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Happy Birthday Bushcraft &
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Survival Skills Magazine! It’s hard to believe that seven years ago, I was standing at the
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Elaine Gilboy the very first issue of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine. Some of
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The magazine has gone from strength to strength, being marketed
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at many shows and events throughout the country with stands in
excess of 300 square metres providing interactive bushcraft activities
Distribution to all. Through the magazine, I have had the opportunity to work
Comag with and meet leading figures in the industry such as Lars Fält,
Tavistock Road Mors Kochanski, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, Mykel Hawke, John ‘Lofty’
West Drayton Wiseman, Simon King, Ben Fogle, and Steve Backshall amongst
Middlesex others. These opportunities have taken me to Sweden working with
Lars Falt, visiting Gränsfors Bruks, forging at and touring the factory.
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I have attended many courses run by key figures in the bushcraft and survival industry. I have travelled to some great locations
such as the Sarhara Desert, and recently lived with the Massai people in Kenya, which was an amazing experience and a
Cover Image rollercoaster ride of emotions, you can read more about this from Olivia on p58.
Jeremiah a Massai Warrior
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background and has a wide range of teaching and Survival was sparked as a child training qualifications. Paul is dedicated to wildlife.. FEATURES REGULARxxxxx 8 Make an Ash Longbow 3 Editorial 12 Sharp Thinking 7 Letters to the editor 18 Lofty’s Life Stories 16 In the news 22 Tales of the Riverbank 67 Back Issues Offer 26 The 5 Most Important Survival Plants 68 Subscription Offer 34 Ticks: Vampires or just a piece of natural jigsaw 69 Next issue 38 Picture Perfect 73 Trading Post 44 Make a Birch Bark Container 58 Life Changing Expedition subscr iB 64 70 Bushcraft on a Budget Headover Tracking Exercises & Games to Play Part 2 TODAY! E FOR DE 74 Best in Bushcraft 2012 Winners & Finalists Comments T 78 Rustic Furniture SEE pag AILS e 68 COMPETITIONS REVIEWS 3 7th Birthday Competition 43 Win a Massai Stick 48 Tipi or not Tipi? 47 What happened here? 82 The Long Walk 57 Win a Tipi 82 Primitive Technology II 82 Win Primitive Technology II 82 Win The Long Walk MEET THE CONTRIBUTORS. He served with 22 SAS for over 26 years.. on Land or kit from things that you might find lying over the world. rising to the rank Son of the late Eddie McGee. Perry is of Sergeant-Major and ran the SAS selection course and the Survival School.. which sells hundreds of thousands each year and as an iPhone App. Bushcraft on a budget — no stranger to the wilds. How To . Perry loves helping others learn these skills and willingly at Sea. years experience in survival training ensuring that the standards He is a dab hand at all things creative. He spent 10 years around the world including developed an understanding of studying and training under the Southern Africa. He has tracked Frontier Bushcraft Ltd. John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman should need Perry McGee. Mears as a bushcraft instructor. Ian is constantly on the lookout assists others where possible. showing you how to make knowledge of survival scenarios all in Any Climate.bushcraftmagazine. Pocket Guide – The SAS money-saving tips! Guide. With over 40 'Make do and Mend' is Ian's BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 5 . Ian Nairn . Ray Mears.Jason's interest in enthusiast. it has been translated for bushcraft use. makes for some great Handbook. a site and not the gear in his pack that and then as an employee. First published in around.Pablo is a life-long wildlife has a military and law-enforcement Jason Ingamells. tracking one of only a few people who have been recognised by Ray was all the essential kit he needed. being awarded the celebrated and bushcraft. Perry McGee’s National Tracking School no introduction in the world of bushcraft & survival. Pablo.. he wrote seamstress! His innovative ideas can save types of terrain and climates. Pablo runs what nature could provide he guidance of world-renowned Woodlife Trails. first as and Tracking school and knowledge he held in his head a student on his bushcraft courses Woodlife Social Network.CONTENTS. He also has a long-standing interest in and School and author of a number into 18 different languages extensive knowledge of woodcraft and green woodworking.. tracking and when he went on his first aid course. you pounds. To view all the contributors visit www. Paul also holds the Mountain Leader Award. He uses a combination of bushcraft. gaining The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild. HeWood Life . and leadership. he has endured for the SAS remained high. and would be a match for any skilled survival training and situations in all After he retired.. combined with his other skills. selling over 2 million for items to re-use or turn into something is founder of Perry McGee’s Tracking copies. He was Handbook and all the kit he previously Course Director at wildlife in various locations could purchase! However as he Woodlore Ltd. a Bushcraft soon understood that it was the bushcraft expert. rushing straight out afterwards to Paul Kirtley field craft skills to get close buy Lofty Wiseman's SAS Survival is owner and Chief Instructor of to wildlife. antler-handled Woodlore instructor’s knife. Here are just SOME of those who make this possible. Perry 1986. of books including The Tracking and adapted for the Collins which.

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Scout Gordon Peter Cross. West Midlands Super idea! Let me know how you get on. You are not alone as we hear from plenty of people each Bushcraft & Survival Skills month who are getting involved in this growing hobby. We started the a selection of articles ranging from beginner articles to advanced articles. and can also be used for tinder. and in countries as far reaching as Australia. My problem is that What a pity there's none like your one in France.   Many thanks. Each issue we offer magazine. but as many people prefer the feel and specifically covered then also let us know. which I cut down and the string is off an old cat scratcher. the the grip on the firesteel last thing that I would loosens. France   Hi Peter. So we really do appeal to. DANGEROUS. on Facebook . Hello. Happy Bushcrafting! and service an international readership. Hi Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine. If you have any questions relating books have come out on the subject and interest is certainly growing. Whilst out hiking. Dubai. Simple! made from the leg parts and the cross member is made from the long back piece. It’s great to hear that you have become interested in bushcraft over the I am glad that you like reading last 18 months. I Just a little photo of the bucksaw I made from an old cut a small piece of silver birch and when I returned back home. and the U.   is something that fascinates me and fires the imagination. I hope you like it. all I have to do is carve some bark off the handle and It took a few attempts.     I have been a subscriber to Bushcraft and Survival Skills for approximately 18 I'm writing from France where I live. STAR L LETTERSTOTHE EDITOR! Mud ETTE Tea . South Korea and more.A. to an article.S. Since then. you need further assistance. If this happens have expected to see and you wanted a more would be one made permanent solution you could use some strong glue to keep it in. If ever I need any tinder. so the centre of it and inserted the flint stick. that as the wood I have seen many dries out it may split and handmade saws. I drilled a hole in broken chair. Brazil. You could drill a hole at the upcycling! top too and put some cord through. Kind regards. you may find. Cambridge Regis Montemont. Canada.   With thanks. My lad broke one of the kitchen chairs. Simon Happy Bushcrafting! To win great bushcraft prizes. Is it possible for the magazine to include a ‘beginners’ or ‘basics’ page for us   lightweights? This is a picture of me doing a   river crossing. Hi Scout Gordon. The world of bushcraft while ago. New Zealand. Another out of a chair! Well solution is to look out for some seasoned Birch. Enville. I discovered your famous magazine a months and find the magazine very hard to put down. which is why I subscribed my bushcraft skills could be as described as basic or at worst. Peter Rayment. feel free to write in and we will ask the author for you should who knows there may be a French bushcraft magazine in the future. if you cut a fresh Hi Peter. The end pieces are I'm in business. It has made a lovely temporary handle I though I would make a buck saw with it. Hi Regis. or cut a piece and let it season done. I hope this helps and do check portability of a ‘real’ magazine we are happy to mail to France. send in your Simon Write 'Letter to the editor' to Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Today! letters@bushcraftmagazine. many a read of the article and then give it a go. Happy Bushcrafting! I love the idea of having the Birch bark there to peel off in case of need! Simon Happy Bushcrafting! Simon Bushcraft for Beginners Bushcraft IN FRANCE Dear Editor. Thank you. indeed out the back issues (currently on offer p67) as they have many articles we have subscribers that prefer a physical magazine throughout Europe covering basic skills that you will find suitable. that really is outside before drilling the hole for your firesteel. magazine seven years ago as however I can understand if initially an article may appear advanced. Have there was not a magazine for bushcraft enthusiasts. Swea r R Gry s by Be t & lls o ar Dual Purpose Handle! Upcycled! way n its ! Hi Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine. If there are any subjects you would like to see We provide a digital version. and have since ordered seven back issues too. but I finally got it to work great. I recently bought a flint stick but needed a handle to fit it too.

The tree should now fall in the desired direction. however. there is an archaic law that still requires every Englishman over the age of fourteen to practice the longbow for two hours every weekend while being overseen by a member of the clergy! The bow-making process begins with finding a suitable tree. a longbow should be made from yew (Taxus baccata). It is important to note that before you fell any trees. slide the knot into place and pull it tight. cut the sink into the base of the tree. throw a bundle of rope over a branch. You must always have an escape route planned which is at forty-five degrees to the rear of the tree. Interestingly. and tie a running bowline knot. the bow was a versatile and vital survival tool used for hunting game such as birds. this will act in a similar fashion as a pulley and help to guide the tree to fall in the safest direction. sometimes called a gob cut. Then. as it is important that this be flat. and with the guidance of your pulley. T he intimate British relationship with the longbow eventually evolved to include warfare. you should only harvest trees in accordance with the woodland management scheme. your companion should put the tree under tension by pulling on the pulley attached to the other tree (as described in the first step). our ancestors were hunting brown bear as recently as 1000 AD. You will then be left with two escape routes at forty. yew is no longer grown as a crop. it reached its apex at the battle of Agincourt.HOW TO BOWS. Globally adored legends such as Robin Hood are at the heart of British folklore.eighty-degree arc of where the tree could fall. you will need to perform a back cut. The sink. it is thought our hunter-gatherer ancestors used them to hunt woolly mammoth. The next step is hazardous. you should never stand or look directly behind the tree when making the back cut. Initially. The danger zone is Putting in the back cut directly behind the tree and everywhere within a one-hundred-and. Also. Furthermore. However. where the trunk suddenly and violently snaps. If you attach the other end of the rope round another nearby tree. You can do this by cutting at a forty-five degree angle to the bottom of the cut. Ideally. forming a hinge. While you are making the back cut. A decent stave needs to come from the trunk of a young tree and not from a branch. as tree felling is potentially lethal. The skill of the bowmen and the sheer deadliness of the longbow will live forever in our cultural and oral history. When the hinge gets thin enough. This will give you all the raw material you will need. boar and red deer. In order to ensure your safety. with an axe. A few inches above your sink or gob cut. It could ‘barber chair’. It is of the utmost importance that you book yourself onto a course to learn these forestry skills first hand. the tree will fall. Arguably. Then. therefore the orientation of the sink will dictate the direction the tree will fall. you must Starting the gob cut check to see if there is a Tree Protection Order (TPO) in place and have the permission of the landowner. therefore. The gob cut First. I will briefly explain the basic technique required to fell a tree. and great care should be taken. This is the point where the trunk will break. Felling the tree five degree angles behind the tree. The two cuts act to create a hinge. has a flat bottom and comes in about one-fifth of the way through the trunk. THE BRITISH & THE BOWYER The running bowline Using another tree as a pulley by Richard Lees MSc There is perhaps no single weapon more ingrained into the psyche of the inhabitants of the British Isles than the longbow. The sheer rarity of the wood makes the costs of a yew 8 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . You must always ensure that your escape route is clear of any obstacles. If we go back ten-thousand years ago when the archaeological record shows that longbows were first used.

we will be looking at Holmegaard bow which was recovered how to make a flat ash longbow. Fortunately. it under tension. You power. it means in two. it has little power. The next will influence the bow’s energy: step is to make a few wooden wedges which the draw weight. String follow is Removing the cambiam layer back of the bow does not consist of good if you are looking for the same. which occurs under tension. but it has poor accuracy.longbow prohibitive. A bow In order to split the trunk into staves. as bows were mass-produced using this method. the draw length. string stretch. and releases along the bark. you will need is essentially a wooden spring that to use an axe to score a line that will create a split accumulates. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 9 . Staves can also be bought online. available metal ones. and bows are as deep as they are wide and form Splitting the trunk they exhibit many different designs a D-shape in cross section. however. also when put the tension of the string. many ancient bows have been recovered by There are essentially two types of bow: long archaeologists across the globe. When the bow itself. I energy. the Holmegaard bow has been carbon Making the stave dated back to at least eight thousand years old. it will be made. repeat the process that the string can in order to quarter the be drawn further wood. A experience! Europe went high brace height through vast quantities gives a greater of yew during the middle degree of accuracy ages. Roughing out will cause your bow to lose your bow power. At is known as string follow. it is important not to This phenomenon can cut into the wood underneath. however. A re-curved bow. Five foot long and made from elm. Some are so advanced wider than they are deep and are rectangular in that they cannot be improved upon cross section. Wooden wedges the distance from Split staves create less damage to the the bow to the wood than commercially string). Your be observed even when bow will snap under tension if the un-strung. and flat bows are and materials. the speed can see from my face of an arrow is that it is a most satisfying called the cast. drying. single growth ring. this layer can crack. There are three factors that have found this method to be inferior). Therefore. is a good idea to understand the science behind bow-making. Each stave will back. Make sure that you go down A bow needs to be as through the cambium layer. The advantage with flat bows is with modern technology. bow (the part that will face away from you). is the best design for power. ash (Fraxinus excelsior) can be used to make an exceptional power and medium accuracy. stores. the from what will be the ‘back’ of the greater the power. and finishing. the same time. As an interesting digression. are then driven in along the scored line. Now you have now felled your tree. one which bends flat bow. the initial step is to split the trunk into staves from which the bows In order to make a quality bow. while the longer The initial step is to strip the bark the bow length (limbs). If the brace height After splitting the trunk is low. away from the string. You give the arrow should now have your more energy and stave ready in order to therefore more My stave fashion your bow. This will then give you a bow. found straight as possible when between the inner bark and the wood un-strung. yet still just the most famous of these is the as powerful. and less paradoxing (wobbling) of the arrow as it flies. intact from a bog in Denmark. This and the brace will eventually split the height (which is trunk. A straight bow has medium article. There are three main steps to follow in order to create a longbow: Conversely. there are also factors which determine the maximum these are roughing out the bow. If this is not removed the wood takes on a curve due to will not dry properly. Perhaps that they can be lighter and shorter. energy that can reach the arrow: thick limbs will drain energy as they tend to spring back more slowly. (A knife can be used. as we will be looking at in this accuracy.

Wrap some inner tube round it begin to rough out the as it dries to make sure it is held in place. Bear in mind. Shave off the excess be in the region of six foot. and enable centre where your handle will be. you need secure and comfortable. If you choose to do this. Follow one Once you are starting to get an even bend on the limbs. Be patient. Follow the guide lines you have file deep enough into the edge of your bow using a round file. glue on your handle using your stave. Remember that when you get down to the scraper. we you are able to ascertain where you need to remove will take it down to half-an-inch. The bow taper should bending one limb into the ground and then the other. simply follow a single growth ring all the way down the When you have ‘skinned’ length of the bow. vast majority of bows in the archaeological record have been found broken. by will hold the string will eventually be cut. We know that this aspect of bow- here. it is time to begin the tillering final width of at least two process. the handle section should be four inches long and one inch wide. Turn the bow over. your handle needs to be thick enough to resist making has been the bowyer’s nemesis since pre-history. you can always take wood away. later. they will not snap out under tension. But. more material. To carve it out. and draw a line on the side profile. Your aim is to inches for both of the limbs. The end of the bow is Remember. and use a cabinet bow.HOW TO Bow dimensions On this occasion. tapering towards the end. I know a bowyer who seasons his staves for a year before finishing. Taper the notch from about three centimetres to 10 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . shape shape of the bow. This is a process of fine tuning. When you are getting a good even bend on the limbs. a six-foot bow is Initially. Take your dry rough bow and tie or clamp it down. you should be left with a rough bow shape three-quarters of an inch thick. as it needs to be at its strongest point powerful bow and a broken stick. Bow designs are many and varied. shave off increasingly smaller amounts of wood from The limbs then continue the limbs until they both bend evenly and equally. As long as you your axe to remove larger pieces. as the snapping under tension. this is the most delicate Experiment by holding it in your hand and finding what thickness part of the entire process and can mean the difference between a of handle feels comfortable. you must be patient and find the design that you season the wood by leaving it to dry for at least three would like. don’t file so deep as to weaken the bow. you can freely take off quite large quantities perfect. but you where the notches that cannot put it back! As the picture demonstrates. a little wood makes a big difference. use your knife for the finer work and The next step is to cut the notches for your string. to mark out your design Drying with a pencil. To follow the design of my bow. Instead. I decided to forego a one piece ash bow. weeks to a month. and ensure it is back of the bow. you need of the growth rings three-quarters-of-an-inch from the back of the to exercise caution. wood by drawing it towards you with a sideways however. Try to aim for your bow to Then. be about three-quarters -of-an-inch wide at this point. The Finishing width should fade out over another two inches to a Attaching a walnut handle After seasoning. This will take microns of material off at a time. of wood. Then. each with their own attributes. tailor it to your motion. By now. As I am six- foot-one. allow an extra thickness of wood. you to really fine tune the bow. On the the handle how you want it to be. I advise looking online to When you are at this stage. up the length of your bow. own height. Put aside your spoke shave. it is time to Shaping the handle powerful wood glue. along the belly. drawn. Finally. I decided to add a walnut handle. take a spoke shave tool.

