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Uses of Karuna Reiki Symbols

Karuna is comparatively new in Reiki and it is found that Karuna is

more effective than Usai Reiki. Karuna Reiki was brought by some
world renowned Reiki Masters like Marsikiller, Meli Re Marine, Pat
Kartan, Cathorin Milse, Bela Mount, Marla Abraham, Mardu
Abraham, William L Rand at Michigan, USA in 1995. Traditional
Usai Reiki has only three symbols and Reiki healer is bounded to
use these three symbols for all purposes. But Karuna has seven
symbols (I use to give eight symbols to my Reiki pupils) and Reiki
healer has option to choose any three according to his purpose.
These symbols are not found from natural sources as Usai
symbols are, but found from investigations, practices and
researches. This wider range of symbols makes it more
purposeful, useful and effective. That is why Karuna Reiki became
more popular among Reiki healers in a short time.
Karuna Reiki carries many symbols. But all symbols are not
used at a time and the healer has to choose any three appropriate
symbols according to his purpose. So Reiki healers get confused
many times that which symbol is appropriate for his purpose. That
is why here I am going to describe uses of Karuna Reiki for
different purposes.
It is prescribed to use not more than three symbols at
a time. Zonar is extra in distant healing. Other symbols may
be used some time if needed.
1. Distant Healing: Zonar is used for distant healing. It makes
bridge between the healer and the goal. Make it one time and
chant its name three times mentally. Usually it is made once in a
healing session, but may be made many times if the concentration
2. Diseases: Halu is used for any physical problem. Use it
withZonar in distant healing. If the patient feels irritation and anger
use Harth after Halu. If the patient is depressed, unbalanced and
says that he will die, then use Rama after Halu. If the patient is
restless, fearful and facing nightmares,
use Shantyafter Halu and Harth.
3. Bad Habits: Harth is useful to give up bad habits.
UseShanty and Rama, if the patient is unbalanced and feels
irritation. Rama symbol balances the chakras and Shantysymbol
grants mental and physical peace. Zonar for distant.
4. Chakra Balancing: Rama symbol is useful for it. UseShanty for
peace after Rama. Zonar for distant.
5. Child Abuse: Use Zonar, Halu and Shanty for it.
6. Lack of Confidence: Zonar (for distance), Halu,
Rama andShanty is useful.
7. Negative Attitude: Use Iava after Zonar. Harth or Rama (as
needed) in the middle of Harth and Iava.
8. Fear and Bad Dreams: Shanty symbol is very effective for it.
Add Harth and Shanty and Zonar for distant.
9. Acquittal from the Fastenings of Practices of Self or the
Previous Birth or the Curse of Ancestors: Many family suffers a
specific type of occurrence genealogy by genealogy. It means that
there is any curse on this family. Zonar has peculiar power to quit
the bad effects of previous life. Shanty for reduce effects.
10. Reiki for Death: If any patient is in great pain, members of his
family are praying for his death, but he is not dying. UseHarth,
Gnosa and Shanty (Zonar for distance) for his peaceful death.
11. Material Benefits: Kriya symbol is used for all types of
material Benefits in Karuna Reiki. Rama, Iava and Shantysymbols
are also used for help of Kriya symbol. Use only most appropriate
three symbols at a time. Zonar is used for distant.
12. For Development of Spirituality and Morality: Somebody
wants to earn money by any way. They lose wisdom of right and
wrong. Some old people do not work his own, but always abuse
family members. Some people want to concentrate in worship or
meditation, but they are unable to do so. Karuna Reiki is useful for
them. Use Harth, Gnosa and Shanty symbols for them. Gnosa is
a spiritual symbol, which draws towards spirituality and it is helpful
for self-realization. Gnosa is used for morality, consciousness and
concentration in children. If anything is stolen and you have doubt
to anybody, then do Reiki with Gnosa that person will return the
stolen thing.
13. For Realization of Resposibility: Somebody do not work
