Who: Teens (completing 7th-12th grade)
When: July 9-21, 2017
Where: Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH
Teachers: John Pople, Kyle Tucker, and
Bill Ross
Contact: Eileen Curtis, (216) 534-1781
More Info:
Dear OO Registrant and Parent/Guardian,

We are so excited that you are interested in attending Operation
Onesimus (OO) 2017! Currently, registration for Operation
Onesimus 2017 is completely filled! The OO committee is very
pleased that there are so many young people who want to
participate in summer programs that are focused on serving our
Father and being more like his son. While the committee is
actively working to accommodate as many registrants as possible,
we wanted to highlight another excellent opportunity that could
be a superb fit for OO registrants between the ages of 15-19.

Mekuno is a summer program for teens who have completed
7th through 12th grade. The Greek verb “mekuno” (may-koo’-no) is
found only in Mark 4:27; the word means “to cause oneself to
grow”. Mekuno is a two week program focused on serving God,
growing in knowledge of His plan and purpose by studying His
word, serving others, and growing in fellowship. Many OO
participants attend Mekuno prior to attending Operation
Onesimus. Mekuno would be a great option for anyone looking to
grow in their faith, make new friends, and learn how to use their
gifts to serve those in need.

Again, we are very pleased that you have considered coming to OO
2017. Through exposing our registrants to another amazing
summer program, we are hoping to maximize youth engagement
with spiritual summer programs. Whether you decide to come to
OO or go to Mekuno this summer, you are making a great decision
in shaping your faith! Thank you for devoting your time to the
Lord’s service.
Love in Jesus,
The Operation Onesimus Committee