively

This professional
development is developed
to interact with diverse
types of learners.

This professional
development is developed
to allow students to attain
a deeper understanding of
the topic.

Please respond to the Response

following questions

Is the pace of this

professional development

Is all professional
development content

Are all instructions and

professional development
content clearly laid out?

Were all parts of content


Please identify area(s)

where this professional
development could be

Is there more clarification

needed in any areas of

Please provide any

suggestions, comments, or
ideas for improving this
face-to-face and online

Learner Survey:

The goal of this evaluation plan is to develop a useful assessment that can support the success of

this professional development session. The purpose of the learner assessment and evaluation is to

support and strengthen the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and practices of the me, the session

instructor. The goal is to promote student growth and learning. This evaluation plan will be used

to monitor learner progress, and measure learner attainment of knowledge and skills throughout

this course.

Answer each statement by

circling a number between 5 4 3 2 1
1-5. 1 Means you strongly Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
disagree. 5 means you Agree Disagree
strongly agree.

The professional
development session
requirements were clearly

The instructor explained

session content.

The instructor encouraged

me to participate in the
professional development.

The technology allowed

me to interact with others
in the professional
development session.

It was easy to use the

technology in this course.

The technology in this

course worked well.

The instructor assisted me

when needed.

This professional
development was

Please answer the Response

following questions.

Overall, the professional


Overall, the instructor...

One thing I like most about

this professional

How would you improve

this professional