anything himself. They do not care about their business and
responsibilities. Or, a child spends his time in other things like
game, TV instead of study. He do not realize his actual
responsibilities. Rama and Iava are used for realization of
responsibilities and reality.
14. For Harmony and Flexibility in Personality: Flexibility and
harmony are essential features to adjust in family and in the
society. Rama symbol is helpful for it. It is used
with Hearth and Shanty with one time Zonar for distance.
15. For Sweet Relationship: Antagonism is a general problem in
family and relationship. Karuna Reiki is found very effective to
solve problems in relationship. Harth is found very powerful for
it. Gnosa provides higher feelings. Rama creates balance
andShanty provides peace. So use Harth, Rama,
Shanty orHarth, Gnosa, Shanty whichever is appropriate. First
visualize all the people sitting together in pleasant and affectionate
environment covering under bright white light. Then use Zonarfor
distant first and then use anyone group of symbols. You may use
these two groups in alternative sittings.
16. For Mental Peace: Unbalanced mental status creates many
physical, mental and social problems. Rama,
Gnosa andShanty are found effective to heal the unbalanced
mental status. Use Zonar first if distant.
17. Obstructions: Sometime you feel that any work, project, shop,
factory etc is stopped without any known reason as if affected by
evil eyes. Hosana symbol of Karuna Reiki is useful in this
condition. It removes the obstructions and the progress starts
again. It is used with Kriya symbol generally. Use Zonarfirst if
18. Negativity: Karuna Reiki is able to remove the effects of
witchcrafts or fiends (devils) or bad spirit. But, in this case, it is
necessary for healer to be attuned by a able and powerful Reiki
Teacher. If your Reiki Teacher is not dummy, then there is no fear.
First, how to remove negativity from a place, then from a person.
Symbol: Rama symbol is used to remove negativity from a place.
First take a black, thick incense stick and burn it in a clay censer (a
small clay candle plot). Burn the incense stick in the pot and put it
in the middle of the room. Close all the doors of the room and
come out from the room for 5 to 10 minutes. Then open the door
and keep the incense pot in your left hand. Go nearest corner of
the left side. Throw the smoke of the incense stick three times to
the upper part of the corner through your right palm. Then joint
your all fingers like a bill (beak) and makeRama symbol one time
in air looking towards upper part of the corner and say its name
three times. Then throw the smoke three times to the middle part
of the corner. Make Rama symbol one time by your bill shape
fingers and say its name three times. Repeat this process to the
lower part of the corner. Move towards left side and reach the
nearest wall. Repeat this process on the upper, middle and lower
part of the wall. Remember, you have to move left side always.
Clean all corners, walls, doors, windows and ventilations.
Doors, windows and ventilators should be cleaned as below:
First throw the smoke three times to the upper middle portion,
make Rama symbol one time and say it three times. Then in left
side in middle, then ;ower side in middle and then right side in
Cleaning after all corners, walls, doors, windows and ventilators of
the room come in middle of the room and throw the smoke three
times towards roof, make the symbol in air and say its name three
times. Repeat this process for ground. Come out from the room
and close the room for 5-10 minutes. Then inter into the room.
You may clean all the rooms, bathrooms etc through the process. It
is not necessary to clean the rooms after doubt of negativity. You
should clean your rooms after every three months to maintain
clean environment.
Process of cleaning of verandah, courtyard and roof is some
different. Go to the corner and draw Rama symbol in similar color
of the paint on the wall by a brush and put your right palm on the
symbol and let the Reiki flow for 5 minutes with auspicious thought.
Garden, field, agriculture land or any open space also may be
