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Oligotherapy Remedies: Using Trace

Elements to Cure A Cold?
This article on oligotherapy is part of a new series on lesser
known soft or alternative medicines and remedies that are used
as a treatment (In French called a ‘cure’) or as a preventive
measure against illness or to treat emotional stress. These
medicines (I use the term medicine, but they are classified as
supplements or remedies) are available in Europe (some by
ordering online) but they are also available in most countries and
probably where you live too. There will be links on where to get
these products at the end of the article. For most of these links, I
have no commercial ties to these soft medicines and receive no
benefit from my suggestions. As with any articles I write, my
disclaimer: please do not accept my health advice as a substitute
for seeking medical treatment.

What Are Oligotherapy Remedies?
Oligotherapy is based on supplementing the diet with trace
elements (trace elements are defined as any chemical element
that is required in minute quantities for physiological functioning)
for reaching optimal health or for treating illness and fatigue.

The human body needs vitamins, minerals and trace elements for
proper nutrition and physical health. Although the physiological
need for trace elements is very low, if the human body is
deficient in one of the essential trace elements, then the physical
health of that person may suffer in the short or long-term.

lithium. a patient is classified according to their diathesis. (see list here on essential and non-essential trace elements).Common trace elements include essential ones you may be familar with: copper. zinc. Using oligotherapy remedies as an alternative medicine Oligotherapy is the nutritional alternative medicinal therapy that believes in giving the body what it nutritionally needs or what it is lacking. dystonic. or a disposition for an individual to get sick. a patient is classified into different categories called diathesis. manganese. activating it. Each diathesis category has a trace element remedy (or combination of remedies) that are geared towards treating the body’s symptoms. A doctor (like my homeopath doctor does here in France) or another trained health professional in oligotherapy. A low defense system can lead to colds and other winter illnesses. and hyposthenic. And other non- essential trace elements are: silver. anergic. used as alternative medicines. classifies a patient according four diathesis: hypersthenic. Oligotherapy remedies are nutritional supplements. gold. specifically. using trace elements to achieve homeostasis (equilibrium). Not familiar with trace elements? “Trace elements are necessary as co-factors in enzymatic reactions. The main diathesis we use oligotherapy for is anergic. based on using non-essential and essential trace elements to give the body a boost from what it may be missing in the diet. or a low defense system. and then producing a chemical reaction without them being changed in the process. They act as catalysts. What are the different oligotherapy remedies for the common cold and winter illness? (Source here and for more information on diathesis categories) Copper-gold-silver (anergic) . binding themselves to an enzyme. aluminum. or disposition to get sick In oligotherapy. selenium. In oligotherapy.” See link here for more detailed information on oligotherapy as an alternative medicine.

pharyngitis. who were toddlers at that time. otitis. arthritis. My French health story on using oligotherapy On one of my first consultations with our doctor here in France (who is a general practitioner. suicidal tendencies. . Manganese-copper (hyposthenic) “This hypo-reactive syndrome is generally found in people who are physically delicate. poor concentration. hives. memory loss. cancer. diarrhea. dysmenorrhea. it tasted like water. cystitis. Recurrent viral and bacterial infection. physical asthenia. Now we have been using this product for the last decade and it seems to keep my kids healthier. headache. A deficiency in this trace element will lead to the following conditions. psoriasis. eczema. depression” This is the therapy we use for common colds. and it seemed to help. colitis. my children’s colds didn’t to last very long so I wasn’t sure if this Oligosol treatment was the reason. atopic dermatitis. Read my story for more details. “This non-reactive syndrome is caused by a low defense system. A deficiency in this trace element will lead to the following conditions. hypothyroidism” This is the therapy we use for allergies and upper respiratory infections. loss of coordination. polyarthritis. asthma. rhinopharyngitis. psychological fatigue. acupuncturist and homeopath) he prescribed a medicine for my young kids. to help treat their lingering colds. cardiovascular disease. (for us in late Fall). In general. anemia. which was called Oligosol and was manufactured by a company called Lacatal. seasonal allergies. laryngitis. But we tried it. We use it either in smaller doses over a month in the higher-risk-for-colds season. Upper respiratory infections. insomnia. I looked at the bottle and never saw this type of medicine before. acne. sinusitis. urticaria. And it can be used in higher doses for a few days if you have a cold that is set in and won’t go away. bronchitis.

