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The pattern of prelims question seems to be easy in optional format with two/three statements related to one topic, but usually these
statements are quite confusing and aspirant end in ticking the wrong code due to confusion.

The preparation of Prelims requires thorough knowledge related to concepts as well as other multilateral dimensions linked to the topic.

It is nearly few months to Prelims but the broad dimension of topics that is need o be covered under it makes it a tough exercise,
especially after becoming of CSAT as mere qualifying.

Thus, we are coming up with a new programme “Prepare for Prelims in 100 days”.

Salient features of the programme are:

a. It will help aspirant in conceptual clarity on basic subjects. It will cover:
Geography – geomorphology, climatology, oceanography, Indian geography, biogeography, economic and human geography.
Polity – complete Constitution Article wise, government institutions (statutory, quasi­judicial, etc), governance part related to E­
gov, RTI, Citizen Charter, etc.
History – complete Ancient, Medieval, Modern History and Indian Culture
Economy – complete basic concepts under different heads.
Socio­economic development ­ Government schemes related to vulnerable sector, health, education, poverty, etc.
Science – Both General science as well as Science and Technology with latest updates.
Environment – basics related to Ecology and Environment, Environmental issues as pollution, waste management, etc.
b. It will cover India Year Book, Economic Survey and Budget 2017.
c. It will cover 300 Trending Topics (apart from the subjects) which are important for Prelims examination.
d. Practice Tests in different subjects along with CSAT will be provided.

This will be a complete package that will help aspirant in preparing for Prelims STEP by STEP.

Start Date: 1st February 2017

All the Best



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in/upsc­ (­ prelims/national­ anthem­code­of­ conduct) Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (http://iasscore. Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Geomorphology Basic Theories/Interior of Basic Constitution and its Adaptations made for Constitution Test ­1 1 Concepts Earth/Rocks types/constitutional survival in Tundra (http://iasscore.php?id=26) earthrocks) prelims/constitution­and­its­ prelims/adaptations­ Physical Geography typesconstitutional­ made­for­survival­in­ Test ­ 1 development) tundra­biome) (­ ( prelims/mountainsplainsplateaus) (­ Constitution Geoparks ( Region pt­practice­test­ (­­ (­ prelims/jallikattu) Day Mountains/Plains/Plateau Salient features/Sources of UNESCO Global Constitution Test ­3 3 (http://iasscore.php?id=39) featuressources­of­ geopark) Physical Geography constitution) No Detention Policy Test – 3 (­ development Biome pt­practice­test­ prelims/basic­theoriesinterior­of­ (­ pt­practice­test­ prelims/salient­ prelims/unesco­global­ single.php?id=128) Ganga Gram yojana (­ ( ( (­ pt­practice­test­ prelims/endo­genetic­ prelims/types­of­political­ prelims/national­ayush­­ prelims/ganga­gram­ yojana) .php?id=27) forcesearthquakes­and­ systemtypes­of­ mission) Physical Geography volcanoes) governmenttypes­of­elections) Adaptations made for Test ­ 2 survival in Tropical (http://iasscore.php?id=10) prelims/adaptations­ made­for­survival­in­ tropical­region) Jallikattu ( National Anthem ­ pt­practice­test­ Code of Conduct­ prelims/crime­and­ criminal­tracking­ network­systems) Day Endo­genetic forces/Earthquake Types of Political National AYUSH Constitution Test ­2 2 and Volcanoes system/Government/Elections Mission (­ ( prelims/no­detention­ pt­practice­test­ policy)­ single.php?id=8) (http://iasscore.

