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Holiday Package 2014 (Semester II)
Biology Form 4
Instruction: Answer all the questions. Submit your answer to your Biology teacher during the first week of the
school in year 2015.

1(a) Diagram 1.1 shows the mankind activities.

Diagram 1.1
Based on your knowledge in biology, explain the effects of the activities to the mankind and their
surroundings. Suggest the ways to overcome this problem.
(12 marks)

1(b) Diagram 1.2 shows the eutrophication process that occurs to a lake due to the human activities.

Diagram 1.2
Based on the Diagram 1.2, explain what is meant by `eutrophication`
(8 marks)

2(a) Diagram 2.1 shows the ozone layer in atmosphere that protects earth from ultraviolet rays
from the sun.

1 Describe how the ozone layer becomes thinner. Describe the formation and the effects of the phenomenon on agriculture and aquatic ecosystem. Discuss its effects on humans and the environment and suggest the ways to solve these problems.Happy Holiday. . (10 marks) 2(b) Diagram 2.2 shows a phenomenon X that occurs from air pollution. Diagram 2.2 Diagram 2.. (10 marks) All the Best .