This alternative medicine contains non-essential and essential trace elements called: copper-silver-gold. But what I can say is that using a natural product that may give the body what it needs. I have used Cu-Or-Ar (Copper-Gold-Silver) and Mn (Manganese) or Mn-Cu (Manganese Copper) during the late fall and winter months as a treatment or a preventive measure. and my doctor. We have also used the combination of Manganese-Copper to help with upper respiratory infections. Side effects and dangers of oligotherapy As with any medicine. told me that these products do work. in particular. in general. to use natural medicines to treat illness and to stay healthy rather than using other Western types of therapy. good nutrition and sleep! But I believe it is worth a look at. is a better ‘medicine’ than buying an over the counter chemical medicine used to treat colds or viral infections. because luckily any of our health problems seem to recover quickly with other adjunct therapies that I use. or in the case of manganese as a treatment for allergies. Over the last eleven years that I have consulted with this doctor. plant. I cannot say that these products have either helped a lot or not helped at all. infants and young children. whom I trust. manufactured from the same laboratory. Personally. do you buy over-the-counter medicines or something more natural? I cannot specifically pinpoint this product or oligotherapy in general that helped us recover from being sick. . My second experience with using Oligosol was from another trace element called Manganese. But then again I try. which was prescribed to help my son with his (then) problem with allergies against soy and cow’s milk.(Have you heard of it? It is quite popular here in France). My professional experience with oligotherapy is also limited. Do you use over the counter medicines or something more natural to treat your winter cold? When you have a bad cold. he has occasionally prescribed other oligoelements to help treat specific conditions. The best is to seek a doctor’s advice on using these oligotherapy remedies in these populations above. herb or essential oils: strict caution to use these products in pregnancy and breastfeeding women.

French recipes and Italian cuisine straight into your email inbox. subscribe to our newsletter . Getting your trace elements from food and water. but looking for it online or at your local pharmacy might lead to more products available. Do you have a story to tell about your experience with oligotherapy or just reached the end and want to read more? Please subscribe to BrightonYourHealth’s monthly newsletter and article updates to get the latest European health news. These is especially true for some non-essential trace elements such as aluminum. you will receive your own 13 page copy of “How to Eat Like The French Without A Food Snob Attitude. I would support the use of Oligosol made by the lab called Lacatal. as a month-long prevention or as a spot on cure for colds and a low defense system. the fresh food you eat. is it possible? There is a challenge in getting all the essential trace elements you need in your diet.” Thank you for your support and grateful to you sharing this article with those who may be interested. Depending on where you live (trace elements are also found in the soil). the water you drink. such as provided in the products I described above. I would caution against using these without a professional’s support. By joining. Trace elements are needed in miniscule amounts (extremely small doses) and by giving one trace element as a supplement (such as aluminum) you may risk disrupting the cellular processes in your body and could potentially cause a serious side effect. However. Sometime you may benefit from a supplementation of trace elements. Here is a link on Amazon.There are unitary (single) oligo-elements available on the market targeted towards specific health issues. But the main key to getting good nutrition and all essential trace elements comes from eating a variety of food from fresh food sources. you may find your diet provides (or doesn’t) all the trace elements you need. ideally eating local.

health and balance are brought back to the system. Tiny traces of elements indispensable to the normal function of our metabolism have been identified in the body. binding themselves to an enzyme. Oligo-elements or trace elements are very minute doses of minerals. he cannot do it on his own. He calls for aid. anabolic and catabolic. They act as catalysts. iodine. except for calcium. The individual's state of health is between imbalance and morbid pathology. and as a consequence. No matter how hard the driver tries to get the car out. Keeping the right balance of trace elements throughout the organism is essential for enzymatic function. yet blood tests give no substantial evidence. There is always an intermediate period between the evolution of a simple functional disorder and an established morbid disease. A deficiency in any element will lead to a functional disorder . the body requires the supplementation of the missing element. By supplementing the body with the missing trace element catalyzes the enzymatic reaction of the organism. All the chemical reactions that go on in the cells.Oligotherapy Oligos in Greek means "a very tiny quantity". removes it from the ditch. This analogy is applied to demonstrate the synergistic effects of catalysts. To reinstate homeostasis. A functional disorder is an attempt of the organism to correct a metabolic imbalance. Most minerals come from metals. If the individual is not treated during the transitory state between health and disease. image someone driving a car. degenerative disease or organ damage will follow. To understand this better. magnesium. An individual may not feel well. A tow truck arrives. and sulphur which are metalloids (non-metallic). are made possible with the aid of trace minerals. The car goes out of control and ends in a ditch. although no physical cause can be identified. and puts it back on the road. fluoride. and then producing a chemical reaction without them being changed in the process.a condition in which body parts signal abnormality. Trace elements are necessary as cofactors in enzymatic reactions. selenium. when something can still be done. Diathesis in Oligotherapy . potassium. activating it. phosphorus.