cleaned through Reiki. Take five small plastic boxes. Keep it in salt
water for 24 hours. Then dry the boxes. Take five pieces of paper
of 3x3 inch. Draw Rama Symbol in the middle of each paper and
write its name three times below the drawings. Keep all pieces of
the papers under your both palms and let the Reikifor 10 minutes
with auspicious and positive thought. Dig five pits (four in the four
corners and one in the middle of the plot and bury one box in each
pit. This process may be repeated after three months.
19. To Remove Negativity from a Person: Karuna Reiki is able to
remove effect of wicked spirit from a person. Halusymbol is very
effective in Karuna Reiki for it. It removes easily effect or catching
of fiend or devil from a body. There is no ostentation is needed. But
you should be pupil of a powerful and experienced Reiki Master. It
is essential.
First wash your hand and mouth. Burn a essence stick in the room.
Come through the process of Gratitude and put your both hands
on the Solar Plexus (Manipur Chakra) or the Heart Chakra. Say in
your mind that if there is spirit in this (name of the person) body,
please leave him and go to your place. You have to leave him,
leave him. Repeat two-three times these words in your mind with
intention and with respect. Then visualize in bright white light that
the spirit has leaved the body. Then make Halu symbol for 5
minutes in your third eye and say its name. Repeat above said
words again after 5 minutes and then make Halu symbol for five
minutes. Repeat above said words again after 5 minutes and add
that you have to leave him, you will not get trouble, I shall not let
you live in this body. Give 15-20 minutes Reiki healing per day for
five days in this way. The spirit will the body, but may come again.
The patient will feel consciousness when he is free from the spirit.
The spirit cannot remain in that body more than 3 days. But you
continue the healing for five days.
Distant healing is also very effective for it. Use Zonar first for
it. Shanti may be used if the patient feels irritation or restlessness.
Give him/her a programmed crystal row to wear.
20. To Dissolve the Commencement or Destiny of Past
Life:Many western Reiki Master says that the Reiki is divine and it
has power to dissolve karma. It is found in practice
that Zonarsymbol of Karuna Reiki is helpful to get rid bad effects of
past life. Zonar is itself a bridge symbol. So there is no need of
extra effort for distant healing. Halu and Shanti may be added
21. Business/Project: EE-AH-VAH is useful to select one work
from multiple options. If you are going to start new
business/project and you have multiple options and you are in
indecision that which business or project should be chosen.
Visualize all projects/business in white bright light and do Reiki for
guidance with Rama, Kriya and EE-AH-VAH. You will get solution,
you will be determind for one appropriate and suitable business for
Rama, Kriya and EE-AH-VAH are also useful to develop running
22. For Student: Guardians generally suffers from anxiety about
their children that they do not study properly and ruin their time in
watching TV or in game or with friends. Karuna Reiki is very
effective to bring children/students on right path. Reiki develops
sense of reality, sense of realization that what is right and what is
wrong. Visualize that child/student is in bright white light and
he/she is learning with concentration, his/her result is brilliant and
his/her behavior lovable. Then do Reiki withHearth, Rama and EE-
AH-VAAH daily for about 20 minutes and then feel the changes.
23. Crystal Programming: To energies crystals, rudraksha (a
seed, usually used to wear in neck as chain) with Reiki energy is
called crystal programming. First take crystal or rudraksha (chain
or mala) and keep it in salt water for two days. This way it will be
cleaned. Wash it with fresh water. Keep the crystal/crystals/crystal
chain under your both palms. Visualize the purpose in bright white
light and let the Reiki flow through your palms. Make appropriate
symbols according to your purpose for 50 minutes. Then wear the
crystals. Repeat this process after three months if needed.

