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Muhammed Asif Khan (ZR-71)
Musharrat Rahman (RH-97)
Afsara Abed (RH-101)
Md. Ayman Sadiq (ZR-103)

Industry Overview

Market Size Growth Rate

footpath stalls. Legacy etc Organized sector Unorganized sector . Brothers.Industry Overview Otobi. informal seller Furnitech. Partex. Roadside and Navana. Hatil.

Shyampur Factory for MS & LB product iii. of Dealers 288 No. of Factories Three Factories: I. Savar Factory for Wooden product Export Destinations India (Mostly in Calcutta) .Company Overview OTOBI Limited – At a Glance No. Mirpur Factory for Chair & Sofa ii. of Own Retail Outlets 18 No.

Company Overview CATEGORIES BASED ON TARGET GROUP Category Home% Office% Laminated Board 42% 58% Steel 10% 90% Plastic 11% 89% Chair & Sofa 5% 95% Wood 96% 4% AC 10% 90% Interior 7% 93% Kloset 100% 0% TOTAL 52% 48% .

Company Overview CATEGORIES UNDER HOME FURNITURE SEGMENT Bed Room Furniture Living Room Furniture Dinning Room Furniture Bed/ Bed Side Table Sofa / Upholstery/ Divan Dinning Table Chest of Drawer/ Showcase Dining Chair Wardrobe Cabinet Recliner/ Rocker Dinner Wagon Dressing Table/ Stool/ Accent Chair.Table/ Sideboard Mirror Stand Center Table Display / Magazine/ Shoe Kitchen Racks Kids Furniture Racks Reading Table/ Computer TV Cabinet/ Tea Trolly Table Entertainment Unit .

Company Overview COMPETITIVE STRENGTHS 1 largest furniture manufacturing company 2 Strong brand recognition 3 State of the art automation system 4 Extensive national distribution network 5 Committed after sales service .

Target Market Vision: Driving innovation Middle class to in the industry higher middle class Strengths: Skilled workforce Primary target: 25- R&D 45 year old segment Production site POD: New product and Value proposition: service solution Quality & comfort .


Company Overview GAP ANALYSIS 1 Untapped young target group Prevailing negative 2 perception No breakthrough campaign 3 .

Branding Strategies CAMPAIGN ONE ঘরকে নয় জীবনকে সাজান .

Branding Strategies CURRENT MINDSET OUR TARGET It’s a product Its an experience Its only your Its your family furniture Change in perception .

Branding Strategies .

Branding Strategies .

Branding Strategies .

Branding Strategies We asked a few people if they could tell us the message or the place of an OTOBI billboard .

Branding Strategies .

দেখকে আসুন .Branding Strategies CAMPAIGN TWO কেনকে নয়.

Branding Strategies We asked a few people about what they feel about OTOBI .

Branding Strategies High Price Over Priced High Price Elegant Not Durable Lasts longer Worth the price Elegant Creative Worth the price Innovative Less Durable Not Durable Over Priced Not Durable Elegant Innovative .

Branding Strategies High Price Not Durable Not worth it .

Branding Strategies A revolving structure of a Execution Plan well furnished room Five different Fridays. five different places Live streaming and recording Memorable clips combined into videos .

Branding Strategies CURRENT MINDSET OUR TARGET High Price Affordable and durable Not Durable Not worth buying Its worth trying Change in perception .


Branding Strategies .

Branding Strategies .

Branding Strategies .

Branding Strategies Timeline & Budget ঘরকে নয় জীবনকে সাজান আবার দেন অটকব কেনকে নয় দেখকে আসুন .

THANKYOU Counting the days when you’ll furnish your LIFE with OTOBI as well .