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Unit Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
1 Free time Present simple (positive and negative; Hobbies and interests, school subjects /n/ (man) and /ŋ/ (song)
questions and short answers) Vocabulary bank: hobbies and interests
like + -ing
2 Helping other people Present continuous for activities Housework /‰/ (world)
happening now Everyday English
Present simple vs. present continuous Vocabulary bank: rooms and housework

3 Who’s your hero? Past simple; be and regular verbs Multi-word verbs (1) was and were
(positive and negative); was born / Memory words -ed endings
were born Vocabulary bank: multi-word verbs (1)
(with up, down, on, off)

4 Making friends Past simple (regular and irregular verbs; Past time expressions, sports Word stress
questions and short answers) Everyday English
Vocabulary bank: sports equipment and places

5 Successful people have to / don’t have to Jobs, work and money have to / don’t have to
Vocabulary bank: work

6 Eat for life Countable and uncountable nouns Food and drink The schwa /ə/ (water)
a/an, some and any, much and many Everyday English
Vocabulary bank: food / things we use to eat
and drink


7 Learning languages Comparatives and superlatives Language learning than

8 We’re going on Present continuous for future Future time expressions, holiday activities /θ/ (think) and /ð/ (that)
holiday arrangements Everyday English
Vocabulary bank: holiday activities


9 It’ll never happen will/won’t Expressions to talk about the future, expressions ’ll
to talk about fortune telling

10 Don’t give up too + adjective The weather /əυ/ (go)
adverbs Everyday English
Vocabulary bank: adjectives to talk about
the weather


11 Promises, promises be going to (intentions and predictions), Multi-word verbs (2), prepositions must and mustn’t
must/mustn’t Vocabulary bank: multi-word verbs (2)
(with go and put)
12 What a brave First conditional Adjectives of feeling Stress in conditional
person! when and if Everyday English sentences
Vocabulary bank: feelings and actions


13 Travellers’ tales should/shouldn’t Personality adjectives, adjectives for expressing Silent consonants
What’s it like? opinions
Vocabulary bank: personality adjectives
14 Crazy records Present perfect + ever/never Verb and noun pairs, expressions about sleep have and has in the
Everyday English present perfect
Vocabulary bank: verb and noun pairs

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.. and fitness food and places to eat Comparing things Interviews about language learning Article: Speaking in many tongues Description or email Talking about learning English An interview with David Crystal Culture in mind: Teen talk about language learning Talking about arrangements Radio show about family holidays Magazine article: Family holidays can be fun! Email about a trip Discussing holiday plans Dialogue about holiday plans Travel brochure: Welcome to Cape Town – Last but not least: information gap: the city that has everything! talking about holidays Photostory: Having fun? Making predictions Future predictions Article: Getting the future wrong! Text predicting Talking about your future life Song: When I’m Sixty-four Culture in mind: Fortune telling the future Talking about fortune telling Describing actions A weather forecast Article: Jungle survival Email giving advice Relating Hermann Maier’s life story Dialogue about the life Photostory: Keep on running to a friend Describing the weather of Hermann Maier Last but not least: information gap about famous sportspeople Talking about intentions Dialogue about a New Year’s Eve party Article: In New York for New Year’s Eve Email about New Talking about a song Song: Wonderful World. Discussing bravery Photostory: Chicken book or TV programme Last but not least: talking about situations where you were brave / not brave Giving advice and recommendations Dialogue about different customs Quiz: What do you know about UK culture? Email giving tips to Talking about what somebody is like around the world Culture in mind: Heroic Ulises on a journey a tourist A quiz about UK culture of hope Talking about life experiences Conversation about strange Article: You’ve never seen anything like this! Email about a visit Last but not least: talking about world records Article: He holds the record – for records! to Los Angeles things you’ve never done Photostory: What’s the next thing? .Speaking & Functions Listening Reading Writing Talking about school An interview about a hobby Article: An unusual hobby Email about your Talking about hobbies Culture in mind: School clubs hobbies and interests Expressing likes and dislikes Talking about housework Radio interview with a volunteer Article: Helping at a hospital Email about organising Last but not least: arranging to meet in Namibia Photostory: Let’s give him a hand a party and making plans Talking about the past Presentation of ‘my hero’ Article: Erin Brockovich Three paragraphs about Talking about when/where people Culture in mind: Remembering heroes your hero were born Asking about the past Television story Article: The ping pong friendship that Diary entry or email Retelling a story Song: You’ve Got A Friend In Me changed the world about an enjoyable Last but not least: Alibi – a game Photostory: Not a nice thing to say weekend Talking about obligations Talking about success Article: What does ‘success’ mean? Description of a job Describing job requirements Descriptions of future jobs Article: Following a dream Talking about people and their jobs Culture in mind: Teenagers: earning money Talking about food and fitness School canteen dialogue Article: A long and healthy life Paragraph about food Last but not least: talking about Photostory: A double ice cream . Culture in mind: Reggae Music Year’s Eve Beautiful People Expressing future possibilities Dialogues about bravery Article: Subway hero Description of a film.