 Old Age Network Physical Geography  Criminal defamation – 7 Transgender Bill Day Atmospheric Circulation/Winds Rights related to SC/ST/Minorities Disability Act Constitution Test ­8 8 AADHAR and its usage Physical Geography  – 8 National Student Startup Policy Day Precipitation/Clouds Rights related to PESA. Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Weathering/Erosion Preamble and Values in NFHS – 4 Survey Constitution Test ­4 4 constitution Coastal erosion Physical Geography  – 4 Rain water Harvesting Day Landforms (erosional and Union and its territory/Citizenship Swatchh Bharat Cess Constitution Test ­5 5 depositional) Maternal and Neonatal Physical Geography  Tetanus – 5 Law Commission of India Day Climatology Atmospheric Composition/Basic Rights and Basic fundamental Rights/Rights Pay Commission of India Constitution Test ­6 6 Concepts Duties for Citizens and Aliens/Martial laws Linguistic Minorities Physical Geography  – 6 Geographical Indication Day Insolation/Temperature Rights related to Women. UNESCO’s Creative Cities Constitution Test ­7 7 Children. 1996 Constitution Test ­9 9 Environment/Religion Good Samaritan Physical Geography  – 9 Blizzards Day Jet Streams/Air Mass/Fronts Writs/Terms related to Doctrines Cloud Burst Constitution Test ­10 10 Mental Health Policy Physical Geography  – 10 HIMANSH Day Climatic Zones DPSP/Fundamental Duties Indelible Ink Constitution Test ­11 11 National Health Authority Physical Geography  – 11 E­pashuhaat portal Day Oceanography Ocean Union and Union and State Executive Biotech­KISAN Scheme Constitution Test ­12 12 Topography/Salinity/Temperature State Sendai Framework on Physical Geography  Executive Disaster – 12 Progress Panchayat Day Currents/Importance of Ocean Council of Minister/Prime Minister Delimitation Commission Constitution Test ­13 13 – roles National Policy on Physical Geography  Education – 13 PRAGATI Day Biogeography Soil Forming/Soil Profile/Soil Types Centre and Administrative/Legislative/Financial Hydrocarbon vision 2030 Governance Test ­1 14 State Relations for North­east Human Geography  Relations National Court of Appeal 1 NOTA Day Indian Physical Himalaya/Plain and Plateaus/Coastal Union and Union Legislature/State National Policy on Women Governance Test ­2 15 Geography Plain and Islands State Legislature Neeranchal watershed Human Geography  Legislature 2 Hydroponics .

Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Climate of India/Climatic Division Parliamentary functioning/Passage Lodha Committee Governance Test ­3 16 Region­wise of Bill/Budgeting Motion of Thanks Human Geography  3 Sagarmala Project Day Human Human Settlement/Population Judiciary Supreme Court/High Court/District Lokpal and Lokayukta Governance Test ­4 17 Geography terms/Census 2011 Court Gender Budgeting Human Geography  4 Mental Health Policy Day Urbanization/Migration Judiciary terms Role of ASHA Governance Test ­5 18 Ocean Zonation Human Geography  5 Cold Wave Day Economic Water/Forest/Land Other Local Government/ Urban Cloud Burst Governance Test ­6 19 Geography Constitutional Government Mission Parivar Vikas Economic Geography (India) Provisions Test – 1 Agro Terrorism Day Agriculture (Geo) Emergency E­Postal Ballots Governance Test ­7 20 National Academic Economic Geography Depository Test – 2 Heart of Asia Conference Day Agriculture (Economy) Union Territories Provisions and Leader of Opposition Governance Test ­8 21 Issues Aadhar Act Economic Geography Test – 3 Enemy Property Act Day Livestock Resources/Fisheries Constitutional Amendment Reservation for Women in Governance Test ­9 22 Provisions Forces Economic Geography National Knowledge Test – 4 Commission UGC and AICTE Day Mineral resource Political Parties/ Electoral system Diff between Kendriya Governance Test ­10 23 and Navodaya Economic Geography FSSAI Test – 5 Central Water Commission Day Energy Resource Schedule and Tribal Areas Contempt of Court Governance Test ­11 24 Uniform Civil Code Economic Geography Test – 6 Noble Prize 2016 Day Industry Administrative Tribunals One Rank One Pension Governance Test ­12 25 Inner Line Permit Economic Geography Test – 7 SECC 2011 Day Transport Special Provisions in the Hydrocarbon Exploration Governance Test ­13 26 Constitution Policy Economic Geography Green Finance Test – 8 Green Bond Market Day World Regional Asia Governing Introduction Shale Gas Governance Test ­14 27 geography Institutions Krishi Kalyan Cess Comprehension test ­ Traditional Knowledge Digital Library .

Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Europe Constitutional Bodies Inter State Water Dispute Governance Test ­15 28 Special category States Comprehension test ­ Day Africa Related to Social Welfare DISHA Policy Governance Test ­16 29 National Institutional GMA test ­1 Ranking Framework Office of Profit Day Australia/Oceania Regulatory Bodies Surrogacy (Regulation) Governance Test ­17 30 Bill GMA test ­2 Social Audit Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal Day North America Related to maintaining Pressure groups meaning Governance Test ­18 31 Transparency National Mission on Reasoning test­1 bioeconomy Shyam Benegal Committee Day South America Related to Health/Education Corporate Social Governance Test ­19 32 Responsibility Reasoning test­2 ‘Access to Justice’ Project National Crime Records Bureau Day Disaster Disaster management Administrative Civil Reform/Police Reform Civil Aviation Policy Indian economy test 1 33 Reforms National Youth Policy Socio Eco developme Test 1 Schemes related to Overseas Indians Day Facts Universe Governance Citizen Charter/E­Governance/RTI National Cyber Policy Indian economy test 2 34 Cyber Crime Socio Eco developme Test 2 Day Other Geographical facts Central secretariat Pellet Guns Indian economy test 3 35 Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Socio Eco developme Amide Test 3 Swatchh Survekshan Survey Subject 4  Subject 3 (Economic Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Economy) survey and Budget) Day Basic Concepts Basic concepts of Economic Economic Survey chapters Most Favoured Nation Indian economy test 4 36 Macroeconomics/Classification Survey NIMZ Socio Eco developme Test 4 PM Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana Day National Income Concept/Calculation Economic Survey chapters National Committee on Indian economy test 5 37 of National Income Trade facilitation Socio Eco developme Important Indexes Test 5 GST Council .

Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Money and Inflation Economic Survey chapters Zero Defect. Zero Effect Indian economy test 6 38 Scheme Socio Eco developme LEMOA Test 6 AIM and SETU Day Banking Types of banks/Classification of Economic Survey chapters DTAA Indian economy test 7 39 banks Multilateral Competent Socio Eco developme Authority Agreement Test 7 Financial Stability and Development Council Day Terms associated with Banking Economic Survey chapters Unified Payments Indian economy test 8 40 Interface Socio Eco developme National Company Law Test 8 Tribunal Investor­state dispute settlement Day Indian Financial Money Market/Capital Economic Survey chapters Gold Schemes in India Indian economy test 9 41 Market Market/Insurance Recent initiatives in Real Socio Eco developme Estate sector Test 9 SEZ Day Budgeting Types of budget/Budgeting Budget Budget 2017 Contract farming Indian economy test 1 42 terms/Deficits Terminal Market concept Socio Eco developme Test 10 Food Park Scheme Day Fiscal Policy Fiscal Policy ­ Revenue Economic Economic Survey chapters National Capital Goods Indian economy test 1 43 Survey Policy Socio Eco developme Willful Defaulter meaning Test 11 MCLR concept Day Subsidies Economic Survey chapters Masala Bonds Indian economy test 1 44 Municipal Bonds Socio Eco developme Test 12 Market Stabilization Bonds Day Planning Planning in India/ 5 Year Plans/Niti Economic Survey chapters Start Up India Scheme Indian economy test 1 45 Aayog Stand Up India Schem Socio Eco developme Test 13 Terminologies associated with Start Up Funds Day Generation of Economic Reforms Economic Survey chapters Panch Deep project Indian economy test 1 46 Shanta Kumar Committee Socio Eco developme Test 14 Make in Northeast Day Open Economy External Sector Economic Survey chapters Commercial Courts Indian economy test 1 47 Bureau Of India Socio Eco developme Standards Test 15 14th Finance Commission Report Day International Organizations Economic Survey chapters H­1 . H­1B and H­4 Visa Indian economy test 1 48 FATCA Socio Eco developme Test 16 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project .

Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Trade Agreements Economic Survey chapters FCRA Indian economy test 1 49 Concept of Resilient city Socio Eco developme Test 17 KAYAKALP Council Subject 5 Subject 6  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Environment) (History) Day Ecology and Ecosystem and its Ancient Pre­Historic India Green Buildings Ancient History Test­1 50 Ecosystem components/Ecosystem History Diclofenac and Vulture Ecology Test ­1 functions/Ecological pyramids extinction National Wildlife Action Plan Day Ecology and its principles/ Ecological Indus Valley Civilsation Weeds Ancient History Test­2 51 succession sites/Harrapan Culture Environmental crime Ecology Test ­2 Use of Microbes Day Adaptation/ Interaction between Early Vedic Age/Later Vedic Phytoremediation Ancient History Test­3 52 species age/Vedic Literature Algal Bloom Ecology Test ­3 Algae Fuel Day Ecotone/Energy Flow Mahajanpadas Forest Fire Ancient History Test­4 53 Bird life International Ecology Test ­4 Ganges River Dolphin Day Terrestrial Ecosystem/Aquatic Magadha Empire/Society Organic Farming Indian Culture Test – 1 54 Ecosystem Seed Village Concept Ecology Test ­5 Bio fertilizers Day Population ecology Jainism and Buddhism Bio Carbon Fund Indian Culture Test – 2 55 Global Environment Ecology Test ­6 Facility National Air Quality Index Day Biogeochemical Carbon Cycle/Oxygen Persian and Alexander Aquacultue Indian Culture Test – 3 56 cycles Cycle/Phosphor cycle Integrated pest Ecology Test ­7 Management Generations of Biofuels Day Nitrogen cycle/ Disruption by Human Mauryan Administration/Economy Kigali Agreement Indian Culture Test – 4 57 action in bio­geo cycles Bureau of Energy Environmental Issues Efficiency Test 1 Biomass Energy Day Biodiversity Biodiversity types/Functions Mauryan Art and Culture Hydroflouro carbon Indian Culture Test – 5 58 Blue Carbon Environmental Issues Test 2 Green Climate Fund Day Threat to Biodiversity/Biodiversity Post­Mauryan Empire – International Solar Comprehension test 3 59 Conservation Sungas/Satvahans/Foreign Alliance Environmental Issues Invasion Climate engineering Test 3 solutions Carbon Tax .

