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Task 1

a) Record and Transcribe

Nelson : Bryan, have you done the assignments for GBM. The bahasa melayu
Bryan : Not yet. Still in progress. Still finding the books and journal. It’s so
hard to
find books in the library.
Nelson : I know right. I try to find the books that En. Sallehudin asked us to
but I
cannot found it.
Bryan : I tried googling it online about the books. And it seems that some of
books only available in bookstores in Kolumpo only. I thinking of
going to
Kolumpo next week to buy the books.
Nelson : Wouldn’t it be a waste of money to buy the books just because of
Bryan : Alah. We can still sell it to the junior what? This is what we call an
investment bro.
Nelson : Hmmm. Sounds like a great idea. Eh by the way. Do you need to
for the subject? Because my class has to do a
Bryan : Of course lah we need to. It is stated in the question. All class must
before week 12.
Nelson : Oh really. I though that you don’t need to present because we are
different class. Plus, you are a Teslian and I am a music student. We
are not
in same level.
Bryan : Hoi. We are all the same. There are no differences. This subject is a

But I think we need to understand them. This year management of KOT is a little bit ridiculous. You can collect medals plus it might help you lose some weight. The food that they will give on that day is just a chocolate bun and one juicebox. We have to pay 35 ringgit just for the shirt and food. We need to use an actual formal Malay language to present. Nelson : Are you mocking me? You saying that I’m fat? Bryan : Chill chill. Your Sabahan dialect is not as bad as my dialect. You really need to take part. Bryan : Yes. Nelson : Stop making fun of me. I’m still learning and adapting. That’s a bit hard. Nelson : I hate it when they force us to take part eventhough we don’t interested in taking part. Bryan can I borrow your shirt for KOT. Bryan : Poor you. Take it from my room. It is so expensive. They might ask me to take part in Lontar Peluru because I am the biggest in the team. Nelson : It’s okay. Nelson : Yes. I actually feel very lazy to go. So Im not going to use it anyway. Your classmates always make fun of you when you pronounce the word understand. challenging to me because I’m a Sabahan. That’s good. Bryan : Yes. Nelson : When it comes to KOT I feel like I want to vomit. I think . The shirt is not that high quality. Bryan : Well. Even the IPG bus cannot travel above 200 KM. Im just kidding. My KOT practices is on Thursday. So I have my own dialect in Bahasa Melayu. My dialect affect me too much. I hate KOT. I can hardly speak in Malay and English. They said you pronounce it as “undesteng”. Because the IPG don’t have enough money for students activities. I lost mine. I can lay down on my bed happily.

We should not ask for money from our parents anymore. Bryan : Yeah. The food is so expensive. online business might help us. In Kolumpo eventhough they are in the city. So I guess we don’t have other way to find extra money for ourselves. We are the one who supposed to have that much amount because you know eventhough we lives in the rural area but the living cost here is higher. It is stated in the Garis Garis Panduan. Bryan : Actually. Because if I ask I wouldn’t feel independent anymore. we can’t. but they can get a plate of rice. But. Let’s just pray to God that our allowance won’t be cut off. We need it so much. We are not like the university students. That is true. I cannot use all the money of the allowance to buy things that I want. Nelson : I think I need to do extra work. I know. Bryan : At this age of us. for now we have to use our own money if we wanted to do our own activitiy. Nelson : Yeap. By the way. IPBA got 650 ringgit every month. it’s impossible. vegetables and a drink for only 5 ringgit. The IPG don’t have enough money now. what you said is true. Because we can’t work while study. We need those money. a fried chicken. Their monthly allowance are higher than us here. Nelson : Yes. Can I do extra tuition class outside? It would really help you know. . Sometimes I really really hope that I am in IPG in other state. I try to ask from my parents but I feel so ashamed. where we can work while study. Bryan : Now I know why your friends are always mocking you for your language. But here.

money. Nelson : Nah. But try lah.Nelson : I’ve tried online business. Let’s just see how it goes. It doesn’t work. Want to try something New maybe open a burger stall. it would be money. But when your business have expand. I’ve tried once and I don’t get the profit so I guess I stop. Bryan : Yeah. Maybe it will help. Bryan : Yeah. money. But if you have lots of friends. . For starters maybe it’s hard. Too much competitors competing with me.

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