The piece of flat wood will act as a brace. Shaving the bow approximately one centimetre. the bottoms of the notches start low and run upwards towards the tip. Temporarily string the bow with some para-cord. The purpose of this is to seal the fibres and make the bow denser and more resistant to water and physical damage. and repeat the process until Shaving the bow detail you have an even bend with no hinges. Finally. The tillering carried out prior to this was a crude process that evenly shaped the bow. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors used to rub a bone up and down the bow. Noting where it needs to bend more. it should last many years. warm them. Making your own bow string is in itself an art Ascertaining where you need to and warrants an article of its own. Then. Then. Once you have fitted your string. If looked after. and observe the bend. I advise purchasing a readymade string from a shop. After the oils have sunk in. you can see how the limbs bend in relation to each other. you can ‘bone’ the bow. For the sake remove more material of simplicity. It needs to be dug deep Notch enough into the ground. you are now ready to string your bow. if you so desire. shave off a few microns of wood. Round file for notch The tillering station is essentially a fence post or something similar. when viewed from the front. nail a sturdy piece of flat wood at a right angle to the post. Then. quoting the type and length of your bow. Towards the top of the post. then apply in coats to the bow. you can bind the handle for decoration with leather or whichever material you prefer. Finally. as shown in the images. so it is stable. It can help at this stage to have a second person to observe from a different angle. up the percentage of linseed oil after each coat in increments up to Tillering station one-hundred-per-cent. you are now finally ready to loose some arrows! Final finishing Now you have seen how your bow works and you have loosed a few arrows. Start with a 50/50 mix of white spirit and linseed oil. coat your bow in a natural varnish containing beeswax not silicone. and carefully place your bow centrally on the brace. You can do this or use a glass bottle or smooth round stone. they are as lethal today as they were ten-thousand- years-ago! Time to lose some arrows BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 11 . The final tillering is a far more delicate affair and is where the true art of bow-making lies. the final finishing process can take place. and in a central and level position. Your bow is now finished and a living piece of our history. Just remember. re-place your bow on the tillering station. The next step is to set up what is known as a tillering station. Pull on the cord. Then. Remember that each lateral side needs to be a mirror image.

the less coarse the scratches on the edge. The finer the edge and finer the polish find something that will suffice when we are out in the field. in theory. stones.KNIVES & AXES SHARP THINKING We often go out with our tools sharp for a day in the woods and some of us even carry small pocket stones for a quick touch up of the edge whilst out and about. so we should. Even when you are stream or river nearby or the sea you will find some really nice at home sharpening with conventional stones this is a good cobbles and stones (smoothed by the pounding of the water) idea to keep in mind. the sharper it will be and the longer it will last. what can we do? by Ben & Lois Orford H ere are some ideas of improvised sharpening (obviously the coarser the techniques and simpler sharpening ideas so if. stone the quicker it will grind you need to sharpen your tools when you are far from the steel away which can be a your bench stone you can think sharp and still get the edge good thing if we are trying to change back on your tools. on the tool. If you have a finish will be on the wood you are carving. be able to see where they meet. When looking for something to sharpen with. ideally done A lot of stones sold for sharpening are natural stones so those edges meet at the smallest edge possible so you can’t mined from the ground. But what happens if we haven’t got our stones and our tools get dull. try and think of Also. or when. as the edge that is produced can often be too coarse 12 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . the edge profile or remove any nicks and damage from the edge). This is often forgotten when using bench which can produce a very good edge. the finer the what you have in the environment you are in. Let’s start by thinking that a sharp edge on a tool is effectively two very polished edges meeting at a fine angle.

that some washed up cuttlebone from a cuttle You may also find some suitable sharpening stones near the edge fish was a really good. Don’t hang your when we were down on the fingers off the stone too much or you may cut them. but try and find something that is thin coating of sand to the comfortable to hold in your hand. even of larger rivers that are too big to lift or move but have some abrasive when dried. This is best achieved by finding a waste strip of drift wood (FIG3). approach the tool from behind the cutting edge. this is not necessarily a bad thing as the to find a piece of driftwood grinding paste or slurry that it forms can also work well at polishing from a pallet or other the edge a bit like the slurry produced when using Japanese water board as it will have at least stones. and then applying a to look for a flat surface. with enough size so that your surface (it does help if you fingers are not too close to the cutting edge. which will help lubricate the stone and float away the waste steel being removed from the tool. one flat side and will be a FIG4 lot flatter than most rocks. the benefit that they FIG1 are heavy enough not to move when you are sharpening which is a great advantage. ideally with a flat For sharpening axes and convex grinds it is not so important side. Try to find the sand stick) (FIG4). close grain as you will find this leaves a better can be great for sharpening finish. When you want to get a finer edge FIG2 you will need to knock off the heavy larger grains and use the same stick with the For sharpening an axe or parang if you are holding the tool still smaller grains that are left and moving the stone remember to try and make sure you always behind. It is still often the case that native peoples will have a communal stone down on the beach or by the FIG3 river that has been used for generations to sharpen parangs or machetes. The FIG5 flat useable surfaces ideal for sharpening (FIG2). These stones may also still be damp. This a stone with a tight. Stones that have a very sandy consistency will work quite your knife if you manage well but will wear quickly. This will help maintain the edge on the flat grind of most bushcraft knives. If you are near the coast or a sandy river then a great method for sharpening is to actually use the sand to make improvised sandpaper. if not even wet. They also have underside seemed to be BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 13 . Try to make sure that you draw the knife back towards yourself away from the cutting edge as this will produce a better edge and prevent the knife from getting nicks from the larger grains of sand (Fig5). We also found. These can often be seen to have almost a curved face to them after years of use and wear. Ideally a smooth wet the stick first to help stone from the edge of a stream works really well (FIG1). coast.

so just try to think clearly about We have even read of an American knife what is available to you. For a video to accompany this article please go to the sharpening a flat bottom of a cooking pot or mess tin mediums you use are for flat edges. It’s a good idea For removing the coarse to practice these methods on some old knives and tools so edge and to help strop you have a good idea of how and what works best. Probably issue we mentioned using an old mobile one of the best for putting a phone top up card or old bank card very quick secondary bevel on and sticking a sheet of wet and dry a tool is the radius top sandpaper to one side and leather to the edge of a car window FIG6 other and carrying this in your wallet as (FIG7). But if your knife is blunt then any kind of edge is going to be better than 14 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . that is very compact and light. from house sheet of sandpaper the size of a bank bricks to bits of old Welsh note in his wallet and uses this on the slate. take slightly longer and leave not such a fine edge as you are used to. It will be a lot larger and dependent on where you are easier to use than a pocket stone. the edge will not hold or last but you may find that stropping compounds when it matters you will have the skills to help you get like some cardboard. but does leave a fine edge. We find that having a few sheets slid into the pouch where the internal frame of FIG8 FIG7 For those of you who have read Between A Rock And A Hard Place by Aron Ralston.always making sure that you strop away from the cutting edge. You your knife you can either can even take this to extremes if you wish and try getting strop it on the inside an edge on something like a bit of old scrap metal. This will not a really compact emergency sharpening remove too much steel set-up too.some better ‘in the field’ sharpening. In a previous than others (FIG6). Having said all this. these can either be stuck to a board or just loose and can be wrapped around or placed on top of something when needed (FIG8). They can work really efficiently if placed onto a foam camp mat for sharpening convex edges and on top of As you can see. but you can get decent results. is some sheets of sandpaper in various grits. out of a tricky situation. became sharp with a very fine finish. A good thing to add to your pack. (whose story was made into the film 127 Hours) and who had to amputate his arm with a two inch knife on a multi-tool. you will understand the importance of having a sharp knife with you or the ability to be able to sharpen it by improvised means! We hope this helps and remember to think laterally and have a go at trying out things that you wouldn’t at first think of. The window itself With all these methods the main thing to is very similar to the grit remember is that you still want to try and of some of the ceramic maintain the same edge geometry that rod sharpeners that are is already on the tool you are sharpening and that it may on the market. newspaper or clean softwood . We maker called Ed Fowler who carries a have tried all sorts. this is a worst case scenario and the cutting edge you will produce will not be as good as what can be produced from a bench stone or proper sharpening set-ups. and all have sharpened upturned heel of his cowboy boot for to some degree . even try using other fine Yes.KNIVES & AXES the best part and we were very surprised at how quickly the knife your rucksack is works really well and is very light and inexpensive. an old of your leather belt or food can or bit of old car part with these crude stones.

BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 15 .

G8. Halifax (Answers: A5. D7. from cultural dancing to native beadwork find out if you have got what it takes to be a Massai Warrior. We also have a special guest appearance on Saturday evening. Army Special Forces officer. To sponsor Harry visit COMPETITION WINNERS. to raise £3000 for Huntingdon’s Olympic Gym.718. Harry started on the 24th August 2012 and he is 90% towards his target having already raised £2. See page 42 for more information. ONLY at The Bushcraft Show 2013 -‘Where your hunger for adventure grows’.67. B2.000 to extend and refurbish. we are bringing over a MASSAI WARRIOR DANCE TROOP from Kenya.. Yorkshire Win A Survival Guide for Life – Peter Gibson. Visit www. to entertain and teach you some of the Massai ways. please visit Harry’s page and demonstrate your support to this remarkable young chap. Massai Warrior Dance Troop He and a friend had a sleepover in a tent and out of it came the idea to do this to raise money for the gym. See all of this and much Call 0333 4567 123 (option 2) Image courtesy of Discovery Channel Image courtesy of Discovery Channel 12year Old Boy Braves the Element It has been over six months since Harry O’Driscoll a twelve year old RUTH ENGLAND gymnast from Woodlife Trails Wilderness Immersion Course – Scott Gent. The gym needs to raise £100. Harry has trained at this gym since he was five years old and puts in 18 hours there a week and even more during the school holidays. C1. 24-27th May 2013 We are delighted to announce that MYKEL He has made it through the recent snow and freezing temperatures and endured his tent collapsing on multiple occasions under the weight of the snowfall. RUTH ENGLAND. Sussex Outdoor Survival Manual (Haynes) – Robert Dingle. E4. best known for his role in the Discovery RAY GOODWIN Channel series MAN. WOMAN. a British television presenter and actress.thebushcraftshow. which will allow more children to join and provide an area for the gym’s Olympic star Louis Smith and Dan Keatings to train without disruption from other classes. The Bushcraft Show. H6) Mora Bushcraft Black Knife – Suzanne Campbell. So if you could donate. Staffordshire 16 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine . retired U. To join in the fun see page 3 for more details. www. INTHENEWS NEWS JUST IN…Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine celebrate their 7th birthday. See and hear his personal accounts of bushcraft and inspirational MYKEL HAWKE wilderness canoe trips in the UK and North America. from the living legend of British canoeing RAY GOODWIN. F3. WILD will be at The Bushcraft Show 2013 on Sunday 25th May along with his co-star and wife. And that is not all. Cambridgeshire pledged to sleep outdoors in a tent for up to a year..S.justgiving.

wind and snow By Fiona Danks & Jo Schofields Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield are Building Your Own Tracking writers for Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine and in this issue Encyclopedia they show you how to make This article stirred great interest. and accessories. Visit www. and like previous volumes it aims to entice children away from their www.facebook.birding. Don’t miss out on more Facebook giveaways. March 2013. highlighting all new products. with some companies developing new techniques to interpret the actions of our furry and feathered friends. There is also an option to search by activity. and with  The Wild Weather Book is their sixth fully illustrated book. rucksacks and travel bags. Also recommended aim to motivate children to get are the works of Simon . Here is a picture of some of the happy campers receiving their prizes. where users can The Wild Weather Book enter the competition to win one of Snugpak's award winning Loads of things to do outdoors Chrysalis sleeping.) This in to share books by Jon Young such as 'What the Robin Knows' fabulous duo are also established on bird behavior and language. It is great to see that a selection of companies are through squidgy mud to flying a kite in the wind.html screen-dominated world and into the outdoors for some real world adventures. sleeping bags. like us at https://www. has launched a brand new website which allows anyone to view their full collection and buy online via Snugpak retailers. Scouts in Slovenia are Happy Campers 105 goodies from Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine's Facebook competition went to the winner Nina Opaka and her Scout Troop in Slovenia. However. Jo and Fiona using motion cameras and live animals to assist students in their will capture your imagination in the natural Do you have bushcraft news that you would like to share? Email Categories in the outdoor section include clothing. www. tents. Snugpak.99 Due out 7th more on tracking and the books and courses available.about. which detail similar observations authors of a series of books that as described in Jason's article in issue SNUGPAK LAUNCHES INNOVATIVE NEW WEBSITE  Leading British sleeping bag manufacturer. purchasing products from Snugpak retailers via the website is simple.cornell.birds.goingwild. Visit the new website for further information. which includes bushcraft and displays the products a person would need for that purpose. his book 'Bird Watching With Your outdoors and now they are back Eyes Closed' being a favorite. some of our readers have written rustic furniture (See p78. thanks to the secure checkout process powered by Shopatron. as both the Wild Weather Book and There are a rapidly growing number of individuals with an The Stick Book are now available as eBooks you can now combine interest in interpreting the behavior of Don’t miss our understanding. There are many resources available with more wonderful ideas for online too. RRP £9. and indeed all a screen with one of their inspiring activities! fauna.htm www.snugpak. new or varied techniques are of fun even when the weather is wild! From running barefoot being taught. And. some of these include: fun outdoors even in the most challenging weather! www. Look out in future issues where we will bring you review on this book in the next issue. It is simple to navigate around the site and provides the option to browse by product in the rain. Interest in This is the perfect book for remaining outdoors to have loads tracking is increasing.

We were sent there when Brunei was invaded by Indonesia in 1963.LOFTY'S LIFE STORIES ANAMAZINGEXPERIENCE One of the most rewarding times of my military career was living with the locals in Borneo. Written by John 'LOFTY' Wiseman 18 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook .

this was to be our home for the the hens range around the kampong and to recognise them we next four months. We let remote longhouse called Ulu Mepi. ankle got tangled up with gave us a sketchy picture on what a boat propeller. pleased to show us their trophies of heads. The Dutch had mapped the Soon knowledge of our arrival spread around the area and when Indonesian side of the border and these were to prove useful later they heard we were running a clinic. They were repelled but original headhunters. which they kept They amassed troops all along the borders threatening Sarawak. We also had tattoos which made them think we were gods. much to the amusement of the locals. Some when the war escalated. but there were Our pre-op briefing was very vague also many serious cases. Two days later we arrived at a it wasn’t long before I had as many as Sun Valley Food. These bare patches were usually exactly over the spot we were operating in. The wound was out in my mind to this day was too old to suture so after his reference to a dry leaf leech. smooth skinned. were rather nervous. The curator of the for four days after his Sarawak museum. The two boatmen were superb at navigating between boulders and We treated many cases of cuts. and security. started pulling teeth. and even negotiating rapids. stinking. From a black. It was a miracle blood. When we settled in they were only too threatened to destroy the newly formed alliance of Malaysia. I smelt to expect. fractures. We worked from maps taken from aerial tall. Tom Harrison. never seen a white man before. They were short. put badges of rank on them using gentian violet. farming. as little was known of the country. To achieve this we had to seek the help of the Lofty with the locals locals. trimming the dead flesh I I’m still disappointed that I never started him on a course of came across such a thing. so The tribe were Ibans the fiercest tribe in Borneo. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 19 . Many were old tribal Brunei and Sabah. all wet and thirsty for amazing. people in the queue that formed outside the school house were just curious. photographs which had many blank areas which were marked and they treated us as such. down as cloud cover. before pleasantly surprised when I travelling for many hours by truck. but we noticed some of the very old and youngsters on health. these were the they attacked the oil fields of Seria. The patients rewarded us with chickens. particularly of the flora the injury as soon as he and fauna. but I penicillin injections. enemies. One perched in the bow giving directions. After did experience millions of other five days the results were species. Initially the river was have died from septicaemia without any treatment. to us let alone the patient. The best way We were warmly of gaining their trust was by establishing a hearts and mind welcomed by the programme which included giving medical assistance and advice whole village. He certainly would canoe powered by two outboard engines. Finally we got into a dugout removed the dressing to see a pink healthy scar. and the only way to do this was to live with them. as little was known of the area we One man had been carried were going in to. and the men heavily There were no survey maps available at the time so we had tattooed. We had to gain their confidence and respect. deployed on the border of Young Ibans Sarawak and Indonesia in four man patrols to give early warning of any pending invasion and to gain intelligence.B runei is an oil rich state which the Indonesians coveted. We were tall and hairy. while the most recent were Japanese soldiers whose army had occupied a lot of the We were country in World War Two. all four of us were over six foot to make our own. while the other manned the engines. hanging from the roof of the longhouse. They had in fact. the odd burn. they arrived in droves. wide but gradually tapered off to a boulder strewn stream. One thing that stands arrived. life- We flew from Brunei to Kuching. threatening wound I was the capital of Sarawak.

It had took years to train. ula the junction of two streams. They thought we fell over just to make them down some young rubber plants that the locals treasured. in half in the process. shelter.LOFTY'S LIFE STORIES We considered ourselves civilised but compared to these simple Another incident that didn’t go down well was when the Penghulu tribespeople we had a lot to learn. They shared This was a short barrelled pump action loaded with 9sg cartridges. The Penghulu collapsed with I was only put off my food once. They would head the lads decided to make the kids off in what we thought bow and arrows. enjoying most of it. Their hearing. with nature. I was anxious to see mate turned up with the whose chickens it had swallowed. what am I eating?” To my carried out we depended relief it was a small monkey’s on the outward leg on the paw. grief as the other dogs beat The dish was a curried stew a hasty retreat. as if trying to shake The sense of direction the hands. This was a risky business as the pigs were We ate everything they prepared ferocious and many a hunter for us. as well as using it as building who would then dispense it material. We were These were steel ball bearings. deadly at close range. I It was very tasty but as I got to guess some days are better the bottom of the bowl a small than others. hunted for wild pigs was to go out with a pack of dogs Everything that they required and let them pick up the could be found in the jungle. worked together. The dogs would cooking pots. He invited supposed to be the intelligent ones but we learnt so much from the lad to go hunting with him as the traditional method was these people. common which got me thinking. The young shoots with a spear mounted on a were also part of their diet. laugh. After a six hour trek we used to Not everything went to plan we say to our guide ‘back to did have minor set backs. rafts and even surround the pig confining musical instruments from it. to long sharp tusks. two pig. everything. They alarm bells started ringing immediately and I asked him to show pointed out things that we missed and unlike us they never me where he had cut the bows from. The moment he fired lance corporals and a sergeant the pack leader leapt in front appeared! That night we had a of his barrel. The hunter would sit Bamboo is so useful and on a high spot waiting to must be compared to what hear the dogs barking which the buffalo was to the Native meant they had cornered Americans. 20 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . He came back was completely the wrong chuffed after a session of target direction. We went to investigate and dog was the pack leader on the river bank was a python who was very special and about fifteen feet long. scent. The three large bulges adding to its dogs would take it in turns considerable girth. into camp during the night. blow pipe. This day monkey. impaled on ranged from snake. one snake. The way they food from nature was impressive. Baby fatalities were locals had was astounding. with each other and. fruit bat. The eye sight. On the many patrols we “oh. trotted off nonchalantly. It had come to keep the pig occupied. and sense of smell were finely developed. One of camp’. more significantly. The boar with meat and wild vegetables. When my chickens. One day a distressed the dogs did their job and woman came running up from surrounded a large boar at the river shouting “Ula besar. chief he casually said “stand When an Iban beheaded the back” and took aim on the snake and opened it up. hand complete with finger nails appeared. a pig. It was a pleasure and an honour to be with these people. described was the wood he used oozed a sticky white gum. Their ability to make clothes. getting blown great meal of chicken and python. This came unstuck. The only draw back he base in hours. They lived in complete harmony (chief) noticed that one of the lads was armed with a shotgun. Sure enough he had cut tripped or fell. They made cups. and acquire somewhat risky and a shotgun would be useful. but we always practice saying how well the bows found ourselves back in performed. besar!” Ula besar is Malay for big In each pack of dogs. and a routine which the pack had been rewarded with three leader organised. and crime was non existent. trusty compass. it until the hunter came.

the Hultafors Agdor Trekking axe Now available with a premium vegetable . fibre bio S30V steel.. (HRC 59) By Spanish stocking our products. EnZo PK70 UK Legal EDC penknife with Scandi grind. knife with a full-tang vik 12C27 steel.. Blade blanks also available. O2 High Carbon Buffalo horn or Tool Steel Olive Call for details of a t: 01628 330 330 recommended retailer e: service@casstrom. w: www.New Kupilka Casstrom’s New Continental No.handles available in tanned leather sheath Oak. Made in Finland Handles available in blade in German Bull-horn/Ebony. A great new made from a Wood/Plastic A sturdy multi-purpose folder with Swedish Sand. 99 Outdoor eating accessories Swedish Forest Knife Folding knives. Bubinga and BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 21 .casstrom. .

