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Course Code : SFUF0393

Course Leader : Ron Teo
Learning Outcomes : a) Identify the different areas of psychology in human

b) Apply the appropriate reasoning processes in arriving at


conclusions regarding human behaviors.


Total Marks : 1) Interview Project 15%

Issue Date/week : WEEK 6

Submission Date : WEEK 8
Plagiarism Notice :
According to UNITAR International University Academic Regulations, Section 5.10

o 5.10.1 Plagiarism is the presentation of another persons thoughts or words as if they

were the students own.
o 5.10.2 Plagiarism is an offence and will be subject to disciplinary action as prescribed in
the Students Disciplinary Rules and Regulations.
o 5.10.3 All work submitted as part of the requirements for any assessment must therefore
be expressed in the students own words and incorporate his own ideas and judgments.
Direct quotations from the published or unpublished work of another must always be
clearly identified as such and a full reference to the source must be provided.

Details of the Assignment

1. Assignment 1
Marks 15%

a) Prepare a REPORT.
b) Interview 3 people whom you think are successful in what they are doing
c) The things you should have in your report:
- Biodata/details of the 3 people
- What are their sources of motivation that helps them become successful?
- Related theories of motivation
- Words of advice
- Motivational quote

2. Answer Key
No answer key

3. Rubric
- Biodata/details of the 3 people (3M)
- What are their sources of motivation that they are successful? (3M)
- Applying related theories of motivation. (3M)
- Words of advice. (3M)
- Provide a motivational quote from each person (3M)

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Students Affirmation :
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of this assignment. I will be responsible if this assignment is found plagiarized and will bear the


Students Signature: Lecturers Signature:

I have interviewed 3 successful people who I know well and how they achieved in their
life based on each persons career. The first person I interviewed is my father Ayoob
Khan who sacrificed a lot to reach his position now in his business career. He have been a
money changer for past 20 years. Hes really an experienced man. In this past 20 years,
he have also learnt many skills and absorbed life motivating aspects that have helped him
in his 20 years of his career life. One of it, is hes experience. People do say that, money
can buy education but not experience. With experience, a person can go to any point or
level in our life to be successful in career field. He always say that, always be wise in
whatever we do or start off with, the world is not the same anymore.

The next individual that I have interviewed is Mr. Vicknesh who is also a Pilot in
Malindo Airlines. He have been to many different countries, he have met a lot of
customers on board in the flight. Different types of people have, different types of
perception towards everything they do. That is the skill that Mr. Vicknesh have learnt
throughout his career life, which is to get along and tolerate with everyone no matter how
the perception is.

The successful and intelligent doctor student in Malaysia is Mr. Shailesh Anand. He is 24
and currently doing his practical in Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. When I asked what his
secret of his success was, he answered me that he got a sponsorship on doctorate course
and he had an interests on that fundamental.

All of them gave me a shortcut information to the youth generation. One should not rush
anytime on their target achievement. Every one of them addressed the same in got the
chance to join it to an ethical esteem called, don't surge. They said not to surge at
whatever time for a shameful workstation. A direction on a business or any vocation is an
absolute necessity of a starting life. Their wellsprings of inspiration that helps them get to
be distinctly fruitful is their quietness of life.

From this, I would encourage everybody to not surge in any request of settling on a
choice or making another life to start. Nearness of readiness in each heart is a need to
accomplish something as our objective in life.