Community Connections Day Camp Info and Sign up Form

ALL THE BASICS Space is limited for these camps.
 Camps cost $40 - $50 per day on a sliding scale please pay what
Register by April 3rd
you can! Sorry—no refunds for cancellations as we have hired
 Camp hours are 8:00 AM—5:30 PM staff and held a place for your child based on your
 After 5:30, there is a $15 late fee for every 15 min.!!! registration.
 We need a current registration/medical form for your child.
If you have not filled one out this year, we must have one before Payment must be received by April 3rd.
your child can attend.
 We will provide healthy snacks; you provide lunch.
Community Connections sites are
 Transportation and admission fees are included. licensed childcare programs. We accept
 CC field trips are money-free activities. We will not go to gift childcare subsidies– ask us about it!
shops, vending machines, arcades, etc.
 Please let us know how we may best help your child enjoy camp
and discuss any special needs. Kids will be kids! But…
 Personal audio, phones, and video games are allowed at your own Community Connections staff are
risk, and only on the bus. experienced and trained in working with
kids of all ages. To protect the safety and
PACKING LIST well-being of all children, we have
 Send a healthy bag lunch with your child. (no soda or candy)
expectations and standards for behavior.
 Send appropriate clothing/items: sneakers, outdoor gear, dry
If a child is unable to meet those standards,
socks, jackets, boots, hats, gloves, etc. even with all the support we are able
 Send a water bottle. to provide, we may have to call the
 Please label your child’s belongings! parent or guardian and ask that the
child be removed from camp.

To report an absence call 223-3456. Please help us by telling us anything about your
child that will help us meet his or her needs.

Note to Parents and Guardians: It’s winter in Vermont, and the weather is unpredictable. We run our camps rain or shine,
so please send your child dressed appropriately - layers, walking shoes, warm clothes, extra clothes, rain coats, hats, gloves.

My child _________________________________ Gender _____ Grade ______ School ___________________

My child _________________________________ Gender _____ Grade ______ School ___________________

Date Event Cost Indicate YOUR Rate
Detach here Pick-up/Drop-off

___Thursday, April 6 Explorers! $40-$50 $_______ / day Union Elementary 1 Park Street, Montpelier

___Friday, April 7 Day at the Museum $40-$50 $_______ / day Union Elementary 1 Park Street, Montpelier

will attend (and I give permission to attend and be transported by bus/van when needed) the following programs:

Parent name _____________________________ Email _________________________________________________
Daytime #(s) ____________________________________________ Parent Signature _________________________
___ I have enclosed $________ to cover my child’s enrollment (cash or check to WCSU / Community Connections).
___ I am eligible for state childcare subsidies at ____ per week
(If your subsidy does not cover the full cost of the camp and the cost of attending CC during the rest of each
week you will need to pay a co-pay in order to have your child attend.)
Community Connections
April Day Camps
April 6 and 7th, 2017

Thursday, April 6th
K - 4 meeting at Union Elementary

We will explore the Fairbanks Museum from our school with fun
interactive activities to get ready for Friday’s field trip.

Together, we will create a scavenger hunt about the museum. We
will disucss several of the major themes that we will learn about at
the museum including endangered and extinct animals, the Solar
System, and Bug Art!

We will also play outside so don’t forget your winter gear!

Friday, April 7th
Day at the Museum!
K - 4 meeting at Union Elementary

The Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium is a wonderful place with a focus on the natural history of
Vermont. We will embark on a field trip to the museum in St. Johnsbury The kids will have a chance to
learn about bugs, bones, plants and many other things.

Come join us for an awesome field trip!

To register for camps:
1. Complete the sign up sheet on the other side of this form.
2. If your child has not attend a Community Connections activity this year we will also need a 2016-
2017 Registration form*. They are available from your school’s Site Coordinator or at camp.
3. Return the sign up sheet, registration form, and payment to:
1. Your school’s front desk or its Community Connections Site Coordinator OR
2. Scan and send it to and mail payment separately OR
3. Mail them by March 31st to: Community Connections
PO BOX 155
Montpelier, VT 05601-0155
Please call or email us if mailing a registration so we know your child is coming!

*If you have already filled out a CC registration form, you do not need to complete another one.