With a bit of practice you will able to tell and Roderick the Water Rat. 29cms (11. for comparison. Probably more familiar is the the difference between the tracks. The water vole’s photo © by Nigel Grigsby Water voles feed in the open making them good fastest declining tail is covered with fur but the wildlife subjects mammal. At first glance. Despite their names. They also out if there are have small ears that are normally any water voles held close to the head. observations and The teeth are used not only for photographs of feeding but burrowing as well. they may be a Canadian production broadcast in the UK in the 1960s and confused as one and the same animal. 22 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . There is around the areas a flap of skin inside each ear to you visit. The water vole will have an extra of the country the name is still in use. a round body and a into this amazing blunt muzzle. bright orange incisor indebted to the teeth. who helped me put this article together. can be almost twice S adly.5 inches) long from nose to tail and weighs between 150g – 300g. series of books. The brown rat. Woodlife Trails Water vole aka Water Rat photo © by Nigel Grigsby I don’t expect that many people will remember a children’s the water vole is often compared. but they are definitely two 1970s and included characters such as Hammy the Hamster distinctly separate species. which are self-sharpening. but water voles. with which set of molars on each side of the skull as opposed to other voles. It is about actually water rats at all. The incisors will So why do people call a water vole a water rat? The name “water be bigger in a water vole.WILDLIFE TALESOFTHE RIVERBANK by Pablo. If you find a skull. sometimes makes its home near television programme called Tales of the Riverbank. you can also check on rat” is probably an older common name and in many rural parts the molars to tell the difference. When they water voles where are eating you can see that they I live. Another difference water vole between the rat and the water is Britain’s vole is the tail. between a water vole and a field or bank vole. There stop water entering when the are not many vole is swimming. Water voles have a rich you an insight brown coat. Roderick the Water Rat and Ratty are not The water vole is the largest member of the vole family. It was water and can also swim very well. This brown rat’s tail is bare and article will give scaly. with Mr Toad of Toad Hall fame. The brown rat. fellow Woodlife The large sized incisors are a Trails Tracker good indicator of the difference Nigel Grigsby. the as long. the trails and the signs and the character Ratty from Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows two animals themselves. so I am have large. This blunt muzzle creature and is perhaps the vole’s most help you find distinguishing feature. These other voles are commonly found throughout most of the UK.

Contrary to what might be in the text books. of the surrounding vegetation. They prefer areas that are not prone Habitually. which has declined by more than 95% in the last fifty water line. If you are walking along a bank with known water vole activity and you hear a “plopping” sound then this is probably a water vole “alerting. so now is a good time to start looking. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 23 . assess the danger then instead of quietly slipping away they will splash-dive into the water to alert other water voles of the danger. It can also be to their detriment as they often get caught out by predators. The water vole has sensitive ears that can detect a change in air pressure caused by rapid changes in photo © by Nigel Grigsby water levels. Whilst other river life spins in turmoil around them. This water vole’s laid-back style is probably due to the confidence of having a number of bolt-holes on the river bank within easy reach. They make their American mink in particular has decimated the water vole burrows in the bank having entrances both above and below the population. photo © by Nigel Grigsby Entrances to burrows are both above Water voles dive into the water making a splash to and below the water line alert others of danger leisurely go about their daily lives. The by reeds and sedges with slow running water. water voles are predated by a number of animals. They won’t start to surface until late February or early March. This acts as an early warning system to enable them to vacate the burrows to prevent drowning. Ball nests are also made out the River Don 1 February 2011). If a water vole does get frightened they will momentarily freeze. so the sound will be worth investigating more thoroughly. You will be lucky to see water voles in winter. water voles seem quite happy to sit around and almost to flooding as this could become problematic especially when they have young in the burrows.” It will probably be the first sign that there are water voles in your area. This makes them excellent subjects for wildlife watchers and photographers. water voles are quite content to pick up the odd reed or sedge and nibble on it in full view of any onlooker. The water vole’s ideal habitat consists of a river bank surrounded which accounts for their diminishing presence in the UK. They don’t hibernate but they will stash food underground and spend a lot of their time in nest chambers beneath the surface. photo © by Nigel Grigsby Water voles have blunt noses and can swim well In the wild. These burrows and dens will be shared for warmth even with water voles which are not related. not all years. (Source: BBC news report on the culling of American mink in water voles make their nests in a bank.

Water vole scat is quite distinguishable being elongated and Aquatic . there are a huge number of conservation and survey have a scent gland on their flank which they use to push scent groups that are assisting this most endearing of our native into their droppings. Look out for a similar shape to human fingers although of course much smaller. Leaves unfurling. There are couple of tracks and signs that distinguishes them from other river bank residents. This can also indicate to other water voles wildlife species. Bird song at its peak in April as courtship starts. Still a risk of frost and but the first and fifth toes stick out almost at right angles to the snow. They Luckily. the vole has chewed down to the succulent part of the plant that water voles numbers are on the rise. Water vole footprints are reasonably easy to distinguish. It is an offence to disturb will patrol and occupy anywhere between 40 to 70 metres of damage or destroy their breeding or resting places or bank and the males up to 170 metres of bank containing multiple deliberately capture. This has been helped by the reforming of their roots. feeding stoat. and the willow warbler arrives in March. Scat may be Mammals – Hares box in the fields in March. The vegetation will be chewed get more active as the sun warms the air. if you discover that there the social status and even the sex of the water vole. sometimes described as a nibbled ‘lawn’. It is at this reed point when it is most vulnerable that the mink takes the advantage and attacks. They habitat and in places the reintroduction of the water vole itself. why not search online for your female can have up to six territorial latrines. use feeding stations.Frogspawn hatch into tadpoles in April rounded at both ends. there are signs of the water but in the winter when these are scarce they will eat tree barks and vole’s return. Fresh water vole scat and tracks What’s going on during March and April Plantlife . Homes made in the bright yellow Brimstone may be the first to take river banks will be neat and tidy and will not have debris outside to flight. 45° clean angle of cut. wood anemones and primroses will be flowering. heron. here you can see discarded vegetation where It has also been seen that where otters are making a comeback. 24 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook .Celandines. Birds – Listen out for Skylarks. Cuckoo will be vocal in April and other migrants like Swallows begin to arrive. In areas of the UK where American mink have been eradicated. They mark their territories with latrines. Ducks mate. injure or kill them. Honeybees venture out. third and fourth fingers. catkins. Fresh scat will be greenish brown. unlike our second. The water vole likes to eat lush green reeds. Bluebells spread across the ancient woodland floor in April. American mink do not like it is eating. The rear track is of Trees – Sap in full flow in early March.WILDLIFE middle three toes. although in some cases you should be Insects – Insects start to hatch. Even if the water vole does try to swim away mink are also good swimmers and will chase the water vole even into their burrows. Where the water Water vole vole recognises most of the native predators such as the fox. damp and slimy while older scat will be harder and darker. Ground nesting birds start to nest. Vegetation eaten by a water vole can be seen to have a otters so as soon as the otter appears the mink moves out. it doesn’t seem to know what to do when it signs on a faces an American mink. Some butterflies like careful not to confuse the signs with other voles. They eat up to 80% of their own body weight in a day. grasses and sedges such as parts of north-east Scotland. There are four toes on the front paw and five on the rear. Other insects will of the hole as with the brown rat. back around the entrance hole. Remember that a brown rat’s prints are larger and their rear toes will not usually have the same star-shaped quality unless they are on a slippery surface. weasel and crow. One breeding are water voles near you. As we discovered earlier in this article the succulent water vole will momentarily freeze to assess the danger. Badger left in prominent places even on discarded items left by humans. female territories. Water voles are now fully protected by Schedule 5 of the Water voles are territorial during the breeding season. As with most rodents. The females Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. these middle toes are all of similar lengths. Water voles are one of the UK’s fastest declining mammals due to habitat loss and predation by the American mink. After reading this. cubs above ground and fox cubs start to explore in April. closest group and lend a hand to the return of Ratty and Roderick to the UK's riverbanks.


For a given in the form of starch and are generally available all year round. need to become familiar with these parts and be able to and if you are successful with fishing or trapping. Studies have shown that you are much better off getting some food – even a small amount . There you’ll be fed intravenously because your digestive system will have stopped working.SURVIVAL PLANTS FIVESURVIVALPLANTS There are many edible wild plants. Whether from Tanzania resort to harvesting from nearby hedgerows or purchasing from a local when more preferred Paul Kirtley. in the same small Photo: Amanda Quaine understand that if you volume of soil. All of these are USOs. able to take on board the full value of these foods too. roots. not some carbohydrate-filled plant Hadzabe women digging for tubers (note the underground part of another plant growing food per day will maintain small pile in the bottom left of the picture). • Widely Distributed • Relatively Common • Easily Processed A Simple Rule • Available (for a good portion of the year) • Providers (of a favourable return on energy invested) Energy Requirements Not eating anything for three weeks may be survivable if you are rescued in week four and taken to hospital. are similar purpose. Studies have Because USOs are not visible above ground. This will keep your digestive system from shutting down completely. environment. Out For So. you’ll also be positively identify the plant from them. This energy. fishing and foraging skills to utilise those resources. nuts. shown that consuming we need to take some care to make sure we just 500 calories of starchy. Wild foods Hadza hunter gatherers by are even showing up on restaurant menus. it will help you burn your body’s fat reserves more efficiently. You’ll stay stronger for longer . having featured that the fallback food on several TV programmes in recent years. It is interesting to note W hat’s more. the storage of energy so the plant can grow and plants that are: complete its lifecycle. So this consideration should also berries. flowers. The other two are toxic. different times of the year. are underground tubers of vines. “One of these USOs is edible raw. eat the right sort of food. This takes a long time to Five Plant Foods To Look learn. East Africa. preferably stored in the form of • Easily Identified starch or other digestible carbohydrate. you should keep the 26 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . What you need to learn rhizomes. have collected the correct one. they all serve a first then. All were growing It’s also important to right next to each other. These tubers are But there is a big difference between nibbling on some tasty underground storage organs (USOs) which contain carbohydrate wayside morsels and being able to live from the land. Four of the five foods featured in this article are roots. While different. tubers or you are starting from a tough position. many people are taking a greater interest in wild foods foods are not available Frontier Bushcraft gathered from the countryside. seeds. nearby: your digestive functions and Tanzania. Leaves. is what we want to get at. shoots. if you do need to keep yourself alive from what you can forage. and bark of different plants inform the types of plant foods we and trees can provide us with some form of sustenance at prioritise when living off the land. provide enough energy to a) Since you can see only the aerial parts of significantly reduce muscle the plant – the parts which are above ground loss compared to eating nothing. b) When digging up the underground parts. foraging is fashionable. living from the land requires a detailed knowledge of the food resources available as well as the hunting.into your system on a daily basis than eating nothing at all for an extended period of time. in order to feed yourself at least for a little while.

This might not be great for your garden pond but it is fantastic if you are relying on them for food. Greater reedmace in particular tends to out-compete other species and can grow to dominate an area. Simply place the rhizomes on a bed of embers and cook them until they are blackened and the spongy layer has withered. The yellow flag leaves have a cross East Sussex. They form a distinctive brown structure (the female flowers) towards the top of a long. it is not cattail. they are tall plants. Once cooked. it is quite obviously not a cattail but this particular distinction is only clear for a short period of the year. break open the rhizome with your fingers. UK. It grows in shallow water and damp or swampy ground. When a yellow flag plant is in flower. are commonly referred to as cattails due to the shape of their around 52% is available carbohydrate and 9% protein. Later. The plants grow in shallow water and wet mud at the margins between land and bodies of water. The starch is at the fibrous core of the rhizomes and this is surrounded by a spongy layer with a skin on the outside. Yellow flag rhizomes. You don’t need to process them into flour. For us. Canada. Some people see a resemblance to cigars. you must look at the cross-section of the leaf.aerial parts of the plant attached. This flour flowers/seed-heads. Yellow flag also has rhizomes. This way. parts of Africa. with long. with the taste like a cross between sweet potato and roasted chestnut. sausages. horizontally from the base of the plant and eventually allow new shoots to grow upwards. They will grow in slightly salty water but are predominantly freshwater plants. as well as having been introduced to many other territories. They Analysis shows that when the rhizomes are processed into flour. If it is any other shape. they also have the advantage of providing a source of year-round food. Cattails are widely distributed around the provides around 266 kcal per 100g. you will see it is quite different An extensive area of cattail growing in the shallows of a lake in to that of a cattail leaf. We need a more widely-applied way of telling the plants apart. green strap-like leaves. where they are often considered an invasive weed. They also occur in South America and highly valuable source of carbohydrates and energy. section that has a central diamond-shaped rib with a very thin leaf structure either side. and lesser reedmace. Typha angustifolia. or yellow flag. Cattails have many uses and several parts of the plants are edible. often alongside cattail. are both wetland plants that look very similar. Looking at the cross section of a yellow flag leaf. exposing the fibres in the centre and suck the starch from them. are poisonous if ingested and its sap can cause skin irritation. however. to obtain their energy benefit. When mature. others to Ontario. Cattail rhizomes are therefore a Northern Hemisphere. To absolutely positively identify cattail plants. This takes around 15-20 minutes. Another plant species with leaves that look similar to cattail are Iris pseudacorus. the rhizomes of each plant are very different but to the inexperienced there is the potential to make a mistake. It should be a shallow crescent shape. you definitely have the The parts we are primarily interested in for survival food are the underground parts of the plant you have positively identified and ropey rhizomes at the base of the plant. Typha latifolia. like a new moon. reaching over 2 metres (6 feet). These rhizomes grow nothing else. these are filled with a mass of downy seeds. To the experienced. straight A stand of cattail growing in a water-filled depression in central stem. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 27 . It is somewhat sweet. like the rest of the plant. Greater reedmace. Canada. The energy required for this new Cattail growth is stored as starch in amongst the fibres at the core of each rhizome. A stand of cattail growing in a water-filled depression in Ontario.

and lesser burdock. we can treat them as one. Oenanthe crocata. For the purposes of survival food.SURVIVAL PLANTS Cattails are the single most important plant-based survival food in the Northern Hemisphere. available at the base of the plant. which has been the cause of many fatal plant poisonings. Arctium lappa. The rhizomes are the widely distributed. of the water or mud any Canada. you must recover the cattail rhizomes while they are still attached to rest of the plant. including the leaves you have positively identified. it shouldn’t. UK. orangey-brown structures easily processed. common. A stand of yellow flag plants growing in the shallow water at the edge of a lake in East Sussex. there are two burdock species we should consider. energy invested. While the potential proximity to poisonous plants may put Make sure you remove the you off cattails. And remember. They are easily identifiable. Not only could there be yellow flag rhizomes down there. there could also be the roots of hemlock water-dropwort. cattail plant in one piece. Burdock Like cattails. You should get to know these plants. This familiar relationship is most easily seen in the flowers. structures that you think are from the cattail plants. UK. 28 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . Greater burdock. The cross section of yellow flag is very thin except for a central diamond-shaped rib. year-round and provide a The leaves of greater burdock growing in East very favourable return on Sussex. The flowers of burdock resemble the flowers of thistles. Comparing the leaf cross-section is a highly reliable way to tell the two plants apart. You absolutely must not reach down and pull out The leaves of lesser burdock growing in Ontario. Arctium minus are quite closely related to thistles.

The plant’s leaves die back over winter but in the second year of life. with 17g of carbohydrate and 1. Pignuts are one of the more palatable wild foods. Pignuts grow in open woods and in well-established (and ungrazed) grassland. This energy is stored as starch in a large root.5g of protein. In flavour and consistency pignuts are something like celery heart crossed with raw hazelnut or sweet Removing burdock roots from the ground requires chestnut and sometimes have a spicy aftertaste of the sort you get the use of a digging implement. The tuber is edible all year round.The leaves of burdock on the other hand are quite different to those of thistles. Plants with flowering stems – either developing or developed will be in the second year. on which will be add to a stew or soup. Both lesser and greater burdock are thought to have been introduced to North America from Europe. can cook them whole under the fire but it takes several hours for year process is repeated by new plants. The plant likes well-drained soil. This is a very similar Pignuts have been found at archaeological sites dating back to the profile to the potato. not dried). Cut them into batons then stir fry them or slice thin then spring when you see the leaves appearing. The one downside of seeking out burdock as a source of food is that it can take a bit of effort to dig up. around 72 kcal per 100g (raw. In the first year they put out big leaves that act like food solar panels. quite flat and heart- shaped. you should make and employ a digging stick. There are also accounts of pignuts being utilised for food in times of famine during the eighteenth century. specifically the tuber. The tuber can be eaten raw and is very tasty. But the roots also contain accessible energy. Lesser burdock is by far the more common of the two in North America. them to cook through. collecting energy from the sun by photosynthesis. It will have most energy in it from towards the end of the first summer through to the beginning of the second spring. UK. On bright spring days you’ll spot pignut leaves in areas of dappled sunlight. Conopodium majus. In the woods they like to grow in areas that receive a reasonable amount of sunlight. Leaves of pignuts beside a footpath in County Durham. so we will ignore these. often right beside the trail you are walking along. Again. with wavy edges. They more resemble rhubarb than thistles. it is the underground part of the plant.are in their first year of growth and the ones we are looking for. from radishes or watercress. The plants typically like to grow in ground that is reasonably hard and the tap root tends to be long and very well fixed. One of the most important things to understand about burdock is that it is a biennial. It is the root that we are interested in as food. Burdock has a wide geographical distribution in temperate parts of the world with these species being found throughout Europe and in Russia. we are most interested in. you the plant’s prickly seeds. This means the plants complete their life cycle The reward for your effort is a significant amount of over two years. Burdock leaves are large. These seeds are then spread and the two. You can eat burdock roots raw (like a carrot) but they are typically The first opportunity you’ll have to gather pignuts is in the early cooked. Plants with broad rosettes of large leaves – and no flowering stem . Burdock is popular in Asian cuisine. the plant uses the energy in its root to send up a tall flowering stem. Break up the ground with the stick then scoop out the loose earth with your hands. Mesolithic era. Burdock roots contain a significant proportion of inulin – a form of plant energy that is indigestible by humans. If you are without cooking apparatus. Pignuts can also be added to soups and stews to increase carbohydrate content. is common in many parts of Europe and its range extends to North Africa. As the plant flowers BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 29 . the Middle East and Asia. This USO is a good source of the carbohydrates we are looking for. Pignut The pignut. where it is known as common burdock. You certainly cannot just pull it up! In the absence of a shovel.

is however. Pulling the nut out of the ground by the shoot is out of the question. typically being roughly spherical in shape. then you have a positive identification. UK. To get the tuber out of the ground. After this time. the tuber is unlike other members of the family. The finely divided. The the tuber for positive ID. there is no above-ground sign of the plant unless you quite fiddly. this makes it harder to identify the tuber itself as it is rarely where you think it might be. You can then just eat it straight away. Also. Achieving this.SURVIVAL PLANTS in late spring/early summer. The leaves are finely divided. so you can gather quite a few in a small area. The pignut is in the carrot family. 30 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . May. in terms of distinguishing a pignut from its relatives. You also often find many plants growing in close proximity. delicate and lacy. If you do this properly. The outer surface of the tuber is a maroon colour. carefully dig down next to the stem with a pencil-sized stick until you locate the tuber. It is very easy to break it and detach one from the other. As a general rule you should be wary of this family of plants as it contains some very poisonous plants such as Hemlock. Generally. you don’t need to wash the pignut or employ any other cleaning. Even though getting a pignut out of the ground can be a little fiddly. Pignuts are very un-carrot-like. and the leaves do bear some resemblance to carrot. partly due to their small size compared to other members of the carrot family. or apiaceae.25 inches) in The outer skin is easily removed. So as you follow the shoot down to the tuber. location and identification continues If you keep the leafy shoot of the pignut connected with the tuber to be easy until the flowering stem dies back. The tuber is typically 10-20cm under ground and the leave markers. shoot gets thinner and thinner as you get closer to the tuber. The flowering stem of pignut. at least in structure. revealing the creamy inner flesh. County Durham. Also. however. the tubers are around the size of a hazelnut or a little larger but can be found to be around 3cm (1. it doesn’t take much energy. delicate leaves of pignut. Oenanthe crocata. although it will be covered in soil when first removed from the ground. the shoot usually comes out of the side of the tuber then bends at right angles to continue its journey upwards and out of the ground. March. pignut is relatively easy to recognise from its aerial parts. diameter. Conium Keep the leafy shoot of the pignut connected with maculatum. This outer skin is easily removed. and Hemlock Water Dropwort. East Sussex.

