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Name: Genna Rodriguez

Directions: Using the template below, describe how students could use a blog, wiki, or other website-
creation tool to learn required learning standards in your content area: For an A grade provide an idea that
reaches a Level of Technology Implementation of 4 or above. Remember higher levels (4-6) require that
students assume adult/professional roles; engage in higher-order thinking; and use technology
create/publish original content for their classmates and/or others beyond their school/classroom. The
learning activities and products should be engaging and meaningful to the students and to others who will
view/use/benefit from students work. Review your handouts on Engaged Learning, Authenticity, and LoTi.
Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Content Area: Science
Technology Used (check all that apply):
Blog Wiki Other Website Creation Tool (list):
Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed:

S3E2. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information on how fossils provide evidence of past

1. Construct an argument from observations of fossils (authentic or reproductions) to

communicate how they serve as evidence of past organisms and the environments in which

they lived.

2. Develop a model to describe the sequence and conditions required for an organism to become

(Clarification statement: Types of fossils (cast, mold, trace, and true) are not addressed in this

Brief Description of Learning Experience:

After getting permission from all the parents for the students to post on the class blog, I will
introduce this activity by showing the students the class blog and where they will be posting. As a
class, the teacher can discuss what is the right information to go in a blog post. The teacher can make
a list of everything the student suggest and build off of their list.
The next step would be to introduce their topic of fossils and let them know they are going to
be researching this topic. As a class, we would create a template for all the students to follow when
completing the assignment. After time in the computer lab, the student will put together their blog
post and put it up on the class blog for other student and parents to see.
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Student Engagement/Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): I believe that this lesson would be a
LoTi lever 4 because the student are the one to come up with the template and what information is
Importance of technology: In order to finish the projects the students are to post to the blogs and without
the tool it would not get done. Even the students can do the research with books. Kids are more likely to use
the Internet. The research part of the project could be done without the Internet but posting would require
the Internet. They would lose the lesson of posting to the blogs and the whole lesson of posting to the blog.
The internet and a search engine would be used for the project to get the information need for the project.
Inspiration (optional): If you used existing example as a model for your project (whether in part or
whole), include the URL(s) so we can visit. Explain what concepts you borrowed from others.

Internet Safety and Student Privacy: Briefly discuss some possible issues surrounding Internet safety and
student privacy that could arise while implementing this learning experience and explain how you would
(1) minimize risks to students/yourself; (2) alleviate any fears by parents/administrators, and (3) follow
common Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policies. Internet safety is the most important thing when it comes
to working in the internet. One concern would be with the student doing research. When the student search
website that are not appropriate could come up along with other add that are not good for school settings or
any settings. Using the school Wi-Fi that blocks most bad sites will help prevent some the risk. Also using a
site that is meant for students to search and screen the information can also lower the risk of anything
coming up. I think using the site with put the parent at ease when working on this assignment. Another
concern would have the students name and screen name could help hide who they are. Know the school
polices are very important and should be looked at before the project.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity.
I hope to learn about the different component that the student put into their blogs to make them different. I
also want to see how well the student were about to compete the project and then make modification to
make it even better for the next post later on.
Other comments about your proposed activity: