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Solicitude Scarcity

I think its crazy things in life connect, but so sad everyday humans refuse

to realize whats special about that effect. This results in the consequence

of all our decisions we affect other. Because of that my friend told me he

hates this human race, but given detail that everyone will progress,

accelerate, and learn at a different pace should allow awareness that

constant correct precision is for no one to perfect. At times I wonder are

there truly mistakes or if you just loose at the stakes. Life is like a gamble

people play different cards placing words that cut deep as a jab of a stake

then a slab makes your plate full of the time for hate fueling the feud of beef

as if the beef was food and a real steak. Even if its your birthday you cant

just have and eat your cake. Its so much care that I take almost like a

reference to drake wishing for those who sleep on the power of love to

awake from fake. Its no excuses, though everyone is prone to a zone of

error critical criteria comes in setting the tone for an era. Understanding

what's wrong helps in establishing the standard so young adolescence can

be strong with goals and morals, discipline and principles rules and order

encounter grade school principals with smaller principalities. Strength of

mentality requires much stability much stability and that's what gives our life
structure. Do you stand with real support? Or is it those that just watch you

descend all the way down to court. If it wasnt the mission then you

shouldve known to abort because that is the same wave of vision used to

distort. So why stay stubborn? Its harder to grasp more when you hold

grudges. A book and the law judges today it seems like were all judges

continually trying to justify our cognitive bias in dissonance but the truth is

thinking may be faster through heuristics but it can be too simplistic only

solidified solving is from the algorithm almost as statistics. I deny

authenticity of a prototype humans know the hype but have caution

conceiving conscious aspects of concepts. Viewing the context beware of

the same mental set there me be no technical accidents but reflect full of

regret. Positive accommodation is collected by the dreamer. Nevertheless

my assimilation has steady schema for a schemer. If everyone matters it

should be shown and shared. If not it accommodates attribution to our

current state of reason impaired. It is pitiful to be compared in treason

either way more concerns should be conversed especially if knowledgeable

to words to words of wisdom revealing guidance. Youth follow by example

so how leaders conduct cultivates our culmination.