my earliest definite memory of the stinging power of nettles is from when I was about seven and fell Silverweed’s leaves are what give rise to this plant’s name. Usefully it can grow in relatively poor soils where other plants struggle. Small amounts were steamed in a box while large amounts were roasted in a pit. Silverweed was a staple food for the coastal peoples of what is now British Columbia. is native right around the winter but with the plant leaving no above-ground indication of temperate Northern Hemisphere. Potentilla anserina. Stinging Nettle For most people stinging nettle. The plant has long. Ireland. Silverweed is both widespread and common. It was later Silverweed leaves are easily picked out here as they fallen back upon as are caught by the wind. Cooked they have a taste of their own that resembles parsnip blended with sweet potato. Clare. this isn’t so difficult. This makes the leaves very my mind! easy to spot when the breeze catches and turns them over. often forming extensive carpets. Federation to the Pacific coast of North America in the west. The plant forms one or more storage roots containing starch. Using a larger digging stick. North Africa and Asia and was BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 31 . loosen a whole area of soil and separate the plants from the soil. In heavier soils it can be harder to separate the roots from clumps of mud. where they have a stung by nettles before this point. in diameter and 1 to 3cm in length. but this incident really stuck in silky fur of fine hairs. pairs of leaflets. Personally. These roots are individually quite small. Canada. The important source of food from as far east as Yakutia in the Russian leaflets are serrated around their edges. The method of excavation is different to pignuts too. who observed that the plant was often dug up and eaten or dried and stored for later use. a food source during famines caused by potato blight. these people cultivated swathes of silverweed. While not farmers as per the modern understanding of the word. Silverweed was noted as an important food for Tibetans by travellers in the early twentieth century. The roots were also dried then pounded into flour. Again it is the underground storage organs of the plant that contain valuable starch. needs no introduction. History has proven these diminutive USOs can indeed provide an important survival food. Silverweed leaves are divided into Closer to home. The silver-green sheen of silverweed leaves. averaging around 5mm Ready to eat. In sandy or shale soil. they are hard to find. Co. Like pignuts they are small but not particularly difficult to dig up – although harder to separate from soil than pignut – and also grow together with many other plants of the same species. where the plant often likes to grow. It is a low-growing member of their presence. The best time to collect the roots is at Silverweed the end of the summer/beginning of autumn as the leaves start to turn brown and wither. creeping stems and the Records indicate silverweed was until relatively recently a very leaves are divided into as many as a dozen pairs of leaflets. Urtica dioica is native to Europe. being a off my bike into a large patch of the plants. the rose family with a five-petalled yellow flower similar to many other cinquefoils. they are grey-silver. I’m sure I had been silver-green on the topside while underneath. The roots are still available through the Silverweed. silverweed was cultivated until the introduction of the potato. Raw they are quite crunchy. Urtica dioica. in the Hebrides and elsewhere in northern Britain.

filling and highly nutritious. The plant likes nitrogen To render the leaves edible. under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. the water makes a high in protein for a green plant. You may have noticed old derelict cottages and farm to boiling water for a minute or two. longer if you wish although houses surrounded by a sea of nettles. This means that you don’t see stinging nettles also add the leaves to soups and In the UK. From a survival perspective. If you boil the leaves on their own. to 25% protein by weight. when plants are more mature. which contains iron and other nutrients from the nettles. They are easy to collect. This means for four of the five plants above you need to have the landowner’s permission if you are to practice your foraging skills. If you don’t have a cooking pot. 1981 uprooting a plant is illegal without the landowner’s permission. unlike picking leaves from a plant. all you need to do is add them rich soils. you can simply wilt the nettles over a fire. even if you are collecting for personal consumption. greens at this time of year. easy to they become gritty. Know The five plants in this article are easily identifiable. and ethical considerations of foraging. The best leaves are the as much the further away from habitation you get. This is the only plant of the five in this article that we are not Later in the year. widely It is the fine hypodermic-like hairs on the plant’s leaves and stem distributed.pdf 32 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook .uk/Code_of_Conduct. easily processed. I find they are most tasty when a little crispy. All it takes is a small time boiling or exposed to return on energy invested. containing particles that can cause urinary prepare.bsbi. please make sure you follow the law. This is due in part to they eventually turn to a green sludge. Wilt the leaves over the fire then pick them off the stem. You can around habitation.SURVIVAL PLANTS introduced to North America by colonists. But before you put this article down and head out to forage. tract irritation. should be at the top of your list of plants to learn. Five Plants To Get To Tender young nettle shoots such as these are generally the best. the leaves can be up good tea. Dried. Kent. Even if you do have a cooking pot. UK in March. But it is still a tender young shoots in spring which supply a welcome dose of common and widespread plant. The flavour is quite different to when the leaves are boiled. Take plants that have stems long enough to hold them over the fire without burning yourself. Nettles are or six leaves. found at this address www. take the top four interested in for an underground storage organ. between them that allow histamine and formic acid to be injected into your skin provide food year-round and provide a very favourable and cause irritation. nettles wilted like this can make a nice change from boiled leaves. Nettles also contain a whole host of Beware as plants become older – particularly after they flower as other nutrients. then. including iron. they flame to wilt the hairs and disable the stings. which gives a good overview of the relevant legislation Nettle stem and leaves wilted straight over the fire. The taste of the leaves is urination which increases the nitrogen levels in the soil in the area somewhat like spinach although the texture is rougher. I would also recommend anyone involved or interested in collecting wild foods in the UK to read and understand the Botanical Society of the British Isles’ Code of Conduct for the Conservation and Enjoyment of Wild Plants. common.

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so had the opportunity to become deep- higher than recent estimates indicated. the disease may cause animals and wildlife. Many will make a full recovery but. disease that persuaded Ray to become there are health and safety aspects Patron of Borreliosis & Associated that we should be aware of. suggests that the prevalence from personal experience. dangerous? The press would have us believe given the fact that in rare cases it may so. Like many people.TICK BITE PREVENTION TICKS:VAMPIRESORJUSTAPIECE OFNATURALJIGSAW? by. what is perhaps most difficult to come to terms with is blacked out". issues. it caused irreversible damage. As a victim of Lyme disease. if and they can transmit a range of diseases to people. I have met a number of people who were and research from the School of Biological Sciences. Kucharski K. such as Diseases Awareness UK (BADA- preparing for adverse weather or UK) in 2010. killer ticks". S ome have described ticks as were contracting the disease. "I was getting to the point where I was the fact that these effects were almost certainly avoidable. Cases have been on the increase for a number of years As Chair of BADA-UK. I had been told that the most important thing about tick removal was to get But antibiotic treatment gave Ray a new lease of life. he recalls. Wood Tick © Tobik on skin Engorged tick As the warmer weather approaches. He's been teaching protecting against sunburn. particularly outdoor professionals. left in the skin. From the bite of a tiny tick. Wendy Fox of tick-borne disease charity BADA-UK shines a spotlight on ticks. "I feel "vampires" or "the scourge of the © D. "I could go to the tick to back out itself. "The pain I had in my back was so bad that if I sneezed I almost For me. Around 3. ticks are blood-sucking parasites in the UK each year. for some. Although not quite relatives of Dracula. Kucharska that there is not enough awareness countryside". permanent tissue damage resulting in long-term symptoms and. heart and other organs. but how outdoor skills for almost 30 many people think about ticks when years but noted that in recent it comes to getting out and about? years more people around him. had I going to have to think about doing something different for work". many of us will be more inclined to get out and It was his own experience with the enjoy the great outdoors.000 people contract Lyme disease lurking in every darkened corner. freezing or smothering a tick in substances such 34 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . disability. that's a lot of consequences. TV survival expert Ray Mears knows leaving me a paraplegic. but this is out-of-date advice. My own infection was not diagnosed of Lyme disease bacteria in the UK tick population is considerably or treated promptly. What I didn't realise he says. known some basic facts about ticks. visually impaired and with other health firsthand how debilitating an infection can be. Inevitably. seated within my central nervous system. "Alert over rise in Tick under microscope become chronic". Lyme disease (Borreliosis) is a bacterial infection transmitted via a tick bite. Despite treatment. so that the mouth parts would not be the gym and exercise with no problem and do anything I wanted". published in January 2012. University of left permanently disabled by Lyme disease and I can also speak Bristol. but are they really that of Lyme disease in this country. domestic not diagnosed and treated promptly. with headlines such as. he warns. or "The European invader that's after your blood". was that burning.

'Top centre of paths to avoid ticks on overhanging vegetation. information on disease any attached ticks can be removed sooner. oils and spirits. Removal with fingers may risk compression of the tick's body. sensible 5. The week promotes simple. our educational materials to outdoors pursuit events. 4. provide a comprehensive website and use social 3. 6.use a specialist tick-removal tool or fine- ticks and allows their population to increase. To date BADA-UK is the only proactive tick-borne disease public education programme in the UK. A self-funded and volunteer- run organisation. and squashing or scratching off a tick may spill these fluids. we take into account that not 2.many areas in the UK with good check clothing and pets for ticks to avoid bringing them inside. 7. Current recommendations for tick-removal are: 1. socks. Know where to expect ticks . Tuck your trouser legs into your socks . hedgehogs. amongst other things. down into shoes and through most the UK. Animals also tipped tweezers. whereas some tick removers are designed to twist without this risk). © Falk 2.this agricultural and country helps to deter ticks from crawling inside your shows and pet shows across trouser legs. we also take lessening the chance of disease transmission.30th March. Carefully remove ticks . some ticks carry infective agents which can enter through breaks in the skin. Although we do against Lyme disease so prevention is key.where you can’t stick to the precautionary measures and features.there is currently no vaccine to defend world. Use a repellent reading the instructions everyone lives in the digital carefully . With fine-pointed tweezers (grasping the tick as close to the skin as possible and steadily pulling / levering the tick outwards without jerking or twisting. squeezing out infective fluids. Additionally. Carry a tick remover . Twisting with Tick removal with O'Tom tweezers exerts too much pressure on the mouth parts and they may break off. Bite Prevention Week. this year from the 24th . Take a walking stick with you . It's a pity I didn't know that when I was merrily burning off ticks with a cigarette. knocking off any waiting ticks. Check your body carefully for ticks after being outdoors. especially with the tiny sub-adult ticks) and the manufacturer's instructions should always be followed. ground cover and diverse wildlife (such as squirrels. taking special care to check all over the body. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 35 . The retrospective knowledge that I and other founding members of BADA-UK gained was the catalyst for the © BADA-UK creation of the charity. may result in the tick regurgitating infective fluids before it backs out or dies. prevention. Light-coloured clothing makes it easier to see BADA-UK also organises Tick ticks on it. Don’t bring ticks home - 1. With a tick-removal tool (studies have demonstrated the ones designed like a crochet hook to be the most effective. Wearing gaiters will also help to prevent having a tick media to disseminate remover (and antiseptic wipes) with you. Tick and radiating lesion as petroleum jelly. you Tick Survival Tips' from Ray Mears: can use a stick to tap the vegetation ahead of you. birds and deer) can pose a potential risk as wildlife feeds any 8. transport ticks to new areas.

© Marek R. I was in the "it won't happen to me" and "I've been out and about all my life and never had a Life cycle I. are fascinating. Prior to becoming infected myself. it is impossible to completely deter ticks. That's remarkable! Ticks are not the scourge of the countryside. but that's unavoidable. For 36 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . But it can and does happen and maybe it could be you next time. They have also evolved with a unique receptor in their mid gut just for the Lyme disease to your Ixodes ricinus vet about tick treatments. However. although repulsive. Swadzba You may actually be happy wandering the countryside in a frog suit (each to their own) but for most of us it's preferable to just take precautions and to do a regular tick check. they are part of the jigsaw which forms the natural world. the more likely you are to find a tick before it attaches. but they can inflict a nasty bite . Be a ‘Tick Buddy’ . It is therefore advisable to check yourself as regularly as possible. Short of wearing a frog suit. The longer the tick is allowed to feed the more saliva it pumps in to numb the bite area.something we all should be aware of! To learn more about Tick Bite Prevention visit www. Each drop of saliva potentially carries a range of infective agents and some people can contract multiple infections from a single bite. for example. Protect your pets . I have not let my experience spoil my enjoyment of the outdoors and still like nothing better than a bit of wildlife can help your companions by checking for ticks in places they can’t see. A shower or bath at the end of the day is a good opportunity for a thorough look in all your nooks and crannies. 10. © BADA-UK Of course the bite prevention tips offered by BADA-UK are a general guide as it is impossible to take h tick on finger Adult female and nymp all occupations and hobbies into consideration. Wendy Fox © BADA-UK natural body odour.TICK BITE PREVENTION 9. mean the use of camouflage or darker clothing.tickbitepreventionweek.bada-uk. this also means that ticks are not likely to be as visible as they would be on light-coloured clothing. such as the back of the head and behind their ears. they have To find out more about Lyme disease and other tick- a special organ located on each of their front legs which intercept borne infections in people and pets visit microscopic chemical molecules in the air from our breath and www. We realise that taking part in activities like deer-stalking or wildlife Ticks. ricinus problem" club. or soon after. keep the blood flowing and prevent inflammation. The more you check.

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sealed. incorrect shots is I acquire my equipment little by little and build my dream setup a real bonus and digital has opened up the appeal of photography over time? to many new users.Cameras & Equipment by Andy Childs. Some people want simplicity and a way to capture family. dust and shock proof? friends and travel. and all with amazing capabilities and very impressive image quality. while others see the camera as a creative tool to manipulate light to create wonderful and breathtaking art. or do I want to carrying one in your kit bag! I will also briefly look into the range of create gallery size prints? essential equipment needed to capture the perfect shot. The • How much weight am I prepared to carry to create the main advantage of digital over film photography is the ability to photography I desire? Is the added weight of a heavy camera. and why you should be create a scrap book and share my images online. why • What size do I want to print my final images? Am I looking to one category is better than the other. your options will all be digital. if you are looking to purchase a new camera today. how to use a camera and its points you need to ask functionality. and not have to wait for the images to be and accessories worth the extra strain on my back. While some would argue that this has taken a certain price to pay for breathtaking images? sparkle and magic away from today’s photography. As you can see. • How much time am I willing to invest to become a better Unless you are a specialist or a true fan of the old-school film photographer and make the best of my camera? process. • Do I want simplicity from my camera or a creative tool to create In this issue I will start by looking at the five main different options advanced photography.PHOTOGRAPHY PICTUREPERFECT Part 1 . or maybe both? of cameras available on the market. delve a little deeper into advanced techniques and styles. explaining the pros and cons of the specific types to help you understand what they offer. or is this a small developed. the basics of photography and finally we will yourself. I will be covering there are a few main the areas of equipment. the reduced camera and equipment? Will this be a one-off investment or will wastage created by not having to develop poor. Any camera can take great landscape photos. With so many to choose from it’s • In what environment will I mainly use my camera? Do I require important to understand what you are trying to achieve with your any specialist options from my camera? Will it need to be weather camera. Over the next four issues I will be looking into the world of Although every camera digital photography and sharing some advice to help you is capable of capturing Photographer/Designer - understand cameras and create better photos whilst you such achievements. • How compact do I want my camera? Is carrying my camera in my jacket pocket a must. lens view instant results. ClockworkCloud MEDIA are out on your bushcraft adventures. asking these simple questions will certainly result in different cameras for different people’s needs and it is important to make the decision carefully. or am I happy to carry a shoulder bag or even Advances in digital photography over the last several years have a large rucksack? resulted in cameras ranging from small to large. as well as • What is my budget and how much am I prepared to spend on a the main advantage of instantly viewable images. but its up to you to go out and find them! 38 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook .

but most people who own. integrated camera system. or you can invest thousands on a multi lens setup with all the accessories to create a fully flexible. Removing the bulk from the camera has made a real viewfinder impossible to incorporate. a point worth The DSLR and its lenses are by far the best option for the person considering.DSLR & LENSES The DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is by far the most versatile and creative tool of all the cameras available. very high image quality and the ability to learn and advance their camera skills. A megapixel is one million pixels. Digital photographs are made up of millions of tiny. optics will always result in lower quality images than putting a good lens on a basic budget DSLR. tile-like image elements called pixels. but buying a very expensive DSLR body and then buying physically view what he or she is taking through the lens. the part that reflects the image to the viewfinder. and for me. The lens is also possible to view and compose images using live-view on the essentially the eye of the camera and the camera body is where camera’s LCD screen as you would on a compact point and shoot the image is processed onto the sensor and saved. it is a serious contender for people who want to have maximum creativity. smaller batteries result in less shooting time. it is essentially a DSLR but without the pentaprism/pentamirror. Telephoto (how much zoom does it offer and how close can you The amount of controls. you exact image through the lens. You can own a simple single camera body and one lens setup. But for a lightweight portable option that offers a high level of image quality with all the control of a DSLR. it does take away the to remove camera shake caused by hand movement. DSLRs give superb image quality in most lighting situations. especially when light is at a minimum. MIRRORLESS INTERCHANGEABLE-LENS CAMERA This is a reasonably new member to the camera line-up. the image is reflected using an don't have to buy very expensive lenses to have great image internal mirror and pentaprism/pentamirror so the user can quality. and with kit lenses (the lens that is usually supplied with the camera at purchase) now being very good quality. or Maximum aperture (covered more in the next issue) how much are interested in purchasing. This works user experience of mastering the settings to capture the image very well. Spend money wisely on lenses. a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is a superb option! BUSHCRAFT&&survival BUSHCRAFT survivalskills skillsmagazine 39 magazine• •39 . The designers have removed this bulky top/centre part of the camera system. who requires the maximum quality and flexibility from a camera. or making full use of the manual settings to and how much of what you are seeing will it capture?) capture the image exactly how they want it to be. The user is in charge of controlling the camera settings to create the end Areas to look at when considering a lens are: result. resulting in DSLR quality from a body almost as small as a compact. the ability to hold the camera to my eye and compose an image in this way is essential to my shooting style. auto focus has been known to be a little slower than a DSLR (although still very good) and my personal disadvantage is having no option to compose the image through an actual viewfinder. Whilst the DSLR offers the most creativity and image quality. There are however a few disadvantages. offering many megapixels. While by pulling the main subject from its background? setting the camera in automatic mode and allowing the camera Image Stabilisation . it is the bulkiest and heaviest of the camera styles. It is the cheapest lens possible is not the best idea. however it can only work to a certain degree and it for yourself. It is possible to own a consumer level DSLR for very reasonable money. a DSLR usually want to learn or light can the lens gather for fast low light shutter speeds and progress their photography skills. either by making initial settings and leaving the camera Focal length. The lenses are interchangeable giving the owner the option to choose from a range of focal lengths Lenses: and lens speeds to build a camera setup that suits them. wide-angle (how wide a view does the lens offer to calculate the rest. settings and buttons on a DSLR can get to the subject without moving?) be at first a little overwhelming.some modern lenses now offer this option to create the settings for you is an option. Poor quality camera or even your mobile phone camera. A DSLR is a camera that does require some skill to use. It is however possible to treat how de-focused can it make the non essential part of the image today's DSLRs as oversized point and shoot-style cameras. The All DSLR cameras require a lens to be fitted to image is taken by looking through a viewfinder and seeing the accomplish a picture. the more megapixels the bigger the image produced. is most important to keep the camera as still as possible at all times. DSLRs are equipped with very large and high quality sensors.

so what you choose when physical on-camera buttons. high purchasing is the lens you will have for the life of the camera. this lin mer your ca own sheet in ou to kneel d d s y n en ab le ry lo a t w ieve ve u and ach angles witho ts t ing cos VIDEO CAPABILITY e re s n d int w e t & dirty. usually there are still new models being released they are very much an offering from very wide to a reasonably long zoom in one package. Offering a compact body. Don't get me wrong. so they (1280 x 720) and a lot even offer feel a little awkward for shooting Full HD (1920 x 1080). The bridge camera offers the user a reasonably good overall option. but it is difficult to have everything built into one large image sensor (resulting in good quality images). video. The ability Although not to offer stunning images from a camera that slips easily into a as flexible as jacket pocket. as if you were using makes it good but not great in any specific area. built in flash Most of these cameras offer a very broad lens. What you lose in image quality and customise creativeness. they will always be a friend to any keen snapper. especially if you are trying to be very creative. making it easy to capture a image quality and true creativeness. settings to create these little cameras produce excellent quality images and for a lot more technical and creative images. some even have touch screen resulting in a lot less Lenses are fixed to the camera. This is all that many people will ever want from a camera and there is a compact to cover every budget. but while but not as bulky as a DSLR. you gain in portability and size. not being as small as a true compact COMPACT CAMERA The compact camera is a trusted companion to many. one unit is a great way to capture both mediums without having to With impressive results they are carry extra weight. photographer. great portability. some cameras. they will never offer the ability match (or at least not at the moment) the quality and creativeness to adjust and of its bigger brothers. it consists of a fixed zoom lens. a DSLR. 40 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . to capture great but quick photos along the way. letting you be very flexible and creative. flexible and produce great image quality. easily capable of capturing your adventures and are a worthy addition to any camera. A option to consider. Compacts offer a good lens.PHOTOGRAPHY BRIDGE CAMERA Bridge cameras in my opinion are a bit of a dying breed. with full manual single camera. a Although technology has enabled these little cameras to be very lot of compacts creative. one of these just won't be specific photo situation with ease. ideal for when you just want sufficient. Most have large LCD screens. It is also possible to get a range of specialist for landscapes through to long zooms for portraits and distant water/shock/dust proof options that are superb for the outdoor subjects. of people this is enough. TOP TIP carry a plastic bin stic Always h in pla e r. as well as stills. or small t a kit. but trying to offer so much controls. or capture The opportunity to have both a something for long periods of stills camera and video camera in time. image quality/megapixel sensor. But for the person who craves the best Most have a range of scene settings. Most produce A camera is specifically designed fantastic results and offer HD for shooting still images. so this system offers a lot. from very wide and total ease of use. a getting ost nothing! alm Most modern digital cameras offer The one main disadvantage is the the user the option to create video shape and ergonomics of the unit. Its important to have your camera with you on all your adventures to capture that one-off moment.

