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Books by Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis created Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) as a philosophy of living, which can
be self-taught to markedly reduce one's self-defeating thinking-feeling-behaving and to enhance
happiness and productivity in life. Thus, any of his books can be read and understood by almost
everyone. However, some books are more directly addressed to general readers. Such books are
marked with an asterisk.

This is an almost complete list of books written by Albert Ellis. The books are arranged

*All Out (Autobiography)

A case against religiosity [unavailable]

*A guide to personal happiness (with Irving M. Becker)

*A guide to rational living (with Robert A. Harper)

*A guide to successful marriage (with Robert A. Harper)

*Anger: how to live with and without it

*Ask Albert Ellis: straight answers and sound advice from America's best-known psychologist

Better, deeper, and more enduring brief therapy: the rational emotive behavior therapy approach

Brief psychotherapy in medical and health practice (with Eliot Abrahms)

Case studies in REBT with children and adolescents (with Jerry Wilde)

Counseling and psychotherapy with religious persons: a rational emotive behavior therapy
approach (with Stevan L. Nielsen and W. Brad Johnson)

*Dating, mating, and relating: how to build a healthy relationship [unavailable]

*Executive leadership: the rational emotive approach


*Feeling better, getting better, staying better

Growth through reason: verbatim cases in rational emotive therapy

*How to control your anger before it controls you (with Raymond C. Tafrate)

*How to control your anxiety before it controls you

*How to keep people from pushing your buttons (with Arthur Lange)

*How to live with a "neurotic" at home and at work

*How to maintain and enhance your rational emotive behavior therapy gains

*How to make yourself happy and remarkably less disturbable

*How to master your fear of flying

*How to raise an emotionally healthy, happy child (with Sandra Moseley, Janet L. Wolfe)

*How to stop destroying your relationships: a guide to enjoyable dating, mating, and relating (with
Robert A. Harper) [available]

*How to stubbornly refuse to make yourself miserable about anything yes, anything!

Humanistic psychotherapy: the rational emotive approach

Is objectivism a religion?

*Making intimate connections: seven guidelines for great relationships and better communication
(with Ted Crawford) [unavailable]

Murder and assassination (with John M. Gullo) [unavailable]

My philosophy of psychotherapy

*Optimal aging: getting over getting older (with Emmett Velten)

Overcoming destructive beliefs, feelings, and behaviors: new directions for rational emotive
behavior therapy

*Overcoming procrastination (with William J. Knaus)

Overcoming resistance: a rational emotive behavior therapy integrated approach

Overcoming resistance: rational emotive therapy with difficult clients

Psychotherapy and the value of a human being

Rational emotive behavioral approaches to childhood disorders: theory, practice and research (with
Michael E. Bernard)

Rational emotive behavior therapy: a therapist's guide (with Catharine MacLaren)

*Rational emotive behavior therapy: it works for me--it can work for you

Rational emotive imagery

Rational emotive therapy: handbook of theory and practice (with Russell Grieger) [unavailable]

*Reason and emotion in psychotherapy

Sex and the liberated man [unavailable]

*Sex without guilt

*Sex without guilt in the twenty-first century

Stress counseling: a rational emotive behavior approach (with Jack Gordon, Michael Neenan,
Stephen Palmer)

Suppressed: seven key assays publishers dare not print [unavailable]

Technique of disputing irrational beliefs (DIBs)

*The Albert Ellis reader (with Shawn Blau)

The American sexual tragedy [unavailable]

The art and science of rational eating (with Michael Abrams and Lidia Dengelegi)
The art and science of love [unavailable]

*The art of lovemaking [unavailable]

*The intelligent woman's guide to dating and mating [unavailable]

*The myth of self-esteem

The road to tolerance: the philosophy of rational emotive behavior therapy

*The secret of overcoming verbal abuse (with Marcia G. Powers)

The sensuous person: critique and corrections [unavailable]

Theoretical and empirical foundations of rational emotive therapy (with John M. Whiteley)

*When AA doesn't work for you: rational steps for quitting alcohol (with Emmett Velten)

Why some therapies don't work: the dangers of transpersonal psychology (with Raymond J.