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[11:59:14 AM] steve k: Hi Chritian, good to know if I need help will get in touch

on recruiting
[11:59:28 AM] Christian Makande: Alright. Thanx
[1:18:51 PM] steve k: I still want us to focus on the realestate, you have been a
great help so far
[1:19:10 PM] Christian Makande: Thank u steve
[1:21:46 PM] steve k: hard question, do you know anything about tax structures ,
like the seychels
[1:22:20 PM] Christian Makande: Can reasearch on it
[1:22:37 PM] Christian Makande: what exactly do you wan to know?
[1:24:11 PM] steve k: I have a long term plan, want to find a tax structure that
would allow me to do the following, have a tax haven as a permanent resident.
[1:24:45 PM] steve k: live in cape town, 3 months a year, live in Canada the
maximum allowed without causing any tax issues when I am here
[1:25:29 PM] steve k: or south Africa longer than 3 months, if I could find away
without paying tax
[1:26:46 PM] Christian Makande: Alright
[1:32:39 PM] steve k: I am thinking , will need to find an offshore entity to
purchase the property with a family member , as you said as a director
[1:32:45 PM] steve k: for property in south africa
[1:33:48 PM] Christian Makande: What sort of tax are u refering to ?
[1:34:39 PM] steve k: I want to be deemed a resident of the tax haven, not south
Africa or canada
[1:34:56 PM] Christian Makande: Alright
[1:35:01 PM] Christian Makande: I get your point now
[1:35:10 PM] steve k: form a company in the tax haven, and use that to purchase
a corporation in south Africa that owns the realestate
[1:36:13 PM] Christian Makande: But still that etity will need to pay Value Added
Tax in South Africa
[1:36:43 PM] steve k: any way we can avoid that
[1:37:19 PM] Christian Makande: Yu cant avoid it. That transaction will be going
on on South African land thus the tax laws of South Africa are applicable
[1:37:54 PM] Christian Makande: remeber that was he whole point I suggested
that youregister a comany in South Africa because you will be extempted
[1:38:01 PM] Christian Makande: from VAT
[1:45:48 PM] steve k: on personal property as well ?
[1:46:12 PM] steve k: so what about a south African corporation owned by a
foreign corporation ?
[1:47:32 PM] Christian Makande: A south african corporation can only be owed by
natural persons not juridistic persons
[1:53:34 PM] steve k: but I am not a resident of south africa
[1:54:14 PM] Christian Makande: Yes, but you can be a director on a south African
comany like i said.
[1:54:29 PM] steve k: ok just not own it
[1:54:29 PM] Christian Makande: But you just cannot be a signatory at the bank
[1:55:34 PM] Christian Makande: You can own the property. You just cannot do
banking duties because you do not have a temporary residence permit. thats
why I said use a south african resident as a director also so that they can
perform bank duties
[1:56:44 PM] steve k: ok I am getting confused, you said it can only be owned by
a natural person
[1:57:22 PM] Christian Makande: a natural person means a living
person...someone like u. A juridisic person means a company
[1:59:47 PM] steve k: ok, but I can get a local person to own the property but be
a director ?
[2:00:24 PM] Christian Makande: Remember the property will be owned by a
comany and u wll have 90% shareholding in the company
[2:00:42 PM] Christian Makande: the peroperty will be ownd by the company not
an indovidual
[2:00:44 PM] steve k: and the other 10%
[2:00:57 PM] steve k: who will own that
[2:01:04 PM] Christian Makande: the other 10% is the other director
[2:01:14 PM] Christian Makande: remember you will be 2 directors
[2:01:25 PM] Christian Makande: you and the other local south african person
[2:02:33 PM] steve k: ok
[2:02:49 PM] steve k: great stuff again, can you make a word doc please
[2:02:53 PM] steve k: this is good stuff