With such a lot to consider when buying a camera. with weather proof tough fabrics along not to damage your equipment. Some cases are fully waterproof and submersible making them perfect for wet weather adventures. so there is no excuse not to have a spare (or two) in your camera case. ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES Tripods . smart phones with big screens) are a very which to some people is a must! The main advantage is its versatile and user friendly means of having a connectivity. the camera you have with you at the time is without doubt the best camera available! When the perfect photo opportunity arises just having any camera with you is going to create a fantastic shot and memory. we can easily lose direction on what camera to own. get online and You might find inspiration to further your personal have a search around for some websites that offer more specific photography skills by viewing some more of my work at camera information and reviews.clockworkcloud. You never want to be in the with a tripod mount built into the base of the camera. and with limited space for me to explain everything in great detail. fingerprint or a splash of mud on the optics of your lens! Again. photos to allow you to get in the image along with your friends buying a third party brand of battery can reduce the cost and and family. You will need to make sure your camera is equipped still offer a very good quality battery. Some Cleaning kit – It is a good idea to carry a simple cleaning kit. should I carry two items when I can carry just one?” Most offer For some a good range of options including scene modes.Ideally try and choose a camera that uses lithium-Ion and can be used with all types of cameras. Spending money on advanced and technical cameras will no doubt produce the best quality images. Whilst spare batteries are expensive. but the true image is created by the person. when holding the camera by hand will result in a blurred image.CAMERA PHONES It is hard to find a mobile phone these days that does not the ability to attach incorporate a camera. To many people it raises the question “why instantaneous. designed to owners make it easier for the user to get a good image for a specific this is all they scene and most have a built in super bright LED light that acts require from a camera as a flash. it is down to your vision and skill to create a beautiful photograph. position where you have the perfect shot set-up only to find your battery is flat. Remember. as these will significantly outlast a standard through to compact cameras. Especially useful for low light photography with tough conditions. is compact camera. The camera is just the tool for the job. I strongly suggest that if you are looking to purchase a new camera. www. being a phone as well as a camera (or vice versa) camera on hand at all times. They can be purchased in a range of sizes and materials Batteries . or your memory card is full! Camera Cases . Memory . from DSLRs right rechargeable batteries.Essential for keeping the camera steady whilst shooting range of cards that can withstand very hot/cold and generally images and video. (especially ones found on the latest The one main disadvantage is the lack of a zoom lens. it depends on your use of the camera as to what level of safety you choose to go with. and modern mobile phones. Some of these cameras are very poor images direct to and are only really capable of low quality grainy images.Memory cards are very affordable these days. cases are intended for light use and others are built specifically Always use camera/optic specific cloths and cleaning fluids so for rugged outdoor use. email or send via Some however are very good indeed and are as effective as a facebook BUSHCRAFT & BUSHCRAFT & survival survival skills skillsmagazine 41 magazine••41 . Also ideal for self portraits and timed set of AA/AAA batteries. Some are designed to handle large amounts of data (great for today's high megapixel cameras) and some brands even have an extreme CONCLUSION With all the wonderful cameras and equipment for sale. a DSLR.It is a good idea to protect your expensive and much loved camera from damage by keeping it in a case. It is never good to have a dirty with weather sealed zippers and impact resistant properties.

WILD Massai Dance Troop from Kenya* RAY GOODWIN Living Legend of British Canoeing BOOK TODAY n Ingamells Jaso Lofty Sponsored by * Subject to political conditions in Kenya . WOMAN. ‘Where your hunger for adventure grows’ MYKEL HAWKE & RUTH ENGLAND STARS OF DISCOVERY CHANNEL’S MAN.

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It is also a single layer container and so finding enough material is quite straight forward. by. stay supple for quite some time due to the preservative properties or indeed doubling the container up. First of all what should I be and this simple design is an easy method that will take you looking for? Well you are looking for bark probably around an hour to complete if you have never made that is relatively fresh.HOW TO MAKING YOUR OWN BARK CONTAINER During this month’s how to article I am focusing on a really nice and simple project that appeals to a wide range of age levels. the tree would Jason Ingamells Woodland Ways The obvious downside to this is that it is not very robust. but one before… and a lot less if you have! do not take it from a live tree. 1 ¾ inches Cut out template and along the dotted lines 44 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . Have you ever thought about making a birch bark When selecting and working with birch container. self locking. if you stripped this from a living tree. Look out for freshly suitable for long term storage. for stashing a few within it. You will need for this project • Some birch bark (more on this later) • A chopping board • Small knife or craft knife • Saw for cutting the base • Timber for the base • An awl (or method of drilling a hole in the lid) • Pencil/ scissors • Vegetable oil for finishing the container • Some string (or lime bark/nettle fibres for a handle) What you will need • A metal ruler is handy • The template below! Dimensions: Height. The template provided here will enable you to produce a container 3 inches in height and approximately 1 ¾ inches in diameter. trinkets in or as safe places to store your fish hooks around camp. although the fresher the better as it is less likely to split. Also it will not hold liquids. Birch bark can improve the construction should you wish by introducing glue. As you need both the The beauty of this kind of design is that it is quick. these little containers are ideal and a joy to make. and outer and the inner bark. You can fallen trees. but not been sure how to approach it? There are bark there are a few things that you need many ways in which to make a container out of birch bark to consider.c. efficient.3 inches Diameter. so it needs no stitching or glue. However. so is not die.

is happening with the lenticels (the horizontal lines on the bark). Unfortunately in the UK we do not have very thick birch one of the cutting bark and so you often see containers doubled up so that they techniques very can be stitched. edge of a table to rest any curl on for the intricate cutting. base and lid. as it curls away from the dead limb. laminate a copy of the template to practice folding it into shape. One little trick before you fold the bark is if you have a laminator. 6. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 45 . you’ll increase your chances of it not splitting. Next step is to fold the container into shape. but if you are clever and use the 2. use this to cut out your bark.I cannot emphasise enough that the choice of birch bark is On the template. rather than trying to force the material flat. it will provide you with a 5. this is where a good solid metal ruler will help you as a guide for the knife. You will 4. but if you are gentle you’ll coax it through. Here I have selected appropriately sized rounds that however if you try and tear across them the material is very need little work and then just finely chamfered them down using tough. I tend to cut around the template with a knife as drawing on the bark can sometimes be unclear. Don’t be tempted to sand it. the section with the dotted lines sits inside paramount to success with these small containers. at all times. although it is worth scraping off any month. too thin and it will be then through. so you to draw around the base and the top and to start shaping your will notice if you tear along them the bark splits very easily. ensuring excess material from the inside of the bark to give you an even that the follow surface. It’s a bit tricky with the container being small prone to splitting along the grain. Your first task is to cut out the template provided. probably notice that the material curls as it is thin. the grain of this Once your tube of birch bark has locked into place. as you can see from the pictures. as in my experience this through of the is hard to judge and the bark will either split or your container knife is protected will be very flimsy. Here you are folding the bark so that the outer bark ends up on the inside of the container to follow its natural curl 3. it is then time bark runs along in the same direction as the lenticels. Too thick and it the container with the arrow sections sliding over the top and will not bend enough for such a small design. more realistic feel rather than just going straight to folding the bark and splitting it by accident. you in Ben Orford’s can produce some very nice items. and then 1. You should have to do very article last little to prepare the bark. If you work with the wood and let it tell you ably described what it wants to do then. These are a considerable weak point. Try at all times to keep the bark as level as you can without bending it in line On the note of splitting you must pay close attention to what with the lenticels.

HOW TO It’s a good idea to ensure the base fits nice and snug to provide Congratulations… you’ve made your birch bark container structure to the container but not over tight so that it splits the in no time! I would recommend you give it little coating of bark. The finished product Here I used an awl to bore a hole through the lid and then widened it with my knife to attach a length of cord to the lid. and glued containers. A selection of different designs you could try! 46 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . open and close the container. Here is a small selection of different designs completed by my instructors. stitched. When you are ready to take your skill set on to a further level there are some excellent tutorials out there available on the internet involving double Snug fit layered. You have to be very careful not to split the round (I split one whilst making this!). The lid obviously needs to be a little looser to allow you to vegetable oil to really bring out the colour before first use. If you form a loop in the cord and then push it up through the hole your knot will prevent the cord lifting out when you pull it.

BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 47


To some, camping is a bit like Marmite,
some love it, some hate it, but can the SIMON ELLAR
experience be enhanced? A common Editor
complaint when sleeping under canvas
is that you can’t stand up to get dressed,
another is being cold. The replacement
of many conventional tents with a tipi
means that you can indeed stand up
to get dressed and some are suitable
for using a wood burner in to keep you

n this issue we are looking at a selection
of tipis from budget models to higher end
canvas models.

When we pitched the tipis there was about
8 inches of snow on the ground, over a few
days this melted and the winds picked right
up. Tested in snow, very strong winds, (32
mph at ground level, which is equivalent
to 7 on the Beaufort scale!) and driving rain
these tipis were really put through their

Each tipi will be rated for Quality – this is
the quality of the materials, stitching and
general workmanship. Features – looking
at the ventilation, doors, pockets etc. Value
for Money – determined by assessing
the materials, workmanship and features
linked with the cost. Storm Proofing – this
evaluates not only the tipi’s ability to remain
standing during high winds but also the risk
of water ingress through rain and driven
rain, or through flaps blowing open. And
finally, Ease of Set up – as you would expect,
this rating is for how easy it is to set the tipi
up, based on you being on your own. Marks
will be given out of five for each category.

48 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook

MFH Indian Tent
this can fall apart when putting it up if you do not keep an eye on
it. The pegs were just standard straight steel ones, which are not
brilliant and can pull out easily in soft ground and when it is windy.

"Tipi" The tipi came with some basic instructions and is very easy to
erect, basically you peg the corners out, open the door and walk
the pole in, you then need to guy the tent around the outside. It
Olive • £89.99 • has guying points which are about 3 feet from the ground, with
additional points at around 5 feet.

Spec: Not an expedition spec tipi, but amazing value for money for
general camping. This tipi is easy to set up and provides quite
Sleeps: 3 (as stated online, I think this should be 4) roomy accommodation for four to five people at a push but I would
Outer shell: 190 T Nylon PU coated, 1-ply say comfortable accommodation for three with their kit.
Floor: non-slip PU material, waterproof
Framework: 22mm metal Quality: 4/5
Dimensions: 290x270x225cm Features: 4/5 SUPER
Pack size: 62x15.5x15.5cm Value for Money: 5/5 VALUE

Weight: 3690g Storm Proofing: 3/5
Carrying bag included Ease of Set up: 4.5/5

The description on Military 1st’s website, ‘being ideal for summer
camping or festivals’ is a good one, this tipi would be ideal for a
‘Simple, super value for money,
summer camp, sleepover in the garden, night fishing trip or the highly recommended!’
like. It lacks the adaptability with venting, facilities for having a
stove in the tipi and the option
to add an inner tent etc. that the
other models do, but at just shy
of £90 versus hundreds, or even
over a thousand pounds it is well
worth a consideration!

This ‘tipi’ is well made, there is
a built in groundsheet rising
approximately six inches up the
sides as a mudwall with two
pockets sewn into the inside at
this low level.

Three windows comprise of
a clear panel at the bottom
with a mesh panel above, both
covered by an outer flap that
is kept closed with velcro tabs. Open window
The squares in the mesh are not
very fine, being around 2mm.
The idea of the windows and this option of ventilation is good,
but the outer flap is only kept closed with 4 velcro tabs, not the
most secure fixing and can allow a draught in. It would not be a
big cost to run velcro all the way around the window to resolve
this issue. It is nice to be able to look out and see around you
and have the option to let light in and use this for ventilation on
warm days.

There is venting at the top which is permanently open, the
mesh is covered by a good sized outer cone so shouldn’t be too
draughty and the good covering of material should ensure that
there is no water ingress.

The triangular double door allows for a very large opening with
the outer door zipping closed with a storm flap over the zip
secured by two velcro tabs on the vertical flap and two along
the bottom. Synonymous to this flap design used on many tents
and tipis there is the risk that driving rain could find its way in
through the zip. The inner mesh door zips closed.

The pole is a standard tubular steel push together pole with a
cap at the bottom to protect the groundsheet. Unfortunately

BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 49


"When we pitched the tipis there was about 8
inches of snow on the ground, over a few days
this melted and the winds picked right up"

With thank's to Paul for his help!

50 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook

Whilst I like the idea of the skirt zips along the bottom with a few more velcro tabs on the storm on the Pyramid to throw the water away from the tent slightly and flap. enhancing the sleeping/ gear stowage area.military1st. PU coated Groundsheet: 120g Polyester Dimensions: 290x270cm Height: 220cm Weight: 4750g Drawstring carry bag with handle/shoulder strap included Very similar to the model above but with much finer mesh all round and a few extra features detailed below. then further up at 5ft if needed. If this was addressed and the outer door had BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 51 . The other difference with this model. Quality: 4/5 Features: 4/5 Value for Money: 5/5 Storm Proofing: 2/5 Ease of Set up: 3.Mil-Tec Pyramid Tent ''Tipi'' Olive • £89. the thing that lets it down a little is the size contender for more serious camping trips.5 – 5 for Storm proofing.99 • www. is that the cones that cover the mesh venting panels at the top are not really long enough and so wind and rain can come in easier. if the pole was elasticated and of a lighter material. this is a nice idea as it creates a vertical wall of approx eighteen inches. but again driving rain could still find its way in. The flap is slightly gathered at the top. As a result of this the there is a skirt around the outside of the tipi. Differing from the previous model this one has a single door with a storm flap over the outer zip that has a velcro tab at the bottom. and the simplicity of the Indian model and the better ‘hood’ make it a the pegs replaced with some alloy v’s then this would be a serious better all round choice. Again there are guys at about 3ft. Again this model has a piece together pole but it has a push button adjustment system so that you can alter the tension on the fabric by changing the length of the pole. this is not of enough significance. about 1ft in height. It has a short lifter pole at each Spec: Sleeps: 4 Outer shell: 190T Polyester. so a bit better. and the windows had a strip of velcro all around then it the fact that the riser poles create a vertical wall in the tent giving would be super. scoring 4. of the mesh. this allows the watershed to be away from the Riser pole tent slightly and there is a guy at each corner of the skirt to add to the structure of the vertical walls. I think that further. which is a shame.5/5 ‘Nice design but not quite there!’ Mini Conclusion I have drawn a conclusion here as these budget models are worthy of their own conclusion. To go a step a bit more room.

it is a long flap for just three tabs and does blow Sleeps: 6-8 up. A flap folds into the tent. This is the same for the guy lines so you can highlight them with your torch light at night. this is covered by a piece of material (the hood) which straps around the top.bergans. groundsheet. There are no windows in the sides of the tipi. Another reason is that you have no control over this method of ventilation from within the tent. The lower guys (approximately 3ft from the ground) ‘Best pegs in have mesh pockets to keep them tidy when packing/not in use. Value for Money: 3. driven rain could get in here quite easily.5/5 Entering the tipi I noticed a nice addition to the zip pulls. I find this a hassle Features: 3/5 and would really expect this as standard. four comfortably. As it does not have any elastication the pole can Floor: 1372g Mosquito fall apart when you are putting the tipi up and so can be a netting: 250g bit fiddly. which I actually think is an advantage as it adds weight and extra seams and places where wind and water could ingress. This idea is the same on both Bergans models and the Green Outdoor Tipi and I have to say is not one that I favour. perimeter then walking the pole in. Spec: The door has a storm flap over it with three velcro tabs to keep it down. Ventilation is via three vents around the bottom. RRP £399 (floor £115. some of the stitching in critical areas could benefit hood once erected to ensure a good seal. overlapping to seal the tipi. If you want ventilation you peel back a portion of this hood to let the air in. then adjust the expected. there is a cover over the mesh attached with velcro. they are more than adequate with a rain flap that pulls out on the exterior. You can purchase a floor for the tipi which I would always advise   where there is not an inner in doesn’t fit perfectly so insects could still get in. Versatility and the level of control you have is also a factor with this ‘hood’ system which will be clear when 6041 Lavvo 6-8 Person you read about the Tentipi Safir. This is more of an issue if you want to have a fire or firebox inside your tipi. then adjusting the position of pegs if needed and tightening the straps. one is that on some models (this one was not bad) it is hard to get the hood to wrap around tight enough to provide a good seal. I am not sure why this is not the same for the guys higher up at the review!’ approximately 4.REVIEW Bergans of Norway the vents. particularly if you have a small fire box in it. The tipi is open at the top with just the webbing straps going up to the top of the pole. over the cone at the top. Material: 190T Rip-stop Polyester with a PU coating It comes with a piece-together pole. You can also purchase mosquito Quality: 4/5 netting to attach with velcro across the door. there is a Ease of Set up: 4/5 glow in the dark zip pull with reflective tape in the cord. for instance where the ‘pegging point’ and then the optional floor snaps in. particularly if you are on your own as you try and Carry Bag get the hood right too. There is the option to fit mesh at the top using a velcro band. The pegs are super sturdy Alloy V section pegs of a good length. Further ventilation is available from what I will term the hood. this Height: 280cm enables the sections to slot inside each other but this is a bit Weight: 6kg fiddly to do. I feel that this tent would sleep five people with kit. therefore if the weather is inclement or the wind direction changes you have to go outside to open close or adjust 52 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . There are a few reasons that I am not keen on this method. There is a skirt around the webbing attaches to the tent fabric where it may be weakened outside which is good to ensure that watershed is away from the with wind movement. As you put the pole The quality was not quite to the high standard I would have in you need to ensure that the hood is in place. from some reinforcement.5ft. pitching involved pegging round the that I have tried. the best in the review! I had high expectations for the Lavvo from Bergans after being very impressed with the clothing There were no instructions. it Dimensions: 388x408cm narrows from the base to top so some stability is lost. The second reason is that. particularly if the wind is blustery and changing direction. Mosquito although one length of velcro is longer than the other. this is good quality. I have seen people chasing them across a field. especially if it’s windy it is a hassle fitting the hood when setting up the tent. A draught could get in as they do not seal completely.5/5 Glow zip pulls Storm Proofing: 3. so it netting £35) • www.

BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 53 .

There are window style vents which have a zipped external canvas covers over the mesh. the 54 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . a strong The quality of the materials and workmanship is very good although there are a few design elements that compromise this contender' Ventilation slightly.greenoutdoor. as the pockets are sewn onto side walls of inner tent I have concerns about what can be put in them. It also has some pockets sewn in at around 4ft from the ground. There is a drawstring insect mesh panel at the top. made in Great Britain. held in place to some degree with a rain deflector cap. you need the guys really to keep heavier canvas in shape. it is fair to say that this may just be that the canvas had not yet had a good Spec: soaking and so the canvas and stitching had not tightened up. The outer door has a canvas flap over the zip with three Velcro tabs to keep it in place. the groundsheet has a central reinforced patch where the pole stands and a cross zip so that you can peel the floor back to have a fire/ fire box. really a head torch is as heavy as I would go as the stitching could tear the walls. and again. There are two lower level ones and one high level. not as fine as it could be. peg out the mud walling and then walk the pole in. It certainly feels well 'Best of British. so suffice to say here that I am not a fan of this method.5mm. The vent covers can be guyed out right open or zipped to give a four inch Further ventilation and an exit for the stove flue is through the cone and hood method. which is attached to the inner for convenience. Dimensions: 450x450cm Height: 300cm A Tipi Stove & Flu Kit is available for this tipi priced at £465 Weight: 19kg Quality: 4/5 Features: 4/5 Hot off the sewing machine we test the pre-production model of Value for Money: 3/5 the new Green Outdoor tipi. The inner tent has a finer mesh over the areas where the windows are. 45% Cotton Canvas space for up to 6 people. This tipi reflects just that with the bug mesh being made from recycled polyester and even the guy lines being made from recycled material. using environmentally sound Ease of Set up: 4/5 processes. with these in place you have a sturdy tent! £800 • www. made and durable. The difference here is that the ‘spike’ at the top of the pole protrudes through the top of the hood. the mesh size is 1. all about five inches long. I am always shy of things protruding out of the tent as there is scope for water ingress. Tipi skirt which have finer mesh to better keep the insects out. Tipi When pitching. There is a drop down material cover over the mesh windows. however minimal. That said. The pegs are very small and not adequate for this tipi (this may change with the production model) there were some straight alloy pegs and some small semicircular ones (not v section). this is a good sturdy tipi that would provide a nice living Material: 55% Hemp.REVIEW Green Outdoor pegging points on the outer skirt and inner tent are small webbing loops so you would struggle to get a good sturdy V peg through the hole. I have described this in some detail for the previous tipi. the pole is not the This is the only tipi that had some evidence of water inside. Sleeps: 6 Overall. a bit fiddly to pack away. 4 comfortably with kit. this is effective but as with all models there would be the possibility of water ingress if the rain is blowing sideways… With the sections reducing in size. We were sent this tipi with the inner already attached. Green Outdoors ethos is to provide Storm Proofing: 4/5 environmentally friendly tents.

which adds to the light inside. across the door base also tore away. The inner tent with built in groundsheet.bergans. again as per the Bergans Lavvo I was a little disappointed Value for Money: 4/5 after having high expectations… the issues particularly relate to Storm Proofing: 3. it does not fold into the tent as at the point where the poles cross you would be stressing the material to do so definitely lets it down!’ but it doesn’t peg out. To pitch you feed through three poles into the tent structure. again as with the other Bergans model this is not the most effective method. then walk the centre pole in. There were no instructions again and it paid to have some experience of tents and tipis. not crossed over or reinforced). then peg out. www. A further idiosyncrasy of this ease of pitching model is the skirt. I like the idea of the Dimensions: W x L x H: 560 x 490 x 250 cm hooped/zipped vents springing Weight: approx. the idea being that when you are inside the three hooped living areas provide roomier living space. the design is for it to be out but as there are no pegging points it just flaps around in the wind. This model is best pitched with more than one person and does take some time. is very nice. With this model.5/5 vestibule on th e One of the pegging out straps just ripped straight off. Additional ventilation is provided by some permanent mesh panels in the side walls and through the top. so it in essence creates three pods that can comfortably accommodate Sleeps: 6-10 two people in each pod with Material: 190T Rip-stop Polyester with a PU coating gear. One BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 55 . Other ventilation comes from the hood and cone system at the top. so these have a stronger design than the Green Outdoor tipi inner. Again the pole narrows so losing some stability and is fiddly to pack and can be awkward when pitching solo. In each corner of each pod there is a zip down triangle with mesh behind which is great for ventilation. Looking at images. with 0654 inner tent • It is a shame that the negatives outweigh the concept of this tent. 8. it is bright yellow. On the Pintch point outer there are some hooped ventilation points which when zipped open spring out. There are some pockets in the inner that end at the seams. due to the shape of the ‘tipi’ it is even harder to get a good wind and rain tight seal. Ease of Set up: 2.Bergans of Norway of these points is a guying point with three guys attached that then merge into one guy line. The zip pulls are also on the same cord RRP £525 reviewed here with glow in the dark It is a super idea.5/5 Good entrance the stitching and reinforcing of vulnerable attachment points.4kg Carry Bag Quality: 3/5 Features: 4/5 Quality. There are additional guying points around the tent and the guylines have reflective tape in them. Inner Tent: 3. I would be tempted to try modifying this and guy out with three separate guys from that point as 6051Wiglo they tend to pinch the side in and cause it to sag a bit. Again there Wind damage is an insect mesh panel which velcros in. The webbing band ‘Great Space.8 kg out too. upon Wiglo examination there was just a single (possibly double line of stitching. increasing Spec:   the height where the sides normally come down. The groundsheet has a small section that can be ‘ripped out’ (it is attached by velcro) so that you can have a fire. There are at least two of the points that need guying in order to give the tent its structure with the pod poles in place.

1m high them neatly out of the way. the process is simple. The top venting system is a feat of design and engineering! It is ingeniously controlled by a series of cords running through a concealed strip to the side which raise the ‘cap’ allowing you to adjust the amount and direction of ventilation with ease from inside the tipi. Unlike the ‘hood and cone’ systems mentioned above you can stay dry when adjusting the ventilation. then two either side to form a cross. Safir 9 where you want the centre of the tipi to be. sliding toggles secure 3. Built-in insect mesh toggles away if not over this. extend it and place a peg in the ground. The guying points (about 3ft and 5ft from the ground) with Breathable cotton polyester fabric TEST bright yellow guys already fitted are more than adequate for all Weight 13. to detail.REVIEW Tentipi. a group of us sheltered in one in Sweden in very bad weather and this was not a problem. stony soil or soft damp ground! The tipi comes with some very comprehensive instructions. once you have 5. Sweden is renowned for producing some great bushcraft kit and this is no exception. it rolls back to provide a good sized opening and there is a smaller panel that can be unzipped with the insect mesh still keeping out any unwanted visitors. and. The flap over the door is such that it sits well covering the zip but if there was horizontal rain and the wind blowing at the right angle then very minimal penetration may be possible. The skirt folds internally and has toggles at £1650 with Pro Floor • £525 (Comfort each corner of it to give a nice shaped fit.nordicoutdoor.3m diameter bundled your cord tapes with bungees. then the floor clips in Floor £275) • www. a two way zip unzips a section of the base material to reveal a mesh panel. not surprisingly in terms of attention The two smaller versions are priced at: 5 man £1195. That said. Spec: I have never actually needed the guys as the tent alone is very Sleeps 10 BEST IN stable. there are two lengths included in the bag and they are more than adequate in sand. fires etc. and. hook the tipis pegging rings onto the pegs and walk the pole in. then using the man tape to show the locations place a peg in between each of these points. This tent will sleep 8 in We reviewed the 7 man version in issue 8 some years ago now comfort and 10 if needed. 7 and 9 man versions. the Eldfell stoves are designed to fit and are available in steel (£560) and stainless steel (£800). amount of gear. A few minutes and hey presto! The pegging points can then be tensioned. it is of an Value for Money: 5/5 is the exceptionally high standard with attention to detail being paid to everything from the guy line retention to the reinforcing on the Storm Proofing: 5/5 Ease of Set up: 5/5 ULTIMATE tipi’ door. Pack size: 730x305mm Storage: Bag with compression straps for tighter packing There is also a purpose built exit point for a stove in the there is a little pot with them in. being the same diameter throughout makes for very easy pitching and good stability. 7 man £1450. When closed you can secure it shut with steel rings and toggles for security.6 kg but a full blown hurricane! When packing away. Marrying up on the outside there is a peg out flap that you can guy out with 3 guys to create a covered venting channel. which closes with velcro. Venting is via three vent points around the bottom. along with a Tentipi memory stick! It comes with a tape for pegging. The alloy pole is elasticated. The pegs are very good too. loop the pegging cord over it.section so that you can have various configurations to allow for an access area. The Well sealed two way zip system allows you to open the vents as much or as little as required. The floor has a zipped T. 6 in real comfort with a reasonable and I have had personal experience of the 5. there is no separate hood to worry about when erecting and no concern at all about getting a good wind and water tight seal! The design of the door means that this can be used for further ventilation. place another one opposite it. Put a peg 56 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . regarded by many as the flagship of all tipis Quality: 5/5 ‘The Safir really Features: 5/5 The quality of the workmanship is unquestionable.

and possibly a zip to the bottom of the yet well thought out features of the door to make it that bit better. These features nylon Onyx priced at £665 for the 7 man have clearly been refined through use version are manufactured to the same and testing in the field. advantage in that respect. we of this tent. Send in your details See T&C's P3 Conclusion There is really no comparison at all. so this Tentipi model has no vents. It would be worth dropping more seams and a potential places for it into a seamstress to add some velcro draughts and water ingress. standards and even have internal cord adjustment systems! As a runner up I would have to say that the little MFH Indian tipi represents Whilst the idea is nice. Tentipi. The simple. however even the adjustability of the cap and the exit the cheaper Tentipi models such as the point for a stove flue. things such as having a zip have taken the top model from each to completely close off the low level brand. in my opinion justify the price Happy Camping! BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 57 . and an excellent vent points on the side of tipis create purchase. the cord management system. windows/ super value for money. WIN! Win this Tipi.

ndmymhe art has been left behill never be ythe mind and soul w same again.” 58 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . It seems hardly believable that the last 13 days were real. now that I am surrounded by people from many nationalities with an equally diverse array of technology and ample food and drink throughout the flight. I am attempting to assimilate and interpret the adventure that I have just experienced. Although my body is on the flight homeward bound.MASSAI EXPERIENCE LifeChangingExpedition Whilst sitting on my return flight from Nairobi. my heart has been left behind and my mind and soul will never be the same again. Kenya. by Olivia Ellar Sub Editor “Although my bodbyouisndon the flight homeward ind a.

Y ou see I have just been privileged to attend Woodland Ways’ Massai Warrior Expedition set in the Rift Valley. The Boma. other attendees and our guide Daniel. learned about the geology and history of the area. negotiating determined to make it happen. with you. the animals and the way of life for the wild animals. Simon and I were at their village after completing our off road travels. This was called a Boma and one surrounded each Massai tribe. in 2012 Woodland Ways helped to build a school. set up our tents kit was condensed and compact with all the essentials. you are preparing to away over-hanging branches with his machete to create an area fail’. we travelled up proceeds from this year’s Expedition is financing the teachers’ into the Ngong Hills and were taught about the use of plants and salaries and buying educational equipment. James and Grace Adam helping to build the boma erssin ower Flow n'sgarden Ann's inAn Fl garden Ann & Daniel's ho me BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 59 . to experience over the next two weeks. I did all that I could to prepare myself for this experience. An elderly Massai man hacked Benjamin Franklin said ‘by failing to prepare. including and cut down Acacia branches from nearby trees so that we could medication. They helped to clear the ground. his lovely wife Ann and adorable family in their home was a not for profit trip with all proceeds going directly to the village as much part of the experience as living with the Massai in their where. Kenya. This is Daniel. Kenya airport by Jason Ingamells. integral part of the team and a wonderful man. his instructors. it soon would become quite apparent that group of huts to protect the occupants and their livestock. which no amount of preparation could prepare me for what I was about are brought in at night to be safe from leopards. where introduce you into the Massai culture and spending time with for the last nine days I have lived in a Massai village. Simon and I were met at Nairobi. I read guidebooks build a circular barrier around the edge of our camp to keep out and learned about Kenya. while some experiences are just too precious to share. As we began to unpack the 4x4. However. family and friends who helped out behind the scenes. and will forever be grateful for wadis and some tricky terrain. white men and Massai Warriors worked as a team without the need to speak one another’s language. My for our new home. Whilst exploring the area where they lived. who I soon learned was an indispensible. Ever since I became aware that this expedition was going to What a welcome we received from the Massai people as we arrived take place I longed to attend and this year. Some of which I will share lions and hyenas. desert boots and a water filter. The whole expedition is carefully designed to gradually Ann & Danie l Ann & Daniel’s lovely children.

Two 60 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . They animals. We watched and attempted to assist laugh that forged friendships over the coming days. as I was Each day. continued to giggle blood letting. The harnesses consisted of webbed straps and sacks bound together so that each donkey could carry two barrels. the other women backed off and let me take the reins (so to speak) of herding 11 donkeys. Some of the young donkeys came along so that they could get used to the journey and ‘learn the ropes’. bead work and off-roading. One experience that I will about it on many occasions during my stay. I specialist activities that quickly gained control were delivered and led by of the donkeys as the local Massai people which Massai women fell included. we received right behind them. Little did I realise that I would not be walking along with the men on the expedition but was swiftly passed a stick. We were invited to amongst the bushes make their village our home and rattled stones in and come and go as we their containers to scare please. This welcome was I realise at this point opened with a prayer in the what a great sense of Maa language and then some humour the Massai of the village leaders shared people have. The journey was a 10km round trip in the scorching heat. we together to deliver an official must be nearly at the welcome on behalf of the water source. tracking wild about laughing. women ran ahead. through wadis and over stony ground. The two their special and moving women had hidden thoughts.MASSAI EXPERIENCE Once we were all set up. but it was a water from a water source. Little did villagers. over rocks. sand. the women load the donkeys with water barrels. nor will it be the last. The women giggled and laughed at my pronunciation of their commands and my general herding style! Once I began to get the hang of it. I’m sure it’s not the first never forget involved trekking with the Massai women to collect time they have done this joke. the donkeys and in turn make me jump. the village leaders gathered ‘great’ I thought. tree and plant ID. given the commands and expected to herd the donkeys with the other women all the way to the water source.

I digress. back to the goat… The the school. Words could not taken over to them as Massai men and express the emotion as women don’t often socialise together. I proceeds of this year’s trip may be used to did not realise it would be install a water source at the school. whether it be by the provision Woodland Ways. the villagers of a closer water source. The only downside was that the the school with the chairman. clotted gravy. with smiles from we arrived at his Boma. It takes a towards you. itself is great value for money. They then created a and I witnessed numerous people bombard sandy filtration bank through the duty free gold counter as if it was five which the water passed and minutes before closing time. one of the teachers soup! On my plate were the best pieces of goat that were reserved for us as honored A special meeting was held in guests. All the children and Smiling faces all around two teachers stood outside Anyway. or at least a pond or for the five hours spent at school. with its a child to lower their head nostrils covered to suffocate it. when they greet couple of minutes for the goat to die (which you. sheet construction with two butchered and was cooking by the time classrooms. This and raises more questions than I have was a long process that first Emily. we had of a lifetime you have the satisfaction of the wonderful opportunity seeing that the Massai peoples’ lives are to visit the school. I really Expeditions to support the did not want to offend and so I started to school and other initiatives. Joshua. the not be possible without people attending women took a quiet moment this cultural experience. The children at the water source was cheered and squealed with delight despite that I would see a small not having had anything to eat or drink lake. while they I felt like I was in the scene of Indiana Jones Jason Ingamells gives his donation to gathered around us. making a to manage the proceeds bloody. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 61 . The women Woodland Ways presented were further away. chew the bloody goat while I smiled and Jason Ingamells. build. The Massai men of Woodland Ways’ Massai watched us eat their offering to us. top of the child’s head. a stretch of sandy ground with a small trickle of dirty By way of thank you. The wealth while they removed jugs full and money exchanging hands is in sharp of dirty water. to bathe in a stream further down which was generally My personal opinion is that this unique used for livestock to drink experience is priceless and the expedition from. as a sign of respect to I witnessed later in the week) but the reason their elders while the ‘elder’ for this method is that they can preserve places their hand on the every part of the goat – nothing is wasted. which would the task was complete. The Massai kill a ear to ear. you are ‘paying had worked together to it forward’. clean water contrast to the experience I have just had gradually filled the pool. One thing I do know is that this required exertion and then teachers expedition is not trying to change the patience while they waited world. We all touched around thirty children’s heads. a corrugated tin chairman’s goat had already been killed. but to make a difference to a small for the clean water. which improved. As well as enjoying an educational and cultural trip During our visit. wanted to sacrifice a goat for us in But their work to get water Greeting the school children honour of our visit and all that has had only just begun. one of the school answers. They been done to help the village… dug away at the sand (with a little assistance from me) I have just stopped at Doha International to create a pool and series of Airport to transfer to Heathrow. a school teacher and the previous year’s trip or educational resources. a local man who is assigned which was then poured over. touched and the Temple of Doom with the eyeball our hair and white skin. the chairman water rising from a spring. sitting in the shade of this year’s donation at the another tree waiting for some meat to be meeting. owner of nodded to the Massai men. Once pocket of people in the world. meat had been stewed in goat’s blood. Daniel our interpreter struggled to say the My anticipation of arriving amount with tears in his eyes. London trenches. It is customary for goat by holding its mouth closed. The maybe even a puddle.

which was made by boiling the goat’s carcass in water with some additional tree bark. For more information about the next trip in February 2014 visit http://www.woodland- ways. this tasted good but within minutes it was covered in flies. The next course was sampled by two of the group. ‘this is so you remember me’. The final course we termed ‘the broth’. The Massai people often gave us gifts of their beadwork throughout the trip and many would say. Kevan and Burt. This was then drunk by the mug online-massai-warrior- expedition--200. As I get closer to home the world seems to be getting busier and the days of watching zebra. This was just too much for me. giraffe.MASSAI EXPERIENCE When the Massai showed us how to do it. The Massai people do not want to be forgotten and I won’t forget them. This was then sieved and the remaining liquid frothed. they took it in turns to plunge in a cross-shaped wooden utensil in such a manner that the broth became eland and many other wild animals near our Boma or just sitting under an Acacia tree speaking with the Massai seem a figment of my imagination. soaking themselves and the Massai men in the process! Warning: This trip is not for the faint hearted but definitely for the big hearted 62 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . although the final verdict was that it was in fact intestines! The third course was roast goat that had been cooked over an open fire. This is a unique method of food preparation which some of the guys tried.html or call Woodlands Ways on 01234 351006 Meet the Massai Dance Troop at The Bushcraft Show 2013 See p42 for more information. it looked like mashed brains in a pan and was eaten by skewering it with an Acacia thorn.

it fitted the bill perfectly. MSR tent caused armynnavy. Our thanks goes to Powertraveller who kept us online and in contact whilst we were completely off the grid. Nearly Our thanks also goes to Craghoppers for outfitting Simon and I in their new range of NosiLife for stepping in at a stir amongst the Lowa boots on the the last minute and getting a pair Massai. the Power Monkey Extreme and the amazing new Solar Monkey Adventurer. Stuck for boots. bursting with innovative travel features. With thanks. to find out all about these products and the entire ranges.cascadedesigns. They Our house. which was to be our home for the trip. in the also provided PackTowls middle of our the which are the ultimate desert! travel towel and a selection of products from rt Craghoppers NosiLife shi Thermarest. not all of which made it on the trip. we took our own selection of primates to Africa. The additional gear shed allowed us to store our kit effectively and the mud mats protected the base of the tent from the rocks that protruded through the sandy soil.. but we will be looking at these in a later issue. Despite seeing them in the to see their full range of Apple approved solar and power storage products. kept us cool and in style! Visit www. with products such as the Power and Solar Gorillas. who. a huge thank you goes to the guys at Cascade Designs. which kept the sun off our heads! To see the range of Rogue hats and other products visit to see their new range. we were well equipped and had a super trip! BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 63 .. craghoppers. upon receipt of a kit list from us rallied around to send Platypus Lowa boots Hydration systems and an MSR Hubba Hubba HP expedition tent. less rugged terrain of Lowa Desert Elite Boots to me in time for the trip. We needed a geodesic tent and as this was lightweight and specked to withstand the rigours of UV. which I was extremely impressed with these and even took it on our flights! Visit www...powertraveller. We found the Prolite Plus mats with the down coupler to be super and due to the temperature didn’t really need anything else… except for the Thermarest Down Pillows. with mesh panelling designed for use in warmer climates. Thanks guys. wind and sand.. Visit www. I would like to thank Becketts Adventure www.. the garments protected us from the sun. No trip would be the same without quality equipment! Babies love Craghoppers too! We would like to thank Kendrick Imports for sending Who's a Rogue? us a Rogue Packer Hat (407D) in Sand and a Canvas Breezy Hat (306D). winner of the 2013 ISPO Award. which protected my feet on the rugged terrain and kept me safe from potential bites or snake strikes.