in/test­series/iasscore­online­test. CFL Day Steps for Environmental conservation Delhi Sultanate – Art and Culture Quantum communication Medieval 69 Cryogenics History Test 2 Aqauponics .in/prelims) GS Mains Test Series (­programme/) Organization Latest Prelims in 100 Days (http://iasscore.php) Day Estuaries/Mangroves/Coral Polyps PT Test Series (http://iasscore.php) Gupta Age Art and Culture Marrakech Climate GMA Test 3 62Pol Science Online Class (­series­programme) Test Series (­programme/) Online Classes (­science­online­ Essay Test Series (http://iasscore.php) Change Conference Environmental Issues Graded Response Action Test 6 Plan on Pollution Olive Ridleys turtles Day Natural Land degradation/Soil The Vardhanas Draft on Prevention of GMA Test 4 63 Resource erosion/Deforestation Cruelty to Animals Environmental Issues Degradation Aichi Targets Test 7 Open Waste Burning and its impact Day Surface and Groundwater The Rajputs TanSat Satellite Reasoning test 3 64 degradation Greater Mekong region Environmental Issues Test 8 Carbon Neutral District Concept Day Solid waste management/E­waste South India Sangam age Sand Mining and its Reasoning test 4 65 management Kingdom impact Environmental Issues Illegal Salt Mining and its Test 9 Impact Groundwater contamination Day Climate Change Basics of Climate change Pallavas/Cheras/Chalukyas Impact on Agriculture Comprehension test 6 66 activities on Environment Environmental Issues Get  Notifications Asian Waterbird Census Test 10 Marine Protected Area Day Conventions related to Climate Cholas Bio­toilets GMA Test 5 67 Change management National Clean Energy Reasoning test 6 Fund Sea water greenhouse Day Environmental Environmental Medieval Delhi Sultanate – Administration Polar Remotely Operated Medieval 68 Governance institutions/Environmental History and society Vehicle History Test 1 Legislations Cluster Munitions Sodium vapour lamp­series/essay­test­­series­programme/) Study Notes ( Courses  National Plant Protection Classroom Programe (http://iasscore. Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Types of species/Extinction of Post­Mauryan Culture and Art National Hydrology Comprehension test 4 60 species/IUCN Red list Project Environmental Issues Fly Ash Utilisation Policy Test 4 Living Root Bridges Day Conventions related to Biodiversity Gupta Age ­ Sustainable Sugarcane Comprehension test 5 61 conservation Administration/Economy Initiative Environmental Issues Climate Change Test 5 Performance Index  (http://iasscore. Modern History Test 1 Spatial technology Essay Test Series (­series­programme/) Study Notes (http://notes.php) Hybrid Vacuum Toilets Day Satellites/Launch Vehicles Other Regional Powers ational Framework for Biology Test 1 73 Elimination of Malaria Modern History Test 2 MagLev Technology Silica Aerogel Day Recent & Future Space Missions Modern The Coming of the 3­D and 4­D Printing S&T Test 4 74 History Europeans/British East India Solar technology terms Modern History Test 3 Company Fuel Cell Day IT and Mobile Generation/Technology Social and Religious Movements in Neglected Tropical S&T Test 5 75 Computer the Nineteenth Century Diseases Modern History Test 4 Hydrogen bomb Cetacean stranding Day Communication Technology Tribal and Peasant Movement CERT­In Biology Test 2 76 Surya Jyoti programme Modern History Test 5 Nuclear Security Summit Day Computer Terminology/Super 1857 Revolt/British Rule After the Tri­Netra Railway Safety S&T Test 6 77 Computer 1857 Revolt system Modern History Test 6 Encryption policy Underground Coal Gasification Get  Notifications Day Government Initiatives in IT Sector Indian Rise of Nationalism/Indian National Project Mausam S&T Test 7 78 National Congress (INC) Therapeutic food Modern History Test 7 Movement Electric Gauze of NASA Day Nanotechnology Nano & its Applications/­programme/) Mughal Empire ­ Art and Culture Online Classes (­series/essay­test­series. Terrorist and Revolutionary Zonal Cultural centres Biology Test 3 79 Initiative Movements Magnetospheric Modern History Test 8 Multiscale Mission Supermoon meaning Day Robotics Terminology related/Applications to The Early Phase of the Freedom Budhism SectsBiometrics S&T Test 8 80 Robotics Struggle (1900­1915) Biometrics Modern History Test 9 Rare Earth Metals .in) Courses  Day  Space Space Organizations/ Terminology Classroom Programe (http://iasscore.php) Pol Science Online Class (http://iasscore. (Science) Day S&T Policy and Policies after independence Sufi And Bhakti Movement CERN S&T Test 1 70 Institutions Food Adulterants Medieval History Test  RFID Day Awards/Schemes for human Mughal Empire – Administration Doping S&T Test 71 resource development and society Net Nuetrality Medieval Test 4 Cloud Seeding  (­programme/) Fixed dose Combination S&T Test 3 72Latest Prelims in 100 Days ( GS Mains Test Series (­series­programme) Drugs Test Series (­series/iasscore­online­test.php) PT Test Series (­science­online­classes. Continued.. Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Subject 7 Days Continued.