sinusitis. suicidal tendencies. scleroderma. Upper respiratory infections. oliguria. arteritis. hives. insomnia. nervous disorders of the gastrointestinal system. anergic. dystonic. diarrhea. nephritis. psoriasis. cystitis. asthma. In Oligotherapy. venous and arterial disorders. polyarthritis. urticaria. kidney stones. a patient is classified according to his diathesis. Allergies. Magnesium (hypersthenic) This hyperactive syndrome is generally found in middle-age adults. arthritis. peri-menopausal discomfort Manganese-copper (hyposthenic) This hypo-reactive syndrome is generally found in people who are physically delicate. gout. asthma. depression Manganese-cobalt (hyposthenic) This syndrome is generally found in people fifty and over. bronchitis. migraines. Rheumatoid arthritis. A deficiency in this trace element will lead to the following conditions. hemorrhoids. chonic eczema. pharyngitis. laryngitis. hyperthyroidism. rhinopharyngitis. leg cramps. hepatitis Copper-gold-silver (anergic) This non-reactive syndrome is caused by a low defense system. cancer. dysmenorrhea. atopic . eczema. memory loss. memory loss. A deficiency in this trace element will lead to the following conditions. epigastritis. They are rarely used alone and are usually associated with simple oligo-elements. duodenal ulcer. otitis. gastritis. seasonal allergies. A deficiency in this trace element will lead to the following conditions. cardiovascular disease. and hyposthenic. chronic urticaria. alopecia. There are four diathesis: hypersthenic. poor concentration. colitis. phlebitis.A diathesis is the disposition for an individual to get sick. Recurrent viral and bacterial infection. eczema. psychological fatigue. loss of coordination. A deficiency in this trace element will lead to the following conditions. edema.

pigmentation disorder Fluoride Dental caries. insomnia Bismuth Respiratory disorders.dermatitis. hypothyroidism Simple Oligotherapy Aluminum Children with scholastic difficulties. encephalitis. influenza. rheumatoid arthritis. anxiety. physical asthenia. loss of elasticity in the veins. colitis. attention deficit syndrome. poor circulation Copper Infections and viral illnesses. hypertension. schizophrenia . tonsillitis Cobalt Important for the formation of hemoglobin. arthritis. fatigue Lithium Helps to distribute water throughout the brain. hypothyroidism Iron Iron deficiency. infantile scoliosis Iodine Hyperthyroidism. poor memory. osteoarthritis. acne. headache. maniac depression. cardiovascular disease. tendon and ligament problems. nervousness. difficult children. tennis elbow. bone growth difficulties. anemia. anxiety. melancholy. phobia.

muscle cramps. rheumatoid arthritis Phosphorus Asthma. fibromyalgia Silicea For brittle nails. weak teeth.Magnesium Helps maintain water balance. hair. stimulates growth. chronic arthritis. cardiovascular disease. polyarthritis Selenium Cancer. prevents diabetes Zinc-nickel-cobalt Hormonal deficiency. prevents toxicity of heavy metals. low sperm count. muscle cramps. viral and bacterial infections. pancreatic disorders. miscarriage. hair. acne. water retention. colitis. brittle nails. important in calcium metabolism. action on gonads for both sexes. loss of skin elasticity Zinc Skin. prevents birth deformities. low libido. and nail conditions. obesity. circulatory disorders of the lower limbs Potassium Preserves alkalinity of the body. arthritis. hypoglycemia . and skin Sulphur Recurrent ear-nose-throat ailments.