BUSHCRAFT ON A BUDGET BUDGET HEAD OVER by. Ian Nairn 64 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook .

in this you don’t need to as you will be using an over locking stitch which sews the two halves together flat so that there is no seam. Leave two halves together flat so that there about a 1” gap from the fold. For material I used an old fleece blanket. unlike previous sewing articles where I ask you to make allowance for the hem. Once happy. to allow a cut that will be folded back to form the seam around the hood for a draw cord to run through. At the bottom of the cut down you need to make a cut inwards. But draw down past the 3. As you will see later it can be worn in a few ways. Make sure you don’t sew too far and start closing up the neck hole. This is usually a zigzag type of stitch. I started from the top of the head and sewed down to the bottom of the neck. I liked the colour and it will be good in the woods. so it went for the chop. if you have a garment with a hood that fits you nicely then get that and use it as a template to draw round onto your chosen material. this should be a downward sloping cut from the front edge at about 45 degrees. Double over the fleece and chalk out Hello again and welcome to another budget article. When you have done this you will be left with a little point where your chin will be. This will be dependent on your size. Derek had just bought one and I had a look at it and thought…. You may find it easier to do this with the hood inside out. I noticed that they were both wearing these head-over type garments so it jogged my memory. The over locking stitch pulls the two sides of the material together without forming a ridged seam that may irritate your head. Add a reclaimed toggle and sewn inside out. So first to make the job a bit easier. again try it on a scrap first if you are not sure. you guessed it. the fold should 2. You makes it easier to feed it through need to make sure you widen out the neck baffle as you go so it fits over your head and spreads out on your shoulders once in place. I got the idea for one of these some time back at our friends Derek and Linda’s house. mine was about 12” long. I used my Swazi bush shirt as a guide. Work off the size of the hood you used as a template. 1. When you have cut out the material you need to cut from the top of the hood straight down the fold at the front to form the opening you will look out through. this too is folded over and sewn down again to the inside 4. The idea is you are making a hood with a neck baffle that can be worn to keep off wind and chills. The fleece you will be using needs to be doubled over. plus we didn’t really use it. which bottom of the hood at least a good 6” – 8” to form the neck baffle. Now fold back the extra material that will form the seam round the front of the hood. They were doing an episode where they were showing the viewer how to survive in heavy snow and freezing temperatures. When you have sewn the top and back of the hood you can try it on for size. with Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury. BUSHCRAFT BUSHCRAFT&&survival survivalskills skillsmagazine • 65 magazine• 65 . I can make one of those! I was reminded of it the other night whilst watching an episode of Dual Survival. In this issue I want to show you a very simple but useful bit of kit. take to the sewing machine and set it to the over locking setting. is no seam Draw round your hood close to the garment. Once you have your pattern drawn on you can cut out the material. Use an over locking stitch to sew be at the side that your face would be facing out of when done. If you are not too sure about measurements then use some scrap material first to have a play with before you commit to your fleece.. Put a safety pin in the cord.

this was an easy quick way. As I said earlier this is a very versatile bit Keep your e yes open for of kit. Of course you can use a different method if you like. rippe bungee and d or torn. using kit I had. couple for friends or family! And with the recent cold weather I have had good use out of mine already. When I finished making mine. keep it on a budget. So happy sewing and I hope you enjoy this simple easy project. Even if the may have is the same one I had.BUSHCRAFT ON A BUDGET When you have done this sewing you can put in the draw cord. The only problem you clothing is tr s. I ashed. Budget Tip That’s it you are done. Once all the way round pass it through the grip toggle and tie it off. it can be worn as a hat. neck warmer and a head over. the had people saying “Ooohhh can you make me one of them too toggles can please?” As they are so quick and easy to make I am sure once for future ga still be used rments or pro you have made one it won’t take you long to knock up another jects. Until next time. lifting up the neck baffle to cover your nose and gee cord in mouth (that’s why you make the neck baffle a bit long so it still toggles and and the bungee grip covers your neck even when pulled up). I also got the toggle and grip toggle from the same trousers. I used some old thin bungee type cord out of an old pair of walking trousers. To feed it in easily you can put a safety pin in the cord and feed it through. If it being throw any clothing gets really cold you can pull on the draw cord and close up the n out or in c that has bun h arity shops face opening. A simple and versatie piece of kit! 66 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook .

UK How-to Make & Haynes Survival Manual  Fit An Axe Handle Survival Guide for Life  Lofty Wiseman - SURVIVING BLIZZARD How it all began!  conditions in your car Take your bushcraft skills offer only.  Calls to 0333 numbers are charged at local rate. home ForgotLees. RG19 4QB. balanced Johnny Scott plants you p8 p78 cooking succulent wild p8 recipes for Issue 42 Jan/Feb 13 s p44 guide books game this Christma Issue 41 Nov/Dec 12 ‘for living life outdoors’ ‘for living life outdoors’ Cert no.. Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Issue 42 Jan/Feb 2013 FREE! Security no.95 FREE P&P OR 3 for £10. may contact you with details of our products and services or to undertake research. Turners Drive..00 UK only Overseas Back Issues available online www. Offer and much more.  (If applicable) Clarissa foods – Learn in the with a knife share delicious won’t find healthy. SO Publications Ltd. Richard Ethnobot well-known examines lessthat provide a ‘grasps’ which any work doing safe when p12 to some rarespecies p22 threatened Dickson Wright about lesser-kn about the ephemeral available online.. along with a cheque or postal order (where applicable) to: Address: Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine.. publisher of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Postcode: Country: Magazine. TT-COC-2200 Cert no.bushcraftmagazine. The Coach House. on an adventure WIN! BEST IN BUSHCRAFT 2012 RESULTS EMERG Valid from: / Exp. date: / Iss no: ENCY CAR KIT Learn How-to work with ends 25th April WILD CLAY and much more. Thatcham. Orford show knife cuts or environmental woodland.Offer not TRACKING nd Ancient Woodla TEMPLATES g Knife Grasps Safe& Lois most precious Outdoor Learnin Discover our resources - Foodsyou ten teaches its Forgotten Foods Lees. world weave Ben Let the wild you some safe can keep you an ancient and often people as Meat on the Table& Richard own wild magic on young they unleash their creativity ice art anist. Please tick here if Daytime tel number: you prefer not to receive such information by post  email  phone  Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine wil not pass on your details to third parties. Don't miss out before they sell out! £4. TT-COC-2200 sep codes. Email address: BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 67 BUSHCRAFT BUSHCRAFT&&survival survivalskills magazine• •67 skillsmagazine 67 .indd 1 3/12/09 14:59:03 Cardholder’s Postcode:  £ sep codes.indd 1 3/12/09 14:59:03 Issue 41 Issue 42 YOUR DETAILS (ESSENTIAL)  I enclose a cheque / postal order made payable to SO Publications & Events Ltd for £ Title: Name: Surname: Send the completed LAST LAST LAST LAST LAST LAST FEW FEW FEW FEW FEW FEW Issue 01 Issue 11 Issue 13 Issue 14 Issue 15 Issue 16 LAST LAST LAST FEW FEW FEW Issue 20 Issue 21 Issue 22 Issue23 Issue 25 Issue 26 Issue 28 Issue 29 Issue 30 Issue 31 Issue 32 Issue 33 LAST LAST FEW FEW Issue 34 Issue 35 Issue 36 Issue 37 Issue 38 Issue 40 WIN! WIN! The UK’s FIRST Bushcraft Magazine! The UK’s FIRST Bushcraft Magazine! endar p36 Learn how-to tell the time using the stars! p46 Countdown to Christmas with our Bushcraft Advent Cal To buy call A REINDEER A MORA HIDE KNIFE 0333 4567 123 & S U R V I VA L S K I L L S OTHER PAYMENTS: & S U R V I VA L S K I L L S WHITE WILDERNESS Reviews Bear Grylls Survival Academy - The Outdoor Classroom  Survival in the Highlands WOLF & LYNX Tracking in Slovakia Survive a Winter’s Night (option 1) or send Extreme Survivors  In a LEAN-TO Down Jackets  Winter Wildlife – Reviews Catapults  Card Number: Explore the Wild! More from Mora Knives  in this form. Berkshire. and make edible plants diet in the Cardholder’s House no. (Last three digits on the signature strip):  Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Issue 41 Nov/Dec 2012 2013 .

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a British television presenter and actress – we find out more about this adventurous couple.bushcraftmagazine. where he co-stars with his wife.Camp Cups. Plates and Bowls And much more… WIN! SWA BAGG On Sale 26 APRIL 2013 ‘DON'T miss out… subscribe www. Ben & Lois Orford teach you about Axe apps looking at their shape. Woman. RUTH ENGLAND.S. In the next issue Retired U. design and individual attributes Find out what’s going on at The Bushcraft Show 2013 Paul Kirtley Helps you Harness the Hand Drill Carve your own kuksa with Jason Ingamells plus FREE cut and use templates and exclusive online design templates Making paper using leaves and nettles Take a visit to a Meadowland and explore this wonderful summer environment Swag Bags Tested Best wild medicines and the science behind how medicinal plant compounds actually work Lofty Wiseman’s ‘Survival Stories’ as never heard before Reviewed .com or see p68 BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 69 . Army Special Forces MYKEL HAWKE best known for his role in the Discovery Channel series Man. Wild.

or. Variations on the theme can be differing animals or different animal scat size. These are easily constructed using modelling clay or carving wooden sticks. each of which have distinctive odours pertinent to the type of tracking Another option on the trail is to create differing animal scat deposit training being completed. Further clues can be associated to the exercise by leaving food sources The participants should then be asked to walk or run around the near the scat. Perry McGee examining Kangaroo Identification as scat in Australia Then identify a route or trail with six separate areas and deposit to the animal’s the sandbags containing the odours so that they can be identified well being and without opening. smelling the contents and jagged edges or gnaw marks on the outer surface being indicative then writing it down on a note pad before moving onto the next of a British squirrel. differing animals. sandbag. 70 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . Animal scat models can also be used. scat or traces of fur. These exercises can surface of the terrain being tracked by the be separated into differing skill levels participants. locating the bags sequentially.TRACKING MORETOPTRACKING GAMES & EXERCISES by Perry McGee National Tracking School NOSE BAG TESTING The participant has to successfully track the animal to the finish point. One excellent quick exercise designed to test the tracker’s sense ANIMAL SCAT EXERCISE of smell is the simple nose bag test. by gouging or a series of changing terrain and drawing the sign making the image on the environments. and is dependent on the advisor’s imagination and the ability of the Variations on the animal sign can include participants. crossing tracks or you can introduce additional items like feeding sign. The sandbags can be left secured on a trail or dietary content hung from objects such as trees. Start by gathering six porous sandbags and insert six different items into them. It is easy to create and is a great way of adding fun to tracking exercises. you can introduce various scuffs and confusing sign along the way to make it harder. BASIC PROGRESSIVE USING ANIMAL TRACKING SIGN EXERCISES One of the best techniques to Create animal sign either by using pre created learn basic visual tracking is to animal signs painted or drawn on medium follow a live subject(s) through such as stones or wood. points where participants can identify the animal from its scat and estimate the time the scat was passed. can be assessed by the participants by the scat dissection. for example. lampposts or buildings. hazelnuts broken up and chewed with trail.

mobile) Designed for speed this activity a map and a compass and ensure that should commence at a slow it is in working order. point collection process can be added for the more advanced. Start by assessing the participant and ensure that he is in possession of at FOUR ONTO least two litres of water. TRACKING IN PAIRS ONE ONTO Especially useful in the younger FOUR tracker training development. on basic courses All of the exercises listed can be carried out as an overt or covert participants invariably get lost so intermittent communication environment and for the advanced at night or with restricted vision every ten minutes should be made to establish safety. Initially leave following tracking units off track. Leave obstacles advising and be designed to become progressively harder. All participants should have the ability and facility to read and Try and create a circular trail to lead the participant back use a map and compass and be in possession of food and water. this exercise is often far quicker than others. Rewards or a the participant to establish. however designed to enhance urban tracking skills. participant fails to communicate then the exercise should stand down and the participants and advisor should re group at the start/exit point. lead tracking unit and the need to assess the trail prior to the follow. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 71 . If "One of the best techniques to learn basic MANHUNTER possible give the participant some visual tracking is to follow a live subject(s)" form of communication (radio.Leaving sign. drag marks etc every 10 meters and increase the across a trail should be made interesting for the participants distance as you meander in the woods. and follows a group of four or more. tracking in pairs increases teamwork MANHUNTER and communication. Then ensure FOUR that he has a watch and that it is set to the same time as the advisors. Ensure EXERCISE that the participant has the relevant safety precautions prior to (RURAL) the exercise. Obvious urban signs should include obstacles and awareness of urban difficulties. It highlights the necessity for “fresh eyes”. • Tracking in pairs FOUR ONTO ONE • One on One (rural) MANHUNTER EXERCISE • One on One (urban) This exercise is designed to enhance the skills of a tracking team following one subject and is considered far safer than the one to • One onto Four man hunter one exercise. If the equipment. and the requirement of tracking tactics. Implemented in the same manner. It should be EXERCISE stated to the participants that every sign identified must be indicated Similar to the others but this and approved by both participants time the tracking unit is alone before moving onto the next one. as the • Four onto One man hunter participants often encourage each other on the follow. but with four participants. Other aspects and variations can include booby traps. Types of ONE ON ONE MANHUNTER progressive EXERCISE (URBAN) tracking training Dentical to the rural tracking exercise. From experience. The exercise highlights and ONE ON ONE increases the skills of the individual tracking unit and is invariably MANHUNTER easier than most exercises. crossing obstacles and marks for the participants obvious sign. towards the start area. Then advise the participant to sit down for ten minutes and set smoke screens. Inform the participant that in the event of any speed and increase as the trail loss to regroup at the start point and ensure that the grid reference unfolds. It is designed to highlight the need to rotate the number is written down. or diversionary tactics designed to throw the off on a route or direction through a wooded area.

72 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook .

1-2 day courses set in 200 acres of ancient MilitaryMart – Hoods (UK) The Home of Army Surplus We at MilitaryMart specialise in Ex Army surplus kit from all over the world. scandanivan rucksacks.militarymart. military clothing andmuch more… T: 01695 228 323 E: sales@militarymart. offers bushcraft and survival courses in the beautiful Snowdonia national WITH KNIFEBAY T. Wild KnifeBay The sharp way to sell knives! Handmade bushcraft and woodcraft knives Advertise your knives HERE! and tools. Nick Gough. reindeer hides. 01886 880410 or 07866 821308 WIDEN THE WAY email:ben_orford@hotmail. we source suppliers and buy direct cutting the cost to you the customer… Not only do we sell Military Surplus we have a large complement of outdoor pursuits and camping CONDIMENTS 4 CAMPERS Single portion sachets online salt • pepper tea • coffee chocolate spread muesli • milk sugar • etc no minimum order www. 0333 4567 123 Option 2 Spoon knives and green AS THE PATH woodwork tools. Also a wide range TO SELL of custom KNIVES leather work NARROWS.benorford. T. Canadian Canoe Wildlife Safaris. approved Practitioner of the Institute of Outdoor Learning.woodlandersbushcraft. WE Crooked knives. We usually hold large stocks of Swedish trangia’ W: www. Camping & Bed and Breakfast T : 01341 423407 M : 07958 413277 W: www.