in/test­series/iasscore­online­­programme/) Last phase of the freedom Muziris Heritage Site Online Classes (http://iasscore.php) DigiShala Day Biotechnology Terminology Biotech/Projects Viceroys and Governor Monuments of National Biology Test 5 84 Importance Modern History Test 1 Electronic Voting Machines Draft National Sports Development Code Day Applications Important Personalities Adarsh Smarak Yojana Comprehension Test 7 85 Semiconductor Modern History Test 1 Fibre Optics Day Latest Updates in Biotech sector Culture Dance/Music/Drama HRIDAY Reasoning test 7 86 National Data Sharing Comprehension test 8 and Accessibility Policy Survey of India Day Nuclear Nuclear Technology/Institutions Pottery/Puppets/Paintings SWADESH and PRASAD Comprehension test 9 87 Technology Scheme GMA Test 6 DTH Gravitational waves Day Radiation Application Governing Institutions related to International Yoga Day Comprehension test 1 88 culture Mobile Phone Batteries Augmented Reality Get  Notifications Day Health Diseases/Types of vaccines/Latest Miscellaneous Terms related to Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Comprehension test 1 89 updates Culture NIIF National Innovation Council Subject 8 Subject 9 Days (Socio­economic (India Year Trending Topics Practice Tests development) Book) Day Human Development Indexes Two Chapters daily Sports Awards Comprehension test 1 90 Schemes for Sports Development Famous personalities related to Sports .in/prelims) GS Mains Test Series (http://iasscore.php) Pol Science Online Class (­series­programme/) Study Notes (http://notes.php) PT Test Series (http://iasscore. Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Defence Missile System/Classification Middle Phase of the Freedom National Cultural Fund S&T Test 9 81 Struggle (1915­1930) Indian Strategic Modern History Test 1 Petroleum Reserve Defence Communication Network Day IGMDP/VAVs /Submarines Closer to Freedom (1930­1947) Important Festivals Biology Test 4 82 WIFEX Modern History Test 1 Smart Anti­Airfield Weapon  ( Surveillance Project Essay Test Series (­series­programme) Integrated Disease Modern History Test 1 Test Series (­series/essay­test­­science­online­­programme/) S&T Test 10 83 struggle Latest Prelims in 100 Days ( Day  Courses  Latest & International Collaboration Classroom Programe (http://iasscore.