I think, this article will be helpful and it will guide Karuna Reiki
healers in right direction. If it is proved so, my labour will be

Posted 24th July 2013 by Anil Kumar Roy

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Every one need to improve their financial position.
Money is not every thing but we need money for
basic need, apart of this, we need money to fulfill
dreams and goals for ourselves and for our family.
Most of the time we are looking for alternative way
to increase our financial position.

Today we are exploring the small way to attract

more money to fulfill wishes and goals.
You know that positive thinking and creating your future reality are intertwined so inexplicably
that it is virtually impossible to accumulate money and wealth if you are continually pushing it
away though negative thinking processes. Using your mind to create the future reality take a lot
of practice and I thoroughly recommend using these techniques also.
Reiki assists, supports, and compliments the process of creating your own reality, by
bringing positive energy into this area of your life. It is no good simply vanquishing negative
energy and thinking from your body and mind if you dont replace it with positive energy.

Here are some special symbols for prosperity

and abundance.
Midas Star:
Midas Star is a closely guarded Reiki Symbol for Prosperity.
Before starting using it please practice drawing the symbol on a sheet of paper till you are able
to remember it and draw with the correct sequence and directions without looking to this
drawing. Normally practicing it for 15-20 times should be sufficient. Now try to draw it in air with
your ring finger several times.

Once you have internalized the drawing, start imagining the drawing to be of the required colors
(purple and red). When you draw it in air you should imagine that the colors are oozing out from
your finger to make the drawing of the required colors.

1. Whenever, you receive cash or your paycheck, draw the Midas Star symbol on it with
imaginary colors repeating the intention that it is bringing prosperity to your life.

2. Also draw it on paper (using the above two colors) and put this paper with the symbol facing
upwards in your cash box or safe box. While placing it in the cash box repeat the intention
- "The Midas Star Prosperity Symbol is bringing abundant money in the cash box and
the cash box is never empty, as I am drawing money from the cash box for use, the
cash box is getting filled with more and more cash after each withdrawal. The Midas
Star has made this cash box an infinite source of money for me."

Please remember that sincerity of intention and faith in symbols is the key to success. A word of
caution though, do not waste money by indulgence, even when what you intended above comes
true and the cash box does become an infinite source of money for you which will eventually
happen with the power of the Midas Star.

Follow this tip and see prosperity pouring in your life.

Vasudha is a symbol of Reiki energy, this symbol call every time for improvement for financial
position. We can use this symbol in many formations. Here two formats are explained


1. Vasudha is used in red color, you can draw as shown in picture, its very simple to draw using
this picture. After draw Vasudha in Red Color, Reiki Master / healer charge this to make the
initiate the energy. Make the power symbol back side of the paper, where you draw the Vasudha
Very simple step to initiate / invoke it, burn incense sticks for purification, give the power symbol
with it symbol 1+Vasudha+1 or send the higher energy. Place this symbol at your workplace.

2. You can also use this symbol in home to make a miracle box. Its very simple to make box,
pick a small carton or any jewellery box and decorate it, place the Vasudha symbol in it with
your intention back of the paper in this box, clean and charge this box every day and give the
intention my financial situation is improving in every moment.

3. Make this symbol on plain paper in red colour and put the paper in your pocket or purse.

Try this method and fulfill your dreams fast

Jupiter releases the blockages to experiencing "abundance". The feeling of having more than
enough of whatever it is that we might need in the moment. This 'more than we need in the
moment' relates to every aspect of our life, not just money. With the embodiment of abundance
also comes true freedom.

As Jupiter removes the obstacles in experiencing abundance, it when used with Midas Star can
accelerate your journey to prosperity.

Drawing the Jupiter symbol is very easy. Just draw the numeral 2 and cross it with a vertical line
as shown in the figure. Truly 2 plus 1 = 4 and what a way to denote prosperity - the result in
more than the input. That is what all of us want. Isnt it?

While drawing it recite the following intention; "The Jupiter symbol is releasing all blockages
within me and I am experiencing abundance in money, abundance in love, abundance in fame,
and abundance in knowledge and health. With its help I am getting richer and richer."

Draw the symbol (with recital of its intention) followed by the Midas Star (needless to say, with
recital of its intention) whenever you get the paycheck, whenever you put money in the cash
box or whenever you draw money from it.

Shri Vishnu:
Shri Vishnu is the symbol of eternal power of all round prosperity. So it is used very effectively
for getting prosperity and abundance.

Money Multiplier Grid:

Money Multiplier Grid is a Reiki method to get rid off poverty and become prosperous and
abundant. A grid of special crystals and pyramids is prepared in this method. These crystals and
pyramids are arranged in a certain process. It is very effective and popular. It is difficult to
explain it here. Anybody desirous to learn this may contact to me.

Other Methods:
Here Some other popular methods are given. You may benefited to do this.