” Course – Frontier Bushcraft www. learn which species are good skills. Of the Ireland. we advance you from not Best Bushcraft Course just the basics of shelter. soap and even dyes. game Winner: Bushcraft and Survival Foundation preparation. our courses.woodland-ways. with an innovative approach to instruction. making fire. friction fire lighting.BEST IN BUSHCRAFT Best in Bushcraft Awards 2012 Some words from this year’s Winners & Finalists In the last issue. we announced the results for the six recognition for the categories of Best in Bushcraft 2012. Spring and Autumn.html Wild Food Forage – Wilderness Survival Skills Our countryside is packed with wild foods and useful plants – if you know where to look! Almost every The Bushcraft and Survival Foundation course is an engaging. we received third year running more votes than ever and we are pleased to see entrants for the quality of from all over the world including the United Kingdom. to pass on bushcraft skills via accessible.  Because of the changing seasons we run two foundational foraging weekends. France. “We were want to share skills and knowledge with people. Senior Instructor at of what we wanted to do was to share. The Woodland Ways Weekend is our We contacted the winners and finalists about their achievement flagship course. wilderness-survival. which skills of bushcraft accompanies your and survival. day course you will be shown how Participants describe leaving with a sense of achievement and an to identify edible and poisonous increased confidence formed on the basis of new knowledge and plants. Netherlands and even Australia. Ways Weekend – well-structured and enjoyable training courses. Having an 81 different course online entry form facilitated easier and quicker responses titles. water and food. natural The course was glues. water. foraged food also Topics covered changes depending are grouped on which course you under fire. Because these foundational skills are very important. “At the heart Kevan Palmer. Visit: http://frontierbushcraft. tracking. axe and knife use. for food. On this two- bushcraft and survival skills. Best Bushcraft School foundation-course/ Winner: Frontier Bushcraft Finalists: Woodland Frontier Bushcraft was established in 2010 by Paul Kirtley. but take you on a further journey to awaken a true variety of bushcraft skills honing natural navigation. There will also be the opportunity to designed to share prepare and cook wild game and fish using various wilderness broadly applicable cookery techniques.first. enthuse and enable. consolidated and built upon. We Woodland Ways says. to guide Woodland Ways people in wilderness areas where these skills can be employed. the course is always led by one of Frontier Bushcraft’s top instructors. medicine. woodcraft and so much more. and 428 actual and the array of nominees throughout the industry was courses delivered in extensive. Paul’s shared his vision. attend. His aim was two-fold .  The wild game. shelter. get them really delighted to once again receive enthused about the possibilities and enable them to go out and Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook 74 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine . 2012. wild food foraging. insect repellent. Increased tree and mushroom has a use hands-on and enjoyable one-day course in the woods learning and a story attached. flower. second. and weekend-6. knowledge in forage/ these areas has proven time and again to help keep people safe and comfortable in the outdoors. This and here is just some of the feedback and comments we course covers a huge received… variety of skills. outdoor safety Visit: http://www. This year.

of bushcraft courses in Sussex and the Lake District along with Best Bushcraft Instructor their overseas expeditions. North permanent instructors America. a true allows me to be even more effective in sharing knowledge in the legend of instruction. primitive skills With a team of 14 people who work to deliver courses and and traditional crafts courses and an advanced hunter-gatherer expeditions. To receive the thanks honoured to receive this recognition from the readers of Bushcraft of those who have attended courses with us is the highest and Survival Skills Magazine and all my students who voted for accolade we could ask My thanks go to each and every one me. bushcraft weekends. Paul expeditions and courses spent 10 years studying and for a quick chat. Paul also received recognition in all of holds the Mountain Leader Award. Frontier Bushcraft run a range private group bookings can also be arranged. “The whole team Ray Mears. running a wide selection of fun and informative courses combining up-to- date training and outdoors know-how with traditional skills and crafts. I’ve always done my best to share as much knowledge with as of you that voted for us to make Woodland Ways the success many people as possible. Africa. Jason training under the guidance of said. With a team of 14 people who work to deliver courses and expeditions. much of it ancient. including amongst them renowned canoe coach week for the serious wilderness living enthusiast. Pleased to To receive this be a finalist. In 2012 leading expeditions. owner of Instructor of Frontier Bushcraft Woodland Ways and steal Ltd. and writing a popular and well-respected we delivered over 900 days worth of instructional training in bushcraft blog.achieve things for winning the best bushcraft they wouldn’t school. five-day foundation courses. Visit: http://frontierbushcraft. And I’m very grateful to everyone fulltime bushcraft who voted for us. He was previously Course a few minutes between Director at Woodlore Ltd. accolade after being established for only a year was a big boost Wilderness to our voted Best Bushcraft Wilderness School. Bespoke and and expeditioner Ray Goodwin. well established. Friendly and experienced instructors run one-day courses. that it is. As well as having his own comes with its own unique adventures. including amongst them renowned canoe coach and expeditioner Ray Goodwin. the categories. Our site is mainly old hazel coppice surrounded by almost 2. com/ Finalists: Woodland Ways Winner: Paul Kirtley - Frontier Bushcraft We managed to grab Jason Paul Kirtley is owner and Chief Ingamells. first as a student on his at Woodland Ways were bushcraft courses and then as an overjoyed to be nominated employee. “Frontier Skills Bushcraft was a finalist in 2011.” school in Wiltshire.woodland-ways. the most extreme of environmental conditions both here and About being voted a winner in this category he said “I’m truly overseas resulting in our busiest year ever. Paul Survival says.” congratulations also go to Paul Kirtley at Frontier Bushcraft for a truly overwhelming achievement in such a short space of operation Visit: http://paulkirtley.” About being Visit: www. I’m over-the-moon for the team. I hope that being highlighted in this way. Frontier Bushcraft run a range of bushcraft courses in Sussex and the Lake District along with their overseas BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 75 .co. Now to have been voted Best Bushcraft School Survival Skills is a is a fantastic recognition of how hard everyone at Frontier works. Our future. being awarded year running and to have the celebrated antler-handled Woodlore instructor’s knife. Australia and Asia. He is one of only a few for the Best Bushcraft School people worldwide who have been award again for the third recognised by Ray Mears as a bushcraft instructor. My sincere congratulations also go to Joe O’Leary. for his success in this year’s awards. Employing Paul puts strong emphasis on real-world application of bushcraft the largest team of fulltime skills and this has been cemented by travels in Europe. set of challenges. wild food weekends. Paul divides his time between teaching bushcraft. well done all and let’s carry on otherwise have keeping our skills alive!” done.500 acres of mixed woodland.

He also cooks a of their then becoming a book an appointment self employed carpenter and craftsman and even being involved in to visit any of their the food industry as a partner in his wife’s business. but customers are welcome to working life as a soldier and combat engineer. Greenman Bushcraft is as a result. win the award this year On his nomination this is a fantastic reflection year for best bushcraft of all the hard work the instructor Jason said. Thank to once again be put you to everyone who in the category of Best has supported us via our Bushcraft Instructor… online shop and voted quite humbling mean pancake!   Visit: www. His passion for his subjects on expedition in the UK or overseas. with many years of Woodland Ways has for many years both instructional and personal now provided an online resource for practical applied experience around sourcing the technical equipment the world under his bushcraft that could save your life whilst either belt. involved in teaching survival We always strive to and bushcraft courses since provide the best for our 2002. in real situations. Martyn. equipment for many years. Adam. Visit: http://www. I am Visit: www. Starting his predominantly an online but also into the wider industry and Finalists: The Bushcraft Store this recognition is theirs.woodland-ways. and readily passion for the welcome suggestions great outdoors and for new products. Jay and Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook 76 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine . co. Visit: www. practicing what he preaches and so your favourite brands and outdoor tools.html Joe O’Leary – Wilderness Survival Skills It is always rewarding knowing that our customers value our Joe O’Leary is the author of service and products and this is shown by being voted finalist The Wilderness Survival Guide in both categories for 'Best Bushcraft Retailer Online’ and ‘Best and has been professionally Bushcraft Retail Store'.woodland-ways. my own instructors such as Kev. not mine” Visit: http://www. his attention to the absolute detail of instruction is After all. Following a lifelong customers. which is solely dedicated to He prefers to lead by example.wilderness-survival. started his own school in Wilderness Survival Skills which goes Greenman Bushcraft beyond basic Greenman Bushcraft has been supplying survival training and further towards advanced bushcraft skills and the very best in Bushcraft and outdoor primitive technology. which an overwhelming they find hard to source desire to learn from other sources. instructors have put in “It really is an honour over the years. everything there With new and exciting is to know about products on the way we self-reliance in know we will surpass our the wilderness. To around the campfire. Joanne. I pride myself in doing what we do but he remains one of the most down to earth people use this equipment for you are likely to meet real. They have several thousand sq/ft of floor blessed to have the privilege of working with some of the best instructors in the industry. his varied life locations and talk over experiences have produced a unique teaching style – relaxed but requirements with one always striving for the highest possible standards. who would you trust other than those instructors that teaches real skills from personal experience.Woodland Ways Best Bushcraft Retailer Online Jason Ingamells is one of the Winner: Woodland Way most well known instructors in the industry. is infectious. for us as a result.BEST IN BUSHCRAFT Finalists: Jason Ingamells . he customers’ expectations in the future.

uk Visit: www. We don’t own this knowledge. woods or overseas on articles from Ray Goodwin who collaborates with Frontier Bushcraft have a free cup of on all of their canoeing trips. It’s quite service and products and this is shown by being voted finalist a challenge to provide up-to-date. amazing team of customers who we would like to say a big thank you to.thebushcraftstore. competitions. tips and tricks. What we have created is truly unique… but don’t just take About winning Best Bushcraft Online Content Paul said. could buy kit that will “I recognise that people want information to both research and It is always rewarding knowing that our customers value our make informed decisions. With new To receive recognition for the sheer graft and determination and exciting products on the way we know we will surpass our on getting this information out there is thanks enough. tea and undertake research into The blog features beginner’s advice. it tells us that others really appreciate what we’re doing here too. We always strive to provide the best for our for social media whilst out in the customers. John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman. assure you there is nothing more funny than seeing a wilderness instructor finishing a day’s work in the woods only to run off to the Visit: www. bushcraft skills far flung places tutorials. “We really our word for it!” enjoy creating the blogs. We are Each winner will receive a handcrafted award. which they find hard to source from other sources. We were to open the UK’s first physical centre as a resource The hub of Frontier Bushcraft’s online content sharing is its highest ground in order to reach a 3G signal so they can upload their blog! It’s the weird world of a survival instructor that we live Ronnie Sunshines in!” Jason Ingamells Fantastic service is all Visit: www. The task in hand. We can customers’ expectations in the future. equipment recommendations. “The ethos of Frontier Bushcraft is one of passing on equipment for the knowledge. In winning Visit BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 77 .bushcraftuk.html this award. about fantastic people and at Ronnie Sunshines we have a fantastic team of highly dedicated professionals working together to give all our customers the very best service they can. “Jason’s brief to us all was quite clear from the start. operations manager for Woodland Ways explains. There are also guest about their work. Elvaston Castle and Country Park by the Finalists: Visit: Visit www. highlight things we’ve found out about and share a fantastic achievement and a true reflection of the sheer grit and experiences that we and our clients have had. nobody for bushcraft studies. outdoor safety advice. which is fantastic!” Finalists: The Bushcraft Store Visit: http://frontierbushcraft. We love it when people respond to what we’ve posted and a conversation gets going as a result of it.” determination of our team to buck the current trends in the retail In 2012 Woodland Ways set up the first bushcraft experience centre to open in the UK.Best Bushcraft Retail Store Best Bushcraft Online Content Winner: The World of Bushcraft Winner: Visit: frontierbushcraft.ronniesunshines. Frontier Bushcraft news and trip reports as well as a place where you highlighting aspects of traditional skills from around the world. in both categories for 'Best Bushcraft Retailer Online’ and ‘Best current information for our thirst Bushcraft Retail Store'. and readily welcome suggestions for new products. around the world. a place where you could come and speak to The blog is written by chief instructor Paul Kirtley along with other fulltime instructors members of the Frontier instructional team. also very lucky to have an which will be presented at The Bushcraft Show 2013.woodland-ways. To buy Frontier Bushcraft blog is another way in which we can share well and buy once! To be voted the Best Bushcraft Retail Store is what we know. the best Paul

appreciate the potential of diverse raw materials such wood and discover how to use nature’s free. in fact everyone. should be able to have a go themselves even if it is just in the back garden! We all need to reconnect with the natural world and that involves opportunities to touch it. Outdoor crafts can show children that technology is not just about pressing keys on a keyboard but can be about making something that is practical and useful. which many of us are happy to simply absorb from the comfort of the sofa.OUTDOOR LEARNING MAKING A RUSTIC GARDEN CHAIR by Jo Schofield & Fiona Danks The majority of bushcraft books and TV programmes focus on extreme survival. We believe that young people. renewable resources to make anything from a cricket bat to a woven basket. and play in it. We need to look at what nature has to offer in a new light. 78 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . taste it. providing a sense of freedom and exuberance. Wild places ease the stresses and strains of modern life.

In recent years there has been something of a revival in woodland crafts. bow saw. Remember to supervise all children using tools and show them how to work safely (see safety tips below). Join the legs together by nailing a rung at the height you want the seat. so don’t be put off if they ignore your well meaning ideas. but it is perhaps the growth in popularity of willow weaving which has been most dramatic. back and arms • 30-40 long nails minimum 3 inches/8cms (depends on the thickness of your wood) • Loppers. Teenage inertia can be hugely frustrating and tough to break.5 inches/7cms) • 8x short rungs (approx 18 inches/45cms x 2 inches/5cms) • A variety of thinner branches for the seat. Nail another one below this to form a square. We have to admit that it has sometimes been challenging to get our teenagers outdoors.5 inches/7cms) • 2x short front legs (approx 18 inches/45cms x 2. Wood has always appealed to children. Wood in all its forms used to be the commonest and most inexpensive material for many household and garden items. hammer and some good imagination! Making the chair Place the two long back legs on the ground parallel to each other and about 14 inches/35cms apart. Generations of young people have used wood to enhance their games or make their own toys so we set out to try and find an activity that would keep our teenage sons engaged. Rustic furniture is eco-friendly and cheap. and they may be difficult. They produced two distinctive chairs and we had to literally drag them away at the end of a totally absorbing day! Making these chairs requires some competency in dealing with sharp tools. a dead stick can be anything from an imaginary sword to a magic wand. This not only brings them closer to nature but also connects them to ancient civilisations and technologies. but we have found that young people value the finished products all the more for having made them themselves. BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 79 . You will need: • Freshly cut green wood is better as it’s less likely to split when nailed • 2x long back legs (approx 3-5 feet/1-1. Make sure the rungs are at the same height on both pairs of legs.5m x 2. For generations teenagers haven’t complied with their parents wishes. while green wood can be whittled to make a pea-shooter or carved into a bow and arrow. this isn’t an activity for young children. Our idea to go on a course to make these rustic chairs didn’t go down well initially but once they realised it involved using large dangerous tools they threw themselves into the task at hand. Keep persevering: unplug them from electronic gadgetry and get their friends involved. versatile and renewable. Place the two short front legs on the ground parallel to each other and join with two rungs as in step one. it was easily available. Each piece will be different and you could be really creative and incorporate quirky design features. and feel a sense of pride in their achievement. Many of today’s so-called wild woodlands were managed and shaped over hundreds of years to produce a range of wood products.S uch activities may take a long time. but don’t expect it to last all that long.

To check you have enough To increase strength. a knife is a tool and never a weapon. make sure there is an imaginary no entry zone all around you. Always cut on to a firm surface such as a steady 80 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine Follow Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine on Facebook . stand up with your arms spread out and turn pieces on to each side. always do so with the handle pointing towards the other person. then add some legs to make raft-type benches or tables. on to each side to make the basic structure of your chair. if severed you will lose a pint of blood a minute. Give knives and other sharp tools the respect they deserve: always stick to the rules. around – you shouldn’t be able to touch anyone or anything. If you need to pass a knife to someone else.accidents usually happen when keep everything parallel. There are many different ways of Think about follow through – in other words. for example. Edward added arms to his anyone in the way? Never cut over your lap – the femoral artery in the thigh carries large volumes of blood. Always put knives and axes away in their sheaths when not in use. Stand the front and back legs beside each other on level ground and ask Make sure everyone is aware of the potential dangers someone to hold them so you can of using sharp tools .goingwild. never leave them lying around. Young people need to realise that knives should only be used when participating in craft activities. This activity requires close supervision by an adult. where is doing this – make up your own your blade likely to go if it slips? Is there anything or design. Add branches for the seat and back. add two cross space. Nail rungs people are messing around. Never cut towards your hand until you can use it with great control. Safety tips Tool safety is about knowing how to use tools responsibly and appropriately as well as being aware of the potential dangers and how to avoid them. and away from the hand supporting the wood. join together a series of straight thin logs by binding with rope or nailing into place. Sit down gingerly and see if your chair survives! Have a go at making other pieces of rustic furniture. Work the blade away from your body. Copyright Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks January 2013 www.OUTDOOR LEARNING chair and Jake found some lovely shaped twigs to make more of a throne. Before using a knife. At the end of each activity session we always collect knives and other tools and put them in a bag together. Always have a first-aid kit handy and ensure someone present knows how to use it.

BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine • 81 .

within. forcing them to survive with the bare essentials so it is left with the reader to decide. Rawicz By Beau Beakhouse tells it in a unique way. 82 • BUSHCRAFT & survival skills magazine (see T&Cs p3) . woman and child to learn. experts in such skills and now even they have to be taught these forgotten skills by a small group of folk who refuse to let these I could go on and on about this book and the stories and skills skills die. Projectiles. Containers.Book Reviews The Long Walk by It is a gritty visceral story. but I won’t as the just how primitive technology can book goes into this subject itself. and the Slavomir Rawicz innate instinct to survive. Overall this book portrays many of the elements that make up Bushcraft. and puts a focus on the welcome. but I think you get the picture. In this section it tells of how the skills of demonstrates how rapidly we are making an Eskimo bow were passed back to a village that had losing these skills that were once forgotten how their ancestors made these bows. Rawicz endured necessity. racking lope. our packs bumping and pounding our backs as we went. thousands of other prisoners and quickly began to plot an escape. as were all the sections. There are some great bow making tips and methods in the hunting section and I am definitely going Alarmingly the book also to have a go at one of them.99 interesting. But other than that comment the rest of the book Ancestral Skills is great. II. diabetes ISBN: 978-1-58685-098-2 and many other food related illnesses that we seem to be plagued with in our “modern” society. There are photos. relying upon the ever-changing wilderness and the informative. is is believable and there are elements unaddressed by the detractors an axe and a knife. alongside in the real outdoors. and Back to Basics. with the author putting them into practice through sheer After being given a long sentence at a corrupt trial. It takes place after the life.99 and hospitality showed to them Author: Slavomir Rawicz by the indigenous peoples once Publisher: Robinson Publishing they exited Russia. Aside from this. This contrasts with the declining “The first headlong rush slowed to a steady. It is definitely a recommended book for anyone interested a gruelling transportation to ‘Camp 303’ in Siberia. We jogged prevalence of these positive traits along for hours. but unfortunately some pictures are very grainy and not too clear. The elders of the commonplace and a given for every man. be used very effectively in today’s world. Searching the over and over to hopefully allow some of the knowledge and skills Past. I could go on about how we are heading. this book is an of Bushcraft. but it’s funny how we call our Edited by: David Westcott ancestors “primitive” yet they didn’t suffer from obesity. deserts and the Himalayan hardships of life and the skills needed to survive whilst 'on the run'. The Long Walk is a moving. into the dawn and beyond it to another snow-filled in countries such as our own. gripping and absorbing read. My only negative comment on the book is regarding the photos. It is terrible to think that in our modern society none had shot them or retained the knowledge and skills to make there are tribes throughout the world that were once unrivalled them. WIN! illustrate and elaborate on the text. and begins with the capture and arduous physical and mental interrogation of Rawicz by the Russian secret police. I am sure if we took a greater interest This is a great book. without which ISBN: 978-1845296445 they would never have survived. but know and live with. Food Sources. which in Send in your details to win a copy of one of thse books. which shows the atrocities of war. I am extremely pleased to now have this book in my collection and I am sure it will be read The book is broken down into sections including. Buckskin. Primitive Technology II itself is not that bad. to be absorbed by yours truly. detailing which you would like to win. all are black and white. assistance of native people. I enjoy “trying” in our ancestors and their skills we could make a better future for to practice primitive skills and this ourselves and our children than the one we seem intent on making book gives fantastic examples of now. Transportation.” This book leaves the reader with a desire to experience nature in The Long Walk tells the true story of Slavomir Rawicz’s escape its most basic form without the supporting luxuries of everyday from a Russian-controlled gulag in Siberia. His eventual 4000-mile journey. each of these sections being further broken down into relevant subsections. Mountains as they struggled towards British India. cartoons and pictures a-plenty within the pages to WIN A COPY OF THESE BOOKS. the authenticity of the book All they escaped with. By Jack burgess The section on dietary requirements and food sources was very Price: £16. through good fortune inside the camp. day. inspiring book. There are claims that Rawicz was not the true author and that some of the facts in the book are incorrect. kindness Price: £7. alongside six other escapees. village recall seeing these bows when they were very young. which depicts the encompassed subarctic climates. A regular Bushcrafter is often familiar with this desire and it German-Soviet invasion of Poland at the beginning of World War encourages the undertaking of expeditions into the wild.

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