Get  Notifications Science) Day Topics on General Science Part 1 Two Chapters daily Literature Awards Physics Test­1 98 General Padma Awards Chemistry Test­1 Science from Important International Previous Year Awards Papers Day General Science Part 2 Two Chapters daily Noted Works by Indian Physics Test­2 99 Authors Chemistry Test­2 14th Finance Commission Report Disinvestment Policy Day General Science Part 3 Two Chapters daily Terms related to Solar Physics Test­3 100 System (Part 1) Chemistry Test­3 Terms related to Solar System (Part 2) Terms related to Solar System (Part 3) .in/prelims) GS Mains Test Series (http://iasscore.php) Nuclear Treaties Day Vulnerable Women/Children/ Youth Two Chapters daily Important Missions of GMA Test 8 94 Section Defence in India Representation of the People Act features International Arbitration centre Day SC/ST/OBC Two Chapters daily PM Garib Kalyan Yojana GMA Test 9 95 Multi­dimensional Poverty Index Raisina Dialogue Day Minorities Two Chapters daily Maastricht treaty Reasoning test 8 96 Schengen Region Multilateral Export Control Regime Day Urban and Rural development Two Chapters daily Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas Reasoning test 9 97 Indian Ocean Rim Association Transports Internationaux Routiers Subject 10  Days (General­programme/) Latest Prelims in 100 Days (http://iasscore.php) Pol Science Online Class (­science­online­classes.­series/iasscore­online­test.­series­programme) Important Reports and Test Series (http://iasscore. Subject 1 Subject 2  Days Trending Topics Practice Tests (Geography) (Polity) Day Terms and Poverty/ Unemployment Two Chapters daily UN and its functioning Comprehension test 1 91 Schemes Specialized agencies related to UN UN Programmes and Funds Day Financial Inclusion/SHG/Civil Society Two Chapters daily Bravery Awards Comprehension test 1 92 Paramilitary Forces Joint Military Exercises Day Health/Education  (http://iasscore.php) PT Test Series ( Two Chapters daily Important committee in GMA test 7 Courses  93  Classroom Programe (­series­programme/) Study Notes (­programme/) brief Online Classes (­series/essay­test­ India’s ranking Essay Test Series (http://iasscore.

.php) Surya. thanks you sir. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › sachinkatiyar • a day ago where is the video link?  today is 2nd of feb △   ▽ • Reply • Share › ias score   > sachinkatiyar • a day ago .. Rest is upto UPSC which is unpredictable. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › Surya Prakash > ias score • 7 hours ago ok.. It was great experience with GS Score team. I salute to Jha Sir and his team for this initiative. No video­series/essay­test­­programme/) Online Classes (http://iasscore.. notes are really best. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › ias score  Mod   > Sandeep Sharma  •  21 hours ago may be later Essay Test Series (http://iasscore.... I couldn't able to take yesterday's­science­online­classes.. i was the student of GS score in 2015 in pt­series­programme) Test Series (http://iasscore. 1st of all thank you so much for this great work. 1 △   ▽ • Reply • Share › sridevi > ias score • 8 hours ago Thanks a lot sir △   ▽ • Reply • Share › Sandeep Sharma • 20 hours ago Comments continue after advertisement GS Score is really philanthropist based coaching.php) Pol Science Online Class (http://iasscore. pls make option of pdf with link. A small advice. we have tried to cover each and everything which is required for IAS prelims in this­series­programme/) Study Notes (http://notes. First of all thanks for your initiative.....   Can u please brief me from where could i get materials of previous sessions?  And one more query that will you conduct any tests for practice ?  Thanks four support :) △   ▽ • Reply • Share › ias score  Mod   > sridevi  •  20 hours ago You can access previous session anytime.. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › Surya Prakash • 7 hours ago Dear IAS SCORE.. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › Saptarshi Dutta • 21 hours ago Superb­series/iasscore­online­test....php) ias score  Mod  > Surya Prakash • 7 hours ago PT Test Series ( GS Mains Test Series (http://iasscore.. just overwhelmed how selfless you all are in making everybody accessible to education. 21 Comments IAS Score  1 Login   Recommend  5 ⤤ Share Sort by Newest Join the discussion… Important Current Affairs UPSC • 31 minutes ago Brilliant initiative to help UPSC aspirants. It is study material and test only. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › Sandeep Sharma • 21 hours ago Get  Notifications one advice. ? Courses  Classroom Programe (http://iasscore. Thank you Manoj sir and IAS SCORE is there anything else that i will have to study for sure selection in pre­2017. I just want to know that if i prepared this 100 days according to your 100 days notes then  (http://iasscore. please provide pdf of notes so that it helps­programme/) △   ▽ • Reply • Share › Latest Prelims in 100 Days (http://iasscore. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › sridevi • 20 hours ago Hello Sir. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › ias score  Mod   > Saptarshi Dutta  •  21 hours ago Thanks...