1. Assuming you have reached Level 2 Reiki, here are some simple steps to assisting
you in bringing money into your life:
1. Write on a piece of paper your intention for the amount for money you want in your life and
when you want it.
2. Draw the Distant Healing symbol over the proclamation.
3. Draw the Emotional healing symbol over the Distant Healing symbol.
4. Draw the Power symbol over both the Emotional and Distant healing symbols.
5. Fold the paper up into a small square, make the power symbol again over the square and say
out load the proclamation that you wrote on the paper, adding your own name, spoken three
times, and end with the the statement For the highest good and then secure the
proclamation some where deep in your wallet.
Adding the statement for For the highest good allows the positive Reiki energy to flow in
a way that is best for the individual in the long term. If you are asking for money to fund a bad
habit such as a gambling addiction or a drug problem, then do not expect your bank account to
be overflowing with funds immediately. The Reiki energy will likely initially flow in the direction of
curing your addiction first. However if your intentions are good then money will come.
2. Another simple use of Reiki symbols is to draw the Power Symbol on the inside
back cover of your check book and verbally call the Reiki energy to bring cash into your
bank account.
Reiki symbols are very powerful tools for the Reiki practitioner they should always be
used with the statement For the highest good however even if you do not add this
proclamation I personally believe that Reiki energy will only flow in a positive direction in any
case. It may not be what we always want at first but it will be the best for us in the long term.


These things are necessary -
* Pen and Paper
* 1 Orange Candle
* A Glass of Water
* Two Sticks of Your favorite Incense
* A Ruby, Garnet, or other Prosperity Crystal
* A small Wooden Bowl with Earth or Sand in it

Step 1: Find a quiet place in your house. Turn of the phone and put on some soothing music.
Light some of your favorite incense. Place the wooden bowl filled with earth, the glass of water,
your prosperity crystal, and a small orange candle on a table in front of you. The incense
represents the element of air energy. The bowl of earth represents the element of earth energy.
The glass of water represents the element of water energy. The candle represents the element of
fire energy and the orange color of the candle brings in the energy of the sacral chakra, the
chakra in charge of creation and manifestation.
Step 2: Write down what you wish to manifest. Use one of our wealth affirmations or make one
of your own. Here's a sample wealth affirmation to get your creative juices
flowing: "Abundance and prosperity flow into my life. Peace flows into my life. Health
flows into my life." Draw a Cho-Ku-Rei symbol on the paper next to your manifestation
request. This will bring in the universal white light energy that is Reiki into your prosperity laws
of attraction request, magnifying it's strength.
Step 3: Read your affirmation request out loud three times. The spoken word magnifies
everything ten-fold. Feel your abundance wish already manifested and present in your life.
Visualize your life as it will be when you have achieved your abundance wish. Feel the joy and
gratitude that it brings into your life now that you have it.
Step 4: Pick up your chosen crystal and hold it clasped between both of your hands. Feel it's
vibrations emanating into your hands. Wrap the abundance prayer sheet around the crystal and
continue holding both the paper and the crystal between your hands. Take four deep breaths, in
through the nose and out through the mouth. Focus on the paper and the crystal and begin
toning OM. Repeat the OM twelve times.
Step 5: Drink the water you have set nearby. Masaro Emoto has proven that energetic
vibrations transfer to water. The water in the glass has picked up all of the powerful vibrations of
your affirmation. By drinking the water, you are imbuing the reality of your abundance
affirmation into the cells of your body. Light the second stick of incense and send your
affirmation blessing to the universe. Burning the incense releases your wish to Spirit. Spirit will
now orchestrate your universe to send you all of the abundance and prosperity that you have
asked for.
The power of consistency: Every day, until your affirmation has been manifested, pull out the
abundance paper you created and speak the abundance affirmation out loud. Feel the
abundance vibrating into your life every time you say it.
There are many ways to attract abundance into
your life, this is simply one of them. Allow your
intuition to tell you what will work best for you.
With Best Wishes of your Abundant Life!!
Posted 11th January by Anil Kumar Roy