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Bilkent University Graduate School of Education

Lesson Plan

Teacher: Nilfer Gkmen Date: 03.16.2017

Level of class: 9/I IGCSE No. of students: 27
Lesson aims: Develop the ability to engage in close, detailed analysis of written text (poem)
Encourage a personal appreciation of literature and develop an understanding of a poem both surface and deeper meaning
Recognize poetic devices in a poem and understand how they can affect the meaning of the poem
Anticipated problems & solutions: Time constraints will be handled by making immediate alterations in the lesson plan

Stage Learning Time Int patt Teacher / student activity Script Materials
objectives (Procedures)
Lead in Describe images 3 T-S In this activity, the teacher will -We have a very popular quotation PPT, images
and identify their show some images related to the here. Does anybody know it?
relation to the theme of the poem and ask students -(After reading it) What do you
quotation how the images are related to the think it means?
quotation or not. -Now, lets look at some images
-(After images) What do these
images refer to?
-Do you think these images are
related to the quotation you have
just read? Why? Why not?

-The beautiful poem we are PPT

Starter Define what the 3 T-S In this activity, students will do title reading today is titled Nothing
title might mean exploitation to predict what the Gold Can Stay and it is written
and predict the poem may be about before reading by Robert Frost. Does anyone
possible meaning it. know this poet?
of the poem -(if the answer is yes)- What other
Frosts poems do you know?
-Before we start reading, lets
look at the title. What do you
think it refers to?
-What does the poet mean by
gold in this poem?

-First of all, we will read the PPT,

Main Scan the poem for 8 S-S In this activity, students will read poem out loud. (showing the worksheet
Activity gist and identify the poem for the gist and they will worksheet) Here, we have a table
literary elements identify the literary elements asked that features some literary
in the worksheet, and then fill the elements. Can you remind me
table. They will do pair check. what literary elements are?
-Okay, good. Now, to understand
the gist of the poem, you will
identify them in the poem.
-(After finishing)- X, please check
your answers with Y
-Lets fill the table!

-Do you remember the poetic PPT,

Distinguish poetic 6 T-S In this activity, the teacher will ask devices? What are they? worksheet
devises students to identify the poetic -On the second page of your
devices in the poem at the board worksheet, there are some poetic
and ask students how they devices listed. Please identify
contribute to the overall meaning of them in the poem first.
the poem. -(After a while) Okay, who wants
to come to the board and give an

-On page 3, we have some PPT,

Interpret the 7 T-S In this activity, the teacher will questions that will help us to worksheet
connotation of the pose some questions for further explore the connotation of the
poem analysis of the poem. poem?
-Before we start, who wants to tell
me what connotation means?
-Lets look at the first question.

-I want everyone take a piece of Pen(s) and

Plenary Design a sketch 12 S-S In this activity, students will create paper. On this paper, you will paper
of the poem a sketch of the poem. create a sketch of the poem: what
you understood from it, what it
meant to you or if you learnt a
lesson from it, what it is. You are
free to draw anything related to
the poem you want. Remember, I
will collect these, so please write
your names, as well.

-We are almost out of time. Thank

Closure Hand in their 1 T-S In this activity, the teacher will you everyone for a great lesson.
sketches thank students for a great lesson -(Asking a student) Can you help
and ask them to turn in their me collect your friends sketches?
sketches. -Have a great day!