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The Wentworth Collaborative Presents


Oakwood Residences Development

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Four-Year Program,
Presentation Overview
The Team

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Four-Year Program, RCMC
Presentation Overview

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Four-Year Program, RCMC
Land Development

● Previously Williamsburg Apartment Homes

● 32 +/- Acres located in Dekalb County, GA

● Sale Price $45,800,000.00

● Total Existing units: 336
Land Development
Site Analysis

● No Rezoning required,
already zoned as multi family
● Remodel approximately 50 of
the existing buildings
● Demolish 8 of the existing
● Existing roadways need
● Existing trees to remain on
● Development to be renamed
Oakwood Residences

Total new Units: 341
Market Analysis
Customer Profiles

Four subset markets in Decatur, GA:

Young Couples
Senior Residents
Suburban Socialites
Small Families
Home Design
Design Overview

Oakwood Residence Development
Our new townhomes and renovated apartments will
meet the same relative design standards, such as
● Curb appeal
● Interior finishes
● Exterior design

However, energy efficiency and green initiatives are
more prevalent in the new homes.
Home Design
Pine View: Attached Townhome
Home Design
Poplar Alcove: Apartment
Green Building Initiatives
Design Tactics

● NAHB Green Building Program

● National Green Building Standards

● Healthy Homes

● Lower Operating Costs

● Sustainable Lifestyle

● Additional Green Operations
Green Building Initiatives
NAHB Green Building Program

Like NAHB, the Wentworth Collaborative emphasizes that green building efforts
must be affordable and cost effective.
Green Building Initiatives
National Green Building Standards

The Wentworth Collaborative aspires to meet
National green Building Standard Certification, to
show that our homes are energy efficient.

Green attributes will be implemented in the
Oakwood Residence Development as follows:

● Healthy Homes

● Lower Operating Costs

● Sustainable Lifestyle
Green Building Initiatives
Oakwood Green Initiative

Healthy Homes
● Fresh air ventilation
○ Improve indoor air quality
○ Limit pollutants
○ Prevent moisture problems

● Airtight design
○ Prevent allergens
○ Comfortable interior temperature

● Operable windows
○ Optional natural ventilation
○ Passive cooling

● Central air system
○ Regulate airflow
Green Building Initiatives
Oakwood Green Initiative

Lower Operating Costs
● Energy and Water Efficiency Practices
○ Limited sprinkler usage
○ Cut back interior water consumption

● Solar Energy
○ CertainTeed solar singles
■ High initial installation cost, but reduced
electricity bills by 40-70% and saves
money long term
■ Unlimited source of clean energy
■ Reduces use of fossil fuels
Green Building Initiatives
Oakwood Green Initiative

Lower Operating Costs
● Product and Material Selection
○ Low-flow water fixtures
○ White wash existing brick

● Building Operations
○ Stacked wet walls
○ Thick exterior envelope
Green Building Initiatives
Oakwood Green Initiative

Sustainable Lifestyle
● Promoting Healthy Life
○ Walkability with paved walkways

● Durability and Safety
○ Nordanex vinyl siding
■ Withstands adverse weather
■ NailRight installation system creates
safer work environment for builders
■ Decreases potential for thermal gap,
providing more secure interior
● Preserving Resources
○ Responsible land development practices
■ Strategic trip generation
○ Maintaining existing walkways around
○ Recycling excess building materials
○ Recycling or reusing demo materials
Green Building Initiatives
Additional Green Operations

Nest Thermostat
● Creates a schedule that balances
the user’s thermal comfort with
cost and energy reduction.

● The phone interface also allows
users to track their trends, usage,
and savings, which promotes
awareness of general energy
Green Building Initiatives
Additional Green Operations

Energy Star Appliances
● Potentially cuts consumers
energy consumption by 15-30%.

● Appliances may include:
○ Washers
○ Dryers
○ Dishwashers
○ Refrigerators
○ Cooktop/ovens
Green Building Initiatives
Additional Green Operations

Please refer to page 40 of our proposal for a bulleted list of other implemented green initiatives.
Market, Sales Strategy
Internal and External Sales

Sales Strategy

● Sales team made up of local agents and brokers familiar with the market

● Set up client tours of the model home

● The sales team will work together to close the deal with the client

● Our team will be equipped with knowledge of current mortgage rates and types

● Ensure financing needs are met for the customer
Market, Sales Strategy
Marketing Mix

Product: Small town vibe with the luxuries of living in a metropolitan area

Price: Provides value for renters and homeowners within our target markets budget

Place: Ideal location for commuters

● Promotion:
■ Create a website (will feature floor plans, renderings, virtual tours)
■ Industry websites and magazines
■ Online advertising
■ Print advertising
■ Open Houses
■ Model Homes
Project Management
Mission and Core Values

The Wentworth Collaborative aims to provide creative real estate developments that meet the needs of the
Project Management
The Phasing
Project Management

Milestone Schedule

● Use of P6 Software

● Large complex schedule will be accurately tracked

● Phases running concurrently
Project Management

Schedule Management Approach
● Large Complex Schedule

● Phases running concurrently

● Primavera P6

● Pull Planning

● Touchplan Software
Project Management
Unit Cost Estimates

Pine View Place: Townhomes
$158,582 including stone facade and garage

Poplar Alcoves: Apartments
1 bed, 1 bath $ 24,948

2 bed, 1.5 bath $ 29,997

3 bed, 2 bath $ 34,945
Project Management
Financial Summary
Financial Analysis
Break Even Analysis
Start Q3 2017 - Long term

Break Even Q3 of 2030

13 Years into Project

$63,658 Max Expenses per Quarter after breaking even

$1,046,342.00M Max Profit per Quarter after breaking even
Risk Analysis

The Wentworth Collaborative believes the Oakwood Residences project would be a high risk project
if solely based off of an IRR perspective. However, this is the best option for a long term ROI of
30.38% in 17 years.

● Risk types
○ Construction and Site Risks
○ Natural Disaster and Weather Risks
○ Political and Business Risks
○ Highest risk - financials

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